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Area Description
Jordsand is a beautiful island that introduces a new highly valued material to the world, that has been named Sea Stone. Jordsand has many mountains, waterfalls, forest, lakes, volcanoes, you name it. The main island is surrounded by many much smaller islands that have been somewhat developed and colonized with inns, taverns, bars, and even a few houses. The main island is the only island with the luxury of having Seastone veins run throughout it. This makes the surrounding islands a bit more peaceful than the main island, though violence has been prevalent on the smaller islands due to people trying to loot those leaving the main island with Seastone.

For the most part the main island is just full of mining sites and endless guerrilla warfare styled battles. The World Government has decided to try and claim its share of Sea Stone by stationing Marines on the main island and establishing small spur of the moment bases on some of the smaller surrounding islands. The Revolutionary Army is rumored to have a presence on the island, but like most things concerning the Revolutionary Army, no one is sure. Pirates of course are present on the island looking to bolster up the power of their crew. Some people have ventured to the Island with no interest in the mysterious ore, but with in interest in causing havoc and chaos by running through and demolishing camps and disrupting mining operations.

Status: Unclaimed
Island Name: Jordsand
Influence: Tier 0
Population: Tier 4
Housing: Tier 2
Army: Tier 0
Weaponry: Tier 0
Technology: Tier 0
Misc: No Sea Trains run to Jordsand. Army, Weaponry, and Technology Tiers are 0, but this is because there is no organized army or fighting force of Jordsand fighting under one banner as of now. It goes without saying, but in turn the various NPC crews, units, cells, organizations, etc on Jordsand aren't to be regarded as if they have Tier 0 in these parameters.

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