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Area Description
At the heart of the island, situated between the two largest mountains, is the most populated city of Karakuri Island, Future City. Rather than small labs, brick houses, or castles, the city is made of glass and steel; looking like a modern city as sky scrapers have slowly been popping up in the center-most part of town.

The citizens are very loyal to the Chinjao Family which are the head of and makeup a majority of the Happo Navy. The Happo Navy is a revered private military force that aren't allied nor enemies of the World Government. To qualify to as a mere Lieutenant in the Happo Navy, one most know Hasshoken and be able to shatter an iceberg with said technique. What they lack in quantity they make up for with quality. Not only are their officers trained extremely well, but the technology that comes out of the city makes them well equipped with weapons and gadgets never seen before.

Status: Claimed - Chinjao Family/Happo Navy
Island Name: Future City
Influence: Tier 5
Population: Tier 4
Housing: Tier 4
Army: Tier 5
Weaponry: Tier 5
Technology: Tier 2+
Misc: Mechanical and digital inventions enhance all types of business.

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