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1 Gran Voyage #1 on Sun Jun 24, 2018 12:42 pm

Ian Jedrek


Ian Jedrek
Gran Voyage Type: Story
Gran Voyage Name: Finding the Children
Gran Voyage Location: Sandy Island - Alabasta
Level: 1
Location: Nanohana -Alabasta
Participant(s): Solo (With a guest appearance? lol)

Act 1: Caspian is put on a case where he goes to find missing children, he takes a trip to the poor district where he waits for the partner assigned to his mission. Upon waiting a marine figure arrives and appears to be a hybrid fishmen, after greeting them the hybrid tells Caspian that his partner has been murdered, Caspian grieves mentally but believes there is a coincidence between the children and his partner's death.

Act 2: Upon getting his partner's information he located his home and along with three other marine's investigates the house only where Caspian after observation comes to the realization that his partner may have been dirty and killed because he was too deep and knew too much that somebody didn't want him to know. Feeling that location had no further information to give he tries to give the order to wrap it up, but before doing so a bomb is thrown into a house resulting in an explosion.  

Act 3: Due to his wits Caspian survives the explosion and is taken back to the Nanohana base where he is held for 18 hours before waking up, upon waking his commanding officer relays the information that he missed and tells them they captured a suspect but they're about to be released from interrogation as nothing concrete could be pinned on them. Caspian then asks for a time slot before then but is denied only to secretly be told that he could ambush them and interrogate them "off the books" in which he waits to do so.

Act 4: Upon capturing his suspect he gains information that proves that what was a simple abduction case is something much larger in the making, however, his suspect that he learns is named Railey tells him of a house in Nanohana that is discreet and may have what he was looking for, they both go together to find thugs and an underground holding facility where the kids our located.

Last edited by Ian Jedrek on Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:24 am; edited 3 times in total

2 Re: Gran Voyage #1 on Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:57 am



This should be completed prior to the GV u registered since it is the prologue basically. approved

3 Re: Gran Voyage #1 on Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:17 am

Ian Jedrek


Ian Jedrek

Upon staff decision common zoans are allowed to be rewarded in lv 1 GV's, as such I hope to obtain the Zoan

Beetle Beetle No Mi, Model: Rhinoceros Beetle

4 Re: Gran Voyage #1 on Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:23 am



Minor note: Please put all dialogue either in color, or separate it. For the important characters it was fine, you put it in color and it made sense. For the minor characters it was just quotes and it made for a slightly difficult/annoying read because it was easy to confuse with your regular text. It's a minor thing but a big deal for graders and an easy fix going forward.

As for the actual topic, I liked it. Very detective-noir esq and different than the standard, "He hears about this, goes in, beats them up, yadda yadda." There was some nice build up and it made for a decent story.

Beli: 65,000,000
Prestige: 3 (The super awesome detective who found 14 kids when no one else could, hizzah)
Doriki: 1 (While you did take down those guys, it didn't seem like a HUGE struggle or anything, basically had it handled the whole time)
Fruit: Okay here's the thing, yes by staff decision you can get a basic Zoan during a Level 1 GV. The issue is how you said you got it, it seemed like an afterthought that you just sort of threw in there at the last second because you read the rule. There was no mention of it, no developing it just, "Found this, here you go." As a result, I'm going to get another staff member's opinion for this bit.

All rewards except for the fruit have been added to character.
Fruit decision pending.

Fruit decision made: Acquired

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