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1Doriki & Prestige Empty Doriki & Prestige on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:23 am




Doriki & Prestige Maxresdefault
What is Doriki?
Doriki here is different from what it is in the actual One Piece universe. While you can begin piloting your characters in different parts of their journey, maybe you started as an Ensign or maybe you started as an Admiral, Doriki is a point system that conveys how much work has been put into a character. Beyond that Doriki does eventually go on to grant a character various boosts. These boosts are called Doriki Perks henceforth and can grant a character a number of various advantages. The majority of the time, these perks will depend on how a character has progressed through their plot line, but they may also depend on where a person intends to take their character in the future. When registering your Doriki Perks, think carefully, as they cannot be changed once approved.

How to Earn
To begin, Doriki can be obtained from any extraordinary IC occurrences. However, they can be more consistently earned through Voyages and Gran Voyages. Through usage of ourDevelopment forum you can request for regular topics to be evaluated to earn Doriki and other appropriate rewards. What we look for when gifting Doriki is not only your character development, but feats performed in the evaluated topic. The most important aspect to pursue when trying to earn Doriki is not necessarily just fighting, but having your character learn something in the process. Being beaten by a stronger foe may highlight your weaknesses, but beating weaker foes may also highlight your strengths. Accentuating this learning process is what makes or breaks the process of earning Doriki.

Doriki Perks
As stated above, Doriki Perks are various advantages your character has gained throughout their journey. These perks, when earned, should be thought about carefully as to understand where your character has come from and where you, as the role player, intends to take them. These perks shouldn't be applied to your character in a manner that makes them stronger for little reason, but should be created around the core of your character's aspects. A strong willed character may be able to shirk off the effects of Haoshoku Haki or a perceptive character may be able to sense things without burning up Haki Stamina. As these are examples, they will be further built upon or broken down in the approval process, but the idea behind it is simple: Think carefully.

These Doriki Perks are unlocked at certain Doriki thresholds, similar to the way one's attribute cap is expanded upon reaching Prestige thresholds. By understanding more about their physical talents, a character is able to further unlock their hidden potential. The higher the threshold, the more powerful a Doriki Perk may be. Each new perk is unlocked according to this scale:

25 Doriki = Perk 1
50 Doriki = Perk 2
75 Doriki = Perk 3
100 Doriki = Perk 4
200 Doriki = Perk 5

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2Doriki & Prestige Empty Re: Doriki & Prestige on Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:47 pm

The Janitor


The Janitor

Doriki & Prestige Main-qimg-3a174ac6026f21a97d2830951320a11d
What is Prestige?
Prestige, in essence, is the notoriety of your character within the world. The greater amount of Prestige you have, the higher you're able to achieve and the more people know and expect out of you. Most notably, Prestige is linked to the World Power hierarchy. The more you have, the higher ranks you can achieve within your given faction. It's one of the key methods in noting how influential your character has been throughout their voyages.

How to Earn
Similar to Doriki, the earning of Prestige is done primarily through IC feats. However, while Doriki could most simply be stated to be earned through physical actions, Prestige would be more geared towards the impressions your character leaves on those they come to interact with within voyages. While Doriki can be earned in most any fight, Prestige would be earned dependent on who you're fighting, but it is not limited strictly to combat. Swaying the opinions of high-power NPCs, performing under a great deal of pressure, or simply just appealing to those of higher ranks are methods of earning Prestige. Any exercise in spreading your name will inevitably come with the gaining of Prestige.

Attribute Thresholds
While Prestige is most notably linked to the growth someone can have within their faction, it also effects their growth in physical strengths. Gaining Prestige earns the right of increasing the capabilities of your character to meet the minimum expectations of the rank you'd otherwise have. While you don't have to be in a faction that depends on this measurement, it serves to gauge where your strength would be in comparison. The thresholds follow the same thresholds of faction growth, as seen here:

10 Prestige = 15 Attribute Points
25 Prestige = 25 Attribute Points
50 Prestige = 30 Attribute Points
75 Prestige = 35 Attribute Points
100 Prestige = 1 Uncapped Point
200 Prestige = 1 Uncapped Point

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