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1 The First Mythical Level GV on Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:34 pm

Alexander C Cavalier


Alexander C Cavalier
Gran Voyage Type: (Mythical) Devil Fruit (Hebi Hebi no mi: Verison Hydra)
Gran Voyage Name: A Red Head, An Auction, and a Mythical Fruit
Gran Voyage Location: Baltigo, Sandy (Flashback)
Level: 3
Gran Voyage Description:Having made it to Baltigo after being left for dead in a three eyed Temple, Alex now seeks out where the man who he was going to steal the devil fruit from has gone. To Alex's big suprise, the man's boss who had his men steal from Alex, who was hired to find said item and totally planned to steal it from them, is selling it on the black market in one big night market along with some items of lesser importance.

Among those attending an Auction backed by multiple Kingpins, are such lovely guests as, the lieutenant of a Yonko, disguised CP9 agents in all their glory, a revolutionary captain though who knows exactly what amount of revs are anywhere,  and more then a few big name pirates and underworld brokers hoping to get such a prize themselves. Being the first Mythical fruit on the market having obviously grabbed the attention of all these big namers, more then Alex will probably attempt to steal the fruit. Who knows who'll receive it in the end.
NPCing: Heavy

Last edited by Alexander C Cavalier on Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:25 pm; edited 2 times in total

2 Re: The First Mythical Level GV on Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:56 pm

Deep Bloo


Deep Bloo
1/2 good luck robot

3 Re: The First Mythical Level GV on Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:05 pm

Alexander C Cavalier


Alexander C Cavalier
@Deep Bloo

I edited it, I realized I didn’t let the revs in the fun.

4 Re: The First Mythical Level GV on Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:12 pm

Alexander C Cavalier


Alexander C Cavalier
Bumping as its been 48 hours

5 Re: The First Mythical Level GV on Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:45 pm



Might as well let everyone in on the fun.

Hope you survive.


6 Re: The First Mythical Level GV on Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:31 pm




7 Re: The First Mythical Level GV on Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:21 pm



Okay, so, this thread turned to shit pretty quickly and it's pretty sad to see. It's never good to hear someone complaining that they're still thread locked after four months. Bad. If one of the two people that did go missing return, this'll reflect on things they're capable of doing.

@Alexander C Cavalier
As thread originator, you were the guy that everyone should have been seeing the most. You disappeared, and I can't really force you to stay, but if you return, these are your rewards.
Beli: 0
Bounty: 0
Prestige: 0
Doriki: 0

You had ample time to respond with proof of having dextrocardia or argue your case in some other manner. Having run that out, I have no choice but to follow through with the ruling in-thread. Bazil Styx is, from here forward, deceased.

You deserve a sincere apology from the people you were threading with for squeezing you for every bit of time and patience they could over the last four months. Unfortunately, I'm not their parent and can't get that for you, but you should know I feel for you. Because you were here, active, and willing to communicate, the thread turned out well for you ICly, so I hope that's at least consolation enough. However, you took the back seat for the thread plot and could have gotten a lot more had you not catered to those that left you out to dry.

There were plenty of people that showed up that would have spread your name far and wide - even more so than it already has been - but you settled for character development and a personal plot, which deserves respect in and of itself. But because of it, it'll reflect in the rewards a little, as there were things that were missing that would have been easy to nab.
Beli: 80,000,000
As I said, trying to play around people that were posting sometimes and not posting other times makes the plot really inconsistent and puts you in a difficult position. It had a lot of breaks when you could have made better of it on your own, which I'm confident of because I've spent a lot of time grading your other works. As it stands, your writing was top notch, as always, and you got out with a lot of character development. However, even as a GV3, it looks like what this ultimately was for you was a lead-in to an even bigger payout.

Bounty: 0
On this occasion, you did nothing worth gaining bounty for. The only government agents in the room were preoccupied by Bazil, then by Black Henry, so you get away flawlessly. Your notoriety to the world doesn't grow with the World Government on this day.

Prestige: 3
There were many big names attending the auction, some of which saw you, but the biggest name you personally dealt was was the kingpin of the Fourth District, Ursa, himself. While you entertained him with combat ability and personality, it wasn't what gained favor - it was the plans to Pluton. The fact that you had already stolen pieces and stolen some more during the auction makes you worthwhile, and for that you've gained favor for sure.

Doriki: 5
You weren't really fighting opponents that were out of your weight class, but everything in the fights with them wasn't about pure physical ability, it was the techniques either was showing off and the non-stop assaults being dealt with. What made this more than entertaining was the descriptions that came with an exciting feat of redirecting Electro back at the initial discharger. Very fun.

Crafting Points: 15
Stole more pieces to Pluton. This could have been more entertaining, but the fact that you got away with it is the bigger feat. There were many people that could have spotted you, but you got out until you personally spilled the beans on your feats during your conversation with Ursa.

@Winged Menace
@Lady Sofia

8 Re: The First Mythical Level GV on Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:02 am

Winged Menace


Winged Menace
As unfortunate as it was the rewards and punishments given my Devroux for lack of proper responses from Ai and Alexander we're just. Kaito was really patient with this thread and deserves the rewards he got. I would like to see what this thread leads to in the future as this one was botched by others somewhat changing the impact.


2/2 approved since you have to change your stuff yourself

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