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1Bisco Versus Melissa!  Empty Bisco Versus Melissa! on Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:56 am




Bisco Versus Melissa!  C4D3C1E1B6FAD64911F2E844D21E8CF2693B37A2"I never thought, I'd come back here willingly" The Queen of the snow uttered. Drum was a cold, cold place, the winter island was forever snowing, forever chilled winds danced around the island. "Hard to believe.....I hated this stuff" Melissa said to herself, taking a deep breath, she stepped out of the train station and into the cold embrace of Drum. Except to her, the cold air did not steal the warmth from her body, it did not come for her, calling to her to sleep. Not like it did all those years ago. "I should........go say.....hi" she muttered. She had indeed been alone for some time, constantly moving. Water 7..the slums, it seemed so far away....Melissa took a breath, she would have to see her friends soon too. Give them the good news. Drum was vastly different from Water 7, her friends, her family...her people. They certainly werent built for the vast amount of cold that Drum could produce. When those crazy elves attacked, it showed how unprepared for the snow they were. "Moira's probably slipped and fell hundreds of times by now" The Yuki-ohnna said giggling at the thought of her old friend sliding down the town.

Many would think her crazy for her attire in this weather. Her hair was tied to one side, allowing it to frame her face, building her large ponytail to the left side, her shirt was red, her favourite colour, and she wore some black trousers, tight to show her legs, certainly not winter weather. Thankfully the snow was minor drizzles, thus she would not be drenched by the time she got to her destination. For you see, Drum is where Melissa was from, born here, raised on the outskirts with her father, a famed pirate back in the day. Alas he had been murdered by the very people she was now employed by. The world knew off her, the News coo had set sail and been delivered to the world, her picture was everywhere. She walked in silence, a rare occurrence for her. The crunching of the snow under her feet being the only sound that resonated with her. It was strange being back, strange coming in this direction....she had almost passed it, the formation of trees signalled she was here in this area..

"My first Giant" she said smiling. It was in this place that she had been saved by a giant, she never got his name...she never gave hers...she was five but that was a meeting she would never forget. He had saved her life, he had protected her..a stranger, it was his act of kindness to a desperate little brath that showed her good people in this world did exist. They existed and she would do whatever she could to make sure the world they lived in was fair, fair for them and fair....fair for her..Justice was something she would get one way or another, she had sworn it..that she would be judge, jury and executioner.....

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Bisco Versus Melissa!  KVnwfAzFFYkJ34E82E9TR19HXPHsHSiBAqXF2phU5xQwAxS9cg-LOLPgAhx8FG37ODf0WVgsFLeQpatpcNluiGr8Jwpqn2vvnNRFxpRVkrR8UJRM3gkcaLEkFHzesJSfq3fZ5eo

"I never thought, I'd come back here willingly"

Melissa's hands gently touched the snowy ground, her own snow melding in, spreading through the white ground. Moving her hands, as if she were parting the curtains in her hotel room. The snow obliged her movement, parting spilling off the grave that had been hidden. Years of snow, years of being untouched drifted from her fathers resting place. "It's been a while" she said, picking up the jug that had been used to keep flowers, she doused the remains of whatever was dead within on to the ground and replaced them with beautiful purple flowers, native to Drum, they had been her fathers favourite, so it only seemed fitting that she returned with them. From her bag she pulled a neatly folded blanket, extending it on the snowy ground she would lay upon it, next to the grave. Looking to the snowy sky, Melissa's breathing began to quicken, deeper and deeper breaths happened. Her arm moved over her eyes, blocking out all sources of light. "Daddy....I'm.....Im losing it " she said as tears began to run from her eyes, her chest rising and dropping rapidly as she tried to hold back her emotions.

"I...I want to avenge you daddy, I want to kill those who took you from me" she said, her breathing getting rougher. "But...But I'm taking fathers away from their children.....I'm..I'm A MONSTER" she screamed out, her arms still covering her face, with her screaming that she was a monster, the bubble within her throat broke, she could no longer hold back, curling up on the blanket, she wailed, she cried fiercely. "I....I...I.don't do" she sobbed, snot running down her nose, her mascara running, giving her that "beautiful" panda effect. The snow danced around her, as if it where trying to embrace its Queen. "I'm...a dog of the marine, the very people.....who took you from me, I'm in" she said through deep breaths.."I just...don't know if I can....If i can kill" She said sitting up, pulling her knees in. "I need you to help me daddy, Its not fair" she whispered. "It's not fair that they took you away from me...did they feel like this? do you think they felt this broken when they realized they had taken away a father from his daughter?" she asked the grave.

Bisco Versus Melissa!  0Uzjz5u

"Thanks for the help dad" she said rolling her eyes. Sighing Melissa began to pack away, wiping her eyes. "I'll find away to avenge you, and I swear those who killed you will go to hell. I just.......need to.....think" the conflicted Shichi said as she stood, her items packed. "My people...yeah I got people now, people who look up to me....who love me, they came to stay on Drum, but it looks like Water 7 is going to be rebuilt, might be able to get them moved back home if they wanted. I'll....I'll visit more" The Yuki Yuki No Mi user said approaching the grave, gently placing her lips upon the stone. "Goodbye, Daddy"

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Bisco Versus Melissa!  Big_1502528461_image

It didn't take Melissa long to venture to Robelle, the town where her people had been given safe refuge, but why? The entire town had been granted to them...Melissa's aunt lived here, and even she had vacated, she had sent Melissa a message, "Get your friends out of there" but why? Surely people knew that these people were under not only World Government protection but her protection. Surely no one would have the balls to stand up to her, especially not on Drum, not in a place where her powers were even stronger. As she arrived at Robelle the night sky had taken full hold, Street lights were on, but that was the only source of light. All the houses were in darkness, the fallen snow had covered up all tracks. It was as if no one lived here. Melissa walked forward, the crunching snow seemingly louder under her feet now that. It was indeed curious, a strange sensation, goosebumps, the small hairs upon her neck stood up. Something was indeed strange, was indeed wrong. Taking a deep breath, filling her lungs with air, Melissa shouted. "THIS IS'NT EXACTLY THE HEROES WELCOME I THOUGHT I'D GET". Her voice echoed through the air.

Though it would seem that her voice did the trick, a single house to her rights lights switched on. The door opened and from said door an animal burst forth, a dog barking, charging for her, Melissa in her shock didn't even think about switching to her logia form as the large hound jumped at her, pushing her to the ground before....licking her face. "Bruno GET BACK HERE" a familiar voice shouted. The dog stopped licking Melissa's face long enough to look at its owner, Melissa taking this time to utilize her ability to turn to snow, the dog falling a bit as her snow body lifted into the air, reforming to have the snow girl standing. "When did you get a dog, huh Moira" Melissa said hand upon her hip. "BRUNO, IN NOW....BRUNO" Moira shouted as if Melissa wasn't even there. "He..." Something struck her. something big, heavy from behind. Claws raked across her skin. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH" "MELISSA" Moira shouted. Though surprised, Melissa was a pirate, she was a warlord. As the large shadowy creature descended upon her, once more, much like with Bruno her body burst apart to snow, reforming away from the creature who looked to Bruno before looking to Melissa.

The creature was humanoid enough, long white hair, though his hands were clawed as where his feet.  He probably would have been tall if it hadn't been for being on all fours, maybe seven foot. His hands and mouth were stained with dried blood, though his claws dripped with the blood of the Yuki-ohna. Bruno growled at the man, his hackles up. The man bore his teeth, revealing enlarged canines. His eyes were dog like, but there was something familiar about him....something that niggled in Melissa's mind. The creature charged again, his speed was impressive but not as impressive as Melissa's, though she need not move as the creature dove through her, trying to swipe at her, alas all his claws would do was swipe through the flakes of snow that she had become. Turning she looked to the man whom skidded before releasing a devilish dog like howl. "What the fu..AAAAAAAAAAAGH"

4Bisco Versus Melissa!  Empty Re: Bisco Versus Melissa! on Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:28 am




Bruno's mouth attatched to Melissas ankle, The dog growled as he shook. "MOTHER FUCKER!" Melissa screamed as she tried to pull her leg free. At this time the creature would attempt another pass. Charging, kicking up the snow behind him as he did, Melissa was too busy focusing on Bruno to realize until. "MELISSSAAAA" Screamed Moira. Lifting her head up just in time to see the creature descending, Melissa's body for a third time would disperse into its snow like form, once again the beast passed through her, this also allowed her leg to slip from Bruno's mouth who kept his eyes upon Melissa, hackles up, blood dripping from his mouth. "WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH YOUR DOG" Melissa shouted to Moira, though this time she would not take her eyes from the two. "Time to show em what a Shichibukai can do" Melissa said cracking her knuckles. Though her eyes were upon the strange male whom would howl once more, Bruno would turn and run, as would the creature. Fleeing the area. Melissa attempted to run after them, but the leg that Bruno had bitten into was causing her some difficulty, sadly even when transforming into her snow body, any damage she had taken also reformed. "Stupid powers" she mumbled as she sat down in the snow. Her heart racing.

"Moira, get me inside, then fill me in on what the actual fuck has gone on here" The woman of snow uttered, motioning her best friend to come help her, which of course she did. BFF's forever and all that. Eventually the door was double locked and the two woman were sat around the table. Moira's hands ran around Bruno's collar. "I'll find him Moira" Melissa said softly. "I promise" "None of them...that were taken, ever came back y'know" the elderly lady said. "Moira, you need to tell me everything that's gone on. I was told you'd be safe, if the fucking marines or World Government are behind this, I swear to god I will rip them apart" Melissa said clenching her hands to the point that her nails drew blood. "Its not them, least I dun think. pparently Robelles been under siege fer a while now, Bisco the Hound they call em, when we came, robelles people got the option of leavin to another town, new house, and everything, everyone took it and we got placed ere, sadly Bisco didn't move on with the others and he's been terrorizing us, marines have tried to stop em, but, they wind up dead. his bounties been put up by ten million beri since we moved in but its no good, nobody ever sees him, until.... "Until tonight, I swear to god Moira...he looks, he looks so familiar" Melissa said, moving her bandaged leg.

"It was good to see Olivia again, though she's looking tired." "girls the only doctor, shes dain her best but...its exhausting her" "I'll see what I can do, and I promise I'll get Bruno back. Just.....I think......I need some sleep" Melissa said yawning. "Hahaha, I knew it, yer just here tae stay. i made sure they gave us a three bedroom, told em that the Warlord needs a room of her own, third door to the right" Moira said nodding her head to the stairs. Melissa rose sluggishly, a smile on her face as she hobbled over to the old lady, draping her arms around her. "It's good to see old bat" Melissa said kissing her forehead. "Auld Bat!!, Least I'm no some two bit hussy" Moira said winking. With a laugh the duo would head up to bed, as soon as Melissa's head hit the pillow, she was out like a light.

5Bisco Versus Melissa!  Empty Re: Bisco Versus Melissa! on Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:35 am




"Listen here you little cunt, I will rip your dick off, freeze it. Then force you to ram your own dick up your own ass, I don't give two fucks about what the government wants right now, I was promised my people would be safe, not shoved somewhere that a serial killers just chillin around" Melissa said angrily over the den den mushi. A voice spoke from the device. "NO, I'll handle it myself, y'all fuckers will just get in my way, but know this. I'll be taking control of this town, obviously, your protection isn't as vast as I had expected. You can let them know i'll be back when I'm back, and while you at it, Send me a copy of every single bounty currently located in Drum. I'll clear the fuckers myself, get a ship sent over to escort them" Melissa said before hanging up. "Waste of spaces man" she uttered putting the den den mushi on her bedside cabinet. "First Bisco, then I'll go have a talk with these royals" Melissa said as she sighed. getting dressed, thankfully Moira had clothes for her, she felt more like herself in her usual attire. Her leg still hurt, but not as bad as it had the night before.

"Time to find this dog" Melissa said as she hobbled down stairs. Moira was up and Olivia had come over. Fuck Melissa thought, she had forgotten to demand another doctor be sent over to the town. She would make a mental note to do that when she demanded the town be publicly noted to be under her protection. She would need to show them that if they took her people for granted, then there would be repercussions. "I'll get you help soon Olivia, I'm sorry, for thinking the government would do what needed to be done" Melissa said. "Dont be silly, they gave us everything we needed, we can't expect handouts forever Melissa, but thank you, an extra pair of medical hands would just be great" she said yawning. "I'm gonna head to bed" Olivia said, as she stood she would hug her mother and then Melissa. "Good to have you back, Frost Witch" Olivia said winking. "Oh no boo, I'm the Snow Devil now" Melissa said with a smile. "Same, Witch was better" Olivias voice uttered as she vanished from sight.

"She's a strong one" Melissa said, "takes after her mother". Moira would smile as she looked up. "As long as she doesn't take after a wee hussy who drops her knickers for all the boys then I'm happy" "Oh Moira, you know me too well" Melissa said sticking her tongue out, "Iv got a list of bounties coming to this house, right now i'm gonna see if I can find this creature, and Bruno" "Be careful Mel, don't do anything stup.....never mind, telling you not tae be stupid is stupid in itself" she said waving the Yuki-ohnna away.

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Why did he seem familiar, those eyes...the eyes of the feral man, they had a sort of....a sort of something. Familiarity, there was something.....something so, "GAH" Melissa said pulling at her hair. "I know I'v seen that face before" she said as she sat upon a rooftop. It had been four hours since she had started her search, the snow from the night before had already covered up any tracks or blood spills. "I have no leads, I can't go to Moira's empty handed. I know....I know I'v seen his eyes before....." The frustrated female slumped backwards upon the roof. Looking to the sky like she had done at her fathers grave. "He's native" she said softly. "Older" she mumbled, trying to remember as much of the details as she could. "Feral....but......his eyes, he was...scared" She mused. "Can control dogs....devil fruit user? or. Melissa sat upright, her eyes lightning up as if a bulb had suddenly been switched on. "OR TAMER" she shouted triumphantly. She knew of a tamer, a native tamer many years ago. Richard Acko, not only a tamer, but her first proper boyfriend. The man she lost her big old V-card too a good few years ago.

"It can't be...Richard.....he...hes a good man" Melissa said standing up. "No harm in following it up. If its not him...maybe a girl could get a bit of a dickin" she mused to herself, it had been awhile since she had the company of a man, since before the events of the glyph.. "Woah girl, one thing at a time" she muttered as her legs propelled her forward, converting into snow to allow her to soar through the air. Richard had lived on the outskirts of town, she wondered if his house was still there, it had been seven years since she had last seen him. His house was still there anyway, though much more rundown, as if it had been abandoned. Boards were on the windows, a sale sign fallen on the grass. No one had been around here for some time, or so it looked.

Melissa would stand at the door, sighing. "Dead end" she muttered to herself, she would turn to move away, though crimson liquid caught her attention, it was cold, frozen but the colour told was relatively fresh. "No" she whispered as she pushed the door....of was fucking open, but not only open the fucking blasted thing creaked, it was so bloody loud that she was surprised the nearest house which was two miles away didn't complain about the noise. "R....Richard" Melissa called into the dark corridor. Was she in the right place? The resounding "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" that echoed told her so. "I'm gonna be sick" Melissa said trying not to gag as the smell blew from the house.

7Bisco Versus Melissa!  Empty Re: Bisco Versus Melissa! on Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:49 pm




It happened quickly, thank god Melissa had better reflexes than most people. The flock of animals that stormed outwards was unbelievable, around twenty dogs, five cats and three snow leopards burst from the house all coming at the Yuki Yuki No Mi user. Alas they were unable to hinder the snow queens snow body thus they just essentially darted directly through her. Though through use of this very snow body, she would join the gentle falling snow, blowing in the breeze to allow her a ten-meter distance from the front step of the house. As she reformed the creatures circled her, though this time none made a move. Bruno was there but what was strange was about half of these creatures bore a collar, the same collar, a big green thing that had no clasp, the other half did not. Why? She couldn't really ask because upon all fours, the feral man came forth from the doorway, his clawed hands and feet, his canine teeth, his feral...yet sad eyes. He gave a howl, a signal for his animals to attack. "Sorry darling, your in my field now" she said, a flourish of her hand and the deed was done. Snow burst like a typhoon ensnaring the entirety of the animals in a mere instant, cocooning them, sealing their movements making it nigh impossible for the creatures to break out off.

Picking a fight with the woman of snow on a winter island? Not the best idea, she had felt powerful ever since arriving, by mixing her snow with the snow upon the ground, her abilities had increased tenfold, she could literally feel everything around her, manipulate the entirety of the battlefield without even caring, travel through the snow at blinding speeds all across the island, this was all within the scope of her power, all upon an island that had caused her such mysery. Now it wanted to be helpful when she was "Successful". "What now Bisco" she mused, she was unsure if he was richard, he looked so different, but the eyes......if she could just get closer, if she could just look into his eyes properly. The creature itself seemed undettered by the fact that its army of animals had just been halted within seconds. He charged, and Melissa charged with him. Utilizing her soru to amplify her speed, the snow woman met the creature mid charge, her hand came forth into a point and with this pointed finger she would strike the creautre in the shoulder. "SHIGAN" she called forth as the wolf like man screeched in pain, the top of his shoulder blown out, as if a bullet had pierced clean through. The force of her strike pushed him back in the snow, and with his blown out shoulder he slumped slightly.

The pain though didn't seem to hinder him for long, or atleast he didn't care, he flew through the air with his good hand, Melissa would smile as she fell to the ground with the creature, his claws imbedded into her shoulder, though no blood fell, her entire shoulder had been turned into snow, she had fallen for one reason. The two were now eye to eye. She was sure...."Richard" she said softly...."Its Melissa" She wasn't sure what to expect but for a second, "Bisco's" eyes widened in realization, alas the moment passed as quick as it came and Bisco the hound attempted another swipe, the snow worked for her though, pushing the creature from her allowing her to stand strong.

"Richard, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU" Again when his name was said he faltered. This time a larger reaction, the creatures hand wrapped around the collar upon its neck...the same collar half the animals had shared. With groans of pain and howls for a couple of seconds the creature tried to break the collar....but why....what was the significance of the collar. After those couple of seconds, the hound returned and the battle ended. Melissa was in control, their was no doubt about that, she had full control of the entire situation, Bisco was nothing to her. As her hand raised upwards the snow flew forth, tons of the white powdery stuff covered his entire form, With Melissa's power enhanced by the mass amount of snow, Bisco was unable to do anything. His feralness being his weakness. Yet Melissa would keep his head exposed along with the collar. [color:f721= blue]"This was bothering you......what is it" she wondered. For the next five minutes she tried to speak to Richard, recounting the times they spent together, she tried to get the collar but each time she went near him he attempted to bite her. Whenever she uttered his true name, he struggled against whatever it was that halted his speech.....eventually he spoke to her......"" he said weakly, before the ripping noises of the hound returned.

" can do....I'll...I'll make sure to find out whats happening with you...I promise." Melissa uttered as she willed the snow to cover his face, darkness for an animal was always a friend. With her den den mushi she would summon the marines, information them of Biscos capture, but also of Bisco's condition....she told them everything in hopes that he would be able to get help. While the animals and Bisco remained outside, she would inspect his place....animal droppings, chunks of bodies....nothing stood out except one thing...Letters written by Bisco, the feral could he write? Over and over a single name. "Perrinton"......with a symbol, a symbol of two falcons intertwined. It had to mean something. Melissa would wait for those she had summoned her group of people who would help cage up the animals and Bisco. Drum would be safe from this legend for now....but there was something bigger going on...something that she had just begun to uncover.


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