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1Equipment & Meito Empty Equipment & Meito on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:23 am



Equipment on Strawhat is extremely simple. Equipment ranges from guns, armor, and swords, to notebooks and spyglasses. As long as you have the actual space on your body, you can carry however much equipment you would like to, but it must be reasonable. Any unreasonable instances of tons of equipment being brought into a topic will resort in voiding. While some things like lighters, cigarettes, flasks, etc, are more universal and don't need to be made as equipment, tools with more utility like spyglasses or a doctor's tools should be created.

Equipment Template
[b]Equipment Name:[/b] (Self explanatory.)
[b]Equipment Description:[/b] (Describe your equipment in great detail, use a picture if you'd like.)
[b]Equipment Grade:[/b] (Common by default)
All weapons on Strawhats are given a Meito rank, just like they are in canon. The varying grade of quality and craftsmanship going into each weapon determine not only its durability, but how it can be weaved together with the rest of your character. There are four perks that combine with the ranks of the Meito, these being:

  • Perk 1: Cutting or breaking things that are usually harder than the weapon itself, such as certain types of stone or even steel. The substance usually splits or crumbles apart a few moments after being cut or struck.
  • Perk 2: By swinging the weapon with sufficient force and speed, this creates strong wind in the form of a compressed air projectile, allowing the swordsman to attack at long distance. This is known as a Flying Slash Attack. Must be registered as Skills.
  • Perk 3: With blades, they cut objects that are thicker than the length of the blade, such as buildings or ships.
  • Perk 4: Channeling elemental power into weapon attacks, such as fire or electricity. Electro not included.

This is where the Meito of a equipment comes into play.

Meito is the grade of a piece of equipment. While normally wielding a sword with a prestigious Meito would just mean you have a famous sword, we aim to make thing a bit more interesting. Before getting into that, we'll list each grade from most esteemed, to least.

  • Saijo O Wazamono - Supreme
  • O Wazamono - Great
  • Ryo Wazamono - Skillful
  • Wazamono - Common

How to get one
All equipment from the site owned Shop by default is of Common Grade/Wazamono. The only way to obtain equipment that isn't of Common grade is to either embark on a Gran Voyage or have a Blacksmith craft one.

When you Voyage for equipment with Meito above Common, there must be one available on the Meito List which is found *here*. While the names are given, the rest of the information is made by the member. You can alternatively tell staff what type of equipment it is you want (katana, lance, chest plate) and they will design it accordingly if you wish. Unless crafted by a Blacksmith or awarded by an Event, the amount of Meito on the List are all the Meito there are.

Saijo O Wazamono are restricted as Event Only Rewards and Ryo Wazamono/ O Wazamono  must be Grand Voyaged for as stated prior, the Level of Difficulty must be Level 2/3 respectively.

Why Meito matters
A swordsman is only as great as his sword. If you have an "ok" sword, even if you are very skilled, you'll never be as great as you can be. With another list, we'll show what perks each grade of melee weapon allows.

  • Saijo O Wazamono - Perks 1-4. Flying Slash Attacks have twenty-five extra meters of length and five extra meters of width.
  • O Wazamono - Perks 1-4.
  • Ryo Wazamono - Perk 1, 2, & 3.
  • Wazamono - Perk 1 & 3.

Equipment Durability
The durability of a piece of equipment is determined by its Meito. This isn't to say a Supreme grade paper sword would be acceptable, as we still ask all equipment be made out of reasonable materials. The following levels of Strength & Power can break/cut/melt/etc the corresponding grade of equipment after it suffers 3 direct blows of said level. A strike from a level of Power & Strength 1 level higher than your equipment can tolerate will break it in 2 hits as opposed to 3. A strike from a level of Power & Strength 2 levels higher than your equipment can tolerate will break it in 1 hit.

  • Saijo O Wazamono - 10
  • O Wazamono - 8
  • Ryo Wazamono - 5
  • Wazamono - 2

Blacksmiths can repair equipment on a Voyage as long as at least half of it is intact and given to them.

2Equipment & Meito Empty Re: Equipment & Meito on Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:56 am

The Janitor


The Janitor
Ranged Equipment
When it comes to ranged equipment, guns, bows, slingshots, throwing knives, etc their Speed and Strength/Power will operate as the listing below dictates. The only exception to this is if the equipment is not of Common Grade. Ryo Wazamono and O Wazamono ranged equipment can have one of these parameters increased by one point. Saijo Wazamono ranged equipment can have one of these parameters increased by two points or two parameters increased by one point. A range increase would be a 1.5 multiplier. Range increase does not apply to Ship and Land Mounted Cannons.

Throwables - Anything registered to be a thrown weapon, i.e. a bundle of throwing knives.
Speed User Strength/Power minus 1, minimum of 0
Power User Strength/Power minus 1, minimum of 0
Range User Strength/Power multiplied by 15m

Light Artillery - Projectiles including, but not limited to pistols, submachine guns, sling shots, light/short bows, and Pop Greens.
Speed 7
Power 3
Range 50m

Medium Artillery - Projectiles including, but not limited to marksman rifles, long bows, heavy bows, pole-body sling shots.
Speed 5
Power 4
Range 100m

Heavy Artillery - Projectiles including, but not limited to Sniper Rifles, Large/Heavy Bows, etc.  
Speed 5
Power 7
Range 250m
*Range is always on the table to be adjusted, though guns like Shotguns may fall under Medium Artillery, they obviously wouldn't have a 100m effective range.

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