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1Seasons of Strawhat Empty Seasons of Strawhat on Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:44 pm



Hello and welcome to Strawhat. This page is dedicated to tracking the Plot that transpires beyond the historic Plot set *here*. Much like actual anime series do, we track the progress of our site in Seasons. Below you can find out which season we are currently on and what has happened in past seasons as a means to give your character a sense of awareness of the world.

Season 1 Start - December | End June 9th
Season 1 was the Season of Pirates! This was brought on by the call of man claiming to be the Pirate King's son, Soju the Red Fox. [1]While on Baltigo, he broadcasted himself through projecting Den Den Mushi on various islands all over Paradise. During this broadcast he called for the assimilation of an expedition team to the Beginning of the End. In addition to calling himself the Pirate King's son, what made this broadcast cause trouble was when he made being dubbed a Super Nova by the World Government a qualifying factor to join his team.

[2][3]Consequently pirates all over Paradise began to raise hell to grasp stardom. Some notable figures that came to the light as a result were [name Super Novas and PCs here]. The number of pirates exploded and many were left unchecked only causing the issue to swell; most notably on Sandy Island, but more specifically Alabasta. In no time pirates began to use the Kingdom's Nobles and Officials as a means to make a name for themselves. The Kingdom quickly fell to ruins due to the King and many of his offspring being killed and or kidnapped. With the reigns for the kingdom open for the taking, the World Government sent a small force to selfishly seize hold of the throne for the World Governments own gain. Their pick for the throne was an ill received being amongst the Shichibukai, a newly introduced World Government title and position for pirates as a means to check their fellow pirates.

Those native to the Alabasta weren't in agreement with this move made on the World Governments behalf. Quickly the indigenous people became a unofficial revolutionaries that fought what the World Government was trying to push upon them. Catching wind of the growing resistance, the actual Revolutionary Army made their presence in Alabasta known. Overnight militias were outfitted with military grade weapons and terroristic attacks against the World Government strongholds on Alabasta became a norm.[4] The once peaceful Kingdom was now a battlefield between pawn pieces of the World Government and its own people backed and possibly exploited by the Revolutionary Army. For pirates, it was simply a proving ground, but not for long.

[5] The conclusion of this season was reigned in when Soju the Red Fox discovered who it was the World Government was looking to install on Alabasta's throne. A Shichibukai known as Lady Diana who's a consumer of the Soru Soru no Mi. [6] With bad blood as fuel, a fire erupted and the population of pirates in Alabasta was divided. Out of fear of her mysterious Devil Fruit based powers, many sided with Lady Diana. Out of admiration and perhaps plots to steal his limelight through murder, many also sided with Soju the Red Fox. On Cactus Island a battle between both forces unfolded. The victor?

Season 2 Start - June 9th | End - Ongoing
Season 3

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