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16 Re: Dais grand voyage part two (continuation) on Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:04 pm



As dai regained his complete composure back over himself he noticed Gideon had been writing down notes in a little notebook relative to the giant but was still large to him. Well, this mission had completely gone to shit.  it seems as though Gideon had taken the two hits from earlier. He sighed and shook his head they were getting shot at and gassed and they now had to retreat. He grumbled as he saw the giants hand try and reach for him to grab him but he was far much faster than the giant and merely ran up the side of the giants face placing the swords handle in his teeth and the sheath back into his left side.

He leaned down and spat the sword into his free hand just as his den den mushi was going off and a voice came out of it. It was shakey and almost hard to understand but it was definitely Yuurei's. His eyes widened as he was about to protest when the line clicked and went dead. "Damn, damn it all to hell they got Yuurei, this is not how it was supposed to go down like this should have been a simple looky-loo." He growled and resheathed Yubashiri as he sat down atop the head of the moving giant.

He was not going to lose another comrade no not this day. But they were heavily outnumbered and they had gas blocking there only means of getting back to there friend. he was going to have to bite the bullet on this and rescue his friend tomorrow when they invaded the auction house.  He reluctantly looked into the giant's eye after putting the baby den den back into his own pocket and sighed. "We have no choice but to.. Well I'm afraid we can't rescue him now as much as it pains me to say this."

He grit his teeth and slowly began to grind his teeth back and forth against each other. Another friend was taken by slavery. They would more than likely sell him off since he had so many of his weapons and those were not cheap katanas some of them were ryo wazemono or higher. He was not l going to let his friend's things be sold nor for that fact his one and dearest friend besides the captain. After all, Yuurei was dai's rival or so he considered him that. "Fall back Gideon fall back to the Charon this isn't over." He raised his right hand and gave the finger to the people who were behind them chasing after them and shooting after him.

He growled and slid down the giant's neck and moved at his fullest speed and would defend the giant's injured soldier from any further attacks he could see. Once again drawing his sword he would slice through the bullets of the projectile that were launched at them. He and the giant would fade into the jungle with the aid of the gas obscuring the view of the ground troops. unsure if the giant could withstand the blasts to the head or not but the giant race had impressive durability perhaps it wouldn't cause him to lose balance and fall.

(Dai exit)

17 Re: Dais grand voyage part two (continuation) on Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:47 pm



Yuurei was getting the feeling back of his body, but he wasn’t able to fully move just. He didn’t like this feeling of being weak. This whole time he had trained himself to be strong enough to protect his crew, no, his family, but he was the first one to go down for the count. It was annoying, but he was lying there wishing that this paralysis he was going through would end. Still, it didn’t end fast enough. A man had appeared, and soon enough he could feel his head being stepped on. It was a heavy person, and it hurt. He felt his blades being taken out of his sash, which made his heart drop. His life, his children, his treasure. They were being tossed around like they were nothing.

What does he think he’s doing? He needs to not touch my swords! Why is he mistreated them like that! Get off my head you fat ass!” He thought to himself as he couldn’t speak because his face was basically pressed against the wall. Still, this angered him to the point where he couldn’t take this bullshit. He tried to get up the place he was in as he felt the man’s foot leaving his head. It was his chance now, but soon enough a kick was sent straight towards Yuurei’s stomach. The thief’s eyes widen when he felt the blow from the kick. It made him drop to the floor without any struggle, and he felt like he was falling in and out of consciousness. He had been dragged around like doll with no resistance. The thing is Yuurei tried to resist, but his body wasn’t moving and it was because of how hard he had been hit by this man. His eyes would open and close now and then as they were moving around a certain area.

He felt his body being tossed into a cage. His body hit the ground bouncing one time, and then landing on the ground. His eyes opened up as he looked at the big man who was putting his swords away in some case. The thief forced himself up onto his feet and sluggishly walked to the bars of the cage. ”Give me back my swords!” He finally spoke, but he never got an answer, but instead go punched straight in the face. Yuurei fell back right there; he didn’t stumble back or anything, but fell on his back. His nose was bleeding, and he could feel that he might have had a fracture rib or two. He chuckled a bit with this, but if you noticed the swordsman’s face, tears had come rolling down. He wasn’t crying because he was hurt, but because he had failed to be a strong person for everyone.

It wasn’t just that, but the things he consider most precious were taken from him. Yuurei could hear what the man would say, but he didn’t care to listen. It wouldn’t take long for him to hear the footsteps of another person, but he couldn’t get up. Instead, he heard that his arm was needed, and he was being dragged to the edge of the cage. He felt the needle prick him, and clenched his teeth together because he knew whatever was put into him couldn’t be good. Soon enough Yuurei’s eyes got heavier, and at first he tried to fight it. He didn’t like what was happening, but soon his eyes couldn’t stay open any longer, and they closed. The thief was knockout for the count and there was nothing he could do.


Yuurei was standing in front of his house as he was waiting for his friends to show up. He waited for a while, but the friends that showed up were the ones of his past. They all had an angry face on them as if he had done something to them. ”Why you guys look so angry. What happened?” He asked them, but none of them said anything. He took a step forward, and then a few more, but when he got closer, it looked like they were getting further. He was crying, his friends of old wouldn’t talk to him, and his family now weren’t even around. The swordsman would start chasing after his friends, but he would never catch up to them. Soon, the man would drop to his knees, and wiped his face off the tears that he had shed. When he looked up he noticed that his old friends were surrounding him, but this time they were wearing something different.

They were wearing black suits, and they all had a marine coat over them. Yuurei’s eyes widen when he saw this because he would never have thought something like this would happen. ”No you guys would never join them. Not after what they did to you guys!” He shouted as they stood surrounding him the whole time. At the end it was just a dream right, or was it a premonition of the future and what was to come.


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18 Re: Dais grand voyage part two (continuation) on Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:42 am



After the den den went quiet, Daimaru landed on top of the giant's head, by his sound, he wasn't adjusting to the situation all to well either. The moment Gideon peeked around the tree, an array of bullets went off, causing Gideon to quickly pull back. He blinked, something whizzed by and metal clashing sounded, Dai probably deflected more bullets. He felt a burning sensation coming from the right side of his head, but he didn't stop to register the pain or even curse, Dai had already called out for a retreat.

The moment Gideon noticed Daimaru running away from the battle scene, he immediately took off after the sharkman. His heart ached more than the wounds on his shoulder and on the side of his head, thankfully they were mere scratches and flesh wounds thanks to Daimaru for his quick reaction. His heart ached because of not just failing the mission, but for leaving behind Yuurei.

"Damn it!" he grunted as he ran as fast as he could, trying to catch up to the speeding sharkman. He wished, he hoped, he prayed Dai was right when he said they'll return for their comrade. Smoke bellowed from nearby and from far, Gideon reached for the bandanna on his head to use as a filter for his mouth, but felt only his hair, his bandanna was gone, probably fell off when a bullet had caused a tear in both it and the side of his head. So he used a jacket sleeve to cover his mouth.

Something soon dripped onto his right eyelash, causing his eye to quickly shut. He rub a hand over it and saw it was blood, surely his. Once again he cursed as he ran, his heart beating quickly. Tree after tree, he passed in front of them, doing his best to use them as cover in case the enemy continued their pursue and firing, all the while his sight on Daimaru up in front with his good eye.

This was a loss which will leave them at a disadvantage, for losing Yuurei, for leaving being Jormungandr the giant blade, and for losing the element of surprise. Now they had to retreat back to the ship and think up another plan, a plan that should surely work, in order to get back Yuurei, and save rest of the slaves.



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