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Location:Cocoa Weed

The Stool was rowdy as usual as people from all over was walking and talking about. Drinking and laughing as the noise was sky high. A many folks was here all size all races all species just enjoying life Welp that's what this place should be like. Arcologia sat in the back at a table by the wall. While wearing his famous mobster suit and tie. Which was all blue dark ocean blue as his top hat was on the table. So was his drink and smokes as he had his long over jacket that go with the fit. Laying over the other empty chair across from him. As his flint was right next to him.

Marine life here was at large seeing as the government was running both kingdoms. This could be both good and bad for Arcologia next move. Arcologia was reading through the news coo more or less about durm. Smiling as he was reading the drum most wanted list. As the 3 candles lit gave his table a romantic type theme. Seeing the others enjoy thier self to the fullest. He couldn't help but feel as if he was missing something or someone.   Boom!!! A loud news was heard as a man went sent flying though a table. By the local marines for causing such a uproar of a overcharged bill.

Taking him away, Arcologia looked on, "good job officers that dirt of a guy was starting to interrupt me and the other guess as we trynna eat capiche". The lead marine whom had the man in handcuffs looked at him. With such disgust upon his face. As Arcologia smiled as the blue eyes blond hair marine took the heavy set man away. Arcologia is a wanted criminal in the land of Drum however he is not the big shot yet. More like a piece of a bigger piece of pie. He is in charge of a small underground network. However is business was doing only ok.

Unlike other underground folk Arcologia was not dealing in live stock. More or less weaponary this got him by so far. However looking down as he counted his earnings so far. He was still well behind even doe he had his eyes on the cash book and news coo. He could still here what was going around him. Just 5 tables down as the other 4 tables was empty. A small group of men about 3 in total was talking.

Reading the Drum most wanted Arcologia was placed in the top 5 at number 5. How mad but gald he felt. "I'm flying under the radar but if I'm to ever gain rank I need more. " Arcologia said as over to his right the 3 men was talking in low voices but high enough that Arcologia could here them. The pale skin skinny young lad had a messy look to him. With a green jump suit on pitch black eyes and hair ( John-O) . As he was a company by A large man whom was heavy set with a blond Bob cut and green jump suit as well who was at least 8 feet (Big Billy). The last guy stood at 4 feet no more as he too had a bob cut but looked funny with it.(Mouse Trap)  

The skinny guy was talking, We need respect round here yeah we got none. Boy I tell you's I got a plan to put us on the map. People gonna start respecting us round here. Arcologia smiled as he just knew he found his next lap dogs.

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As it gets next to dead hour the stool start to empty out except for a few. As Arcologia starts to drink his coffee as he finished his meal he still is listening in on the 3 dudes conversation. John-O taking drink after drink of the bink sake. "Listen guys we need to send a big ass message to the world the Gang Green Gang ain't no lames. I mean are we in it for real real or for play play"? Big Billy began to laugh,"uhhjhghh yeah um in count Billyyyyy in.  Billy can't  wait til Green gang glows up". Mouse Trap began to jump up and down. yeah yeah yeah yeah... Let's do it yeah yeah yeah yeah". John-O smiles as he stood up, "that's what um talking about but now how the hell are we gonna get clout?  We need to do something big But what? Killing a marine maybe damn think".

Arcologia began to laugh a little only to get Green Gang attention. As John-O looks at him, "what's so funny fancy pants"? Arcologia took some napkins and began to wipe off his mouth. He looked at the group, "you all are foolish that's for damn sure . I'm guessing you all ain't about that life yet am I wrong". John-O face expression was a bad one as he stood too Arcologia. "That's none of ya business fancy. What's it to ya anyway"?

Arcologia began to fix himself up as he walks by the  lot. Looking at the 3 eyeing them. From left to right and up and down. He soon rolled his eyes as he smiled, "alright you 3 will do but let me tell you all this beli is power and power is beli. Without it you'll be crushed hint at why the good or weak die young. I'll help get y'all a nane out there but I'll need y'all help as well got that". The 3 looked at him as John-O grinned,  "are name's out there you say and just what the hell we gotta do".  Arcologia looked back at them. "Whatever you need to do to get to the top now that's SuperFly capiche".

Arcologia looked back at the waiters whom was waiting on him. Check please, Arcologia said as the man replied... "ummmmm it's on the house". Arcologia was soon handed his long jacket and hat. As his flint was still sitting there. "very well and wise". He soon picked his belongings up and left out the famous restaurant. The Gang Green Gang looked in awe as they soon followed him.



Arcologia began to walk down the street as the moon light lit up the night sky. Follow by the stars and man made lights. The streets was pretty much empty as it was 11 at night. Not many folks would like to be out in about  besides the marine. Whom safe grauds the streets while the town folk rest thier heads. Walking with the 3 behind him Arcologia happens to stop by a building. Looking over to his right he see's his wanted poster
Arcologia [chuckles].And soon began to walk again as he takes a cigar out and lit it up.

John-O looks at the wanted poster of Arcologia as he sees him wearing a jester like outfit compared to his mobster one now. But what  really put the icing on the cake was that his bounty was 10 mill. John-O looked at a few marine around them and wonder why. They well mostly Arcologia wasn't being chased down. Gathering up the guts he walks side by side to Arcologia. "Aye man how in the world you not being targeted by the marine? Ain't you like a wanted man or is this bounty for show or something"? [speaks with a  hypocritical tone]

Arcologia stopped walking for a second as he looked at John-O .[death glare] He began to walk again as he was huffing and puffing about. Smiply put I pay them a handsome ransom to look out for me. Weapons or money so in return they cover up my whereabouts to all whom may be looking for me among other things. Does that answer your question. John-O looked at Arcologia.[surprised] But the the law right ain't they suppose to lock you up? Arcologia face remain blank, lil bro you gotta understand the meaning  ain't no such thing as law without order.    

Arcologia than stopped as they made it to his house. It was in a blue in white apartment building. We hear let's get started Green Gang on the rest of y'all lives. Arcologia began to laugh as did Big Billy and Mouse Trap. Smiling he took the 3 inside of his home as the plan was about to be set in motion.



As the 3 sat down Arcologia brought out a large box. As he sat it down on the table as he looked at the 3  he smiled handsomely. "I don't need you lot to talk just look and listen. What do you think in here? I'll tell you the  rest of your lives". He open the box as a large sum of beli was revealed in it. He looked at them after picking up a stack of the beli. Looking over his large apartment which had love beds all over the wall colors was blue and black with a cicrus like theme painted on the  wall. however that's all he had in the  apartment. He threw each of them a stack. Smiling as each of them looks in awe.

"Tell me how you get all this money you steal it"? Arcologia laughs, "not at all but if I did would it make a difference. But you see I'm in a business even the world government couldn't stop. So they joined in as well and that's facts John-O believe me. I deal weapons but this place not bringing me the beli I need". Arcologia huffs and puffs his cigar. John-O smiles as well looking at him. "So tell me how it works how you got involve with it"? Arcologia went to get another large box as he returned he sat it on the table next to the  box of beli.

"Well I used to be in a certain group in the world government. That was a long time ago my old life sort to speak. But before I left I took a book of all the people I tracked down. I exploited it making connections with them. Did a few hits or odd jobs to get plugs. Now I own a whooping percentage of Drum underworld market. But I need more beli which is why I brought you all in". John-O  stood up count us in as both Mouse Trap and Big Billy agreed.

Arcologia smiled, "good because I have a way to obtain such beli. It will cause the rebels to strike while the iron hot". John-O looked at him in a crazy way. "Just what do you mean by that?  Just tell me what you planning"? Arcologia looked on as he took a puff of his cigar. "There's a world government flag standing 50 fucking meters between Sakura Kingdom and Lavender Kingdom and 30 meters high what we gonna do is burn that mu'fucker down. Not just down but into the ground all on live telecast.". Big Billy and Mouse Trap looked scared as John-O knew he was gonna get his just due.John-O saw his chance and he planned on acting on it.[color=#006600" So tell me boss that flag isn't so grauded like it should be. However a Commodore is placed somewhere around there. How we gon pull such a stunt to bring in the money"?  [/color]

Arcologia picked up his flint rifle and aimed it at them.Too which they all grew nervous. Until he put the gun down only to open up the box too see alot of herbs. You see boys life ain't free you gotta buy your way to riches and bitches.This here is a herb that if you dice it down and light it up and huff and puff. You'll get what they I call a high on. Pretty soon I'll be shipping these herbs all over the map I dub them weed.. But anyway we can't just burn it down we need to do it with style.  Arcologia looked at the 3 with deadly fury eyes.

"Right now we need to play poker you know make the world government think I'm stronger than I appear how can I do that smiply put. This beli and weed will go to a group of bandits I know. Them morons got the numbers we need to even things up. Bribe them to fight for our cause. Trick the world to thinking I control such a family until I actually do mu'fuckers now that's SuperFly ". Arcologia started to laugh as the others did as well.



Big Billy slowly raised his hand[dumb founded] "ummmm mr. mr.. boss man sir Billy must have missed something. You mention rebels how will they help yo goals boss man sir"? Arcologia looked at him laughing [Yororororo Yororororo] "That's a very good question Big Billy. You see the thing is once we carry out my master plan a war is soon to come and what do you need in wars?  I'll tell you weapons lot's and lot's of weaponary. The rebels will try this Kingdom next because if they don't well then. Thier brains are useless. Because now is the time to weaken the  world government at large.   He began to laugh [Yorororo Yorororo]

John-O looked on cheering, "so what is the plan boss I'll love to know". Arcologia began to rubs his hand throughout the herb product. As he looked at John-O. Right now we gonna go to the bandits hide out to do the deal. Thier boss bandit Keith is known for his love of beli. The guy live by it for peak sake so I'll pay him off and just like that we have numbers on our side. With no time to waste we will head to the telecaster station. There we will wipe out half the building so mu'fuckers won't take us lightly and any marine that get in our way. True if we attack them at full force we will lose however we won't be doing that.

Arcologia laughing continued, what will happen is the local marine in that area will show up. Unfortunately for them, [ showed himself cutting his neck in a death way] "we'll have to off them. There you'll stay John-O to make show the telecaster board cast my event. So once they see that and who's behind it not only tricking them to think I have a army behind me. Rebels will swam the place as thier
opportunity come to pass.what happened next is anyone guess".

Arcologia smiled as he went to the back only to come back with 3 suit's looking at them he utter for them to put the suit's own as now was the time. Time goes by as the 3 reappears in the suits. Big Billy too small as Mouse Traps was too big and John-O was just right. "Looking good boys now let's go". Big Billy laughing grabs the boss as the squad left out on thier way to tye bandits hide out. Throughout the town well outside of it. Within the mountains is where they at Arcologia and gang headed there. Firva night to remember.



Walking within the heavy snow covered mountain Arcologia and gang would follow a narrow trailed made by the bandits. Looking over the shoulders along the was as the winds blow icy winds from the snow at them. Arcologia raised his collar up trying to brace the storm such a cold feeling. Making it to the cave entrance he looked around as he saw nobody garuding it. But truthfully it didn't bother Arcologia because bandits are stupid to him. However has they went farer and farer within the hide out of a cave. It began to get warmer and warmer.

Stopping as the noise was low level for some odd reason. Looking all around bandits began to surround him. Pointing swords and guns at them. John-O looked around as he went to defense mode as did the others. Arcologia slowly raised his hands, "hey listen we here to deal with Bandit Keith feel me". The  bandits began to scream at them in a loud savage way.  Only for someone to yell, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Only for all the bandits to quickly shut as a man began to walk up.

The man stood at 7'00 in height with a extremely muslce build. He had on sun glasses dark shades. With a motorcycle out fit on. With cowboy boots and a black hand gun in his right hand. He had  jet black hair as he smiled with a perfect crooked smile.He looked at them, what's up peeps come  on in um all about that beli. He escorted Arcologia Gang to the back where he usually be as the cave inside. Was nothing like one would seem as it had lightening all over the place tables drinks food and beds. He looked at Arcologia as the 2 went by a table along to speak.

Arcologia took a cigar out, "want one" he said as he lit it up. Bandit Keith smile"naw um cool any way get right to the point bruh". Huffing and puffing Arcologia smiled, "that's what's up but here we go. I need to lean on your army of bandits to help me take over the telecaster station". Keith began to laugh, "why the hell would you wanna do that". Arcologia huffing, "because i'm going to burn that FUCKING flag between the kingdoms on live television".

Bandit Keith stopped laughing, "give me one good reason why I should help you". Arcologia looked him in the eyes, "I don't have one good reason but I do have seven million good reasons". Snapping his fingers as Big Billy laughing bringing over the boxes as he put them down he opened them. To Keith joy picking up the beli. He looked over to the herbs, "Just what the hell is this" Arcologia smiled, the newsest drugs to hut the streets of Drum.

Arcologia and Bandit Keith smiled as they shook hands on a deal made good. Arcologia gave him the time to launch his bandit attack as he and his gang left..



Making thier way back to town the gang turned in for the night.. As the wind blew through the snowy cover streets waiting for the sun to come up. The  morning sun came rolling up again with such a perfect shine. As Arcologia smoking his cigar look out his window smiling. As today was the day he become the most wanted man in Drum. Time goes by as  the others start to wake up except for Big Billy who had to be woken up.

Arcologia took the group to a man's dress store to get new suits. To look SuperFly for such an event. As he got Big Billy a dark green checkerboard suit matching his size. With the sway dress shoes. As his hair was cut short. Next up was Mouse Trap who now was sporting a classic dark green suit with swirl dress shoes. Next John-O was wearing a all black suit with green high lights reels. With his all green alligator dress shoes.

Arcologia now dawning his all white jester outfit mobster version. As he has a ace card symbol painted over his right eye. With his card symbols marks on the back of his suit. As he got his top hat Arcologia smiled, " when you do shit that's cool that's fly. However when you can do cool shit in style now that's SuperFly. He looks at the gang as they left out. The dresser looks at them, hey you have to pay for that. John-O looked as he pulled out a pistol and shot the poor man. Too the rest surprised it Arcologia smiled.

The gang began to to walk down the street as the telecaster station was not far off at all. The town folk was clearly in a disarray at the sight of them. Arcologia smiling telling them, "it's better to be feared then to be loved. as Bandit Keith had his boys surrounded the station seeing Arcologia. "yo most wanted is this the one. To which Arcologia smiles saying yep. To which Bandit Keith gave his ok as his bandits started to make choas over the order.

The local marine was being out matched at the sheer numbers against them 300 in total. As Arcologia and the gangs went inside the telecaster station breaking hella shit. As Arcologia asked a woman where was the board cast room.To which she told him as the looting of the building began. Arcologia made his way to the room. Where it all well be film. As the station crew looked at him he smiled.

"You mu"fuckers don't talk just listen. I'm  in a good mood yeah a pretty good mood. To think you lots would be helping me out. This  is what's gonna happen y'all right is about to flim me burning down the world government flag out side of town. 1 guy looked at him an said, are you mad you'll be a major target to declare war against them. Arcologia looked at him, declaration of war you say how so? the man look at him, burning the flag is an act of war, but if you do that I'll write about it.but be warned you will be a very wanted man.

Arcologia smiled perfectly fine with me, John-O you and the gang make sure all is well here have it all video at all times. Meanwhile cameraman come with me. New coo writer I need you to write what you saw here today.Spice it up or else it's death.
As Arcologia left John-O part was to keep everyone in they places as the writer looked on smiling. Meanwhile the marine backup was entering the town. As Arcologia and Bandit Keith made thier way to the the world flag.



The sun was beaming sky high as the bandits ran wild in big horn. Across from the city that had the best doctors all around was Levan. But Arcologia and the bandits was not going there. But to the flag pole standing 50 meters high. You could see the flag from BigHorn if you tried looking at it. Arcologia smile as the live feed was being flim on live tv. As people All over Drum was watching what happened in BigHorn.

BigHorn at the moment was in a state of decay as not only was a small battle being fraught. Between Arcologia hire help and the out number marine there. But locals started to loot businesses back to back. As doctors waited til things come down to act on  the injured. Arcologia smiled as he saw the flag standing high. The distance between the  group and the flag wasn't all that much. Giving that the climate strangely shift on the other side. As they made thier way there a young girl about 8 yelled, STTTOOOPPP!!!. As Arcologia and Bandit Keith looked on.

Meanwhile a off duty Lt of the  marine was looking around in a panic state. He was wearing a long overcoat with the world government logo. He was trying to stop the fighting but lost his his daughter in the chaos. "JASMINE JASMINE JASMINE, BABY GIRL WHERE ARE YOU". He was trying to keep his cool when he looked up to see his little girl on the  broadcasting screen standing in front of Arcologia and the bandits. "OH NOOOOOO". The man yelled, I saw the flag they are on the west side good. Right around the corner. The Lt began to run towards them. All tye while knocking out bandits.

The little girl was wearing a pink dress with a loin on it. Which had the worlds justice coming out of its mouth as it roars. The girl was wearing pink slippers and had blonde hair with pink ribbons in them. This was to hold up her 2 pig tails. She looked at Arcologia with a mad fight as his cigar smoke went in the air. "Awww a hero of justice move along kid before you end up hurt. He looks at her but as scared as she might be she yelled, NOOOOOO!!!  you are all very bad people and my daddy says never let scum like you get away.

Arcologia look at her as Keith stepped in, yeah well where he at I'll love to meet him. The group started to laugh as they walked passed her. The brave girl was clearly pissed as she started running after them. As bald up her small fist as she call her self punching Keith. Arcologia looked as Keith face turned demon like as he struck the young girl. Than begins to beat her all on live Broadcasting. The people all around Drum saw this act. Believing it to be an order Arcologia gave Keith. Just as he was about to strike again. "enough you've made your point".

Bandit Keith looked at him with a deadly look, "what you going soft on me. Anyway umma have some fun with her raise as my girl.
Arcologia looked on as he picked up the young girl and started to carry her. To the horror and displeased reaction from the on lookers. The group began to walk again as time goes back while begging tracked by the Lt. The group arrived to the World Government Flag as Arcologia smiled.

All around was a few gruads and  tourist taking pictures nothing to worry about.  Arcologia pointed his gun at the first graud. "if you don't won't to die get out if hear now. He than shoot at the first graud taking him out. As the bandits began work on the people and knocking the pole down.



Running and screaming was all anyone could see after Arcologia shot went off. The tourist was running for dear life as the few marine there at least 10 of them was soon defeated by the sheer numbers. All while the teary eyed camera man filmed it all. Arcologia looked as the pole to the flag was nearly dean as the whaling on it was clearly not working. Even big belly couldn't bring it down.As the bandits began to round up some people and the marine whom 6 lost thier lives.

Arcologia began to walk around the hostage group. Looking until he saw a woman. Whom was dressed in a white and black uniform. He looked at her as he pointed his rifle. "Get up bitch that flag up there ain't just get up there.Tell me how it got up there? It must've been a way because ain't no stairs no nothing so start talking. She looks at him with her ember eyes, Sir please I really don't know.

Pow!!! was the rifle shot loud as day. As he dropped the guy next to her. Terrible screams soon followed as he looked back at her. I hate lairs and I don't have all day now start talking. Tell me how you get to the pole. She could barley talk as she said, ok... ok there's this buttom on the bottom of the flag pole. You press it to bring the flag down and up. He looked as he smiled, good care to show me I don't have all day.

Pointing his gun at her she soon got up as she was extremely terrified of him. Pointing the gun at her she went to the flag pole. Soon she converted it to bring the flag down as Arcologia smiles at the moment he been waiting for. Soon he told everyone to get in position as Bandit Keith took out his gun. Him and Arcologia began to dump thier gun powder all over it. Arcologia smiled as he took his cigar matches out. He soon lit it as he throws it at the flag.

Everyone besides Arcologia and the bandits screams in horror at the sight. Of this burning flag as tye camera man caught it all on a live feed. Just than the Lt arrives looking at what just happened. But more importantly he looked at bandit Keith holding is daughter by the burning flag as it was getting lift back up. You bastarddddd!!! could be heard as the Lt rushed passed everyone and punched Bandit Keith as he dropped his daughter.. Hold her repeatedly saying her nane in a panic. Soon Bandit Keith got back up as he rushed the Lt. Causing the Lt to put his graud up to fight.

By now the flag was burning sky high as people from all over Drum watched. Arcologia smiles, [color=#0033ff]he got the whole world in his hands. He got the whole world in his hands. Oh Cage got the whole world in his hand./color] The camera slowly looked at him as he huffed and puffed his cigar. As folks watched on as the marine arrived at the broadcasting station John-O prepared to fight. Arcologia took off his top hat as he opened his third eye to the whole Drum nation. Shocking everyone as 3 eye people was a rare sight.



He looked back at the burning flag than to the people. He soon showed she smiley face. " That's  what I think about your world world government as a whole. Shitty and burning itself as we speak. You know I don't understand how you people could worth ship something so evil. After what they did to my people my race and to make shit even crazy. Y'all act like it didn't even happen. But I tell you what this is a warning. How many more 3 eye people like me will come about tell me?

You got no time for this question to be answered fuck the Celestial dragons and all who work for them.. All who is loyal to them is is y'all last chance bring to light what's in the dark. Treat tye remaining 3 eye people with respect.. Or else I Arcologia Cage will kill someone not just anyone but a noble every day. Thank you for your time in attention thst is all."

Bandit Keith was at the mercy of Lt  Devin as he had h in a head lock. He too was clearly in bad shape as he let Keith go to get to his daughter. As he got down to pick her up she slowly open her eye's."Da. daddy"your hurt daddy did you stop tye bad guy's yet. He smiles, never you mind that let's get you some help. Just as he stood up and turn around Arcologia was pointing his rifle at him as was the others.

Breathing heavily Lt Devin said, "please my daughter needs medical care right now".. He looks as Arcologia smiled, I missed the part where that's my problem. He soon fired at the man As he tried to dodge it.. Rolling over as he stopped raising his head only to see his daughter thinking put loud. "Oh baby girl no daddy right here". The child was struck in her upper chest as she was holding on to dear life.

Lt Devin tried as he might but the brave girl closed her eyes. As a enraged Devin looked at Arcologia screaming he ranned at him. With the bandits pointing thier guns at the Lt. Arcologia said, "let him have it boys. Firing mad bullets at the Lt hitting him up. He fell to the ground lifeless. As the camera man was capturing this Arcologia looks a him than fired his rifle into the camera. Knocking the man out. As the live freed ended.

Back at the  broadcasting station John-O and mouse Trap was defeated as Marine was calming down the chaos caused by Arcologia. They was making their way towards Arcologia and the bandits. As Bandit Keith was getting up he stopped as he looked at tye dead Lt. Smiling as Unknown to him Arcologia was behind him, you see that marine scum you can't beat a devil. Arcologia smileas he pointed his rifle at Keith head. " See and here I thought you was stupid. He than pulled the tiger killing  him  execution headshot style.

The bandits looked at Arcologia mad as hell, whoa whoa guys ik your friend and you see thst bag it's millions of beli in there. Winner takes all. You have to get it from Big Belly first. Soon a fight broke out between the bandits and big Belly.. Not even aware the marine was arriving. Arcologia soon dashed away from the chaos. With his plan in play the world government will think he much more powerful  than he let on.

Mean while the writer from before began to write  what happened even naming Arcologia Drum most wanted. Smiling he also named him Bad News Cage. Here is he now probably plotting his next move..

The marine captured the bandits well what was left. As Big Belly did not make it. 1 marine soldier looked in the bad. Searching around only to find fake beli in it confused at that out come he was.The doctors started to check out all the bodies and discovered the little girl was still alivewbut barely breathing.

Reports of Arcologia Cage was brought in wanted only dead.



The scene which was left in total chaos as more than a few bodies was all over Bighorn. Not in a mostly death kind of way. But people was also hurt. As they needed Medicaid immediately. As for the broadcasting station not many people was hurt except for a few but just like outside it was a mess. As all the equipment that was totaled. The flag pole was still the same however the world government flag that was hanging so high up. For the longest time was no longer there. As bodies was filled around the flag scenery. Arcologia Cage was now branded a major enemy of the nation.

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