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1Extinguishing the Fire Empty Extinguishing the Fire on Sat May 26, 2018 4:31 pm




"You’ll give it you’re best shot wont you?"

Following his battle with Commander Kiri, Juan would be flying away from the business district of Water 7. Knowing that the area would no longer be safe for him following his run in with the marines, he would fly high above the land of Water 7 with the intention of leaving the island entirely. 'It sucks too, I wont be able to stay to see what's going on with Rocco. Hopefully I'll be able to see him somewhere else, but I can't be here anymore with these marines looking for me.' Juan could lie to himself about his reason for leaving, but he was unable to really convince himself that he truly feared the marines. Juan had been prepared to deal with whatever the marines could throw at him since he actually agreed to work with the Children of the Sun and kidnap that diplomat. If he was able to be honest, his real reason for leaving the island was his fear of dealing with the Children of the Sun again. Those few men he had taken out were likely the weakest of the weak, and he wasn't sure that he would be ready when they finally decided to attack him and get their revenge for what happened when he left the group.

It was funny how his situation had worked out in all honesty, he had gone on a rampage over a misunderstanding, and now he was likely being hunted over a misunderstanding, that misunderstanding being that he had killed the Son of Ra. 'I guess it is kind of funny how it happened.' Juan would admit to himself as he finally got away from the island of Water 7. Now as Juan flew over the open Waters of Water 7, he felt more free than he had felt during his entire time while on it. That fleeting moment of freedom filled Juan with a refreshed feeling, a feeling that left him quickly as something heavy and extremely hot hit him directly between his wings temporarily making him unable to fly and sending him crashing down towards the open water below him.

Techniques Used| Misc Traits. :

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