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1 Dispute Topic for Worst Generation on Mon May 14, 2018 10:43 am

Issa Dispute


If the battle mod looking over this wants to read the entire topic they can. I posted the juicy stuff below to help save some time. But, to those involved @ai47, @Kappa, @depth14, and @Jui$y Crow you can post your case and/or posts that you think should be read down below, if I missed anything.

I'll be posting about where the Bleed Maw and Skuttlebutt are from the posts made. The attack from Kappa is also something that might need to be commented on as due to being skipped the attack went through but the damage done was ignored along with the entire post. Because
plus kappa ignore the position of my vessel that why I ignore his post

Post#12 Ai:

The Skuttlebutt knifed through the water, making its way inland, using one of the many waterways that cut up the island. The sounds of battle echoed across Cactus Island, metal clanking, explosions erupting. Then, suddenly a strange sound rung in Bazil’s ears, Puru Puru, Puru Puru reaching into his pocket, the pirate pulled out the noisy snail and tossed it to Yasuke. “Take care of this.” He ordered, his eyes fixated on the looming battle ahead of them.

Skuttlebutt is within the one of the waterways that cuts into the Island.

Post#14 by Crow:

As Oceanus spoke several fish man had begin to load up the cannons there was a total of 6 cannons, and plenty of cannon for them to use.
As of now the fish man had load up 5 cannons with standard Round Shot Cannon, and one Explosive Shell Cannon Ball just behind the figure head which wasn't in the way of the cannon itself.

More importantly nothing was lit it was loaded but none of the fuels was lit as Oceanus nor did Zeed command it yet. As of now the The Bleeding Maw was just 50 meters away from The Skuttlebutt

Crow and his crew aren't inland like the other ships but are close enough to the Island that they are fifty meters away from the waterway the Skuttlebutt used.

Post#18 Depth :

Not that it matter Zeed once again yell out he had said,"Swing the ship near land, and prepare to be board! Once we clean up this mess we will secure the ship again, and secure water before continue on down the river. You two{ Squid,and Cuttlefish} reload the cannon with Standard Round Shots now!oh and you steer the ship near the docks."

Depth makes it clear they are close to the river(waterway) or you could say even in it. And plans to have the ship continue down it.

Post#19 Kap:

What seemed more like the priority was a new threat coming from down the river. About fifty metres or so away, Gil had no idea who's ship this was, though he guess that if it had made it through the other pirate captains unscathed then it probably wasn't allied with Diana.

Chaos ensued as three cannons attempted to fire from the invading ship at the same time (at the 47 metre mark). However since the three artillery embankments were fixed to different sides of the ship ("one on each side, and one in the bow" - Bleeding Maw description), only one could be firing in the direction of the Skuttlebutt at one particular time. This would cause one round shot cannon to attempt to fire at the boat where the other two shots flew off in random directions. Not only that, the cannons were loaded with two round shots and one explosive shot, even though their captain had bought one round shot, one explosive shot and one bundle shot cannon. This meant that one of the round shots had been loaded into a cannon not suitable to fire it and would subsequently be jammed and possibly wreck the cannon. As this was the cannon aimed at the Skuttlebutt, it would be safe from the first volley of fire from the Bleeding Maw.

The VM of the Bleed maw and the positioning of Crow's ship being closer to the Island.

Bleed Maw layout:
his ship stands 60m ship to stern, and 45m abreast. the ship despite being built for peaceful purposes has 3 embankments for artillery pieces. two on the raised portion of the aft, one on each side, and one in the bow, just behind the figure head.

There is poor positioning all around, even on my part. But I ain't going to post mine because it doesn't matter at this moment.  And from what I gather the Bleeding Maw is close to the River(waterway) but still just in open water at the moment.  The VM on the canon I left up to the parties being effected, but ALL three of them decided not to post for whatever reason. So, I saw no reason for me to really get involved because it wasn't excessive to me. I also didn't see the attack even logically landing on the first try even if it went through.  Because no one on that vessel has the capability to accurately fire a cannon fifty or 47 meters out. If they repeatedly fired at the ship then maybe they'd eventually make contact but still.....these are grunts firing at a ship at night and not any of the PCs.

Post#25 :

Devastation was brought upon the Bleeding maw. It lay dead in the water. It's wood smashed to splinters and wrought metal pummeled into uselessness. Kappa's massive water eels had leveled the ship's deck, leaving the whole thing bar the hull destroyed. Not one of the ships inhabitants had been able to move out of the way, or if they could, had chosen not to. Each one of the bleeding maw's crew had been subjected to Kappa's (tertiary + 1) strength, leaving them with major damage, every one of the crew's whole body being ripped up and broken by the powerful jaws of the eels.

Damage from the attack that hit those onboard the Bleeding Maw when they were 48hr'd.

@Deep Bloo

Keep moving forward.
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2 Re: Dispute Topic for Worst Generation on Mon May 14, 2018 12:26 pm

Deep Bloo


From what I have read, the Vague Manipulation was not excessive in the least bit. There was also the lack of appropriate purchases, there is also the fact that using grunts to fire cannons will not be the most accurate since all their Attributes are at the lowest level. I rule in favor of Kappa and Company.

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