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1Baioretto Movie 3: Voyage of Trust Empty Baioretto Movie 3: Voyage of Trust on Sun May 06, 2018 6:11 pm



This pirate was extremely large, a brute standing at eleven foot seven inches, roughly eight-hundred pounds and the way he moved made absolutely no sense, he was running down that alleyway with his "earnings" from a day of hustling those who live in Water 7, the slum area at least. This man was known as "The Brick" but his real name was Roku and he wasn't as strong as he thought, that was Baioretto's assessment of it all at least. He stalked Roku with pleasure and didn't break a sweat doing it, running his blade Bori against the edge of one of the two buildings he walked through, the left building to be exact. "Hmm, I wonder how long he'll run. Sooner or later I should probably catch him." thought Baioretto who would slide Bori back into its sheath before he took off running down the alleyway. It wouldn't take him long but eventually he'd be side by side with Roku which caused the brute of a man to grow angry, turning his left arm into stone Roku would swing his arm at Baioretto in an attempt to cut off his movements and create some separation.

Stopping on dime, Baioretto was able to go low allowing the arm to rip into the wall breaking whatever it had touched. All the while Baioretto drew Bori with his right hand slicing it against the left Achilles of Roku which stopped him in his tracks. Bioretto would instantly see this as his chance of taking his target out. Kneeling down Roku made it painfully obvious that he was indeed hurt more than Baioretto had initially thought. "You can surrender and this will all be over." said Baioretto towards Roku to which the brute scoffed at the idea "No. We don't surrender." said Roku before he stood up and let out a large scream. Baioretto could do nothing but smirk because he respected that decision, "Nobility, didn't take it as your thing." said Baioretto before he went on the offense trying to get Roku before Roku himself tried to get Baioretto. Sliding between the legs of Roku Baioretto would slice at his right Achilles but found out quickly it wasn't flesh anymore but stone. "Hmm?" he would say before he was kicked away by a horse who just got branded.

Several actions would happen between the duo and the size difference was a real concern. Baioretto would smirk as he studied the area and knew what he must do. He looked up and to his left, Baioretto saw a beat down building which piqued his interest. As Roku ran towards Baioretto , Baioretto ran towards Roku and once he was within 5 meters Baioretto would use Roku as a springboard launching him upwards in the sky, once he was nearing his peak of height Bori would be thrown shortly after the activation of one of Baioretto's skills. Bori would ascend past the building and then it happened, Baioretto would surge through Bori his body forming from lightning starting with his right hand on the hilt of the blade. Baioretto would start hacking at the weak building foundation as he tipped over and fell over on Roku crumbling him under the rubble.

"So Baioretto, that's how you captured Roku?" said an old man behind a small wooden desk. "Yea gramps. He was a handful haha." The old man looked for the wounds on Baioretto and noticed small scrapes and bruises "Well then lad you earned your pay!" yelled the old man before he threw a bag of beli at Baioretto. "When I have more work, I'll reach out." said the old man. "Roku was terrorizing the island for awhile, Thank fully someone of your caliber was able to defeat him." Taking his funds Baioretto would walk off "No doubt gramps, stay safe." spoke Baioretto as he vanished into the sunset.

2Baioretto Movie 3: Voyage of Trust Empty Re: Baioretto Movie 3: Voyage of Trust on Mon May 07, 2018 11:17 am



The next day had started and it was clear Baioretto really did enjoy the isles of Water 7, even the slums.. something could be done to change how people here lived and Baioretto knew that. He was all about fixing things in the favor of the particular group in distress. Outside the window of the apartment Baioretto stayed in he saw a man working, it wasn't exactly clear what he was building but he was welding something together and it grabbed Baioretto's interest. He did need a boat so that he could truly enjoy his adventure on the open seas. Taking his time to vet the situation Baioretto left his home and went to engage the man in conversation. He was near the ledge which showed the ocean and its beauty. He was sizing something up when Baioretto came down and the purple haired pirate took this time to see what was being admired, turning to face what the man was facing Baioretto saw that it was a boat design, a small model of what the final product would look like. "Did you build that model?" asked Baioretto with a hint of excitement in his voice, it was a marvelous ship and a life size model of it would be something Baioretto himself could see himself on.

"Yea haha, it took me a couple of hours but I finally got it done." said the man. Baioretto continued to admire his work until he realized what the man said. Walking up to the small boat "It took you hours to do this? Most work I've ever seen took days!" said Baioretto who sounded like a happy school girl. "Hmm? Yea I wasn't feeling it at first but then I got into it, this ship is special.." the passion in which this man spoke about his boat made Baioretto that more interested. "Aye, what's your name anyway?" asked Baioretto walking back over to him. "Porter, Eustass Porter. I heard about you uhh King of Hearts right?" Baioretto smirked a bit before rubbing his nose "Yea, But you can just call me Baioretto." The two shook hands and Baioretto once again looked over to the ship "You drink ale?" Baioretto asked to which porter smiled. "Of course!" Baioretto smiled as he started walking off towards the bar. "Come, first rounds on me." Porter looked at his project once more before walking off behind Baioretto.

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