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1Travel and Log Poses Empty Travel and Log Poses on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:22 am



travel and log poses
The requirements to travel on Strawhat are possession of a ship, company of a Navigator, and possession of a Log Pose. Without either of these things, one is forced to travel via Sea Train. Things that are universal is that a topic signifying this travel must be made in the *Open Waters* Board. The topic must be tagged [Travel-Ship/Train] whichever you are taking and the topic title. All persons traveling must post for themselves and their presence can't be alluded to by another. Once either of the travel requirements are fulfilled, timer or posting, the travel is closed and not open for interruption.

Travel via Ship
Travel from one island to another via ship takes up a total of 12 hours of real time to complete. Alternatively a posting requirement can be fulfilled to ignore this 12 hour travel timer. For each person traveling, 3 post must be supplied before they can be considered at their destination. The three rounds of posting do not have to detail the voyage from beginning to end and can be simply about preparing to depart, maybe encountering something along the way, etc.

It's recommended to initiate a travel to another island and either obviously take a break from the site or carry out OOC things, like updating plot boards, development, or registering new things to do and/or use upon reaching your destination.

Travel via Sea Train
A Sea Train is a locomotive that traverses on the sea surface and gets someone from one and island to another after 3 hours of real time have went by. Certain sea trains only travel to certain islands and occasionally their routes of travel will be edited by staff. One can purchase a Sea Train ticket in the Sea Train forum as they would purchase something in the shop. One ticket transports one person. Once the ticket is purchased, one must post in the Travel Board taking the Sea Train to their destination. Alternatively a posting requirement can be fulfilled to ignore this 3 hour travel timer. For each person traveling, 3 post must be supplied before they can be considered at their destination.

Travel Interruption
It is possible for people to interrupt the travel of another person. However, there are requirements that must be fulfilled and rules that must be followed. The interrupter must be on the island the traveler is traveling from as opposed to traveling to. The number of interruptors may only exceed the number of travelers by 1. The interruptor has as long as the travel persist to interrupt the travel. The interruptor has 12 hours or until 3 posting rounds are fulfilled to interrupt the travel, whichever is shortest. The Sea Train does have guards, so travel interruptions done on the Sea Train can result in various unwanted NPCs participating as well.

Log Poses
A Log Pose is a compass-like navigational device; a necessity for traveling the Grand Line. The standard Log Pose is a wrist watch with a glass orb sitting on top, and a needle floating inside the middle of that orb suspended from the top by a thin piece of metal or wire, though they can come in different shapes, forms, and sizes. Normal compasses do not work in the Grand Line due to the special magnetic waves created from each island. The Log Pose functions by recording the magnetic wave of an island in the Grand Line, and points to the next island for the user to travel to.

Log Poses on Strawhat work differently than in canon. It takes a Log Pose 1 week's worth of real time after posting once on an island to attune to another island's magnetic field. Which island that is, is up to the player. What is different is that Log Poses are allowed to record an island's magnetic field, so they function like an Eternal Log Pose as well. This allows someone with a Log Pose to return to an island they have spent at least a week of real time on. Before one can use their Log Pose to travel to Sabaody Archipelago, they must have visited at least four islands.

Travel Template

At the top of the first post in a travel it should include this filled out travel template regardless if you are fulfilling the posting requirement or timer to travel.

[b]Method:[/b](Link to the Ship being used or purchase of Sea Train Ticket.)
[b]Log Pose[/b] (Do you have a Log Pose? If yes link to where it was acquired.)


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