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1 Chapter 1:Flame Commander vs The Queen on Wed May 02, 2018 9:52 pm



Within Sakura Kingdom lays a bar known to house local criminals. This bar had all sort of people from all over. Only the worst of Sakura Kingdom would be here. The room lights was dim in a matter only dim lights would be . Not many people would come to such a place. Why simple everyone fears death so the rumors goes. There was 1 woman whom ran a small part of Sakura Kingdom underworld. She was known to be a underworld kingpin or queenpin. Whichever 1 anybody would like to call her it matter not.

Not many people in the underworld would say she is a major threat. However most who crossed her ended up dead. She sat down at a round table where two lights low lit hungover the back wall. She had her grauds all around the local bar. Although more of a dinner it favored a lounge in the right term. She sat there as money was being counted.

She looked on as a many folk was engaging in some sort of activity. Most likely if not illegal as with all underground dealings. There was people who was playing all sorts of cards or even craps. What else was going on cargo shipping was discussed. Living cargo at that,  money is money is how they viewed it.

Ring Ring Ring Ring" Ring Ring Ring Ring" A marine Captain picked up the phone. Who is this and what seems to be the problem? The man said as his heavy set voice echoed throughout the snail phone call. Arcologia remain quiet as he took a deep breathe. He began to smile, listen I will be there in a few minutes. You will have til then to get your men ready for this bust. As a deal you will be the one to bring down this underground meeting house and I will bring in the queen.

The marine captain said nothing as the phone hung up. Just as Arcologia looked around as he walked into the bar. He smiled as the barkeep knows who he is. Oh my it's you the queen been waiting dear boy. Arcologia looked at the person. Whom was clearly a cross dresser. As he wore a maid outfit had a bald head and had a 4 o'clock shadow. His name tag said Mandy. As he showed Arcologia down a dark hallway. As he went to the back he could see the janitor cleaning. They made eye contact as each knew thier part to play.

Earlier that day Arcologia paid the janitor a small fee too play with the lights at exactly 6 pm it will cause a giant flash. Next it will completely go dark like a black out. Just than the door opened as Arcologia walked in. Everyone looked at the man as he was wearing a all black suit with gator skin shoes. With both matching player hat and dark shades. He looked around as all eyes was on him. Arcologia had a suitcase in his right hand. He looked over and began to walk around the lounge.

Looking seriously at anybody looking at him. Smiling he stopped as the queen looked at him. Waving her hand, Oh Joker darling over here" "fehehehefehehehe".Arcologia looked as his underworld name been called. He walked over towards the table as a big large guy blocked him. Arcologia looked at him remebering the meal they had earlier. He let Arcologia passed as he took a seat. It was 45 minutes after 5 pm. Time  was of the most importance without question. He looked as he put the suit case on the table.

He looked at her as her dark black eyes looked back at him. Her raven hair was back long as her dark dress was skin tight. Her pale skin went hand and hand with her make up selection. Arcologia smiles, so tell me would you like to hear a story? He looked at the clock as she replied, sure so long as it don't bore me I'm good. Hehe took his cards out the time was now 5:50 pm.

Arcologia looked as he began to sing. .  A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go!
We’ll catch a fox and put him in a box,
And then we’ll let him go.
…mouse…put him in a house
…frog…put him on a log
…goat…put him in a boat
…bear…put him in a chair
He looked at her smiling, oh I just love that story do you. She looked at him you fool that is a song or are you not smart enough to tell the difference. He looked at the ceiling than back to her. True but every song has a story in it. If you listen to it in the right way. He looked at her laughing but by her face expression she was getting mad. Do you have my product or not I do not have all day got that. Arcologia looked at the clock as it was now 5:54 pm just than Arcologia flipped the table over grabbing the queen. As he held her hands together he pointed a card at her neck. Just than the marine came rushing in. As they was pointing guns at the underworld brokers the queen smiled. As her gruads was pointing thier  guns as well.

She was trying to get free but to no luck. Joker" you fool you dare set me up or at least you call yourself doing so. he smelled her hair in the creepiest way. You been setting yourself up all this time and get this how do you know your panthers did not set you up. I'm just a knight queen your move and you best not play like a rooke cause if you do. Jack goes your fortune.

She looked as she saw the others get handcuffed and taking away. But still she remained quiet. The large guy started too rush Arcologia while he held the queen only to hold his stomach. Dropping his gun as he fell down sliding it by the two. The marine captain looks at them both. As Arcologia body slams the queen but lightly. The time was now 5:59 pm as Arcologia looked at the marine captain. He picked up the gun on the floor. Smiling as he pointed it at the queen as she was on her knees trying to get up.

The marines pointed thier guns at Arcologia as the captain spoke, your both coming with me now dropped the gun.
Arcologia smiled as he fired his shot just as 6 p. m came about and the black out came. Darkness quickly enter the room as foot steps could be heard leaving the lounge. As the lights came back on Kaguya the queen was laying dead on the ground. The marine captain looked as the blood was leaking out of her giving the orders to clean it up. Clearly he was angry at what just happened.

He walked out of the bar and made his way back to his base. Quickly he called up Arcologia whom picked up the call. just what the hell was that we had a deal. How dare you do that we could have gotten so much information out of her. Arcologia begin to laugh at his sorrows cry. You ask me to bring her in I did. Dead or alive does it really matter. Beside I'm still anti law did you know that.

Arcologia smiles as he watches the sun set. Still I have yet to get paid wire my cut the entire thing to me. Unless you want to meet the queen in the after life marine soldier. Hurry  now time is a wasting. Arcologia hung up the phone as he began to clean the gun he used to kill queen with. Smiling as he knew what he just did. By taking out the queen her territory was now up in the air. He could rule the underworld in Sakura Kingdom. No the whole drum nation underworld and to make matters better the marine will not even know it exist. With the queen dead and gone I could use this chance to orush major weight around here. Not only will I grow in power but I will run a fallen empire. By paying off government officials I will have complete control over this underworld territory. Long live the king no long live the underworld. Arcologia smiled as reports came in of him stopping the queen. True he gain both strong allies and enemies with what he did. But in the end only 1 can reign as a true underworld King.

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2 Re: Chapter 1:Flame Commander vs The Queen on Thu May 03, 2018 11:51 am



Okay, Im going to halt you right here, as stated in the previous bounty [which has been voided]. You are not permitted to use any abilities of the mera mera no mi, this means don't post threads where you are exhibiting the powers of a fruit that you currently do not have. I am aware that you are going for the mera mera in a flash back style topic, but untilyou have the fruit and your fruit voyage has been approved. You are not able to use any of its capabilities in any and all topics until then. This was already established in your previous thread where the bounty was voided. You have a skill set already and thus are only able to use abilities from that approved skill set

3 Re: Chapter 1:Flame Commander vs The Queen on Thu May 03, 2018 12:41 pm




4 Re: Chapter 1:Flame Commander vs The Queen on Fri May 18, 2018 11:51 pm



Alright I redid it bump its ready.

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