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16 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:55 pm



It took a while for the both them to decide to do something; they both pressed forward towards each other, Father had struck his blade with both hands towards the long-arm, but noticed that the distance between the two was still far. Yuurei’s arm were long, and he swung a bit earlier towards the man, and soon after his second arm had rushed over to Father with two blades being swiped down at him. Father had shifted his hand easier with both hands to block the second swipe. He jumped back when he figured this was going to be difficult, if he had played in the pirate’s field of advantage. The pirate could only smile at him as it seemed like he was bothered with the situation. Koneko could only jump in the air as she had even seen what was happening. The two looked at each other, and soon enough it had happened.

Father had shot up into the sky, and Yuurei sighed because he knew this was going to happen. He had never fought Mashyuu before, so this would be the first time fighting somebody from the sky. If there was one thing he learned about how Mashyuu moved around with his wings was this, he was faster in the sky over running around with his feet. That only meant that it would possibly be the same for Father. That would be an issue for Yuurei, and he watched the man as he started moving around Yuurei. It was fast, and the swordsman could only look around quickly as he was trying his best to keep up with the man’s speed. That was impossible, however because he was faster than Yuurei when it came to his normal reaction time, and just being fast in general. Yuurei could only bite his lower lip as he pressed his blades on him as they were covering important parts of his body, so he wouldn’t die from a piercing strike.

It didn’t take long for Father to strike at Yuurei as he was soaring in, and he was slicing at Yuurei, and cutting him on his leg, his arms his stomach, and so on. Yuurei would grunt, and feel pain from the blows that he was receiving from the father of this city. He closed his eyes and he waited for another attack, and he had gambled this attack. The pirate didn’t want to use his haki right now, as he was trying to grasp the situation he was in. Yuurei could hear, and feel the movements of the wind as Father swooped in and out when he attacked. It was making more sense as the time moved by, and Yuurei had turned his body as he swung his blades down at Father’s blade and a collision occurred. Yuurei smiled at him, and swiped at the winged-man and connected.

He had flapped his wings to propel himself away from Yuurei, and grabbed his chest when he seen the wound that he had gotten. ”You seem to be a strong, and smart person indeed. Are you learning as we fight?” he asked Yuurei. ”I guess you can say that. What I have learned is that the people I look for are all stronger than me. So I have to get stronger, and learn while fighting. It is the only way I can grow as a fighter, and a person,” he answered as he had a smirk on his face. Koneko on the other hand was worried about Yuurei. She was watching the fight go, and she could see the damage that he was taking. She wanted to help Yuurei right now, but there was no way she could hit that man with the way he was flying around. Still, she continued to watch as she knew there would be a time when she could help Yuurei.

”I see, then it is best that I take you out before something like me losing could even happen,” he said. Yuurei expected that he would go for a killing blow now that he told him this. The pirate had closed his eyes and inhaled deeply as he exhaled a large amount of air. The man kept the grip on his blades as they were in between his fingers. Any other swordsman would be surprised to see him fight like this, but he had trained himself in a way that holding his blades that way was the same as if he was holding one blade in one hand. Father had started flying around Yuurei again, and this time he had a different approach of reaching the pirate. Yuurei on the other hand knew exactly where Father was without having to move his eyes around.

It didn’t take long for the man to attack Yuurei, but was quickly met with the swordsman’s blade. Yuurei could only smile as he had parried Father’s attack, and swung his blade right hand with the other blades. Father was surprised as he seen this, and he was moved around, but was cut on his arm. The winged-man grunted as he couldn’t believe his onslaught was no longer working, but before he could completely get away from Yuurei, the man had swung his leg around landing a roundhouse kick on the side of Father, which sent him flying away from Yuurei. The winged-man stopped himself from crashing on the wall, and he looked at Yuurei with an annoyed look on his face. ”How is this possible. I’m far superior in every way, someone like you cannot touch someone who is close to God as I am!” he shouted as he was angry.

Yuurei could only see his victory at hand if things continued to go this way. ”I told you give me the sword, and you will not have to lose your life. You could continue on with your city, but I want everyone here to be released right now,” he said this, but the man shook his head. ”I will not yield, and you will not win!” Father said this, and he clicked a button, which caused a noise around the room. Yuurei, and Koneko heard this and looked around trying to see what was going to happen now. Things were going to get scarier for Yuurei, and Koneko.

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17 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 01, 2018 12:10 am



The whole room stood still as no moves were made. Yuurei was trying to figure out what was happening, and it was the same for Koneko. Father was the only person who knew what was going to happen next. After a minute or so Yuurei could feel the presence of a bunch of animals coming towards this room. It didn’t take long for him to understand what was going on, and he looked over to Koneko. ”Climb onto something, they are coming Koneko!” he shouted as she jumped from what he said. She was about to ask him why, but she knew that he would have a good reason, so she listen without question. The cat was able to climb a pillar nearby as a cat would, and she stood there, and waited for something to happen. Father was surprised that he was able to understand what was going on, but figured that he could feel the floor rumbling.

Soon enough a bunch of animals had appeared in the room. They all looked angry, and ready to tear apart anybody who they could gain their sights on. They saw the woman who had climbed her way from their reach, the man who had wings, which they knew that they could touch, and then there was Yuurei. This was the guy who they seen was an easy target, and he was right in the middle of the room. They could see his feet were planted on the ground, and with their intellect they could see that he didn’t have wings, but weapons in his hands. Are you kidding me, an army of animals? he thought to himself as this wasn’t going to go well. The animals had started rushing towards Yuurei as he could hear all the different types of roars that were coming from them. He was surprised that none of them had attacked each other, but he wasn’t going to just stand there trying to figure it out.

Instead, Yuurei moved around as he noticed that there were a group of animals faster than the rest. They had attacked the pirate, but he was able to see their attacks coming. He had dodged a swipe that had made their way to his legs, and when he planted his legs on the ground again, he had weaved another swipe aimed for his face. When that had passed him, he had done a backflip to gain his stance again as he looked at the other animals who were arriving any second from now. Yuurei had swung his arms hitting a few animals that were around, and had brought them away from him. There were so many attacks coming his way, and he tried his best to dodge and parry, but it was impossible. The pirate had gotten his from his back as he stumbled forward, and he could feel the sting. He grunted from this as he wasn’t excited about what was going on. He needed a way to protect himself, or else he was going to be dead.

Koneko on the other hand seen this happening, and she could only tear because she wanted to help him. Still, she knew with the amount of enemies down there, she would only be baggage, and he would have to try and shield her from these attacks as well. ”Yuurei-sama please don’t die, neko!” she shouted, and Yuurei smiled when he heard her voice. Father heard this, and decided to ruin the girl’s words. He dash towards Yuurei while he had to take on the animals. He figured the man was preoccupied, but what Yuurei was doing was allowing the attacks that wouldn’t be fatal to go through, and then the ones that would do serious damage, he would fend off those. When he sense Father coming his way he knew his attack would be much scarier than anybody that was here. He looked up at him at the last second, and Father was surprised that he knew he was coming. Yuurei had had collided his blades with the man’s one blade, but was also struck by a few of the animals that were here.

Yuurei could feel the cuts that he had suffered from behind him, and he couldn’t take any more of those hits, or it would be his downfall. The thief had pushed Father away from him, and rushed over to one of the animals that were at the center of them all. He was quick to get on the offense, and get close to kangaroo and he started spinning around. The pirate had connected his blades with the animal causing it to shriek in pain and have it drop on the floor, but what happen next was amazing. He had created a wind slash that had spiraled around him, and kangaroo that was on the floor, and the spiraling wind slash started hitting the enemies that were around Yuurei. He could hear the various amount of animals being hit and roaring from the pain that his attack had caused. Yuurei looked over to Father as he had also been hit as well.

The man could feel the strength behind this attack, and could feel his wings being cut up, and soon enough he had to drop to the floor. He could see the blood on his wings, and could feel, and even see the pain he was in. The worse thing about all of this was that he lost his flight advantage, and the animals that he had used were all taken out by one technique. Yuurei sighed as he looked over to Father with an annoyed look on his face. ”You seem to be upset that your cheap move didn’t work. I thought we were supposed to fight one on one, and you used the captured animals to your advantage. Look what I had to do to them because of you,” he said as the animals here were on the floor now either unconscious, or were dead from his attack. He cracked his neck as he was going to take this man’s life.

”You don’t deserve to live Father. And I will see to it that you don’t!” he shouted as he started walking towards Father. Father on the other hand was worried as he could see the wounds that he was covered in from one attack. Still, he knew he could fight and had another plan to play out for Yuurei.

Izzou was running around the building still as he was getting close to the room that was the control room. It wouldn’t take long for him to get there, and when he did, he was surprised to see that there was nobody here. The man would go inside and checked things around the control room as he was planning on opening everything up for Yuurei and them to escape when it was time.

2/6 Haki Observation

Name: Yontoryu: Jiten Kire/Santoryu: Jiten Kire/Nitoryu: Jiten Kire/Ittoryu: Jiten Kire
Description: The user rushes towards their target with quick speed and agility and when they get close to their target the user will spin slashing pass their target with their weapons. On the initial hit of the attack, the user is able to generate a spiraling wind slash that spreads up to a 50 meter radius around the user slashing anybody that is around the user. The initial target is not affected by this part of the attack, and the user doesn't always have to create this portion of the attack. This part can only be done while the user is using at least 1 Saijo O Wazamono.
Range: Medium 8m - 50m radius
Attribute: Speed & Agility
Theme: Kuikku Joutoryu
Rank: Intermediate

18 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 01, 2018 1:07 am



Yuurei had made his way towards Father as the man was looking at him as if he was planning something. He had figured he would have to watch his back, and make sure that he didn’t bring his guard down with this man. He had tried fighting him fairly, and that didn’t work. He had animals attack him, which wasn’t a fun thing to experience. He was glad that he was able to utilize Benihime in a good way, and now it was down to them fighting one on one. Father had gotten into a fighting stance as he was looking at Yuurei. The two had been hurt, but who would be the one to continue onward with the fight. Yuurei start sprinting towards the man and when he was getting close it seemed like the man had something up his sleeve. He had grabbed something from his other sleeve, and moved it towards Yuurei’s attack.

The swordsman attack had been stop, or it had collided with something. He had noticed that there was a weird dial in the palm of his hand, and he was wondering why it was so strong to fend off his attack. Yuurei swung his other hand with his blades, and Father had blocked it with the same dial as it looked like was taking the kinetic energy, and power from his attack. His swords never touched the dial, but his hands had done so. He was a bit confused on what was going on, and he moved back from the man. He had looked at Yuurei with a smile on his face, and the pirate wasn’t sure where that confident had come from. He wasn’t sure, but he didn’t care because he was going to end this man’s life from how cruel a person he was. He had rushed over to Father, and the man had clashed Egeking with Yuurei’s blades. His sword would be overpowered from the pirate’s attack, and Yuurei had disarmed Father, and got his arm sliced up.

Still, he had planned this, and struck the Impact Dial straight at Yuurei’s stomach, and the pirate was sent flying from where he was. He had moved a bit as he had tried his best to make sure he didn’t take a full hit from the attack, but it still connected. Yuurei could feel the immense pain that came from the connection between Father’s palm and his stomach.  ”Gahh! Grrr!” he shouted as he felt the pain from the attack, and the cutting power that came from behind it. It was similar to his own attacks and he had felt the power behind it. Yuurei landed on the ground, and on his back as he coughed up blood from the blow. ”What was that?” he asked a bit confused, and nervous from the blow. Father could only chuckle when he felt the pain on his right arm. ”This is the beauty of SKYPIEA’S technology. This is a Reject Dial, and it absorbs attacks, and allows me to send them back to you and damage you internally. I think one more hit on you should end your life,” he said to Yuurei as he was sluggishly moving to the pirate.

Yuurei had heard these words, and sighed because that was why he felt so much pain from the blow. The pirate had gotten up slowly from the ground. He was a bit nervous as he could feel his body trembling from the attack. The pirate had gotten up as he legs were trembling right now, and he could only sucked his teeth as that man kept hiding shit. He had showed off a new toy, and the pirate had to worry about something else now. Koneko had seen all of this and she had gotten down from the pillar that she was on. She wanted to help her friend now, and she didn’t care what he was going to say to her. Yuurei had stood still as he watched the man make his way towards him. ”I just got to make sure you don’t hit me, and I shall be good. Let’s do this Father I will beat you!” he shouted as he was looking at the man.

Yuurei had swung his blade before Father could come close to him again, but he wasn’t understanding that the man had used the reject dial on his hand to cancel the velocity of his attack. Koneko had grabbed Egeking, which was on the floor, and started running towards Yuurei and Father. Father had parried the attack with his dial, and stepped forward to Yuurei to try and hit him with the dial once again. He knew this time he would be exhausted from using this, but if he could get another hit on Yuurei, then this fight would be over. ”Dodge and defend yourself Yuurei-sama! You can do it,” Koneko shouted as she was rushing towards the two right now. Yuurei had dodged to his as he had picked his arm up into the air to defend himself. The Reject Dial had been pressed, and it hit his arm, but Father couldn’t get a direct hit.

It wasn’t just that, but Yuurei had noticed that his arms were black from the attack, and the damage behind the attack wasn’t as hurtful as he knew it would be. The pirate couldn’t understand what the hell was going on right now, but his arm turning black had saved his arm from being severely damage. Koneko on the other hand had lunged towards Father from his right and pierced Egeking into him. The man was surprised when he felt a sharp pain coming from his right. He noticed that it was the girl that was with Yuurei. He coughed out blood when he felt this. Yuurei felt her coming, and when he seen that her attack worked, he noticed Father’s attention was turned to her, and he knew it was time to deal the final blow.

Yuurei had lunged his right hand into the father’s chest, and he coughed out more blood as he looked at Yuurei slowly. ”If you couldn’t fight fair…Then I will do the…same,” he said with a smile on his face. Yuurei pulled his blades out, and swiped it downward to get rid of the blood on his blades. He looked at Koneko as she had taken the sword out of Father. The man had dropped to the floor as he didn’t even have the energy to say, or do anything. The Reject dial had done a number on him as well, and now his life was done for. The swordsman put his blades away now as the fight was over. Koneko had gotten the sheathed for Egeking, and rushed over to Yuurei with a smile on his face. ”This is the weapon you fought for,” she said presenting him Egeking. Yuurei chuckled a bit and coughed a little bit more blood before grabbing onto the katana.

4/6 Haki Observation and unlocking Armament Haki

19 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 01, 2018 8:21 am



When Yuurei had finished coughing out more blood, he had grabbed Egeking, and placed it on the side. There was a compartment he had where he was allowed to slide his blades it, so they would be on his side without worry. The pirate walked over to the Father, and grabbed the Reject dial that was in his hand, and figured that he would have to try and figure out how to use this. It was a powerful item, and it was scary. He figured it would best to have it on his side because he was not sure when it would ever come in handy. The pirate dropped to one knee now as he could feel the pain throughout his body. He could see his arms were returning back to normal, and he was surprised about what had transpired today. The pirate figured these new abilities that he had gained through his fights would help him out in the future.

The thing is he didn’t know what they were, but that it was a part of him. He would have to learn more about it from the people around him. He was hoping that Mashyuu would at least know what it was. Still, he was exhausted from the fight, and he looked over to Koneko. ”Could you patch me up with whatever bandages I have left. You can just do your best, but I’m trying to make sure I don’t pass out from blood lost,” he explained to the woman. She had nodded as she was happy that he was still breathing. She had gotten everything out from his bag, and started patching him up with the wounds that he had been covered in. The pirate had his clothes torn apart as well as she could see the scars on his back, and the new wounds that he had gotten as well. He was a fighter from what she had seen, and this would only make him stronger.

When Yuurei was finished getting patched up, he smiled at Koneko. ”Thank you Koneko. You saved me back there,” he said to her. She blushed when she heard these words. ”I only did what I wanted to do! I didn’t want to see you perish! You told me I can live freely if we made it out alive Yuurei-sama!” she said putting her head down and telling this to him. He placed his hand on top of her head and ruffled it up. She made a little moan noise and allowed him to do as he please. ”Can you take this bag, and fill it up with the gold he said he had in his chest. Please stuff it to its fullest, and we will carry it out together,” he said handing her the bag that she had placed on the floor. Yuurei was trying to gain some of his stamina right now as he knew they weren’t in the clear right now.

Koneko had rushed over to the chest that was behind the huge chair. She had opened it up, and started collecting the gold, and all the pretty things that was inside of it. She had stuffed it to the top as she had left barely nothing inside of it. She dragged the bag towards Yuurei with a smile on her face. ”This weights a lot Yuurei-sama!” she said to him, and he smiled at her. ”With me and you holding onto it we have nothing to worry about,” he said as he was going to be the one holding it. He had a strong right arm still, and was planning on making sure that he would make it back to Angel Island.

Izzou on the other hand had finished up with the control room, and he had been running back to where Yuurei, and Koneko would be. He had been running around the time where the Reject dial appeared and Yuurei was hit with the blow. The pirate was resting all that he could though, and soon enough Izzou appeared in the room. He stopped flying as he flapped his wings a bit before he landed on the ground. The winged-man looked at the scenery at hand was surprised to see all the animals on the floor, and Father lying on the ground lifeless. The thief turned to see who it was that arrived, and smile when he saw Izzou. ”I assume you got everything open for us?’ he asked him. ”Yeah I got it open, all we have to do is walk out the front door, and walk straight to the exit of this city,” he explained. Yuurei had nodded as he had gotten up from where he was sitting. When he had stood tall he could feel his legs shaking a bit, but he forced himself up.

When he was getting ready to turn, something stopped him. There was someone coming from above, and from another door. Koneko rushed over to Yuurei, and placed his arm over her shoulder. ”Someone is coming,” he said as the two had looked in the direction Yuurei was looking in. After a few seconds, a woman had opened the door and leaned over the railing as she was looking at the mess that had occurred in this room. She noticed that Father had been taken down and she could easily tell who had did this. She had wings as well, and wore a white robe on with certain jewelry around her. ”So you were able to defeat him. That is beautiful. I been trying to kill him for a while, but it never work. I have to give you my thanks sir, what is your name?” she asked Yuurei. He chuckled hoping she was a good person. ”The name is Yuurei, and the pleasure is all mine, but why did you want him dead,” he said waiting to see what she would say.

”I wanted to take over the city. I don’t want chaos like him unless it is needed, but I do want to people that come here to live here peacefully, and you three will be the first to experience that peacefulness,” she said to them. Yuurei was a bit confused because he wasn’t planning on living here.

5/6 Haki Observation

20 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 01, 2018 9:05 am



Yuurei grunted a bit as he looked over at the new woman who entered the place. ”We aren’t planning on living here miss. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but we are leaving, and I don’t have time to for you to try and change my mind,” he said to her. She had heard these words, and an expression of frustration appeared in her face. She was offering him peace, and he didn’t choose it, which she didn’t understand at all. ”You don’t get it. NOBODY LEAVES BATTLE CITY! ONCE YOU ENTER YOU CANNOT LEAVE! YOU WILL LIVE HERE FOREVER!” she shouted at Yuurei, and he could hear the craziness that was coming out of her mouth. Yuurei had sighed and noticed that she had raised her hand up in the air. He wasn’t sure what was happening, but soon enough he could feel the amount of animals making their way towards the group.

”We have to get out of here now. She is bringing more animals to this room, and I can’t take them out. I don’t have energy to fight, and runaway anymore, so I choose to run,” he whispered at Koneko. She nodded understanding him, and turned him around. ”Let’s go Izzou,” she said as they had started running out the door that they had come from. Yuurei did the best he could, and Izzou had moved over to help Koneko out. They placed Yuurei’s arm over their necks as they were both helping him out. He was doing everything he could to run with them, and it was the only thing he could do. The pirate had continued to sense the animals gather up in the room, but he wasn’t sure what was happening in there. He didn’t care much about it as he could see that they were able to exit the building. With that the group moved through the gates as they were planning on making a straight path to the exit.

Yuurei didn’t do this because he was busy helping everybody that needed his help here. The swordsman continued his run with the two of them being his crutches. He looked back for a second and noticed that there were a few animals coming out of the building now. They looked fierce, and it seemed like they had received instructions. The animals had started running alright, and they were making their way towards Yuurei, Koneko, and Izzou. He turned to keep his head forward, and looked at the two for a quick second. ”Let’s move faster. I will worry about myself when we get to safety okay?” he said this as his adrenaline started kicking in, and his fight or flight respond kicked in. He was able to move faster now as they were trying to survive a mob of animals chasing them.

They had a good head start though from running away from the building. It was a good start, but it wouldn’t last long. While they were running though, the exit was something that could start being seen. It was a small visual, but soon enough the trio would be able to see it. The place that they were running to was in sight, but it was the only thing they could see. There were a lot of winged people, men and women alike as they were waiting for Yuurei to show up. He was the man who had arrived to this City, and saved their lives. They didn’t know what to do, and wanted to thank the man, and possibly serve him because they couldn’t make a life in Skypiea anymore. They knew the truth about Battle City, and knew people wouldn’t believe them, and would only think they were crazy. [b]”We been waiting for you Long-Arm man. You said you will save us, and here you are!”[/color] they all shouted together as if they were practicing for this moment.

”His name is Yuurei!” she shouted. Yuurei smiled at everything that was happening. The group of people noticed that there were a lot of animals chasing them, and they were a bit nervous on what to do. ”Just run through the door, and get out of the tunnels,” he ordered them to do this, and they listened to him without hesitation, and ran through the door. Yuurei noticed that the animals were getting closer to the trio, and he knew that they wouldn’t be able to out run them any longer. They had stepped through the doors, and Yuurei looked back to see how close the animals were, and when they got to the front of the door, the animals had come to a stop. Yuurei’s eyes widen as he was panting and sighed when he seen what happened. ”They stopped chasing us guys,” he said to Koneko and Izzou. The two had looked behind them and noticed what was going on, and were glad, and surprised at the same time.

”Let’s keep it moving though, we aren’t out of the woods just yet,” he said as they nodded at him, and started springing through the tunnel. They didn’t run as fast as they had been before, but it was enough to cut down the time they would have been in the tunnel if they were walking. It took about fifteen minutes for them to get out of the long tunnel, and the group had been met with the group of people Yuurei had saved. They were happy that he made it out alive, and grabbed Yuurei and picked him up without a problem. The group of wing-people who were carrying Yuurei were being told where to go by him, and Koneko and Izzou followed behind. She was a bit jealous that he she wasn’t able to continue holding him up. She felt like he needed her when she was carrying him through everything they were going through. Still, she was happy to be out that city, as she could see the amazing sky better than it was inside the Battle City.

6/6 haki observation

21 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Tue May 01, 2018 10:06 am



After Yuurei had taken them around where they needed to go, the group could see a ship at the docking area. The pirate was happy that Kanmon truly had been waiting for him this whole time. ”I brought Izzou back Kanmon. And I brought a bunch of extra people as well,” he shouted this out loud, and Kanmon flinched a bit because he had been napping on his ship. He was sitting down and he fell onto the floor before quickly getting back up. He looked at the front of the ship and could see the amount of people that had arrived with Yuurei being carried. He chuckled because this man was crazy, but he said he was coming back from that City. He could see the bandages he had around his body, but could also see that for everyone else. He looked over to the side, and he had noticed his little brother was actually amongst them.

”Izzou you’re alive!” he shouted happy to see his brother. He moved over to the side of the ship, and put the board down, so everybody could walk up to the ship. Izzou rushed up the board, and hugged his brother. ”Where did you find this crazy man? He came and he actually killed Father,” he said. Kanmon’s eyes widen when he heard that, and was surprised that someone was strong enough to do such a thing. ”That man did it. Wow, he actually did it. And I found him because he was looking for someone to take him here. Faith smiled upon us today Izzou, and it looks like he saved a lot of people,” he said to his brother. They had both agreed to this, and they watched Yuurei and a bunch of other people of their kind get on board. Koneko had done so as well as she waited for them to put him onto the floor, which they did slowly.

They were around him, and she pushed through to get to him, and she looked at him. He was smiling, and he was looking at everybody. He was laying on the floor though, and honestly he didn’t want to get up. He needed to rest, and this was a good place to do it. [b]”Yuurei can we follow you please? We don’t have a home anymore, and I don’t think any of us wants to go back to Angel Island. If you can please allow us to follow you,”[/color] one of the wing people said. Yuurei coughed a bit and shook his head because he didn’t think this would happen. ”If anybody wants to follow me, then they need to understand this. I will be going through a bunch of stuff similar to this in the future. If you follow me, then you have to be able to fight by my side. If you cannot do that, then there is no place for you people. I don’t need you to die because you think you could handle being around me. So I say this once, follow me for freedom, and adventure with the chance of having a short life, or hide, and find a new life to live here on Skypiea. Your choice,” he said to them all.

They all looked at Yuurei when he said this and were surprised to hear his words. They shouted out loud as they didn’t say anything, but he figured that a lot of them were planning on being by his side. ”I plan on coming with you Yuurei. It’s thanks for saving my brother,” he said. ”I plan on doing the same thing, so you got us as well,” he agreed with his brother. Koneko hugged him and rubbed her cheek against him. ”I will never leave your side Yuurei-sama,” she said delighted to be here. ”Just rest up Yuurei, we will get you to a doctor soon, but for now everyone listen to me, so we can make it back to Angel island, so we can help Yuurei,” he said and everybody became alert ready to help out.

”Koneko I’m going to go to sleep for a bit okay,” he said with a smile as he fell a sleep with how exhausted he was. She nodded and stood near him because she wanted to make sure nothing bad happen to him. She used her thighs as a place for his head to lay on without him finding it uncomfortable. The day had had been rough for Yuurei, as he had done a lot to get to Battle City. When getting there he had to go through many trials, and grow as a fighter, but he had saved many lives today, and these lives wanted to return this debt by following him, and helping the man out. It wasn’t just that, but he had gotten a strong person on his side who had admired him, and wanted to do the same as everyone else. Yuurei also had a bunch of gold that he had taken from the man he killed. It was a large amount of gold from its weight, and he couldn’t wait to cash that in.

In Battle City, the woman that was taking over would call herself Mother, and she wanted peace in the city. She would make sure everyone who arrived in this place would live a peaceful life unlike Father’s ruling. Still, she wanted Yuurei back in her city along with the rest of the people that left her city. She would find the marines on this island, and let them know about Yuurei with a picture of him due to the cameras that were around the city. She wanted them to raise his bounty higher for killing Father, but wanted him to be alive instead of Dead or Alive.


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