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1 Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:55 pm




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Yuurei was surprised that the information he had gathered in Angel Island would lead him into the wrong type of weapon. He had jumped straight into things when he heard about a sword being somewhere passed the Ordeal of String. The thing is his information wasn’t completely wrong, but the sword was too big for him to claim it, and it was not something he could use in the style he was trying to master. He was actually pretty sure he would have been able to wield the blade, but he decided that it was best to give it to Gideon. The two had been hanging out with each other, and he had been keeping him company since his crew had split up all throughout Skypiea. He figured that his captain was gathering as much information about the slave traders. He wasn’t going to bother asking question as he figured that Mashyuu would open up when the time was right.

Instead, the thief figured that he would make sure to get stronger, and prepare himself while he was waiting for Mashyuu’s return. The thief always made sure to go back to the ship after his adventure, and it was something he needed to do. He always got hurt when he decided to do something. His plans were always dangerous, which sucked, but he had to if he wanted to come out stronger than he was before. Today was a good day to get information about the Ordeal of Iron. He felt like there had to be people in this island that knew about it. He was a hundred percent sure that there were people in this island who had been around the entrance of the Ordeals, and gained a bit information on them. He just needed some information, and if it was the type of information he wanted to hear, then he would be on his way.

Yuurei walked around the island as he could see the looks that he was getting. They weren’t very fond of him on this island, and it was probably because they heard rumors of him entering the Ordeals, and making it out alive. He looked up into the sky with a smile on his face as it was bright and beautiful. The sun beamed through the area more than it did in the blues, but it wasn’t hot enough to annoy him. The clouds that were above the clouds he was standing on protected the islands rays as if they were down in the Blues. He could only imagine that they had made some type of technology to do this, which was amazing. The thief had tried to ask people outside in the streets, but none of them wanted to speak to him. They all ignored him, and moved away from as if he were a monster. Yuurei didn’t do anything wrong, and he honestly made sure that he didn’t harm anybody of their kind.

He wouldn’t do that because his captain was of this race, so he had that much respect for him, and even if that wasn’t the case, Yuurei wouldn’t harm anybody unless his life was on the line. Still, he figured that the best place to get the information were from people who had been intoxicated. The thief would soon make his way to the local Tavern in Angel Island. There were always men here around this time, which sucked for them. He felt like if they were here this earlier, it just meant they had a lot of regret in their life, or they were just a drunkard. When he entered the place, they all looked at him, and the place had gone quiet. They knew who he was because he was always here looking at everyone. They didn’t know what his agenda was, but they would find out today. The thief walked towards the counter of the bar, and sat down near a Winged-Man.

He raised a hand towards the bartender and they already knew what he was going to ask. When Yuurei got his drink, he could only smile at the woman bartender, and started playing with his glass. He looked over to the man who he sat next to. ”Hey do you know anything about the Ordeal of Iron?” he asked him as he wasn’t going to beat around the bush. He wanted needed to get some answers, and being direct was the best way for him. The man heard those words, and with that he almost choked on his drink. He looked at Yuurei wondering why he would ask this question, but found humans crazy, so he felt like it was a normal thing for them. ”I don’t know anything about any of the Ordeals. I learned that they are all difficult to get through, and only crazy people would try their luck,” he said this to Yuurei, which brought the pirate to sigh when he heard his words. This guy was useless, which made him a little upset. He looked around as he was trying to figure out who would be able to help him out.

There were a lot of people talking to each other, and he felt like it would be hard to approach them. Then the guy next to him got up from where he sat, and he looked at everybody around the room. [b]”Guys this man right here wants to know if any us knows anything about the Ordeal of Iron. I swear these non-winged people came to our island, and they started doing questionable things. It seems like they are crazy enough to go to areas, which we aren’t supposed to go. They seem to not care about their own existence. Who has information that may lead this man to his death?!”[/color] he shouted out loud, and the whole entire Tavern started laughing at Yuurei. He looked at every one of them, and could only shake his head because he didn’t understand what was so funny. He figured they were all just drunk, so he decided to let it slide.

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2 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:05 am



Yuurei turned around as everybody in the bar was laughing at him, except for the bartender who was making sure she would get her tip. He tapped his glass onto the counter, and then picked it up emptying the drink. He sighed when he took the alcohol in, and smiled as he looked at the bartender. She made her way towards Yuurei, and refilled his cup with everything that he wanted. He nodded in her direction basically telling her thank you in his own way. He looked at his glass again as he was wondering how he was going to get the information he was looking for. He knew very well he wasn’t going to be able to get anything from this Tavern as the people who were here didn’t seem to want to help him. He figured it was time he bailed this place, and move on else well to see if somebody from the dark alleys would have some information.

The man next to him had gotten up from his seat as he didn’t want to be anywhere near Yuurei. He seen this and figured that there wouldn’t be anybody who would want to sit next to him after that scene. He sighed, and decided to get out of here. When he drank his second drink, he placed the glass down, and then after he took our some money for the bartender. As soon as he was about to get up from his seat, someone had patted him on his back, and Yuurei had looked at the man as he could see that it was a bearded man with wings who sat down next to where Yuurei was sitting. ”Sit down, if you want the information that you are looking for,” he said to Yuurei. The thief had heard these words, and exhaled largely when he heard those words. It took him a minute, but he had sat down next to the man. He wondered what kind of information he was going to give him.

”First things first. Pay for my first two drinks. Second tell me why is it that you are looking for information about the Ordeal of Iron,” he said getting a drink from the bartender. Yuurei figured it wouldn’t hurt to do the first suggestion, and he didn’t mind telling him the truth, if he was getting information. Yuurei leaned back on the chair as it was story time. ”The reason why I am looking for information about Ordeal of Iron is because I’m looking for any rare swords that this island might be holding. I collect weapons of rarity and use them for battle as well,” he revealed Benihime and the man’s eyes widen when he seen the work of the blade. He wanted to touch it, but he was hundred percent sure Yuurei wouldn’t let him, and he was right. ”I figured the name Ordeal of Iron would be enough for someone to have a katana of better quality of the ones I hold besides the one I showed you,” he said as he placed his elbows on his face.

His faced moved towards his hands as his fingers intertwined with each other as his lip pressed against his fingers. The Winged-Man took his drink and drank it in one gulp, and sighed as he looked over to Yuurei. ”You are crazy that is for sure. You want to go to that Ordeal all for a sword I see. Boy if I was you I wouldn’t go, but I know you aren’t going to stop searching for an answer, so I will tell you what I know,” he said as he paused. He asked for a second large drink, and the bartender nodded as she was getting ready. ”The Ordeal of Iron isn’t a problem to get through, but there is a city there. It is a place where certain people go to fight. If you aren’t used for sacrifice, then they take you there. Nobody talks about it because they feel like everyone who goes in there only makes Father stronger,” he said.

Yuurei was a bit confused as he didn’t know who he was, and was intrigued about this man. ”Who is Father?” he asked curiously. ”Father is a man who is deemed closest to God. He is a man who enjoys conflict in his city, so legend calls it Battle City. When you enter this place you will be in constant battle as that is how Father likes his city functioning. It is said though that Father carries a blade with him all the time. This blade is called the EgeKing, and it is said to be one of the strongest blades you can find in Skypiea. If those rumors are true, or not is not something I can confirm, but everyone truly sticks to these stories, if they know about the Ordeal of Iron,” he said, and Yuurei was truly focused when he was speaking. He was excited when he heard this because he had gotten the information he wanted. The blades name was one that his father had told him about. It wasn’t on par with Benihime, but it was a strong blade to have in his arsenal, and he knew that.

Yuurei had gotten up from his seat, and took out money to pay for the man’s drink. ”Thank you for the information. You really are a gift from God,” he said as stretched his arms into the air. He looked at everyone in the tavern, and he just shook his head at them. He wanted to beat them all up, but he decided that it was best not to that. They looked at Yuurei as they watched him leave the Tavern. A few of them had laughed at him because they thought he didn’t get the information he was looking for, but others just laugh because they thought he was crazy and had a death wish. He exit the area with a smile on his face because he knew where he was going next.

3 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:05 am



Yuurei knew what he was expecting in the Ordeal of Iron, so he had to prepared himself. He didn’t want to get himself hurt to the fact where he would just die because he was bleeding out. That wasn’t all that he needed, as he figured he would get things to clean out any wounds that he would suffer along the way. He had learned the basics from Harley, and he figured quickly patching himself would be the best, and would make her less worry about him. The thief had went across Angel Island looking for shops that would sell to him without a problem. There were only a few of them, but he was able to get the medical supplies that he needed. He was good with that as he placed these things inside of a bag that he was carrying. That wasn’t the only thing he was looking for as he moved along the area; he didn’t know how long he would last out there, so he figured that rations and water would be the next best thing.

He had walked along the streets as the day was still bright and beautiful. The people of course looked at him because he didn’t have wings, and his arms were longer than anybody had ever seen. The thief didn’t mind it as he kept moving through the area until he found a store that was selling wrapped up food. Yuurei had quickly bought that, and then gotten two bottle of water as well. He felt like he was ready for the adventure to come, or at least he hoped he was. The next thing he needed to do was the most important thing. He needed to get someone to take him through the Milky Road. That was the impossible task at hand because he doubted that there would be anybody at the dock who would want to take him anywhere. Yuurei walked through the streets with his bag filled with what he needed. It didn’t take him long to get to the docks.

Yuurei had seen a few men next to their small ships. They were cleaning them, preparing their ship for their next voyage, or just checking if everything was functional. The pirate had made his way towards the first man, and waved at him. The winged-man was surprised this man had approached him without hesitation. ”Hey do you think you would be able to take me through the Milky Road and to the entrance of the Ordeals?” he asked him. He didn’t ask him to wait for him, but that was because he wasn’t sure if the man would have said yes. The man was surprised to hear this and stepped back a bit to get away from Yuurei. ”Are you crazy? I’m not taking you there, and why does someone without wings want to go there? What’s your business for traveling there?” he asked a bit irritated that this man was looking for passage to that area.

”You can’t help me, so I got nothing to share with you. Thank you for your answer,” he was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t get this guy to help him. Yuurei walked over to the other ship that was at the dock and hoped this would be different. ”Hey there, do you think you can help me through my journey?” he asked the man. The guy looked at him as he stood quiet for a bit as he was looking at Yuurei. ”I’m not helping you. My ships isn’t in tiptop shape. Not just that you didn’t pay the fee when you got up here,” he said to Yuurei. The thief scratched his head as he figured that these guys didn’t get the message that they had come here with a Winged-man. ”Yeah I didn’t pay because my friend is from this island, so I didn’t have to pay for anything. Thanks for not getting that part of the information,” he said as he moved over to the next ship.

Yuurei made his way to the next ship, but the person that was there had disappeared. He was a bit confused on what was going on, and he felt like the guy ran into his ship and was hiding from him. The thief decided to go to the ship and knock on the door. The pirate never got close to doing that as the man in the ship was looking at Yuurei as he was getting close. ”Just go away. Everybody is turning you away, so it means your request is crazy, or you aren’t a good person. Please go away I don’t want to hear it,” he said to Yuurei before he could even get on the ship. The young lad only rubbed the front of his forehead through the sheer frustration he was getting. He felt like there was nobody on this dock that would help him. ”Are you guys all scared of me! I just want help to travel to the Entrance of Ordeals! I’m not asking for more, or less! Is there is someone who can help me, and I will help you in return!” he shouted this out loud through the whole entire dock.

Yuurei sighed and was panting when he shouted out loud so the whole dock could hear him. The men that were working on their ship had looked at him a bit nervous that he might do something crazy. They didn’t want to deal with this person a tall, so a lot of them had gone into their ship for the time. They hoped by doing this, and showing that nobody wanted to help him, that it would drive him away from the docks. Still, that wouldn’t change what he wanted to do as he figured he would find a way to get through this the easy way or the hard way.

4 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:33 am



The pirate was still standing where had yelled at in the docks. He was looking around to see that there were people actually entering their ship to avoid him. He just sighed as he didn’t leave his spot, and was hoping that someone would hear his plead and come to him. He could be seen moving his right hand to his temples as he was rubbing them. This waiting was stressing him out because he was thinking about going into one of these men’s ship and taking it. Still, he didn’t want to do this because he didn’t want to give the crew a bad name. He kept his composure, and hoped that someone would eventually show up. As time had passed you could hear the birds chirping as it felt like he had finally hit a dead end. He had taken a step forward, but stopped as he could feel the presence of someone approaching him.

Yuurei had looked over to his left and noticed that there was a young man who was walking towards him right now. He had a huge smile on his face as if he had been watching Yuurei this whole entire time. The thief wasn’t sure why he was smiling at him, but he figured he was going to get an answer soon. ”Why are you smiling at me?” he asked as he shown that he had no filter, and was trying to get straight answer. The man stopped moving as he raised his hands as he shook them. ”Sorry, I was smiling at you because you said what you said, and never left. I guess you really are determined to get to the entrance of Ordeal. If I can ask what Ordeal are you going to enter?” he asked curious to hear what Yuurei would say to him. The thief was hoping that telling him would give him a yes for taking him there.

”I want to go to the Ordeal of Iron. I heard there is a man named Father who wields one of the blades I’m looking for. I want to take it from him through any means necessary,” he bluntly said it, which brought the man to smile even more, and actually be surprised. ”I see so you want to take out Father. I would be against this, if that place he controlled wasn’t a hell hole,” he paused for a bit. ”I will only help you if you can find a man name Izzou. He was taken to the Ordeal of Iron to face the hell that the place represented. He is my younger brother, so I would do anything to make sure he comes home alive. Even if you don’t find him alive, if you can bring back his body that would be enough,” he took a picture out of his pocket and showed it to Yuurei.

”This is how he looks like, so if you find him please tell him that Kanmon sent you to bring you back home. Please it’s all I ask for taking you there,” he said as he was hoping Yuurei would take the deal. The thief looked around as he felt like he had been put into a prank, but Kanmon had stood in the same position waiting for him to answer. ”Okay, okay you have yourself a deal. I will get your brother whatever means necessary, and in return you take me to there, and bring me back here,” he said as he put his hand out to make the deal. ”Good and if I don’t see you with my brother, then I will just leave you there without a ship to get back to Angel Island,” he said with a smirk on his face. Yuurei could only chuckle when he heard the man’s deal because he was a crafty fucker.

”No worries I will find your brother, so let’s go,” he said. Kanmon had shook Yuurei’s hand, and then placed it to his side. ”Follow me,” he said as he turned around and started walking towards a ship. It was a nice ship, and when he watched Kanmon enter it, he followed pursuit. ”Nice ship,” he said as he was examining the ship. It was better than the one that Mashyuu was riding in and that was for sure. ”Thanks we will be off in a second. If you know your way to the Entrance of Ordeal please direct me, if not then we will have to chance it to the Gods,” he said with a smile on his face. ”I will let you know if you are going the wrong way. I have been there before,” he said. He walked over to the front of the ship as he was happy to be able to find a way to move forward. He thought the blade he was looking for would be a lost cause, but that wasn’t the case.

He spread his arms out in the air and closed his eyes as he was inhaling the air that the sea was offering him. When he opened his eyes he felt the ship had started to move. ”Here we go; Izzou you will be coming home, or I will find another way to get you back,” he said as Yuurei nodded as he was going to help him out. He planned to help out anybody that he met in Battle City. The thief didn’t think anybody should have been stuck in a place for someone’s entertainment. He was going to enjoy slaughtering this man named Father. He would also have good practice fighting someone who had wings like Mashyuu.

5 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:08 am



Yuurei stood at the front of the ship as he was looking ahead of him. He was making sure that they were going the right way because he didn’t want someone to trick and lead him into a trap. He would kill anybody who would try and do that to him. Kanmon on the other hand was sailing his ship and navigating straight ahead. ”Am I going the right way, umm sir?” he asked Yuurei noticing that the two had never introduced themselves to each other. The thief turned around as he knew that he was the only one he could be talking to unless he was going crazy. It was a bit weird to be called sir, but he figured it was time for some introduction. ”Yeah we are going the right way. Soon we would have to make a slight left, I will let you know soon. The name is Yuurei by the way, and you are?” he asked hoping he would return the favor.

The man rubbed the back of his head as he chuckled that he didn’t even give out his name. He had given his brother’s name out, but not his own. ”The name is Kanmon, and thank you for the heads up. Do you think you could actually make your way into Battle City and take out Father?” he asked the man curious to hear what he would say. Yuurei turned his attention back to the sea though as he was making sure they didn’t miss their chance to get to the Entrances of Ordeals. ”I don’t know if I can beat him, but I will do everything in my power to try and do so. I will try my best, but I promise you I will find your brother,” he said this with a smile on his face. He was fighting ready as he held onto two swords that his father would be excited to see. It wasn’t just that he had been using four blades at a time when he fought.

Soon enough they had made it to the area where Yuurei needed him to make a left. ”You can slightly turn right now. If you keep the ship going like this we will be able to be there after a while,” he said to Kanmon. The boat had turned like Yuurei had asked for it to turn, and the thief could only smile because he was enjoying the air that passed against him. It was a good feeling, and he closed his eyes as he inhaled the air, and it followed be an exhale right after. ”So how did you get to Skypiea?” he asked curious to hear his story. Yuurei chuckled when he heard this question as it didn’t bother him to tell him the story. ”In the sea below you guys there is a thing called the knock-up stream. We actually took our ship and sailed it over one, and then it shot us up into the air. The funny thing is the captain of the ship is actually a wing-man as well,” he said this with a smile on his face.

He wondered what his captain was doing right now, and hoped whatever he was doing he was getting stronger. Yuurei was doing the same thing, and he knew that his captain spoke about a huge fight they would be having in the near future. The way he spoke about it made Yuurei feel like he needed to prepare himself for the worse. That was the main reason for his trip to get this rumored sword, but it was also to see if he could gain allies as well, and test himself against this Father guy. He needed to test his abilities, and if he beat this man, then he would be worthy to obtain, and handle yet another blade. While he was thinking about this Kanmon could see their destination come into sight. He had smiled because he could feel his brother’s return ever so closer than before. ”We are close Yuurei get ready to dock,” he said this to him hoping he would help him out.

While he was thinking about this Kanmon could see their destination come into sight. He had smiled because he could feel his brother’s return ever so closer than before. ”We are close Yuurei get ready to dock,” he said this to him hoping he would help him out.

Yuurei walked away from the front of the ship as he had made his way around the boat to assist Kanmon with whatever he needed. The wind was strong on this ship, so he had tied of the sails like he was asked, and soon enough when they got close Yuurei had dropped the anchor into the water. When it had reached all the way to the bottom, it tugged on the ship stopping her from going any further. ”Alright I guess this is where you and me part ways for the time being. I hope I don’t have bad luck,” he said as he looked over to Kanmon, and then to the island. The thief rushed towards the edge of the ship, and kicked off with his strength, and lunged towards the sandy beach. He had a safe landing as he missed the water completely. He knew that he would feel very weak if he had gone in the water and walked out of the water.

”I will be waiting for you Yuurei, so please don’t come back empty handed. I just want my brother back and nothing more,” he said to the thief as he waved at him, and hoped for the best. Yuurei walked out of the shores as his feet were now on the grass around this place. He looked around and noticed that nothing had changed since the last time he had been here. This is good, so that means the Ordeal of Iron is this way.” he thought to himself as he walked East from where he was standing.

6 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:59 pm



Yuurei was moving around the area, and the way he felt things around him was different. It was weird, but ever since he had been captured, and escaped in Jaya Island, he had unlocked something within himself. It was not a bad thing because he could feel when things were moving away from him, and towards him. This was a good way to know if somebody was making their way towards him that he couldn’t see. This allowed him to relax a bit as he didn’t feel anything making his way towards him. He did, however, make sure that he didn’t trigger any trap or anything like that. He had to make sure his adventure didn’t end soon because of a stupid mistake. It didn’t take long for him to make it to the Entrance of the Ordeal of Iron. There were two doors for him to push, and he had done so without a problem. He sighed because there was no backing out of this; he had walked into the tunnel as he noticed that there was a dim lighting all over the walls.

That was good for him as he didn’t have to use the lighter and torch he brought with him. He learned from the time he hung out with Gideon, that some of these areas would need to be lit up. Still, he noticed that the tunnel he was in was made of complete iron. It was a long tunnel, and from how he saw it was that this was going to be a straight path. He had started moving forward as he had felt that there were nobody else in the tunnel besides him. That was good, so he made his way through the tunnel without worry. Yuurei didn’t have to worry about the tunnel, but he would have to keep moving for thirty minutes. It wasn’t something hard to do for someone like him, but it was a lonely walk. ”I think I should have brought Gideon along with me. Still, I don’t think he would have been able to fit inside of this tunnel,” he said out loud to himself as he knew that there was nobody listening to him.

He was wrong though, they were watching him. Father had cameras planted throughout the tunnel, so he could see who had entered the tunnels. This was how he allowed people to enter the Battle City, and then closed it shut, so they would never be able to exit the city again. ”The big guy is probably wondering where I am right now. I kind of feel bad for him, but hopefully he will do things on his own,” he said to himself as his pacing never slowed down. It stood the same for quite a while, and soon enough the thief could see a light at the end of the tunnel. The doors to the Battle City was wide open, which brought Yuurei’s attention to the reason why Kanmon’s brother never left this place, and returned home. The thief felt like there was something fishy going on, but he knew that whatever it was wouldn’t stop him from pressing forward.

When Yuurei had gotten through the door, he could see that it was brighter out of the tunnel, and he could only cover his left eye. He rubbed his eye for a bit as he had looked around to see the city. There were a lot of buildings that were ruined, and he could see sides of the buildings being destroyed. Still, there were other buildings that stood tall without being touched, or were sturdy enough to face minimum damage from whoever was causing destruction around here. Then he wondered why the area had light shining down upon it, and looked up to the sky. He could see the sky that was above him, but he also noticed something else. He blinked a few times as he looked confused about what he had seen. He looked like he was in a bird cage right now, and the cage looked like it was made of iron. He chuckled because he understood the meaning behind the Ordeal.

Then it happened a loud noise occurred behind Yuurei, which made the thief jump forward, and guarded himself like a scary cat. His face looked like he had just heard thunder, and he blinked a few times as he had noticed the entrance he had come from had shut itself. ”Oh that’s freaking great. Now how am I supposed to leave?” he moved over to the doors, but noticed there was no way to pull the doors open. He knew they were doors to be pulled from this side, but he figured that it wouldn’t hurt to push it and see if he could open the door. Yuurei walked over to the doors, and tried to push them open with all his strength, but he couldn’t. He stopped trying, and sighed because he figured moving around, and figuring out how to leave this place was his new plan. He figured when he found this Father guy he would be able to tell him.

”Well I guess I’m coming for you Father. You are the only person that could probably open this door, and I’m going to make you open it,” he said with a smile on his face as he rotated himself around and around with his hands stretched out. ”This makes thing more interesting, so when I kick your ass you won’t be complaining,” he said with a mean mug on his face. After the little scene he had pulled off, he turned to look at the path in front of him, and started walking off in that direction. The pirate was wondering how many people were living here, and if there were people living here, then how many were around?

7 Re: Battle City (Gran Voyage) on Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:29 pm



While Yuurei was walking through the city he had made a few turns to the right, and then some to his left. He was walking aimlessly around the area because he didn’t know where he was going. He didn’t know what side of the city he was in, so he was trying to familiarize himself with the area. He could see that there were many buildings that were ruined, and then just some that weren’t. He didn’t understand that, but he kept moving. Then he heard a loud crashing noise from a distance. It sounded really hard, and it seemed like a fight was going on. He blinked a few times, and he started to think about why this city was called Battle City. He had only one answer, and before he could fully think about it he heard a scream coming from another direction. Yuurei turned to that area, and he was a bit worried about what was going on here. Still, there was someone who needed his help, and he wanted to offer his hand.

Yuurei started running in the direction where the screaming had happen, and he ran as fast as he could as he was hoping that he wasn’t too late. He had turned to his right when he got to a path that would allow him to, and continued to move through the city. When he got to another path he had taken a left, and started looking around. He knew that the noise had come from this particular area. He stopped his run, and he was walking now as he was looking around the general area. He wanted to help out, and he figured what he would do next would draw out too much attention. Yuurei moved his hand towards his mouth as if he was trying to make a speaker for him to yell in. ”If you are alive, and need my help I’m here. I heard you screaming, so here I am. Where are you!” he shouted this out loud knowing it would come with penalty.

”Yes I am right here. I’m stuck under all this rubble, can you help me,” it was a man who was under rubble now. Yuurei moved over to him, and started moving the rubble off of him. The thief was moving them around like it was nothing, and he was honestly surprised about that. He had been training his butt off every day since he joined Mashyuu’s crew, and it was paying off. ”How did you get into this mess. Who did this to you?” he asked him curious. The man could feel the weight coming off his body, and he felt relief. This man had saved his life, and he was happy for it. ”It was a huge gorilla. There are bunch of strong animals around here, and they go around fighting anybody that isn’t fully an animal,” he said this. It surprised Yuurei to hear those words because he didn’t think there would be animals running around this city.

”Can you fly? Wouldn’t it be safer in the sky?” he asked curious to hear what he had to say. ”I wish it was that easy, but we get tired, and there are flying creatures that will show up if we try to stay in the air too long,” he explained to Yuurei. That was good to know, and he felt bad for the man because he couldn’t even use the best thing he had. Soon enough his ears had twitched a bit, he could hear the large steps impacting the ground, and the metal noise hitting against each other. There was something heading straight at him, and Yuurei turned to look to his right to see a freaking huge gorilla running at him with two metal poles. The man he had spoken to wasn’t joking or lying about this gorilla, and he had to believe there were other animals as well ready to attack anybody on sight.

Yuurei had gotten ready as he took out Benihime, and Kusanagi out quickly without thinking as he had both blades opposite sides from each other. The thief had turned his body enough, so that he could block the attack that came from the gorilla. The animal had swung the pole at him, and he blocked it with both blades. The strength behind the attack as strong as Yuurei had skid on the ground a bit. He had looked at the gorilla with a smile on his face because he figured it would be interesting. The gorilla made a huge noise as it smacked the two metal poles together. The swordsman had cracked his neck as this would have been the first time he faced off a gorilla. The gorilla wasn’t waiting for Yuurei to strike though as it rushed towards the man, and swung the poles like a wild beast.

The thief was quick to parry the poles as they were strong attacks. He had allowed his blades to take the impact as he knew they would be able to without a problem. Still, he couldn’t find a time to attack as the gorilla had continued to lung, and swing the poles at him. He had started to dodge the attacks, and duck under the poles, and jump over a few of them. It didn’t take long for one of the poles to catch him though as he had noticed that gorilla swung it towards his left arm. He tried his best to use Benihime to guard him from the attack, but all it did was lessen the blow. Yuurei was pushed to his right, and he was sent flying on the floor. The pirate rolled a bit on the ground, and when he came to a stop quickly got up. The gorilla was running straight at him, and he understood now more than ever why this place was called Battle City.

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The man that Yuurei had saved was still there, but he was hurt, and he was afraid of the gorilla. The only thing he could do was watch the two fight it off. The young pirate was able to get his footing down on the ground, and when the gorilla got close enough, he had swung his blades to overpower the gorilla. He was using his power in his arms to turn the tides of this fight. Yuurei had kicked off the ground as he had swung both his blades at the gorilla. The gorilla shrieked as it was being pushed back, and moving back using the metal poles to defend himself. He could only smile when he watch the beast as he was going to show the gorilla who was a true beast. He had thrust his leg straight at the gorilla’s stomach as he had connected a hit on the beast. The gorilla had been pushed away from Yuurei as it groaned from the pain behind the kick.

Yuurei could only smile at the gorilla as it was gathering itself before looking at him. He wondered what the gorilla would do, and without thinking about the situation the young lad was enjoying himself. The gorilla had shook its head, and when it was ready started rushing towards Yuurei. The beast was quick to swing the poles around, which the thief had counter with his blades, but what he didn’t expect from the beast to do was kick him. He wasn’t using Haki on this beast, and he didn’t think he would have to. The thrust from the kick was similar to Yuurei, and the Long-Arm man had gasped for air as he was pushed back by the strength of the gorilla. He had placed his hand on his stomach and chuckled a bit because that had hurt. He looked over to the gorilla as it was pounding its chest. He is adapting to the fight” he thought to himself as he had to be wary with the fight.

Their spectator was scared of what just happened, but knew that it would happen actually. He wasn’t the only one watching, however, there were another pair of eyes looking through an alleyway. It had been a dark area, but what could be seen were cat like eyes, and it could have possibly been another challenger for Yuurei to take on, or one of the many victims of this place. Yuurei rubbed his stomach as he felt that there was nothing broken. That was a good thing as he had been hit hard by this strong gorilla. Yuurei lunged forward as he clashed his blades with the gorilla’s metal poles. When he did this he noticed that the gorilla was going for another kick. Yuurei had used his leg to counter it, and smiled at the mammal. It didn’t take long for Yuurei to use his forehead, literally as he head-butted the gorilla sending it tumbling back as it shrieked again.

Yuurei looked at the monkey as he had a smile on his face. He was wondering what he was going to do next, and both the gorilla and Yuurei ran towards each other at the same time. The two had striking at each other just to have their attacks parried by one another. He was surprised that this was happening, and he was actually interested on how the gorilla learned how to fight like this. It didn’t take long, but Yuurei watched the gorilla move his head towards him. Yuurei was surprised as his eyes widen, and soon enough the gorilla had head-butted him back. Yuurei stumbled a back a bit as he felt blood flow down his face. He shook his head when he felt this, and started to understand what was going on. The gorilla was roaring now as he had been doing his best in the fight.

So he has been copying my every move. Not just my attacks, but even how to fight, and how to move around the battlefield. That is bad, and it feels like fighting a mirror image of myself. If I don’t take out this gorilla, then he will be dangerous to anybody who encounters it, and even myself. he had thought to himself as the gorilla was looking at Yuurei. The thief figured it was best that he had put this majestic beast out of its misery. He would have enjoyed the gorilla as a companion, and a sparring partner, but knew that it would never be like that. The two had did it again as they rushed towards each other. The two would clash with each other countering and canceling out each other’s attack. Yuurei would kick the gorilla and he would get kicked by the gorilla. He could feel the bruise being created on his thigh, but he fought through it.

The thief figured that things wouldn’t get anywhere if they continued to fight like this. Yuurei was putting on a show though, and showcasing his strength as he skid back from the gorilla as the beast did the same thing. He sighed because it was time to finish this. This gorilla wasn’t his main objective, so he had to keep moving forward. Yuurei had sheathed his blades now as the gorilla looked at Yuurei as if it were surprised about what the man was doing. Yuurei had taken a stance as his left hand was on the sheath of Benihime. His right hand making it to the hilt of the blade, and he waited as he was looking at the gorilla. He had his stance ready, but the gorilla wasn’t sure what the swordsman was doing, so it started running towards Yuurei. He had waited for the right time, and Yuurei had lunged forward as he had unsheathed his blade swinging his weapon with more strength than before.

The sound of clashing between steel could be heard as Yuurei and the gorilla was opposite from each other. Yuurei had sheathed his blade, but the two stood still from the blow, but who had come out victorious?

Skill Used:
Name: Ittoryu: Shishi Sonson
Description: The user places one hand onto the sheathe of his blade and then quickly move towards their target if they are standing still, or will just wait for them to be close to use this. When close enough the user will attempt to slice through their target, rapidly unsheathing their blade slashing at their target, and quickly sheathing their blade back into its sheathe.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Speed & Agility
Theme: N/A

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A few seconds had gone by and the man who was spectating, and the eyes that were lurking in the alleyway were waiting to see what would happen next. Yuurei had a smirk on his face as he knew his attack had connected. The gorilla stumbled forward from the attack, and soon the metal poles could be seen cut in half as they had slid off of the piece that the gorilla was holding. The beast then shrieked from the pain that had gained as it fell back from the decisive blow. He sighed as he won the fight, but with the fight being done he quickly reached for his forehead. ”Ouch, ouch, ouch,” he said as he could see the blood that was now on his head. He quickly dropped to the ground, and on his butt as he wasn’t happy with this. He had reached for the bag that he brought with him, and started reaching inside of it.

When he had gotten what he needed, he pulled out bandages for himself, and for someone else. Yuurei looked at the man with a smile on his face. ”Come and get patched up,” he said as the man was speechless what had happened. The eyes in the alleyway had disappeared now as there was no trace of whoever that was. Yuurei wiped the blood off his forehead, and when he was done with that he wrapped the bandage around his head. The pirate had looked over to the man as he had walked over to Yuurei and sat down next to him. ”Thank you for helping me, but why are you doing all of this for someone like me?” he asked. Yuurei started bandaging him up as it was something simple, which he learned from watching Harley do it all the time. He figured he wouldn’t be able to do all that crazy thing she did with stitching people up, but this was good enough for him.

”I don’t really have a reason for doing this, but if I had to think about one, it would be that I was in your shoes before. I mean I guess I am in your shoes now again. Still, there was a time I was a prisoner, and well I escaped with a bunch of other people. The thing is I hate when shit like this is happening, so I decided to help out anybody that I can help out,” he said as he was being honest about that. The man nodded as he was happy that he had shown up here. He didn’t know what would have happened, if Yuurei didn’t show up. When the man was done being patched up, Yuurei put away his stuff back into his bag as he sat where he was still. ”Do you know where I can find the man running this place, Father?” he asked wondering what the man would say. ”Father should be at the center of the city. Still, there are people who need help here. They are scattered around, so please help them,” he pleaded with Yuurei.

The thief looked at him, and sighed as he wasn’t sure if he would be able to do that. ”I will make my way to the center of the city. And I will help out anybody I bump into along the way. I can’t save everybody, but the least I can do is make go out of my way to help those who I can. If you want you should make your way to the city’s doors and wait there. I will be back, and that door will open,” he said this to the man, and the man was surprised about his confident. Still, he had seen how he had taken the gorilla out, so maybe he could be the one to do it. ”Okay I will wait for you there, and anybody I see I will tell them the same thing,” he had said this as he got up from where he was sitting and started moving towards the doors of Battle City.

When Yuurei watched the man disappeared into the distance, he decided that it was time to get up from where he was sitting. He rested enough, and he figured that he would slow his walking pace, so he could waste little less stamina. The pirate stretched his arms into the air and then his legs once he was standing. He moved his neck around, he had stopped that as it was time to continue his walking through the city. Through his travels through the city, he had made various spots through the place. There were people who needed his help. They weren’t fighting anybody, but they were victims to the gorilla that he had just finished off. Yuurei had helped them out, and patched them up the best he could. He told them the same thing he told the first Wing-man, and they would be thankful for what he did for them and made their way towards the exit door.

Yuurei kept doing this for a while, and while doing this he noticed that he was running low on his supplies. He couldn’t continue to do this anymore as he needed some for himself, and Izzou when he found him. The thief didn’t forget about the kid, but none of the people he had rushed to help were him. He found it a bit annoying and he was hoping he would find Kanmon’s brother soon enough. Still, the best thing he could do now was continue walking to the center of the city. He would be able to find Father, and take him out, and obtain the blade that he carried on his side.

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Yuurei was making his way towards the center of the city, and he had wondered why there was no encounters with any other animals in this area. He knew that there must have been a few, but were they all doing battle right now? He wasn’t sure what was going on, but luck was on his side from what he could see. He kept moving as he didn’t feel the presence of anything around him. He was sure he was alone, which was weird, but heartwarming. He didn’t have to kill any enemies, and he had helped a lot of people today. Still, he wondered how long it would take for something to come straight at him with intent to attack, and take his life. Then it happened, the girl who had been watching Yuurei had finally appeared, but not in the condition she thought she would. No, the girl was running for her life right now, and Yuurei could see this as he was surprised on how she dressed, and appeared.

There was, however, something that was chasing the girl, and when he went to look at what was chasing her he couldn’t believe what he saw. His eyes widen as he was surprised to see that there was a lion chasing after the girl with the cat ears. The lion didn’t pay any attention to him right now as it was chasing her, and she was running away like her life depended on it. ”Please save me, Neko. This lion is trying to eat me, neko. That, or thinks I’m its mate, neko,” she was saying while she was running around. Yuurei could only chuckle for a bit and then placed his hand on his mouth as he was trying hard not to laugh, but soon he started bursting out laughing. She was running for her life, but the way she was doing it was too comical even for him. Still, the lion wasn’t stopping his chase as if he wanted her all for himself.

”PLEASE, NEKO!” she shouted this time, and Yuurei shook his head as he figured he would do this for her. He was going around helping anybody he could, and she didn’t seem wounded, so he didn’t have to treat her. ”Well then I guess helping you is for the best,” he said as he unsheathed Kusanagi and started sprinting towards the lion who was chasing the girl. When Yuurei got close he tried to slash downward at the animal, but it looked like it had great reflects as it jumped to the side, and avoided Yuurei’s attack. The thief was surprised about that, and didn’t think there would be a creature that would avoid his attack without paying attention to him. Still, the lion had stopped chasing after the girl, but his focus was now on Yuurei. The king of the city could be seen slowly walk to its right while looking at Yuurei.

Shit I made myself a target didn’t I? he thought to himself as he took out his blades and two of them were on his right while the other two was on his left. The swordsman looked like he had to claws coming out of his fist, but of course were blades. The lion roared and it was a strong roar as it started running towards Yuurei. The beast was quick on his feet, and when he lunged at Yuurei, the thief could only cross his blades with each other as the claws of the lion had connected with his blades. Yuurei was surprised on how quick it was, and how quick his attacks would be. The lion’s claws were strong as well, and he pushed the lion away from him as he pushed his arms away from him. The lion jumped back, but rushed at Yuurei again this time slashing at the pirate’s arm and clawing at his left shoulder. ”Damn it. Grr,” he looked at his shoulder as he could see how strong his attack was.

He was thankful he brought some stuff to clean his wounds, but he would need to have Harley stitch him up again. Still, his attention wasn't on patching himself, but taking this lion out. The girl could see that Yuurei had gotten hurt for helping her, and she felt bad. She wanted to help him out, but she didn’t know how, she was afraid, but she knew that she could fight. The thief had watched the lion attack him again, but this time he had seen the attack coming, and where the lion was targeting. Yuurei had dodged the attack without wasting much movement and slashed at the beast using Kusanagi. The lion jumped away, but not in time to get hit by Yuurei’s blade. The lion roared from the pain as it had been struck from the side leaving a large cut on the beast. The king of animals wanted to lick its wound, but knew it was fighting to the death right now.

Yuurei was just surprised that the beast was quick on his feet, and he had been caught off guard because he didn’t think it was necessary to use his strange ability. The lion lunged at Yuurei as he had tried to take a bite of the pirate. He had moved to his right as he had dodged, the attack, but then noticed the swipe from the claw of the lion coming right after. Yuurei had used his blades to block the claws. The lion was still fast though, which he found annoying, and was close to be able to still hit him even if he could see it coming. The pirate watched the lion though as he knew it was getting ready to attack. The lion lunged at Yuurei, but while it was in the air, the girl had slashed at the lion cutting the beast and electrocuting him as well. He was surprised about this as the lion had fell to its side from the surprised attack. That was good to know that she could fight, but he wondered why she didn’t fight earlier.

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Yuurei could see that whatever she had done to the lion was affecting him, so he figured that it was best that would take out the lion right now before it could get the chance to do something. The thief had rushed over to the Lion as fast as he could, and spun around slashing at the King of the city. A huge slash away surrounded him as the lion was lift into the air and cut up by Yuurei’s attack. The lion wasn’t able to do anything after that, and when Yuurei’s attack had finished, the lion had dropped to the ground without putting up a fight on the landing. It was done for, and he sighed because he felt bad for killing the animal, but couldn’t allow it to keep roaming around creating chaos. He swiped his blades downward to the ground as he got the blood off the blade, and then sheathed the swords without a problem.

He looked over to the girl who had helped him, and when he did he noticed that she was rushing towards him, and he was about to grab the hilt of one of his blades, but didn’t as she wrapped her hands around his neck, and was rubbing her cheek against his. He didn’t know her, and that was for sure, so he didn’t know what she was doing. Still, he just allowed it because he saved her life, but wondered what she was doing. ”Thank you, thank you for saving me. I thought that lion was going to eat me. My name is Koneko, what’s your name savior, neko?” she asked as she continued rubbing her cheek on his face. He could only look to the side as he felt embarrassed about what was going on right now. ”It wasn’t a problem. I was just helping you out like I have been with everyone else in this city. The name is Yuurei though nice to meet you, but do you have any information about this place?” he asked curious to see if she could give him more information.

”Neko? I’ve been running around trying to pretend I’m like one of the animals here, but it doesn’t always work. There is a big building in the center of the city though, and it’s fenced up, so none of the animals could attack it. They do, however, get released from that building, so if anything that place is the center of this entire mess. I can take you there for saving my life Yuurei-sama, neko,” she said as she was still rubbing her cheek on his face. Yuurei pushed her off though as he was done with allowing her to do that. She allowed herself to be pushed off as she landed on the ground, and looked at him waiting for him to talk. ”That would be nice if you can please,” he said, and she was happy with his answer as she patted him on his shoulder.

Yuurei’s body was stun from there as he felt the pain of his wound resonating throughout his body. He trembled for a bit and his eyes teared a bit as his mouth opened. ”OWWW!” he screamed realizing that he didn’t bandaged up this wound. Koneko seen the pain he was in, and she kept bowing down as she was apologizing to him. The thief sighed as he wiped the tear off his face, and sat down on the ground. He had done the same thing he had done with his head with his arm now. ”This is the second time I got hurt here. These animals are strong, but I can’t sustain any more damage if I want to be able to take out Father,” he said as cringed when he was cleaning his wound, and wrapping it up. Koneko just watched him as she felt bad for getting him hurt, and felt more entitled to help him out.

The pirate got up from the ground as he used his right hand to get up this time. ”So, how did you get on Skypiea? You don’t seem to be a native of these lands,” he asked wondering what she would say. She was happy that he was interested in her. ”I was captured, and brought here for slavery. When I escaped I ran into the forest, and was captured again because they thought I was an animal they could use in this city. Ever since then I just been fighting for my survival,” she explained to him. ”Don’t worry, after today you will be free from everything. Nobody will be forcing you to do anything you don’t like to do,” he said this trying to cheer her up, but she was already happy, and got more excited when she heard the words he said to her. ”But, first things first, can you lead the way?” he asked her nicely.

”Ai Yuurei-sama, it’s this way. Follow me please,” she said as he she jumped into the air and started walking off in a direction. Yuurei could only see that her tail was moving side to side like crazy, and he smiled at that. He was happy that she was a cheery person, and it honestly reminded him of the mink panda that he had met at Jaya Island. These Mink creatures were unique in their own way, but the females looked more human than they did animals. Still, he had to press forward as he followed Koneko as she knew exactly where she was going. It wouldn’t be too long to fight Father, but the swordsman still didn’t find Izzou. It was bothering him because he knew he couldn’t leave this place without that kid. Kanmon wouldn’t bring him back to Angel Island, and that would be bad for him because he wouldn’t have a ship to get back home.

He kept his mind aware of his surrounding as he was hoping he would be able to sense the presence of someone other than Koneko. The pirate wanted to better himself for his crew, and everyone in it. He knew he would be able to be strong enough to protect the captain if he had to, but that was all up to him, and how committed he was to getting stronger.

1/6 Observation Haki

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Yuurei and Koneko continued to walk through the city of Battle City as they were getting close to the center of it all. He could hear people screaming out loud through the city. There were many people who seemed to be scattered around here, but he couldn’t feel their presence, so they must have been far from him. He could only look down for a second as he bit his lip. He felt bad that there was nothing that he could do to save them. He knew that by the time that he made his way to those particular areas they would be dead, or he wouldn’t have enough supplies to save them. The only thing that worried him more was that one of them might have been Kanmon’s brother. If that was the case, then he was screwed, and he wouldn’t have been able to escape from this island, and return to where Mashyuu and the rest were.

Koneko could also hear these screams, and she could only jump to the side when she heard them. Those screams always made her jumped to the side like that. It was something that she disliked from this place, and she was hoping that Yuurei would be able to free her from the cage that she was put in. ”Yuurei-sama can I follow you after we escape this place? You seem like a nice person, and it feels like you will allow me to have all the freedom I can have, neko,” she said to him as she was looking at him with glittery eyes. Yuurei looked at her, and he scratched the side of his head as he was a bit confused on the offer. ”You don’t have to follow me Koneko, and you don’t need to use honorific on me. I’m sure you can find more freedom without me around,” he said with a smile on his face. He felt like she was asking him to be her new master, and he didn’t want that for anybody.

Koneko pouted when she heard this as she looked at him with her face slightly turned away from him. ”Find my freedom my choice. I’m going to follow you Yuurei-sama, neko,” she said this as she turned her head back to him with a smile on her face. He shook his head as he wasn’t expecting her to say that. ”Fine you can follow me all you want until it’s time for me and my crew to head back to the Grand Line. After that you on your Koneko,” he said, and she jumped up with excitement. While this was happening there was another attack happening, and Yuurei could hear a nearby wall being destroy, and soon enough there was a scream for help. The thing with this cry for help was that Yuurei could feel the presence of that person asking for it, which meant he was close by.

Yuurei figured he would chance it and help this guy even if he was the last person he could help. His feet had dug itself into the ground before he kicked off the ground, and started running towards the direction where the scream had come from. Koneko seen him running towards a different direction from the center of the city. ”Neko!” she screamed as she ran after Yuurei. The two made their way towards the man was crying for help, and Yuurei could see the tiger that was off in the distance. It looked like it was playing around with its food, which was good for Yuurei. He would be able to help him now that he was here. The swordsman ran towards the tiger quickly as he had flicked his thumb allowing Benihime to slowly come out of its scabbard. When he was within range he had thrust the blade out of its scabbard, and slashed at the tiger.

He got the beast good, but it wasn’t enough to take the tiger out. The beast hit the ground as it rolled on the ground in pain. He could hear the beast whimpering, and even though he felt bad for what he had done after hearing the whimpers, he knew he had to take the tiger out. ”Are you okay?” he asked the man. ”I’m okay just a little scratch, and probably bruised in other areas. Still, that tiger has been hunting me this whole entire time, and I let my guard down for a split second, and this is what happens,” he said to Yuurei as he looked like he was annoyed. The thief just turned his attention to the tiger as it was getting up from the ground now. He figured it wouldn’t be happy with what had just happen. Koneko had got into position, and her hair, and her tail spiked up as if she was getting ready to attack.

”I want to help you Yuurei-sama,” she said looking at the tiger. He looked at her quickly nodding at her, and then turned to look at the tiger once again. The beast was quick to roar as it rushed over towards the man who had struck her. She was quick on her feet, and when she had gone to attack the pirate, he had quickly grasped Benihime with both of his hands as her claws collided with Yuurei. He could only smile because this place had a lot of strong animals indeed. Still, while he had blocked the attack he looked at the beast as she needed to worry about someone else. Koneko had rushed over from behind the beast, and she struck at it with her hands letting out electricity. The tiger was hit from the blow as her grip on Yuurei’s sword lessen. He felt that and pushed the tiger away from him, and looked at Koneko with a smile on his face.

”Good way to go about fighting the tiger, Koneko. While they are too busy with me you go in for hits. Just make sure your speed is quick enough to continue those onslaught,” he gave her a tip, but wasn’t sure if she would take. ”Neko,” she said happy to be praised as she was cheery all around. Yuurei did look over to the tiger though as the beast wasn’t out. It had shaken the attack that Koneko had done to her. She was still furious about the attack Yuurei gave her at the beginning. The man lying in the debris just watched the fight continue on as he was surprised that there were people here helping him out because nobody ever helped in Battle City.

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There was a lot of things he felt like he could have done to end this fight quickly, but he had to make sure he didn’t underestimate the tiger. If he would have done that, then things could have gone the wrong way, which could have cost him his life. The tiger rushed over towards Koneko though, and the way the beast had shifted her target was quick, swift, and surprising. The Cat-mink was surprised about this as she felt her body trembling from the tiger coming straight at her. The beast was quick, and she was sure if she ran away she would be safe, but she couldn’t move for some reason. Yuurei noticed this about Koneko and was surprised that she was stills cared of fighting after being around this place longer than he had. The way she explained things it felt like she had been here for quite some time, but she acted like she wasn’t a fighter, or didn’t grow to be a fighter.

He didn’t have time to be take out another blade as he had to protect Koneko from being hurt. He didn’t want to see this girl spill blood especially when there was something he could do about it. The pirate ran towards the tiger hoping that he would be able to intersect the beast before it could reach Koneko. His plan was to use his Ittoryu: Jiten Kire, and his speed had increased by a little bit as it was enough to catch up to the tiger before the beast got to Koneko. When he got to the beast he had let out a spin as he slashed the beast in half and going right through the tiger. The beast had stopped right one her tracks, and roared out loud from the pain it was feeling. The tiger fell limp on the floor and Yuurei swiped his blade down to the ground, and then into her scabbard. He sighed because as he had made it on time, and Koneko wasn’t harmed.

Yuurei looked at the mink with a smile on his face. ”I’m glad you are alright Koneko,” when he said this he turned to look at the man on the floor. He had a bit of rubble on him, and he figured that was why he didn’t get up from the floor. He made his way towards the man as he was going to help him. As for Koneko she dropped to the floor on her knees when she seen this happening. She had been saved by Yuurei, but what scared her the most was what would have happened if he wasn’t here. ”Thank you Yuurei-sama,” she said as she sniffled a bit as she was tearing a bit. She didn’t have time for that, however, so she wiped whatever tear she had off her, and slowly got up from the floor to assist Yuurei with anything.

The swordsman had gotten to the man, and started taking off all the rubble that was on him. Koneko had done the same thing helping out the best way she could. It didn’t take long for the two of them to get everything off of him. He got up slowly as he patted himself and felt how sore his body was. ”Thank you for saving my life. My name is Izzou nice to meet you Koneko, and Yuurei,” he knew their name because the two of them had been saying their names the whole entire time. Yuurei’s eyes widen when he heard his name, and stepped back a bit as he was surprised as hell. He didn’t believe what his ears had heard from this man, but what he heard was true. When he got his composure back, he sighed as things were going in his favor, which was good. ”So you are Izzou. I been looking for you this whole entire time; Kanmon sent me to get you, but only after I finish why I came here is when we can fully leave this place,” he told Izzou.

Izzou hearing this was also surprised about this, and he stood silence for a few seconds. These people came for him, and it was to rescue him. He teared up a bit and then they started to run down his cheeks without hesitation. ”So I’m going home. This is great I thought I was going to die here, or live here forever,” he said crying about this. Yuurei walked over to pat this man on his shoulder, and could only understand how he must have felt. ”Still, I need to go deal with this Father guy. The doors are close, so we need to get them open, or we will stay here forever,” he said to Izzou and Koneko. Izzou quickly cleaned up his tears as he heard what Yuurei had said to him. ”I know how to open the doors. I have been inside of Father’s house, and then was soon kicked out when I found out where they control things. As for Father, he always sitting in a throne in the first floor. When you go inside going straight ahead is where he awaits those who dare to face him,” he explained to Yuurei.

The pirate could only let out a smirk as he was getting excited. His body shivered with excitement as that was good news to here. ”Okay guys lead the way to our way out of this hell hole,” he said this in a cheery voice. He had been here for quite a while, and had fought through a few monsters just to get here. The trio had started walking off towards the center of the city. They knew the final battle would await there, and it would be where they stood tall and made sure that they took out Father, or they lose, and possibly fed to the animals that roam around the city. Each of them had different thoughts of how things might turn out, but they had to put their faith into Yuurei who was most excited of all.

Name: Yontoryu: Jiten Kire/Santoryu: Jiten Kire/Nitoryu: Jiten Kire/Ittoryu: Jiten Kire
Description: The user rushes towards their target with quick speed and agility and when they get close to their target the user will spin slashing pass their target with their weapons. On the initial hit of the attack, the user is able to generate a spiraling wind slash that spreads up to a 50 meter radius around the user slashing anybody that is around the user. The initial target is not affected by this part of the attack, and the user doesn't always have to create this portion of the attack. This part can only be done while the user is using at least 1 Saijo O Wazamono.
Range: Medium 8m - 50m radius
Attribute: Speed & Agility
Theme: Kuikku Joutoryu
Rank: Intermediate

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After a while with Koneko and Izzou guiding him to the center of the city where Father would be located, Yuurei could see a particular building in his sight. When he looked at the building, he could see the huge iron fence all around the building. It was built so no animals would be able to enter inside of the building once they were out of it. There was, however one entrance, and at it was where the two had took Yuurei to. The iron fences had electrical currents, so that if any animals got close to it they would be shocked. It was why they never got close to this area because they were scared of getting shocked. When they got to the entrance the two of them looked at Yuurei wondering what he was planning on doing now. He was excited that he had finally made his way towards this location.

He had made sure that he did all he could to make it here. His shoulder bandaged up, and the same for his head. The thief was surprised on how strong these animals were, but now he was going to fight the person who had control over them all. ”Once you are ready and enter the building, the doors will close behind you. I feel like he has eyes everywhere, and when you enter his home, he knows it’s for a challenge. If you defeat him, or he beats you, then he tosses you out. If you win I don’t know what happens next,” Izzou explained to Yuurei. He looked at the winged-man and could only give a huge smile on his face. ”I’m not leaving this place without what I came here for,” he said looking at the man. He looked over to Koneko this time as he was expecting to enter this place alone. ”You two can stay here, or make your way towards the doors of the Battle City. Once I win, I will get the doors open and we can all get out of here,” he explained to them.

Koneko wasn’t going to allow him to go in there on his own, and she rushed over to him, and tugged on his arm. ”I’m not leaving you to go on your own. I’m going as well, and I will have your back Yuurei-sama, neko,” she said as he sighed because he knew that she would probably do that. Izzou coughed a bit as he wasn’t going to leave either. ”I’m not leaving either, like I said there is a control room, and I know where it is. I’m going to go there and open up the doors to this building when it locks, and the doors to leave this city as well. So, sorry there you can’t get rid of us,” he said with a smile on his face. Yuurei sighed because the people he saved were stubborn, and wanted to stay and help him out. ”Fine, but if it gets tough you guys need to hide, or something,” he warned them, and they both nodded in agreement.

The pirate had started moving through the entrance towards the building with the two behind him. He made his way through without a problem, and he hesitated to grab the knob of the door, but when he did nothing happen. He sighed because he was expecting some trap on the knob. Still, things were fine right now, and he open the door to the huge structure, and entered with Koneko, and Izzou. When the trio entered, the door behind them now closed instantly and locked itself. Yuurei jumped forward when he heard the door slam as he was surprised about that. ”I guess you weren’t kidding about the door,” he said as his hand was on his chest as his heart was rushing. ”This is where I separate from you guys. I hope you do what it takes to take Father out,” Izzou said this as he rushed off to his right.

Yuurei allowed this to happen because he knew what he was going to do. Koneko on that other hand stood with him. ”You could have gone with him just in case,” he said to her. ”No I’m making sure nothing horrible happens to you, neko,” she said as she had fierce look on her face. He sighed and knew where to find Father. From what Yuurei could tell was that Izzou was either a man who fought Father before, or was a lackey for him, and was kicked out sometime ago. He moved forward as he was going straight ahead; it didn’t take long for him to get to the double doors, and when he opened the door, he entered a nice large room. This placed looked like a ballroom as there was a huge open space in the room. The floor had a nice tile scheme, and when he looked further into the room he noticed that there were two steps leading to a nice golden chair.

The pirate noticed that on the chair was a man a bunch of gold on him. He wore a white robe straight down. He had black and white hair as it was slick back. He looked comfortable, and he wore some traditional sandals as well. Yuurei was looking at him, and he knew from his posture that he was Father, but why he was looking at him was to see if he could see the sword, and he did see it. Yuurei noticed that there was a sword next to the throne and the scabbard was black and gold. The handle also covered in gold. Yuurei figured this was the katana he was looking for, and he had allowed a smirk to escape from his lips. The duo walked as close they felt like they could towards the man, and stopped right by the steps and Yuurei’s eyes made contact with the man as things were silent as if they were waiting for the other to speak up.

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”Well hello there newcomer and oldcomer a like. I’m happy you guys were able to go through the city without dying and taking significant damage,” he pointed at Yuurei’s bandages as he had been hurt. ”I assume you came to see me because you want to be free from this Ruined City. I’m sorry to say I cannot allow you the freedom, which you seek,” he said to the two. Koneko’s ears twitch, and she looked at Yuurei. The swordsman looked at his companion a bit surprised that he was quick to tell them that. ”I see, you are sure of yourself. You already have us beat. I have to ask why do you sit down here while everybody out there is suffering, and trying to make sure they stay alive,” he asked him curious to hear what he would say. Father had cracked his neck and moved his right leg on top of his right thigh. He looked at Yuurei curious to hear his question.

”I sit here while they are suffering because it is entertainment. I collect these animals to seek havoc on this city. The people that I also bring here are supposed to fight these animals. It’s chaos that I want around the city. Those who survive get to live another day, which is great. They do get patched up when they are sleep, but they must continue to entertain me until their death,” he paused for a bit, and sighed before he continued. ”I feed everyone on this city, and make sure to have cameras throughout the city to see what I call shows to pass my time. I am supreme, and it is why I allow you to enter the city,” he said with a smile. Yuurei understood that he was the reason why those doors opened without a problem, but locked up once he entered. ”I see so you take people make them your prisoner, and use them for your entertainment without them having any rewards to seek,” he paused.

”You are a monster for that, and I can see why people despise you. I have seen and helped those that needed help today. They all looked like they lost hope in their life, and were expecting to die at any second. I don’t think it’s fair you get to decide whether someone can stay or go from this city. What I truly came here though is for the katana that is on your side,” he said to Father. His eyes widen as he should have expected that with the collection of swords that this man had. His blade was strong indeed, but this was not something he was going to give up. He placed his left leg down planting his feet on the ground as he slouched and looked at Yuurei. ”So you want my sword, and what are you planning on doing for it?” he asked curious to hear what Yuurei would say.

The pirate chuckled a bit as he was waiting for this man to say something like that to him. He brushed his hair back as he looked at Father once again. ”I’m asking you for it, and I’m also asking you to let me and the people I helped out get out of this city. They don’t want to stay here any longer, and I want that sword, which belongs to you,” he said as he could just do this the hard way, but he tried the simple, easy, but dumb way first. Father could only be caught surprised to hear what the man had said. It took him a second for him to process Yuurei’s word, and soon enough the man had started laughing. Yuurei shook his head because he knew that it wouldn’t work. ”I wouldn’t give this to you without a fight. You kill me, then you take whatever I have. I have this sword and lots of money in the chest behind me. Let’s see who wins, and winner takes all,” he got up from his seat now as he was looking at Yuurei.

The thief watched him get up as he could see the wings spread out when he got up from the seat. Yuurei started stretching his legs, and his arms as he could feel the pain on his left shoulder. These trips to see Harley were becoming frequent, but it was something he knew he would continue to do until he was strong enough. He was fighting a strong person, and he knew that he couldn’t play around with this guy. Father cracked his knuckles and soon enough he had picked up his sword. The both of them had grabbed the hilts of their blades, and took them out of their scabbards. Yuurei taking out four blades, leaving Ichi in it’s scabbard. Father took a stance keeping his sword in front of him, while Yuurei had crossed the blades his right blades in front of his left blades. He jumped back a bit to gain distance, and at the same time he wanted the man to get down from those steps, and have some space.

Koneko ran towards Yuurei, and she looked at him wondering what was going to happen. ”Do you want me to help you, neko?” she asked him wanting to help him out. Yuurei looked at Koneko. ”If things get rough, then you do what you feel like doing, but for now I will take him myself,” he said as he looked over to the man who was walking down the steps. The two kept their eyes on each other as they looked to see who would make the first move. The battle was about to begin soon, and whoever would win would be able to obtain katanas that belong to the other. They never agreed to Yuurei’s blades, but the swordsman knew if his life perished here, then he would be the one who had a whole new set of weapons. Still, he wasn’t going to allow that to happen to him even if he had to evolve during their fight.

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