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1 Gilbard's Storage on Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:45 am



Approved Inventions:
Invention Name: Alkaline Bial
Invention Class: D
Invention Description: A concentrated bial that is stewed within Gil's gall bladder, using his knowledge of his own anatomy and self experimentation, he uses a specialised diet and intense body manipulation to get it to a dangerous level. Milky yellow-green in colour, it dissolves in water easily. Gil has found a way to contort his body so that he is able to spit it up on command without harming himself.
Crafting Points: 10
Invention Capabilities: This bial eats away at biological material, inflicting moderate wounds on non-pri endurance and minor wounds on tertiary endurance. If wounds are already present, the bial will eat away at them, increasing the damage by one tier up to a cap of severe damage on tertiary endurance and below.

Invention Name: D. Ansgameoli
Invention Class: D
Invention Description: A culture of microbes grown in Gil's gut. They were harvested from a seaking and found to provide repairing services to their host in exchange for a home. Although it is unclear what processes drive their behaviour exactly, Gil has divined that they are sensitive to the worsening condition of their host and respond immediately. They provide aid by slowly rebuilding tissue and removing unwanted substances from the body. Due to the microscopic size they can't be seen, however a large cluster of them will show them to have a bluish turquoise hue.
Crafting Points: 10
Invention Capabilities: When in contact with an organism, the microbes begin repairing its wounds, reducing them by one tier every two posts. They are only potent enough to repair up to two areas of the body at a time (as described in the buso haki rules). They cannot repair fatal wounds.

Invention Name: Sleeping Beauty
Invention Class: D
Invention Description: A liquid concoction brewed in Gil's gut. He has invasively altered his system so that he can mature and store the liquid without absorbing it himself. From a decomposed type of seaweed usually ingested by bearsharks to induce hibernation, Gil has created a liquid that causes paralytic effects that mimic death itself.
Crafting Points: 10
Invention Capabilities: After entering a biological system, it requires one post to spread through the body before it paralyses the body for one post. If the body isn't actively resisting it, the effects can go on for days. This paralysis is special in that it mimics all the signs of death, including lack of pulse, breathing and reaction to stimuli. In actual fact the heart is still beating and respiration is still occurring, but at 100 times less than usual making it unnoticeable. This is possible due to the body's needs reducing significantly when in this paralytic state. While in this state, the body is still conscious and is sensitive to stimuli. Secondary endurance can shrug off the effects immediately.

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2 Re: Gilbard's Storage on Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:44 pm



I say go and RP selling your items. Either in a Voyage or a regular topic you turn into the topic evaluation topic(link below.) This way the mod will taking into account the Island you are on and who you are selling it to. Which may yield you more than you'd get from just stating a price for these inventions. Which would be low due to them just being D rank.

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