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1 [Event] The Worst Generation on Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:39 am




As the moon oozed it's beaming aura, the sound of canon-fire rattled, as rounds blasted against the harbours surrounding Cactus Island at all angles.

"It's interesting... We might all loose our lives today over love." Mercer stated, murmuring to himself.

A young pirate cabin boy of the Soju Pirates chimed into the Vice Captain's soliloquy curious ears.

"Love? What do you mean Vice Captain Mercer?" the cabin boy inquired with immense gusto and vigour. See Soju was extremely close with all his men but still maintained an aura of mystery about his origins and how he came into piracy.

"If I told you this outright... Soju would kill me. Instead... I'll offer you a story lad." Mercer said grinning.

Mercer's Story wrote:

Once upon a time, they were two orphans who lived in a Kingdom called Dressrosa. It was a vibrant city, filled with life, culture and most importantly, Dressrosa had a King who had maintained peace among the lands for centuries. Then these new winds ushered in, the Era of Piracy. A King of Pirates visited the Kingdom, and planted his seeds in many a brothel. This was one of the orphans truth. A father with no intentions of giving his children warmth. Dashing from sea to sea, leaving his stain on the world.

The orphans survived poverty from stealing from the citizen's most importantly the Nobles of Dressrosa. Food, Beli, Booze, as they grew in age and strength, their interests changed. Then a second alien visited the Kingdom, a Witch by the name of Diana. She was a beautiful woman, despite her title as a witch, half-mink and half-human, both Mink and Human alike lusted after her. The Orphan and the Mink met, and though rocky at first, within months, they fell in love.

A trio was formed. The Witch and the Two Orphans. One orphan provided navigational skills, the witch had her own boat and the love struck orphan was stronger than anyone could've imagined. Much like the seasons, nothing last forever. The Witch sunk her teeth into a forbidden fruit, and with it's knowledge, she'd became power hungry.

And it was at this moment... The orphan who wasn't in love thought to himself, 'I should've killed her when she slept so peacefully next to him many a night.'

The cabin boy listened, looking at the Vice Captain, completely confused.

As Mercer's story provided the backdrop for the canon fire, the dock's surrounding Cactus were completely decimated within seconds. Every ship docked along the harbour would've been thrashed by canon-fire, however, sailing in land was possible, as Diana's flagship wasn't present. However, this was just foreplay for Soju, under the Red Head's command, all of vessels sailed towards debris ridden docks, a force of one thousand men strong began rampaging on Cactus.

Scattered members of Diana's main forces returned fire once Soju's men made it far enough inland, but any resistance in the East was completely futile, as Soju wielding the famed, Shodai Kitetsu, created pockets of air which whipped up whirlwinds of devastating proportions. Soju and Mercer alike, began their charge inland toward's Diana's location. Soju needed no direction, the Vivi Card in his palm was enough to sniff out the Mink's residence.

OCC: A maximum of Six PC's can join this topic. Posting will occur in 48 Hours rounds, if you miss your chance to post twice, you'll be ejected from the topic. This thread is now closed, here are the parties who've indicated interest to post/posted. @Jui$y Crow @depth14 @darkheart9505 @Kaito @ai47 @Kappa

As stated prior, Level 3 and Heavy Moderating conditions apply, so post in order based on your introduction posts. May the Gods smile upon you! Diana's a tough one.

NPC Log:


  • Strength: Secondary (Doriki Boosted to Primary)
  • Endurance: Tertiary (Doriki Boosted to Secondary)
  • Tertiary in all of other stats.
  • Weapons: Shodai Kitetsu
  • Swordsman - Can generate flames with his swordsmanship.
  •  Busoshoku Haki | Kenbunshoku Haki - Intermediate


  • Speed: Secondary (Doriki Boosted to Primary)
  • Perception: Tertiary (Doriki Boosted to Secondary )
  • Tertiary in all of other stats.
  • Weapons: Two Custom North Blue Pistols - Six Rounds Each. Fires Six, Reloaded Needed After. x 50 Shots per thread in total. Gun fires at Secondary Speed.
  • Marksman Gun-Fu and Rokushiki
  •  Busoshoku Haki | Kenbunshoku Haki - Intermediate


  • Secondary Attributes: Willpower & Perception | Tertiary
  • Attributes: All Remaining | +5 Doriki in Durability & Endurance
  • Haoshoku Haki | Busoshoku Haki | Kenbunshoku Haki - Advance

Supernova Grunts:

40 on Diana's Side
30 on Soju's Side
Stats can vary upon interaction but generally each has One Secondary, while the remainder of their stats are Tertiary in name.
Bounties of these grunts clock in around 80,000,000 Million + if apprehended. Maximum of 150,000,000 Million Beli.

2 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:04 pm




"The Worst Generation"

It's the thrill in the end. In that moment when something stolen becomes mine or is it? That's the bliss I desire.

Cactus Rock - The Cavern within the Cactus Mountain
Near The Centre of The Island

"Tch. Take it easy Gilbard. This shit hurts still." Jackal stated. It'd been a week since Bazil and Jackal had escaped Sandy Island, taking up refugee in the mountains of Cactus Island. Within the caves located in the Cactus Rock, Kappa, who'd literally carved out the inside of the mountain using the tributaries water that flowed throughout the island as a main water supply for his Kata, nursed Jackal's injuries caused by Gozu treated. During this time, he'd fill in Kappa on all of the events on Sandy, the decapitated Talibah look-alike, their conflicts against the Cipher Pol, and even the information they'd learn about the Ancient Weapons, particularly Pluton. Informing Sinbad and Kappa about the death of Amalia, leaving a bitter sweet taste in all of the members of Jackal's make-shift posse. The remainder of Jackal's men, the five of twelve swordsmen who'd escaped with Sinbad, all shed tears over the woman's passing, as Amalia had helped all of them escape the capital at some point. As Gilbard tended to his wounds, Sinbad sat with his legs folded, "So. Boss. What's the plan? How long are we planning to be associated with this murderer?" Sinbad inquired, glaring Bazil who'd been posted up about ten feet from his position, clutching at his daggers. Sinbad was born and raised up in Alabasta, though he'd have problems with the way the island was being governed, he wasn't fond of Bazil's actions in assassinating the Nobles line.

"Relax. Sinbad. I understand your feelings. However, now's not the time for this. More importantly, the reason we've been keeping low on Cactus is to escape. Has the Log Pose set as yet?" Jackal inquired. "Within the next six hours, it'll point to the next location." Sinbad said begrudgingly. "Then that's our time limit. Something's blocking our Den Den Mushi's transmission, so we'll have to wait until our recon party returns. I want to meet Soju and Diana. If I can, I'd like to place Talibah on the throne. Bazil. No offence but he's the one I believe will lead his people into this new era." Jackal stated. "However, I'm not risking anyone's lives here. Yours included Bazil. In six hours, I'm leaving Cactus Island. With or without you. The marines aren't going to just let Diana fail... or let Soju escape. I plan to use their conflicts as a grounds for my own escape." Jackal explained. Running into the caverns at that exact moment were the other seven members of Jackal Bandit Gang. Panting, "Boss. It's crazy! You won't believe this!" one of the grunts shouted. Just then, the entire island felt as thought it'd been struck by an earthquake. "It's Soju! Him and his Vice Captain, the man known as Mercer are launching a full on assault against Diana!" another grunt chimed in. "What's even odder... The marines are seemingly flooding towards Sandy Island. Something is happening on the mainland." the grunt stated. "Heh. Which leaves Diana to take on Soju on her lonesome. Why are the marines putting so much faith in one pirate?" Sinbad inquired.

"Lot of you! We're leaving in thirty. Now's the perfect chance. Sinbad. Get the Barron ready for sailing. Drop us as close to the action as you can, then retreat close-by via the inland rivers. Where's the heart of the conflict!?" Jackal inquired. "To the East. In land. About one hundred meters away from Diana's stronghold in Whiskey Peak." the grunt reported. "It's showtime." Jackal stated grinning, wincing at Gilbard's patching of his wounds. Whiskey Peak was exactly sixty-five meters from their current location. The bombing on the harbour was about several miles away from their location, as the Black Barron had docked inland. The blood red full-moon caused something Jackal to change slowly, however, only time would reveal that revelation.

Misc. Info:

Words: 639
Tagged: @NPC @Kappa @ai47
Notes: + 5 Doriki - Willpower (Secondary) | + 5 Doriki to Speed (Primary) | Pugilist Perk - Endurance (Secondary)

3 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:10 pm



A week, that’s how long it had been since the two captains formed a rag tag alliance. The Red Devil heeding the call of man… mink who had once saved him, appearing in his darkest hour, like a knight saving a damsel in distress. Since then, Yasuke had done the best of the trio to make friends with Jackal’s crew, his lively attitude and good cooking perfect for their laid back party mentality. Ezekiel and even more so Bazil, were ostracized from the group. Particularly the minkman’s navigator, Sinbad, had a distaste of the red haired pirate. Shooting dirty looks and off hand comments at every chance he got, however not once for the entire week they had been together did Bazil even so much as glance in the navigator’s direction.

Bazil listened as the captain of the Calico pirates spoke to his crew, gibberish like log poses and transmissions. The only words that mattered to the pirate were Talibah and throne, this struck a chord with the young pirate almost instantly, “Tch..” He gritted his razor teeth, “We’ll see who ends up as fuckin king.” Bazil barked back, his arms crossed over his chest.

Yasuke wandered over from the pit he had been using for cooking, “Bwhahaha! Isn’t this great Young Lord!” The samurai bellowed as he gripped up the Red Devil in a headlock, causing Bazil to grasp at the man’s massive forearm fighting for air, “Food tastes better with friends! Bwhahahahaha!” Yasuke’s booming laugh eochoed out, his large belly hanging out of his untied kimono, spots of sauce decorated his dark skin, his captain still clawing at the man’s arm, “Oh! Sorry, young lord!” He exclaimed, finally releasing his grip on the pirate’s neck.

Bazil quickly inhaled as much as he could, the pirates face redder than his mohawk, “Yo fatas~…” He started, before being abruptly cutoff by the arrival of the recon team. Each one gasping for air just as the pirate was just moments prior, their words also cut off only this time it was much more deafening sound. Explosions erupted in the distance and the earth beneath their feet rumbled, the seven members alerted the crews of the impending battle and the absence of marine presence. “Sounds like a good ass fuckin time!” The Red Devil shouted as he turned to the other two members of Wyld Stallyns, Yasuke behind him and Ezekiel on the deck of the ship, their faces suddenly sullen and gloomy. “Cheer up! Its gonna be a fuckin party!”

Yasuke, tears now streaming down his large cheeks, “Waaah! Wh…why young lord?! Why do we always have to go towards danger?!” The giant samurai balled, his words intermittent amongst the sobbing and sniffling.

The pirate simply smiled and patted his cook, “Whats the worst the could happen?” Though these words and Bazils devilish smile were anything but reassuring. He turned to Ezekiel after passing the weeping giant, “Get the Skuttlebutt ready to fuckin ride! Follow ears’s ship and let’s get this fuckin show on the road!”

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4 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:19 pm



Zeed Tear

"Hmm roamer to crew member now delegated to shipright, certainly not the vision i had my life going."

Things had certainly gotten out of hand in zeeds life, hell in anyones lifetime if ya thought about it. Since meeting the walking talking fish stick a couple of odd days ago things had gone from bad to down right dangerous in a matter of moments almost enough to make a man quit, luckily Zeed is no mere man. Gotta hand it to the sardine even with the unaccounted dangers things werent boring like they were when it was just him alone and the fame is always a nice touch.

*Zeed smirked as the thought of his new bounty crossed his memory*

It seems news of the crews exploitts in nanohana traveled faster than even he could predict, raising the bountys of every crew member present especially his self and the captain. Now with a respectable 60 Mill bounty and some training under his belt, Zeed felt secure in handling most things that stand in his way and with a crew like this having enough fighting prowess is a must. Now with the crew sailing the seas on their new ship, Zeed couldnt wait for the next challenge to occur.

"too bad the captain aint here, were ever he is he'll do fine. "

OOC Notes:

Zeed Info/Weapons:

*{EXAMPLE link your weapons, and techniques you use...etc.}

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5 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:03 am



(If I'm too late, sorry, I'm not sure which people have free slots and which don't.)

Nia Sorrow
Nia sighs as she climbs up onto the ship, Having seen the words Bleeding Maw painted on the side. Flopping over the railing to lay on her back, she blinks looking up at the human standing there. Oh, I'm sorry, but this is the Bleeding Maw right? I was told by Soldat Kob to come here. She says sitting up as she looks over the crew on the ship, scanning for any injuries the various sailors had suffered. If this is, I guess I'm the ship's doctor. I'll make sure to patch up anyone who gets injured, alright? She says, resting against the railing of the ship. So do you know what the plan is or are we waiting for the captain to issue orders? She asks scanning the deck of the ship, We're definitely one of the smaller crews in this fight, I checked the various ships gathered here. they tend to have more troops then us. and most of them have probably been in more fights together. then us, as the crew was just recently formed. I wonder what the human's skills are, did he eat a devil fruit? What will he show me? I'm actually excited to see why Cetus picked him. and I wonder if I'll be able to experiment with him, see what his body is capable of, really put him through the paces, study his body, see if it's possible to make improvements that are universally compatible. Her mind lost in thought as she scans the man up and down, analyzing his build and physique, making small mental notes about possible amplifications.

6 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:13 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow

The Mafia

Crazy Heart Pirates Mafia
Soldat Kob was one of the 10 Wotan fish man on board of the ship. The ship that the world will known as The Bleeding Maw the sound of cannon could be heard in the distance as Kob made his way to the upper deck. Upon him stepping out he could make out what seems to be someone just flopping on the deck.

He also found Kapitän Zeed along the deck with the unknown entity. Soldat Kob had chuckle as he withdraw his flintlock from his holster as he said,"Put ya hands where I can see them intruder!" Soldat Kob wasn't able to make out whom it was due to the conditions of the night sky.

More importantly the ship was on high alert they will be arriving to Cactus Island soon(1 post). The senior officer is Kapitän Zeed due to chain of command. But at any moment his action don't follow the code of the Mafia he could be over turn by a lower ranking member.

That wasn't important as Kob talked he had took several step forward about 2 meters making him about 10 meters away from the intruder, and 6 meters from Kapitän. As for the rest of the crew about 9 other wotan begin to make there way to the upper deck as it was nearly show time.

Kob was the tallest of the group standing 15 feet tall even the rest was either 9- 12 tall even. Each of them was arm with either a flintlock or sword of some kind. They arrive shortly after Soldat Kob each eager for the next action of the Mafia.


*As per rules I can control my Npc/ grunt as long as it makes sense. Expect Oceanus arrival soon.

Soldat Grunt Info:

1 Baby Den Den Mushi
1 Long Sword, and Flint Lock{6 bullets}{Kob}
9 Other Wotan

Beki Info:

7 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:14 am




It hadn't been long after joining Jackal's crew that his skills as a doctor had been put to use. They had left Sandy Island with the mink in a state. Clawed to the bone. His right shoulder had been ripped apart and he had a nasty claw gouge across his chest. On the way to Cactus, Gil had done what he could to clean the wound and prevent bleeding. If he had it his way, they would have slowed down their traveling so that he had a chance to stitch him up and begin the healing process. But Jackal had decided to press on. He wanted to make landfall at Cactus despite his wounds. Gil begrudgingly agreed due to the circumstance, but this would bring about the next problem.

How do you hide two ships and two troublemakers worth over three hundred million beli combined on an island used by the marines as a base of operations? The group would come to know that their success with this particular problem was by in part due to the chaos that was being caused by the events happening on the mainland as well as the incoming threat imposed by Soju. This created a window where they were fortunate enough to get a foothold. They were able to slip into the back of the island and travel inland on a river. They planned to stay here for a while and Gil thought it would be best to not leave their ships out in the open. They pulled up their boat next to one of the signature cactus shaped mountains where Jackal had pointed out the perfect place to take refuge. Taking out only a small portion of the outer green rock, Gil carved out the inside of this mountain using the sharp razor wire like water that he could create with is Anemone Assault kata. This took a whole day of toiling away until the end product was left. With an entrance only big enough to fit the two boats in, they could dock in a bay on the inside of the mountain with a small area on land for the group to camp. From the outside, there would be no way to tell that there was a secret hideout there. Discovering the hideout would require noticing and venturing into what looked like an indent in the rock which was only possible via the river. Jackal's instincts when it came to being a sneaky bandit had picked out the perfect spot.

So here they camped for the next week. Gil was able to treat Jackal, and had confined him to his bedless bed until he could reconstruct his shoulder. Having Bazil and his cronies around was awkward to say the least. He and the pirate hadn't left on the best of terms even though they had come to understand each other well. Sinbad and he had become closer, the lad was a genuinely nice guy and dealt with Gilbard's irregularities with a smile. They bonded over their distaste for Bazil. It was a shame to hear of Amalia's demise, she had been a good ally and an interesting character, Gil prayed for her, hoping she would find her way beyond the silver spray. The wealth of information that Jackal shared with him was valuable, and helped add colour to his view of the world. What he said made sense, and helped him understand the strange state of affairs of this surface world.

Despite the trial that lay ahead of them, Gil was glad when they got the call to move. He was about fed up with being in such a cramped location. He didn't like being tied down to one location for any amount of time. This would be a fierce battle. As Jackal shouted his orders, Gil pulled the last stitched from his body. Once again the green fishman was surprised at just how well his mink friend healed, though it was nothing close to what Gilbard's body was capable of. He reckoned he would be pretty much back to normal despite some scarring. "Don't get carried away this time, please. I can only put you back together if you remain alive." Gil tutted to his young friend, finishing up and turning to the crew. "All hands on deck!" Gil would dive into the stream and exit the cave, scouting ahead before joining the others on board.

items: spear pistol inside jacket
doriki: +5 spirit, +1 speed, +1 strength

8 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:00 am

The Janitor


The Janitor

Love v. Hate

ooc: I don't know what made you think Wotan Grunts were a thing, but they aren't. I will go elaborate on what grunts and npcs are due to this.  If you want them to be basic Fishmen that is fine.  Now onto the post.

She molded it in such a way that it's likeness was impeccable; and with the help of others the detail added increased the deception that was laid every so gracefully. Even with the docks decimated as they were it didn't catch her gaze or attention. Two forces clashed and it wouldn't end till one side would perish. Unknowing to Diana or Soju other forces were moving in multiple areas around and in the small island of Cactus. The goals of these individuals was unknown but maybe at some point there would be a moment that information will revealed at some point of this conflict.

He swung his strange and unconventional weapon back and forth, sending multiple enemies flying back. Adrenaline filled rampage showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. "How the hell can he use a limb as a weapon!?" A Pirate of one of the thirty ships said. Instead of following the River to Whiskey Peak he decided to dock and take care of the forces of Diana that were on the side attacking the ships. One person in particular was the reason he'd do this, as the guy almost sunk his ship. Only two ships being able to do this as of this time.The Pirate and those on his ship engaged the forces of Diana.  This Man he fought against was different than the others. He wasn't a homie nor was he any other special race within this world, he was just a overall tall Human. Clad in armor from head to toe, that actually were homies. To show that he was apart of the forces of Diana. The armor sung a pleasant song that yielded no benefits other than to get the Fighter more into the mood. The Pirate Captain under Soju was having a tough time combating someone that used a Giant's leg along with another leg that belonged to a large Fishman(Wotan). Swinging the two things wildly as if they were swords. Something would stop him though as he crushed the Pirate Captain with one of the legs. Before he could gloat over his victor he was set ablaze, consumed by a whirlwind of fire. The Man and the Homies on him cried out as they turned to ash.

"You should conserve your energy. " Mercer would say as he stood behind Soju. They were only a few miles away from Whiskey Peak. Using the ships travel there could be done in just a hour or so, without any interruptions. On foot the time would be doubled. Soju would turn his direction from the side and back forward as they traveled up the river.

Underneath the waters a vessel similar to the ones that were under the waters near Sandy Island there was one on Cactus. It was in the position that Soju first was when he fired onto the docks. This Submarine was enough to scramble Den Den Mushi on the island. It didn't prevent any incoming information from coming in or leaving out. But everything would be patchy, bits and pieces only thing that would be heard. That was no the only thing that was on this vessel. As another device would be used to intercept those messages. Something though would come up on their radar it being a ship not within the same area that those that belonged to Soju were. Not wanting to waste any ammunition or reveal that they were there they'd ignore it for now.

"How deep have they gotten?"

"Eh, I'd say about half way."
Bullet took only a few seconds to think before giving his response. Putting down the binoculars that he was looking out of.

"Why did I ask you." Rizor would say as he rolled his eyes. He knew Bullet was dumb but rather difficult. He wouldn't ask another question about the amount of distance the opposing force made. Rather he would just reach down and snatch the binoculars from the dwarf.  They were on top of the Cactus Mountain that was the true stronghold of Diana. But with only her soul within they didn't see any point in standing by it. They had their task given to them and would know it was done when the flagship would arrive back to this area.  Rizor would drop give the binoculars back to Bullet and pick up the rifle beside him. "Head down to the town, and get things ready."

9 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:48 pm



Zeed Tear

suddenly and quite unexpectedly, a person hopped over the edge of the boat and onto the deck, flopping for a few brief seconds before regaining their composure. I immediately drew my weapons from their sheaths, my posture emulating a defensive stance as i took stock of the girl in front of me. I expected the situation to come to blows the second the woman opened her mouth but instead she introduced herself as a new addition to the team, i listened intently to her story while vaguely acknowledging the fishman that had his weapon aimed at the girls face. In only took a few moments of thought before i put my weapons away, the knowledge this woman had about not only the name of the ship but the crew member was enough to sway his immediate response to fight but not enough to fully trust her.

"Your story seems in order but im still a little bit skeptical of you, ive never heard of this from my crew mates and i find it hard to believe one of them would invite a human on deck bar me of course,  Kob this girls story check out?"

I asked the fishman with his gun aimed at the intruder. In the meantime i kept an eye on the distance of ship and the island, it seemed we'd neared the harbor but something was wrong. Flaming debree, destroyed houses and other tell tale signs of an attack was the first and only warning I needed to quickly yell for the crew to begin loading up the cannons, something must be going down for a part of cactus to be so ruined, its best to be on guard.

OOC Notes:

Zeed Info/Weapons:

*{EXAMPLE link your weapons, and techniques you use...etc.}

10 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:39 pm




Nia Sorrow
Nia blinks for a moment at the human, looking between him and Soldat. Really Kob? You're gonna shoot the doctor? Also are you blind you daft insolent cur, I'm a mermaid not a human, Can't you tell I don't have legs? She asks indignantly.

Nia gives him a glare as she rests on the edge of the deck. Quite rude, really, Not noticing I had to flop over the railing instead of stepping over. Hopefully his combat skills are greater then his social skills or else he's gonna be completely useless. She thinks, carefully analyzing the situation.

Looks like we're assaulting that island with a bunch of other ships. So where's Oceanus? and whats the plan, who's currently in charge of the vessel, And how are we going to proceed? She asks, looking between Kob and the Human.

My name's Nia by the way, What's your name? She says asking the human.

Not that I really care right now, but its good to at least pretend to want to know the names of those you're going to be working with for the foreseeable future. I hope somebody has a plan, because if we start attacking everything here we're gonna be fucked. We need to be smart about how we go about things, If we just stand here and take hits and start fighting a war on all fronts we're going to be completely screwed. Hopefully Oceanus has an intelligent plan. Nia thinks as she prepares herself to begin patching up anyone who gets injured in this fight.

11 Re: [Event] The Worst Generation on Wed Apr 25, 2018 6:13 pm




"The Worst Generation"

It's the thrill in the end. In that moment when something stolen becomes mine or is it? That's the bliss I desire.

Within moments they'd loaded their men aboard the vessels, on the Black Barron, were Jackal's twelve swordsman grunts, Sinbad and Kappa. Meanwhile, Bazil on the Skuttlebutt loaded up with his two core mates, and followed suit behind the Barron. Jackal had four Baby Den Den Mushi, he'd given one to Bazil, one to Sinbad, one to the cook, Yasu, and kept one for himself. Kappa had already had one of the Baby Den Den, making the fifth in the count from prior separations across the island. Dialling up the number associated with Bazil's Den Den, Jackal's call had connected to the King Slayer. The line was filled with static, which the Mink found extremely weird. Hanging up the Baby Den Den, Jackal instructed Sinbad to sail the boat's side by side to each other for easier communication, as the River was wide enough to support these two vessels. Standing about eight feet from the boat's railings, Jackal shouted towards Bazil. "Looks like the Den Den's are being disrupted by something." Jackal exclaimed, not having to shout to loud as the distance between the two boats were only a few feet.

The river they'd been sailing along came with a fork, one leading right and the other to the left. To the right, the heart of the action could've been heard, the sound of gunfire, the smell of blood and pure chaos illuminated from the right. To the left, it was pretty much a route sailing them further up the streams into the mountain range. At this point, it'd make no sense if the plan was heading towards Soju and Diana, it'd be ludicrous to Jackal that fighting would just ensue without either party knowing their location, Lesser Minks weren't that stupid, right? Sailing down the right route, Jackal made a mental bookmark of this fork for future reference. It might be useful to flee further into the mountains in case the canon exchange leaked onto the centre of the island. After about fifteen minutes travel, the river came to an end, a clearing approached in the distance, it was a bed of rocks, leading into the forest life on the outskirts of Whiskey Peak. "Sinbad! Pull over here." Jackal stated, anchoring the ship about ten meters away from the rocky beded dead end.

Activating his Kenbunshoku Haki, Jackal expanded his Sixth Sense thirty meters in all directions, to garner proper assessment of the situation. Beyond the trees, in all directions, Minks soldiers, Lesser Minks and other pirates were all seemingly engaging in bitter combat. The emotions of hatred flooded Jackal's body, sending a chill down his spine. "So much loss of life." Jackal murmured, sighing as his eyes scope was beyond what anyone on the deck could've currently saw unless they too activated their Kenbunshoku Haki.

Then, about twenty-nine meters to the North of their position, a familiar Red Head came into scope. Familiar not by encounters but his face being plastered on almost every Bounty Board across Paradise. It was the Red Fox, Soju. The image of the man slaying an enemy with a pillar of flames caused Jackal's heartbeat to accelerate with a mixture of anxiety and fear, the man he'd taken out was almost twice his size but Soju put him down like a stray dog burned in flames. "Oi. Bazil. Soju's position isn't too far from here. I can pick him up with my Mind's Eye." Jackal explained, turning to walk towards the plank his men had setup to disembark. "Sinbad. Listen to me carefully. Our Den Den's are useless but keeping our ship's docked in one position is a bad idea. I need you sail around the area. Try to find a way towards Whiskey Peak via the water. Me and Kappa will be heading in land to meet up Soju. I'm not sure how that will go but with Bazil, assume the worst." Jackal stated. "Let me come with you Captain! I can stash the ship and come inland-" Sinbad pleaded but his cries were interrupted by the stern nature of Jackal's face. "This is just a side mission for us. How long until the Log Pose sets now?" Jackal inquired. Looking at the pose around his arm, "Five hours minimum." Sinbad reported. "Good. Then that's our time limit. If you get into any trouble, call us. That'll be single alone for backup. Vice Versa. If I call twice and hang up, that means to return to this place. Three times means to sail back to our hideout." Jackal stated. "Men! We're bandits! Land combat is our speciality. I'm leaving the twelve of you with Sinbad. I'll leave any encounters to his digression." Jackal stated. "Now then." Jackal said, walking towards the plank, disembarking onto the dusty terrain, "Let's go and meet us a Fox." Jackal stated. After this point, Jackal would wait for Bazil disembark, he'd convey his plan of not leaving his ship docked, but on the move, before exiting Sinbad had told Jackal to hold onto the Log Pose. Placing the Log into one of the pockets of his cargo pants, Jackal nodded in approval. "We can leave your ship here. Having two vessel of this size swimming around is a bad idea. The Barron is faster and can take more hits." Jackal stated. "Just in case we need a quick get-away, we'll have a ship here. Your choice." Jackal stated, more of a suggestion than anything else, Bazil was free to have his ship on the move, as well. With Bazil's personality type, he'd try not to control him, more so go with the flow he'd so naturally exuded.

"They're moving out of my scope. Bazil. Let's go." Jackal stated, beginning his trod North into the forest life. At this point, Jackal was tracking Soju from about twenty-nine meters away, and he'd like the distance. For now, until he'd have more grasp of the surroundings he'd keep a mindful watch of all incoming forces from any angle, while maintaining an eye on Soju's position with his Haki. "I wonder what's Soju's point in all of this. It's like his announcement to the World. Why would he need more Supernova's? Isn't that direct competition anyway? Lesser Minks can be so silly at times. If he wants to be Pirate King, the less contenders the better no?" Jackal exclaimed as a general statement, while posing the question to the group present. Jackal made sure to keep the pack shrouded within the more grassy areas of the route ahead, to avoid unnecessary hostile contact. He'd follow Soju until Whiskey Peak came into view, remaining at the distance set.

Misc. Info | Haki:

Kebun On. 1 Round.
30 Meter Radius

5 Baby Den Den Mushi
1 Den Den Mushi
Black Barron Ship (Sinbad's Weapons) (NPC Skills)

Words: 1044
Tagged: @Kappa @ai47
Notes: + 5 Doriki - Willpower (Secondary) | + 5 Doriki to Speed (Primary) | Pugilist Perk - Endurance (Secondary)

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The Skuttlebutt knifed through the water, making its way inland, using one of the many waterways that cut up the island. The sounds of battle echoed across Cactus Island, metal clanking, explosions erupting. Then, suddenly a strange sound rung in Bazil’s ears, Puru Puru, Puru Puru reaching into his pocket, the pirate pulled out the noisy snail and tossed it to Yasuke. “Take care of this.” He ordered, his eyes fixated on the looming battle ahead of them.

Yasuke caught the snail and quickly answered, however all he heard was intermittent static, “Young Lord, there seems to be a proble-..” The samurai started before being cut of by Jackal as the Black Baron pulled up alongside of Bazil’s vessel. Being a few feet away he garnered the kingslayer’s attention and explained that for some reason the snail transponders were not working. As they approached the fork in the river, Bazil’s attention never once wavered from the path on the right, the hair on his neck stood on end as his blood began to boil, his fingers began to twitch, and his devilish smile stretched from ear to ear. So much so that he failed to notice the black baron beginning to pull over, “Young Lord!” The samurai shouted, “Shall we pull over with them?” Without so much as a glance, Bazil waved his hand to signal Ezekiel to follow suit, dropping anchor a few meters down shore from the Baron.

After the ship came to a halt and was firmly anchored, Bazil and co made their way to the ground and towards Jackal and his crew, who could be seen getting ready to disembark their own ship. After the minkman shouted to Bazil, he mumbled something towards Sinbad, who obviously disagreed with whatever his captain had told him. Once Jackal’s paws were on the sandy ground, he looked in Wyld Stallyns direction, the trio already approaching the mink.

Jackal had learned how to talk with the Red Devil, making suggestions and comments, allowing him to feel as though he himself had made the decision. The mink was smart, “Ezekiel, stay here with the ship.” He ordered, though the prophet didn’t need much convincing to avoid the upcoming battle.

“As thou command, thy lord.” Ezekiel responded, placing his right arm over his stomach and bowing, the prophet then returned to the Skuttlebutt and let out a deep sigh once he was on board and out of ear shot, “Sheww, dodged a bullet there.” He said, speaking in normal tongue and wiping the sweat from his brow.

“I should probably stay with the ship to, huh? Ya know, just in case, right?” Yasuke said as he slowly stepped backwards towards the ship, hoping to also be excluded from the fight.

“Nahh, your fatass is coming, so let’s go.” Bazil responded coldly, clearly itching to take part in the action. Tears flowed from Yasuke’s eyes as he grumbled about the situation his captain was about to put them in, begrudgingly following the red haired pirate and the minkman as they began to track the Red Fox known as Soju.

As the group entered the forest, Jackal led in the front with Yasuke close behind him, who had heard what the mink said and responded. “Not everyone wants to be alone, and there’s no place lonelier than the top.” The samurai mumbled to Jackal, dried tear lines running down his dark skin. “Isn’t that right, young lord?” Yasuke asked Bazil, clearly trying to draw a connection between the two. However, he was met with no response, “Young Lord…?” He repeated, spinning around to realize the Kingslayer was no longer with the group.

Instead having slipped off and hurried ahead, breaking the tree line before the others and obtaining visual contact on Soju, who was now only twenty two meters from Bazil’s position, who was located above them on the high ground. Roughly eighteen meters higher than Soju and Mercer, the Red Devil turned his right arm into a bazooka and pumped off three rockets that sailed over the supernovas head and towards Diana’s forces on the other side of them. Quickly changing his arm back to normal, the pirate cupped his hands around his mouth to magnify his voice and took a deep breath, “EH YOO! RED HAIRED FOX FUCK!” Bazil yelled towards Soju, however as soon as he finished his sentence, Bazil was tackled from behind, sending him to ground.

“Young Lord!” Yasuke sobbed, “WHY?!” Tears streamed down the samurai’s face as he did his best to hold down the Red Devil until the others could arrive, however Bazil broke free and returned to his feet.

“The fuck fatass?!” Bazil shouted angrily, “Im trying to get that fox bastards attention, he’s not the only one who’s a fuckin king around here!” He yelled shaking his fist at the samurai.

“Yo..You don’t fire live rounds at a supernova!” The samurai bawled at the pirate, he turned towards the Red Fox Soju, quickly dropping to his knees and placing his forehead to the ground. “PLEASE FORGIVE MY YOUNG LORD! HE DOESN’T HAVE THE BEST OF MANNERS!” Yasuke pleaded to the supernova, his voice nervous and cracking with fear. “HE’S EXTREMELY SORRY!”

“Tch, the fuck I am..” Bazil grumbled, crossing his arms and turning away from the samurai like a child pouting. Suddenly, Yasukes large arm shot up and dragged Bazil down by his coat, forcing him to ground, “Hey, the fu-…!” He shouted as his butt hit the dusty cliff ledge.

“Pl-…ease, young lord, I don’t wanna die!” Yasuke pleaded sniveling, clearly un happy with the way the situation was unfolding.

Standing up once more, the pirate looked down at Soju, their matching red hair blowing in the gentle breeze. Bazil seeped out his immense willpower, the air began to get heavy as if the density itself had increased, “So, I heard you wanna be the fuckin king.”

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This battleground that lay ahead may be the most dangerous place that Gil had been in his life. He didn't like walking in blind. Apparently Diana's base was in Whiskey Peak, or at least that was what he had been told by the scouts. From the first report, it had seemed like the bandit grunts had done well with their reconnaissance in locating Diana. Gil wanted to be sure though, he didn't have as much experience dealing with some of these bandits but some of them did seem a little air-headded. "So Diana's base is in Whiskey Peak?" He was standing on deck of the Baron while Sinbad slowly and masterfully navigated their way around the river. "Yeah!" A bandit from the scout team replied. "How did you come across this information? Did you see her or maybe hear one of her men talk?" "Uhh." One bandit looked to another. "Well we didn't want to get close to the town. But we heard those invading pirates yelling about going to Whiskey Peak so that must be where she is, right?" "It's the only town on the island too." The two bandits reaffirmed each other with a decisive nod. Gil took a deep breath. So there wasn't really anything that guaranteed where she was at all.

His brow creased. He had to do something to improve their chances. He decided to do some forward scouting. Diving into the water, he swam ahead of the ships while remaining underwater. He went around each bend and checked out the way ahead before moving on. Going round a corner, he noticed a glint of metal sparkle up on the ridge of the mountain. Turning back to the Baron, Gil quickly jumped on deck and informed Sinbad, telling him to slow down and give him time to check it out. Jumping back into the water, Gil would slowly pull as much water against his body as he could hold in his Pisces Paladin kata and began scaling the sheer mountain beside the boat. He kept close to the cliff face, planting his fingers and toes against the rock and using small spurts of spray to propel him like a rocket powered spider. He was aiming to investigate while remaining hidden by himself.

Upon reaching the top, he peered over at where he last saw the glint. A lone figure trekking around the back routes. A hairy bull mink stomped it's way around the cliff edge, looking out into the valley below. The glint that he had spotted must have come from the massive steel battle axe strapped to his back. Observing for a minute, it was clear that this was some sort of sentry, watching for anyone that would come through the back routes of the island like they were. He didn't seem to have any marine affiliated apparel, so this would make him one of Diana's men. It seemed a bit overcautious to have someone up in these mountains if their base was situated in Whiskey Peak. Especially when she should have knowledge about the impending invasion by Soju.

Gil decided on apprehending him. If he could take someone captive, then they could possibly get some information from him. He waited until the mink was walking away from him and he crept up behind it. He would get to within ten metres when an unexpected shrill voice would ring out. "Oi there's a cheeky beggar comin' up behind ya, love!" Gil froze for a second, as his mind processed that the voice had in fact come from a little face that appeared on the wooden base of the battle axe, between the two blades. It twitched too and fro as if it had come alive. As the alert rung out, the bull mink turned to face Gil. It snorted, hot air passing out it's massive snout and little black eyes narrowed on the intruder.

Damn, he had lost the element of surprise. But it wasn't like he could give up now that he had been spotted. He had to stop him from reporting back to his boss at the very least. Gil thrusted his right arm, sending out a tentacle of water with he head of a moray, aiming to chomp onto and hold the mink down. With one swift move the bull stepped forward and drew the squealing axe and sliced straight through the shaped water.

The water splashed back and lost it's shape for a second, before Gil pushed again, this time attempting to rush the water all over the axe in and the bull in an attempt to submerge him. The bull stepped forward once more, half mooing half roaring and swinging his axe around in a circular fashion, dragging Gil off his feet with overwhelming strength and throwing him off the cliff.

Disappearing over the edge of the cliff, Gil tumbled head over heels while withdrawing his water to his body. That beast was strong, with a visage like a minotaur. Releasing spurts of water from his limbs, he reoriented himself midair and dashed back up to the lip of the cliff. It was time to change tact, he couldn't challenge that thing's strength head on.

Gil thrusted again, sending out an eel at it's maximum size, he put his full power into this attack. However he was aiming at the earth that made up the edge of the cliff, smashing it up and out at the bull before continuing to climb into the sky above the bull. This destroyed the side of the cliff and created a spray of dirt, masking Gil's ascent. "Wa's he doin now, that cheeky so an' so?" The axe squarked. When the bull cleared his eyes of the dirt, he would see a green fishman sailing overhead.

Gil then dumped water, funneling it down on one side of the bull. It came raining down like a waterfall. The massive pressure swept the bull of it's feet and pulled it toward the cliff that had just been taken out. Had he been able to grip onto the ground then he would have been able to use his strength to hold on. But no one would be able to predict the massive amount of water that would seemingly appear out of nowhere. The bull growled in frustration as he found himself being swept off the mountain.

"Leme attem!" The axe squealed, and it's wielder obliged. With one powerful overarm, he would send the axe spinning at Gil. With only a small window to react, Gil twisted to the side, pushing out water that shaped into a shield, attempting to deflect the blow. But the bull's strength was too much, the cleaving axe's trajectory was changed away from a fatal hit, but Gil's own strength wasn't enough to block it completely. He took a slash to his side a few inches deep. The axe cackled as it drew blood.

"You're coming with me." Gil landed on the ground and picked up the axe. "Nooo don't touch me ya filthy bastard!". Gil turned back toward the boat and heard the bull splash into the water below. He would jump off the mountain and follow the bull into the water. It was scrabbling as it sunk, attempting to fight it's way to the surface. Gil joined him. Now the tables had turned. The fishman was in his domain. He gripped the water with his toes, sending out threads of razor sharp condensed water to entrap him. The bull was tied up like a mummy, the threads biting into his skin as he struggled. They were of equal strength and he did manage to fight off some of the water wires, but he was taking a toll when it bit deep into his skin. After a few minutes of fighting without air, the bull slowed and stopped, losing consciousness. Gil had to admire its fighting spirit, the river had run red with his blood.

Gil brought the axe and bull aboard the baron, securing them both in chains. He would inform the crew about the bull's monstrous strength as a warning. They definitely didn't want this thing to break loose. "We may be able to get some information out of these two. The mink doesn't talk much, but for some reason this axe is alive and seems all too keen on speaking." "I'm not gonna tell you nuffin!" Gil would let Jackal decide whether he wanted to use them or not. Gil then spent the rest of the time he had before landing on patching himself up as best he could, sewing together his flesh.


Pulling up to land, Gil followed Jackal out, staying a little behind and remaining hidden. So apparently just ahead was the man he had seen on the projector screen in Nanohana. His face had been all over Sandy Island up until this, calling for pirates to step up. Gil appreciated just how dangerous this situation could be. Needless to say, he was appalled to see Bazil's brazen action. Gil had to forcefully bite his tongue so that he would not utter some variant of 'I told you so'. "I think we should consider removing his head. He obviously intends to endanger us all." Gil advised Jackal, not bothering to keep his volume low enough so that Bazil wouldn't hear it.

skills: pisces paladin, danker domain, anemone assault
npc: bull mink (Diana) - secondary strength, tert everything else
battle axe homie - non-pri everything

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Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow

Cetus Neptune

The Kapitän Kommandant Arrival

The boat tilted a bit as 4 figures practically jump out the water unto the ship. With heavy thud one of them collapse to the ground, and was help up again by the other 3 figures that was with him.

If you seen his face before or seen his massive body you would be able to make it out as Oceanus. But to those who never seen him or met him he would seen like a stranger.

As he stood back up with the help of the fish man who practically help carried him back to this location. He glance around the area carefully more of the surrounding water then the crew. He had remember seeing this island fill with either Fish man or mink.

Now to see the island nearly laid in rubble, and no fish man within the water was weird. It was very weird to make matters even worst the fact that current events had already taken place thus far was funny.

A loud cry from Oceanus lips erupted as he begin to cry out in pain. After about 5 seconds the whining stop, and Oceanus raise his head as he stare at Zeed, and his crew members.

He had said,"Yall standing around with yall finger up ya ass. Soldat Kob bring me the all the Den Den Mushi, and prepare the cannons at once! oh, and bring me something for my leg."

The Soldat Kob wasn't able to react to Nia which was lucky for her. Because he wasn't gonna left her slide with the comments, and insults she had just toss at him. He quickly hold his tongue, and made his way back down stairs to fetch the items his superiors he had requested.

If you look carefully now you could see that one of Oceanus leg was gone, and was bandage up. You could see the wound had just start to open up again, and the bandage was wet so it was time for a new one. That why Oceanus had send Kob to retrieve some stuff to fix him up.

The leg that was cut was his left one, and it was cut up until the point of the patella. The pirate who did this to him was nice enough to leave just a bit of his leg left for him to used.

After a few minutes Kob had return, and Oceanus had grab only the Speaker Den Den Mushi for the ship. Clearing his voice he had said,"Just a few days ago I came to this island, and was asked to join Super Nova Diana. My reply was NO in fact it was accompany with an attack for her wasting my time. The response was everything went black, and I lost my leg. I never felt so weak so low until that very moment.

So on today on this night I will crush everything on that island. No one is friend everyone is foe as I decree it! Everyone must die for the sake of my lost leg!"
After about 5 seconds he had return the Speaker Den Den Mushi back to Kob, and stare at Nia, Zeed, and the other people present on the ship.

He had then said,"As you see we got ourselves in quite a pickle. So we gonna need an plan. One that I got! There no need for us to raid the shores that is already done. What we will do is sail for Whiskey Peak which is that mountain over yonder.That is the strong hold of the Super Nova forces from what I gather she have strange powers that allow her to grant things such as the earth crust life, and do a number of weird things. Like some cartoon shit that you would only read about when growing up. None of that is important we will enter into the mouth of the river,and destroy every ship on the way to the mountain.Once there we will depart from the ship leave some forces behind as we attempt to attack the strong hold with the other pirates who came. At any moment we will strike them down at either my command or safe word Grape Fruit."

There was cheers throughout the ship ,and He stop talking for 1 minute awaiting for cheers to stop. Once he was sure everyone was clear on what the plan was he begin to break down in detail who is going to be doing what.

He turn his attention to Nia as he said,"Well..Well.. Well if it ain't little sister. I see ya made it this far. I hope you have something to bring to the table other wise I am going to have ya lock in cell down yonder do I make myself clea-."

He was cut off by Soldat Kob which had earn him a glare the Soldat had said,"Sir! that one over there said she is a doctor she could possibly patch ya up sir before the battle sir."

Oceanus had nodded, and said,"I see is that so little one?"He had turn to glance at the mermaid again. Upon her answering he had said," Very well I guess you can be of some help. Kob did you bring the kit, and plank?" The Soldat nodded his head in approval as he point in the direction of the plank he had brought up with him.

Oceanus had grinned, and turn his head over to Squid like fish man that was holding him up now with the help of the other two fish man which was the Cuttlefish, and Octopus they easy reach the height of 15- 17 feet tall.

He said,"Mac go over there, and bring me the plank it over to me. Nia you will put the plank on my leg after you burn it, and seal the wounded. But before that I will tell ya your assignments. Nia since you new here you are at the point of proving ya self worthy of my time. Your first assignment it is very important with the help of 5 other fishman, and Beki you will secure the water,and scout ahead of the ship. You will search deep, and far, and report back to us by means of Baby Den Den Mushi. Is that understood?"

There was no room for negotiating he had a reason why he wanted her to do that it is because this island is crawling with fish man alike. He didn't want to be surprise attack by his own race. Letting out a sigh he had continue as he said," Once we land arrive near Whiskey Peak you will take command of the vessel, and secure the waters of this island no if and or buts all ships that aren't ours expect for some that you are unable to sink will be sunk is that understood Nia? "

Again he had waited for her to reply then he turn his attention to Zeed had he signal for the grunts to lower him down. He had laid near the rail of the ship which his back against it he had said,"Kapitan Of Enforcement Zeed Tear otherwise known as the World Serpent you are task with command of this vessel until we arrive at mountain. In lames terms we will attack any ships that are along the way, and sink them. By use of Beki, Nia, other Soldats or cannon fire. You are whole entirely responsible for any miss use of resources . Once we have arrive at the mountain me, you, and few other fish man will make there way up to the top where we will attempt to kill all in are way! Of course at the command of my safe word Grape Fruit. Is that understood ?"

He had waited for the human to reply upon his comment he would reply respond correctly. Oceanus wasn't in the happiness of mood. His mind was clearly on setting the record straight no one will cross him or the Mafia so help him god they will feel his wrath!

As Oceanus spoke several fish man had begin to load up the cannons there was a total of 6 cannons, and plenty of cannon for them to use.
As of now the fish man had load up 5 cannons with standard Round Shot Cannon, and one Explosive Shell Cannon Ball just behind the figure head which wasn't in the way of the cannon itself.

More importantly nothing was lit it was loaded but none of the fuels was lit as Oceanus nor did Zeed command it yet. As of now the The Bleeding Maw was just 50 meters away from The Skuttlebutt

As they slowly follow down the river. At this point after the operation Oceanus would retired to the captain quarters otherwise known as the Command Center where Zeed would follow him to because that is how you control the ship. As for Soldat Kob he would pass out 3 Baby Den Den Mushi given one to Oceanus , one to Nia, and the last one too Kapitan Zeed. The Black Den Den Mushi would be given to Oceanus as well. Each Den Den Mushi was like a watch meaning it was made to fit around the wrist for person who is using it.

Everyone had there orders it was now time to put them into effected. Now Beki was within the Command Center otherwise known as the Captain Quarters but he was awoke due to the noise of the Oceanus over the Speaker Den Den Mushi or the noise of the cannon fire in the back ground.Either way he was up, and he knew his master was here.

If any reason if the Speaker Den Den Mushi doesn't work then Oceanus would yell so everyone could heard his orders, and speech. He wanted to be sure everything was carried out without a hitch or an problem

OOC Notes:

* Yo guys I didn't really feel like pm everyone in topic. So I will use this as pm spam lol. Anyway  in this Topic I was award 3 grunts from that topic above. I want to know if It okay with everyone to use them as they did aid me escape from the Cp8 ship to arrive here. If not I will edit it as such cheers.


Oceanus Info:

*+ 5 Doriki to Strength & Power{S} as per Wotan Race
*+ 5 Doriki to Spirit & Willpower{T}, and + 5 Strength & Power is now {P}
*Ship Ammo Link*
*Oceanus Confirm Purchases Link*
Bleeding Maw{Ship}
3 Baby Den Den Mushi
1 Black Den Den Mushi


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The Janitor


The Janitor

Love v. Hate

ooc:Like I said when I made the first NPC post Wotan aren't grunts, never will be. For aesthetics you can have them be Fishman but they yield no benefits from the race that a  PC or NPC would get. The Fishman that help you make your "PC" debut are fine with just that. But are not going to be of any use and are out of the topic, since they were a reward from another one. I'm not trying to come at you. I just want you to be aware of this now and not when you try to use them in a combat sense.

Posting order is now set.

Also, can everyone keep track of any enemies that you take out.

"It seems the river we took just lead into the main one that bisects the Island. But little to no defense. I get we took out one port, but still. A bit strange this is the amount of resistance that we have. I have a weary feeling about all of this. That assistance we asked for might have to be used." Mercer would mumble out loud to himself as he took in their current situation. Individuals had disembark here and there to clash with the forces that were along the river. But those were only small skirmishes there hadn't been any true large conflicts between either side yet. Time would pass and they would be closer to the goal of Soju. He didn't have his sword out anymore, just the Vivri Card he had. His and Mercer's Observation Haki pushed outward as they had gotten to a certain point. Existing the River that they took to enter the main one that bisected the Island, their ship would be hit with a powerful mortar strike. It didn't damage many but the ship was out for the count.

Simply after it happened they'd disembark from the ship. Doing this quickly as to lose no more time. Heading into the main channel proved difficult. Mortar strikes from Whiskey Peak and also a couple, ten, Fishman saw to that. This ships that surrounded the Island had enter a river just like Soju had to enter inland. Maneuvering through that in hopes of getting to somewhat in the middle of the Island. All of the ships that made it, the remaining twenty-eight, wouldn't sink from the strikes right away. They'd take measure to protect their ships since they belonged to them. Only Soju's ship seemed to get hit with a direct hit. The distance still didn't give Diana's forces that much accuracy. Unknowing to everyone though as their ships had made it far enough their entrance would be closed off. Leading them deeper into the Island was the best thing for Diana's forces. And the Fishman that usually would be the first line of defense against any ships that came toward the Island were not around. As they were scattered. Blocking river entrances once ships had made it, doing this with the aid of Homies.

Soju didn't care for the ship he was on because it wasn't his main vessel. His Shipwright, who also wasn't here, did not allow Soju to risk their ship for such proven carnage. As they knew going at Diana would prove to be devastating to both sides. Soju will never admit he was weaker or equal to Diana but they were about equal. And that was only because of the Pirates Soju was able to get to come and fight for him for this. In the lead Soju and Mercer would lead those under them forward. In the distance Whiskey Peak glowed brightly in the distance. Within that town was the majority of Diana's forces.

"G-get this shit together!" A stutter had developed within the Dwarf after the incident that didn't take place that long ago on this Island. His wounds still also not fully healed, but he wasn't needed to fight. His mobility and speed was enough since the Den Den Mushi weren't working for some reason. Zipping around he barked orders to ge he town known as Whiskey Peak ready for the next step of the plan. The forces that those coming began to fight now had changed. Homies were the only things that they would come across as they got closer to Whiskey Peak, via land. They weren't stronger than any grunts but their numbers were enough to slow anyone down. To tire the forces come down was their only task. Buying more time for whatever they had planned in Whiskey Peak as whatever it was wasn't finished.  

"Ugh. " Soju would say as he'd remove his sword from its sheath once more. As a large force of homies would begin to rush toward him and those behind him. Rocks with faces is all Soju saw them as. They had been hiding for this moment to attack. His blade heating up as he prepared himself to unleash a wave that will incinerate even that with a flick of his blade. Something though would cause him to not follow through with his attack. A explosion that would take the first wave of foes out in almost a instant. With the distance that was between them Mercer and Soju felt who it was that had attacked and would turn their attention in his direction. Soju listened to everything Bazil would spew from his mouth. Many things would go through the mind of the Supernova. Bazil was known for how he acted and that was one reason that Soju was glad he was somewhere on the Island. As he could be used to cause havoc among Diana's forces. He was someone that he knew would never fly under his flag. And if he lived through this event might become one of the enemies Soju spoke to Mercer about. "I am King Boy." Soju would say without any hesitation. Mercer said nothing as he was weary of Bazil. He was weary about anyone that hadn't sworn they'd work under Soju. His weapons were drawn and at any moment he'd strike out if need be.

"What do we do about this ship?"

"Ugh, I don't know. R said that Soju was the type to have all his ships go in. That he wasn't smart enough to have one or some sit back."

"Guys, there is another one."



His subordinates were annoying, but he loved them. Nep was the one in charge of making sure that all of the entrances/exits for the Island were closed off. He had already sent his left and right hand to the largest entrances so now all he had was his not so powerful followers. They all were under Diana but they followed Nep over everything. "There are forty of you with me. Split up and board both ships, and kill everyone. I'll go after the one heading this way, as they could just be slagging behind." Nep would say as they would begin to swim toward their respected ships.

"WAIT! What about the third ship?"


"There are...." The Fishman would begin to count his fingers. "More than two ships."

"Well, Nep is too far away so we just split up again. I will go onto the docked one, and you guys chase down the other one." A Fishman would say They would all agree and once again they'd split up to execute their plan.  

Nep flew forward faster than those under him, forging a gap they wouldn't be able to keep up with. His speed due to being submerged increasing passed what it was if he was on lande( T to S). And with is strength also pushed to a league no one could match he was a true powerhouse when it came to Sea Combat. Though he had young inexperienced Fishman learning under him he would lead by example on what they should aspire to become. The distance that was between him and the ship that, fifty meters, would be closed within mere minutes. And upon getting inches away from the Bleeding Maw Nep would be like a torpedo as he'd attempt to pierce right through the hull of the ship. The 8ft Fishman, if successful, would stand proud in the water filling hull. He didn't have time to take his time there was a plan that needed to be executed and his orders would be needed. So, sinking this ship was the best option given to him.

The ship the other Fishman chased wouldn't not be caught up to for a while due to the distance that was between them. Something else would catch their attention and pull them away from their chase. This action would prove fatal for them. But, the ship docked would be boarded by the lone Fishman that thought he could handle it. He was no more than a grunt when on land, but unlike the others he wasn't inexperienced. He had been under Nep for close to a year and had seen his fair share of conflict. He'd stand next to the mask of the ship sword drawn. "Now, now. Did they just leave the ship like this?"

Rizor had left the peak of the Mountain that he was on, and was now within it. The place looked the same as when Lina and Oceanus had last scene other than it being more lively. "Hurry up." he'd say but the hearing of snapping fingers would draw his attention away from barking orders. He was shocked at what it was he would see.

Enemy Count:
38/40 on Diana's Side
29/30 on Soju's Side

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