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16 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:04 pm



While he was moving about and cutting whatever was in front of him, the giant had finally answered his question about his travels to this area. He heard what he had said, and smile because that sounded like a challenge to one of the world’s best meal. He figured he would have good meal out of this, and wondered if he would be able to make food for the both of them. He looked up to Gideon as he had shouting, and when he seen what he was doing he had figured he wasn’t the only one going through this problem as well. He wasn’t sure, but the name Ordeal of Strings, started to make sense to him now, and he understood why they were going through what they were going through. ”I guess they didn’t name this place Ordeal of Strings for nothing. I think this whole place is covered with them,” he brought this up as he figured he would say what was in his mind.

While Yuurei was cutting down the strings around him, Gideon wasn’t doing that. It seemed like the latter was the bad choice, which he had seemed to have gotten himself stuck. Thanks to him though his lower body had been free, so he decided to help the giant out. The thief was about to help free Gideon, but he had pointed out somewhere, and when he looked over to see what Gideon was pointing at, his eyes widen and his jaw drop as he was taken by surprised. He didn’t think there would be a time where he would see an oversize spider in his life. Still, what he was seeing were three huge spiders on a tree. He looked at them, and then over to Gideon; they weren’t big to him, and were probably small like he would see an average spider, but to Yuurei these bastards were huge. The spiders weren’t the only things that had made their way towards the duo.

Yuurei could hear the rumbling off a certain direction, and when he looked over he could see there were other insects heading this way. His body had turned pale from the sight of these oversized insect, and the hair around his body had spiked up as he could feel the chills resonating through his body. This was the grossest thing he could have ever been. Still, the giant would be their best choice of escape, and he was going to have to be free before they could make their way out of here. ”Hell no! I’m not fighting these big ass insects!” he shouted out loud as he was a bit scared about this. He didn’t come up here to be faced with such bullshit, but here he was actually going through this ordeal. Yuurei took out Benihime, Ichi, Ni, San, and jumped up into the air facing towards Gideon. ”Once I get you free, you start squishing these bugs with your hands and feet!” he said loud enough for him to hear him.

Yuurei gulped again, but this time he had his mind focused and ready on what he was going to do. The swordsmen had started swinging his blades on one side of Gideon as he was not aiming to hit the giant at all. When he landed on the ground again, he moved to the man’s other side and did the same thing he did the first time. The spiders that were headed his way had struggled to keep their balance as the strings were cut now. They had dropped to the lower realm, or at least where Yuurei was standing. They had looked in his direction, and he blinked a few times as he had just noticed what he did. ”Shit!” he shouted as they started moving towards him. Gideon was free from the trap that he had encased himself in, but now Yuurei was in some deep shit. He shook his head as he could feel the chills going through his neck. He had to fight if he wanted to keep himself alive. He got ready as he was waiting for them to get closer to him, or waiting for something to happen.

17 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:39 pm



Gideon continued to struggle with the large amounts of entangled string, but he wasn't making any progress. He groaned once he realized Yuurei was right, "Ordeal of String", it was all in the name, and if he had figured this out earlier, he probably would have avoided this problem.

Though the situation seemed out of his large hands, he figured since Yuurei wasn't restrained, then he would be able to bravely save the day by cutting down the monstrous insects with the grace and heroism of a swordsman born from an island who bred warriors... until he heard Yuurei's cry. It seems the human wasn't too fond of bugs and didn't intend to fight them, not alone at least.

With a single bound, Yuurei leaped high into the air, swinging his blades. Another jump by Gideon's other side. The strings that coiled around the giant suddenly burst, Gideon felt freedom. As Yuurei had commanded, he intended on squishing them, but not just with his hands and feet. From his fanny pack, Gideon drew Mjolgera, his meat tenderizer.

With one wide swing, Gideon was able to slam and send a handful of spiders away. Looking down upon the floor to see Yuurei trying to avoid a mess amount of insects, he reacted by slamming a black booted foot down upon a millipede and centipede.

A loud buzzing passed by Gideon's ear, he quickly swatted away, but missed the giant dragonfly, "Annoying pests" he grunted as he began swinging Mjolgera, but continuing to miss, "Roast Beef!" he cursed, slapping his neck with his free hand. He looked to his left to see a giant mosquito flying away before beginning to circle him like the dragonfly was doing. The two zig-zagging insects planned on draining him of blood and devouring him alive.

Then he got an idea.

Before a set of spiders gathered to surround Yuurei, Gideon reached down and grasped the swordsman into his hand, lifting him up and placing him on his own shoulder, "Keep the bloodsuckers off of me, I'll take care of ground control" he said as he walked a few giant steps before turning around to face the clutter of ground insects that were planning to go for Yuurei previously. Gideon took a deep breath, then clicked his teeth together before leaning forward and breathing out a cone of fire, burning and charring the critters, "Spitfire!'

Name: Spitfire
Description: Seeds from the red Fire Flower, are used as spices in Gideon's cooking, to which he has been able to develop a skill by ingesting an amount of these spices and burp out flammable breath to which he can combine with a spark from clicking his giant's teeth, causing to ignite and set aflame the cloud of flammable breath.
Range: Short 1m - 15m
Attribute: Strength & Power
Rank: Novice
Theme: Hell’s Kitchen

18 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:21 pm



Yuurei was looking at the spiders that were coming towards him. He was a bit nervous about this because of their size, and they were coming after him in a group. He had gotten ready to strike at them if they got too close, but he could only think about what would happen, if they had gotten to him. They probably would wrap him up together, and easily just take him to their web, and start drinking him dry. He shook his head because he didn’t want to think about it anymore as it freaked him out. While they were heading towards he could hear the commotion coming from behind him. It seemed like the giant was ready to swat and smash these bugs, where it was different for Yuurei. He only sighed because he knew that this giant had the advantage. They didn’t look big, and oversize to him, so he wasn’t afraid of this happening. In his case this was the worst thing that could happen to him.

The thief was ready to take action now as they were close enough for his hands to reach them, but something happen. One second he was ready to move his feet as one of them had moved forward, and then the next thing he felt was that he had been grabbed by the giant. It caught him off guard, and it was not something he had expected. He was surprised and he looked at the giant as he wasn’t sure what he was planning on doing. He figured they were going to run for their lives, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, the man was ready to fight, and Yuurei could see that he was holding a huge ass fucking mallet, or what looked like an oversized meat tenderizer. He was surprised to see his choice of weapon, and chuckled a bit as he noticed that he was being placed onto the man’s shoulder. He was in a safe place now, or so he though as he could see that there were flying critters to deal with now.

Yuurei heard the man speak, giving him orders, and he could only look at him as he was okay with that. He didn’t care about who was in charge right now and not with all these bugs around. He figured the giant had the advantage on this, so that was good. While he was on his shoulder he could feel Gideon move about, and soon enough he could feel heat coming for the man’s face. He noticed that he shot out fire from his mouth, which made Yuurei’s eyes widen as he was surprised to see this. He didn’t think he would ever see a giant spit out fire, but today was the day. He watched the ground critters burn and become charred from his, which meant he was able to take out a lot of the enemies that they were facing. Still, there were the dragonfly, and the mosquito that was left, and it was for him to handle. The pirate had watched as the mosquito was making its way towards Yuurei and Gideon, and he figured it was time to act.

He had grabbed all four of his swords, and only smile because he was getting ready to take action. He noticed that Gideon’s shoulder was like a battlefield of its own. It was huge, and he had a lot of space to walk around, which he didn’t take noticed before when he got on his shoulder before. Yuurei had rushed over to the mosquito as he was moving faster than before. He figured giving up a little bit of strength for speed wasn’t a bad choice, which was the route he took. When the Mosquito got close it noticed that Yuurei had tried to attack, so it tried to dodge his attack. Still, it wasn’t fast enough to avoid his attack. The thief has spun his body while his blade had caught the mosquito as it had been sliced into five. The bug had dropped to the ground from this attack, and when he looked over to the dragon fly it had flew right by Yuurei.

The man had felt the force of the speed, and was pushed away. Yuurei had lost his balance and was sliding down Gideon’s back. Yuurei was about to stab the man with the Ni, and San, but stopped himself from doing that. Instead, he placed one of the handles into his mouth, and the other one in the hand where the other two blades were as he made sure his hand was free, and grabbed a hold onto Gideon’s jacket. He sighed because he was glad that he was able to quickly think on his toes. He started to climb up from where he was, but it was hard to do with one. He would use his strength to pull himself up and leap upward. While he was doing that though, he noticed that the dragonfly was coming straight for him now, and Yuurei figured this was the chance he needed. He figured it would be a decisive attack as the man had planted his feet in front of Gideon shoulder blades, and pushed off. The young man was in the air now as he was flying straight towards the Dragonfly. He grabbed the blade that was in his mouth and swung them both at the flying creature cutting it into three.

Yuurei, however was falling from about forty-six feet to the ground. ”Gideon catch me! Please!” he shouted out loud as he was falling to his death now.

19 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:01 pm



Fire sprayed from Gideon's lips. The heat was just as intense to the giant as the hot spices he normally adds to his hefty meals. As the insects burned, he began craving fried shrimp with jalapeno peppers and tartar sauce.

After the spitfire stopped, Gideon inhaled. His stomach growled as he watched the flaming patch of insects died slowly; the fire began to die down soon after, luckily the grass was too damp to be caught on fire, Did it rain often in this area?, he thought.

Movement on his shoulder reminded him that Yuurei was still there. Like reflex, Gideon turned his head towards that direction but hesitated when he heard blades whirling and slashing.

The buzzing returned, flying by his ear at one point, Gideon turned and tried swatting, but couldn't even catch sight of the bug. Being so large had the disadvantage against bugs flying and flanking around him, which obviously irritated him. He was so focused on trying to spot the fliers that he didn't realized Yuurei had already killed the Mosquito and had fallen down his back and grabbed his jacket. Still looking about, swatting here and there, Gideon was oblivious to Yuurei's climb up his back.

Suddenly, the giant lurched forward due to Yuurei pushing off his back. He then turned about just in time to see his smaller companion falling. Immediately Gideon jumped towards his friend, catching him in his hands, while bringing him closer to his chest, he tumbled forward, then brought his legs in and allowed himself to roll for some distance. He felt shrubs and smaller trees collapse beneath him and some larger trees push redirect his tumble until he fell into a river.

Though he had submerged for the moment, he quickly got to his feet, bringing his cupped hands to air. Then he opened his hands to allow Yuurei air, "Sorry about that, but at least I managed to catch you" He said before taking a look around.

Ahead of the river, there was a large structure in the center of a large pool. Flanking the structure were two statues: one of a large snake and the other was a large winged male wielding a sword with numerous ridges.

20 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:53 pm



Yuurei was falling from where he was, which was a bit nerve wrecking to say the least. He had to become strong enough that this fall wouldn’t do any type of damage to him. He didn’t know if Gideon had heard him yelling, but he was sure hoping that the giant would be able to save him in time. When he was falling he could only laugh because he thought about what would happen, if he died here. His adventure would have ended early, and his father would never get to see any of the beautiful swords that he was trying to collect. Then it happened, Yuurei felt his body being swiped at as he was caught by a huge hand, and he knew who it belonged to. It was Gideon’s, but it seemed like when he pushed himself off the giant he had leaped too far. It only brought his friend to tumble when he was caught. He could feel him rolling around the forest now, and he could only shake around as he was being bounced around.

The young pirate could only feel himself being smacked into Gideon’s hand, and then his stomach. He sheathed his blades as fast as he could, so he wouldn’t have mistakenly stab his companion. Still, Yuurei could only hope this rolling of Gideon would stop because he was busy bouncing all over the place in his hand. It made him a little dizzy when this was happening, but he wasn’t sure what was happening on the outside. He wished he could see, but he did hear the sound of trees breaking, and falling to the ground, and he could only imagine the mess that Gideon had created with his size. It didn’t just stop there, and this caught Yuurei off guard. He had been soon noticed that Gideon’s hand was filled with water, and he wasn’t able to grasp for air before holding his breath. That meant that he took in a chunk of water as he was being submerged. He grasped for air as the bouncing stopped, but he was moving his hands upward as he was trying to get out of this predicament.

It didn’t take long, even though it felt like forever, but the water had been drained from the hand he was in, and he could only drop to his knees as he was in the palm of Gideon’s hand. He was coughing out all the water that had been force into his mouth. He wasn’t just doing that, but he was grasping for air as he felt like he almost died right there. It was first the insects, then the drop, and now he was about to drown. This day couldn’t get any worst right?” he thought to himself as he was praying to god that he didn’t jinx it. He heard the giant’s words, which brought him back to reality; he chuckled nervously when he heard Gideon’s words. He was high in the air with the man having his arm raised in the air. He could see a lot more than he would have been able to on the ground. He was surprised to see a large structure not far from them.

He wondered, if this was the place that they were looking for. Yuurei could see the statues as well, and was surprised on huge they were. The shrine, or temple was big enough for someone like Gideon to walk into, which made him wondered who the hell build this in the first place. It seemed like the winged man was holding onto a sword, and Yuurei wondered, if this was the sword he was looking for. It could probably be somewhere inside of that place, which brought a smile to Yuurei’s face. ”This could be the place. The man with the wings is holding a sword, so this might be the place where the sword is residing in,” he said to Gideon as he had completely forgot that he almost died a few times within minutes. He looked at the structure though, and could tell just by looking at it that it was well built. It was made to last for centuries as it was still standing tall.

Yuurei shook himself as he was wondering why he felt a little bit heavy, but realized he was drenched with water. He had shook his body to allow some of the water to be shaken off of him. ”Shall we head into it? It could have traps out the ass, but I’m betting there will be something well deserving at the end of it all,” he said to Gideon. He wondered, if the giant would leave him at the front, or go along with him, but he was planning to enter with or without Gideon.

21 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:50 am



Gideon was hesitant at first. The imagery of the structure was intimidating and though Yuurei was most likely right, a part of the giant wished that he wasn't. "The fruit might be in there as well" he piped, trying to hide his nervousness. By the way the swordsman spoke, it was as if he had no fear of the unknown or dangerous traps, which did impress Gideon, but also made him more nervous.

The giant trek through the water until he made it to the structure which indeed looked like a temple as it came more into view. Out of the water, Gideon walked up large stone steps which were scaled to his size to his surprise. After reaching the midpoint, he stood before a large stone door with the picture of a winged giant facing outward with both hands up, palms out. "Is it possible that this temple is to a giant with wings? Are there such giants?" he asked out loud, though he felt he of all people should know this, but he's only heard of stories of angelic-like beings with divine powers, but those were merely stories.

As he took a step closer, he had noticed there was a small opening at the base of the door, as if someone had managed to pry a small fraction of the stone away to create an opening for a human's size. "Maybe treasure hunters got to this place before us?" He asked Yuurei as he placed him on the floor".

Gideon then examined the door, the picture of the giant was just a few feet higher than he was; obvious that the being was to scale with giants of his size. The intended entry point was closed and there didn't seem like any handle on the door, so opening it was already the first puzzle.

22 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:30 am



Yuurei heard Gideon speak about the fruit possibly being inside of the structure that they could see from the distance. He smiled because if that was the case, then Gideon would be all for heading into this place. He was excited that this was going to happen, and couldn’t wait for the giant to start moving from where he was standing right now. He had started moving, which was great, and it seemed like he willing to go, but he could feel that the man was treading lightly. He didn’t care though because he was still moving through, which meant that he wasn’t going to turn back. When he got closer, he noticed that this structure was indeed a temple, and not a shrine. At this time he had climbed down Gideon’s hand, and onto the man’s shoulder again. When the two had gotten to the door, he only examined the door and he could see the giant winged man spreading his arms at the door.

He didn’t know what it meant, but he looked over at Gideon’s head as he had asked a good question. The way the giant statue of the winged man looked, and painting it could be that he was actually a giant winged man. ”I don’t know if a giant could have wings, but if this one did have wings, then it must be really rare. It is either that, or they just don’t exist anymore,” he said to Gideon as he wasn’t sure what to say, or how to really answer him. He didn’t know what was going to happen, but soon enough it seemed like Gideon had noticed an opening that was good enough for him to enter the temple. He was okay with this, but he wasn’t planning on entering the temple without Gideon coming with him. They had gotten here together, so he figured that he would continue on with him being on his shoulder. It also gave him a feel of comfort, and safety for the time being. Still, he noticed something happening, and it was Gideon reaching for him.

Yuurei didn’t like that he was being treated as if he was a toy as he was being put down on the floor. He didn’t know what to do. ”It looks like I can go inside the temple, but I don’t think it’s smart if I go in on my own. We have to find a way on opening this door,” he said as he looked around the area. He was searching to see if there was a small handle around that giants couldn’t normally see, or that a person could easily miss, but there was nothing. He couldn’t see anything, which upset him because he was hoping that he would be able to find something as a clue. Yuurei looked at Gideon as he figured he would give some suggestions. ”Hey Gideon. I have a suggestion, and it is kind of weird, but hear me out,” he said as he coughed a bit as he was getting ready to speak to his companion.

”So this wing-man giant has a statue of himself with a snake as well, so it kind of bugged me that when we got to do door there was also a painting of him. I felt like they were doing too much to show this man respect, or there was a reason for the painting. Now hear me out, why won’t you copy what the painting is doing, and see if it works. I kind of tried and it didn’t work for me,” he said upset that his plan didn’t work when he did it. Yuurei, however, felt like there weren’t any handle, or contraption to open the door, unless it was on the statues. He turned to the statues, and looked at them as he could only wondered if he should climb and inspect them.

23 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:57 pm



Gideon lightly touched the stone door; dusty as he expected. He inspected the creases and judging how difficult it was to spot them beneath the dust, it must have been decades or centuries since the last time this door must have been opened.

Yuurei made his statement known that he wasn't going within the temple alone and Gideon didn't blame him for it, he understood that situation and he himself felt he would make the same decision if the roles were reversed.

The giant was scanning the door, then the walls that surround him. He gave a rough sigh, rattling his mind about how he was going to get in. He delivered a swift punch, hitting the face of the winged giant picture, but no budge, the stone was rough and well built.

Then Yuurei gave a suggestion and Gideon gave a nod, though he was skeptical. He took another look at the picture and then mimic it's posture and gesture; standing tall at attention, his hands brought up, palms open and facing outwards towards the door.

"Nothing" He sighed, but then he got a thought. Gideon then took a step forward and placed his hands upon the hands of the winged giant. At this position, his eyes met the eyes of the other, the eyes seem to have been made by a different stone, but before he could look closer, the door shifted, causing Gideon to jump back.

He stared in awe as the door moved upward, rising and releasing a large amount of dust, creating dust cloud that soon dissipated. Before him, a dark opening that lead down an open hall at least 30 feet wide and 60 feet high.

"Well" Gideon looked down at Yuurei, "Time to make a move" he then gripped Mjolgera and began carefully walking into the hall.

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24 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:28 pm



Yuurei watched Gideon try it out, and hoped that it would work, but when he did it nothing happen. He rubbed his chin as he was trying to figure it out. This was harder than he thought it would be, but he wasn’t a giant, so he couldn’t really see what Gideon could see. Still, he was trying to help him out and he continued to look around. He could hear Gideon punch the door as well, but he didn’t react to it. A forceful entry would be a good attempt, and he tried it, but nothing happen. While he was looking around, he heard a noise occurring. It was loud, but it was strong enough for him to feel the ground rumbling for him. He had crouched on the ground and placed his hand on the ground as he was trying to make sure he wasn’t going to fall into some crack that would appear, or fall back into the water as he had enough of drowning in water.

When he looked at the door he noticed that the dust had blown straight at him, and it was a huge gust coming straight t him. He blocked the wind from it and he was trying his best to keep himself on the ground, but the way the door opened pushed him back. ”Gah!” he shouted as he flew back, and straight into the water. Yuurei sighed as he was submerged in the water, and he sighed as he was looking around, and could only wondered how this could happen to him again. Why does this always happen to me. Well at least he got the door open. he thought to himself as he started swimming upward, and back to the surface. He crawled himself out of the water, and rushed up to the steps. When he got there it seemed like the door had finally fully open. The dust that had blown him away were no longer there, and he could only sighed because he knew he was going to go through hell here.

Yuurei looked up at Gideon, and was a bit irritated from what had happen. ”You could have warned me when the door opened. That old dust blew me away from the door, and back into the water. And I was just getting dried from the first time we were in the water,” he said as he shook himself as he was splashing water everywhere. The thief brushed his hair back with his hands, and figured it was time to walk into the temple. When he did he remembered something that they should have brought along with them. Well, he didn’t have it, and he wasn’t sure if Gideon had it within that bag of his. The light behind them was resonating into the temple, so they would be good for a few, but he knew that darkness would engulf them sooner or later. While they were walking he made sure that he was beside Gideon because he didn’t want to be accidently stepped on.

”Do we have anything to light up this place? I know the further we go in it will get harder to see, or whoever made this temple was kind of enough to place lights inside here,” he said. Yuurei was moving carefully as well as he was making sure that he didn’t accidently stepped on a trap, if he could clearly see it. Lighting up this place would be for the best though, and it would give them a clear look on what they were getting themselves into.

25 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:55 pm




Gideon rubbed the back of his head as he viewed the wet Yuurei, "Sorry, I didn't expect such a gust to happen" Though the sight was funny, he had to hide the chuckle. Turning back to the dark hall, he took a step in, the sound of his boot against the stone floor echoed down the hall for a few seconds, giving the impression that the temple was deep and silent.

He took a moment to rummage through his fanny pack, but looked back to Yuurei and shake his head, letting him know he didn't have anything to provide light. Gideon looked back down the dark hallway and noticed hidden in the shadows were unlit torches hanging on the walls, "Didn't notice that at first" he said before he took a deep breath and releasing a cone of fire down the hall.

After the fire dissipated, the torches had caught the flames of the passing cone and lit themselves. As the giant looked further in, he could see more torches flicking on as time goes on. Some how the torches were lighting themselves, the giant figured they just needed the first torch to be lit.

"Onward then" Gideon said as he slowly began walking inward.

It wasn't long before they reached the first crossroads. The wall that separated the two ongoing paths revealed a picture with two winged giants; one faced the left while holding up a large block and struggling to do so, the one on the right faced the right corridor who had four snakes constricting him, one on each limb.

"Which way?" he asked Yuurei, looking down up on him with a look that didn't seem pleased. Gideon had an idea what might be coming up, the question was: 'Which was the lesser of two evils?'

26 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:30 pm



Yuurei had already let go the irritation he felt when he had been pushed away from the temple doors. He wanted to move forward through this temple and see if he was able to able to find this sword that he had hear rumors about. His eyes moved to the direction of Gideon’s fanny pack. He watched the man as he was looking through, but then stopped looking at his eyes locked on to his. He blinked a few as he was wondering why he gave him such a weird eye contact, but soon enough it seemed like he seen something that Yuurei couldn’t see. He wondered what it was, and he looked upward as he couldn’t really that high and especially with the darkness. The light emitting in the area didn’t help him see upward, but mostly what was ahead of him. He noticed that Gideon took in a deep breath, and he remembered what happened when he did that last time.

He stepped back a bit and covered his face as he could watch the giant shoot out a huge cone of fire straight ahead of him. When he looked closely, the man had lit up torches that were hanging on the walls. That was good, and the place was livelier than before and illuminating the area than what the light from outside was giving them. This was good because now he could move through the temple without accidently falling to his death, or triggering a trap without noticing. Yuurei heard him, and when Gideon started walking he had followed behind. He was looking around as the place was amazing. This was definitely a temple for a giant, but he wondered if the giant that was on the door was really real. If that was the case he could just imagine how scary a giant with wings would be if he was flying around and crashing down on islands.

Yuurei shook that thought out of his head because he didn’t want such a thing to ever happen. That would suck for the innocent lives that lived there. While they were walking through the hallway, he figured that it would continue to be a straight path for a while, but that didn’t happen. There was a crossroad, and these crossroad had two pictures. These pictures depicted something, but he wasn’t sure. The fact that there were snakes constricting the painted giant made Yuurei a hundred percent sure that he didn’t want to go in that direction. He looked over to Gideon as he had asked him a question and Yuurei acted like he didn’t know the answer. He rubbed his chin for a bit as he was about to speak. ”Well I don’t think we should go right because that might be a sign that snakes are in that direction. And if I’m guessing correctly those snakes are going to be oversized snakes,” he chuckled nervously.

He looked to his left now and at the picture. ”Now if we go to the left, I think we might end up with a trap of some sort. If we triggered this trap we can do our best to get passed it. I know it was probably designed to kill, or have us run off and not continue, but it seemed like the easier of the two. I would go left just because I feel like I can destroy a boulder, but I don’t want to get wrapped around and eaten by a bunch of snakes,” he said as he made his decision. He wasn’t sure if that was direction Gideon was thinking about, but he figured he would ask him before they started moving. ”We still going left, but which way did you want to go to?” he asked him curious to his answer, and waiting for Gideon to move forward.

27 Re: GV: Treasure Hunt; Devil's Fruit on Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:05 pm



Gideon agreed with Yuurei's statement. Though to the human, the snakes would seem over sized, but to Gideon, they would simply snakes. Not to underestimate such creatures, the giant knew well that a number of snakes should be enough to take down even the heartiest of men, whether to constrict them to death or death by venom.

"Then left it is" Gideon said as he turned on his heel and made his way down the left corridor. Even further down, the torches were lit as if all of them were kindled by a chain-reaction, however other than that, the corridor didn't seem out of place, no markings, no patterns, everything just seem to be well crafted to seem as plain as possible.

Soon enough, the giant entered a medium sized room.... Medium size to him at least. The ceiling probably reached at least 80 feet; the room itself seem to be a perfect square, and what seemed off about it was that it was completely empty except for the other doorway that led deeper into the temple.

"Well this feels ominous" Gideon said as he took one step into the room. It was quiet, though after taking a few seconds to look about, he noticed markings on the wall, they were spread out and ran vertically down the walls, all parallel to one another.

What the giant didn't notice was a rat had ran by his boot and scurried into a tiny hole in the floor, too small for the giant to spot easily, but big enough to drop a coconut into. "Got any ideas, Yuurei?" he asked as he began moving about the room.

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Yuurei watched Gideon make a swift turn, and soon enough they were both on their way to the left. This was great, but he felt bad that he didn’t answer him anything about which route that he wanted to go. He looked at the walls that they were walking passed. There wasn’t much around here for him to go by, so he didn’t think there was anything to worry about. He hoped that they didn’t have to do much in this path, but he figured that was good to be true. He kept moving through the path as he was keeping up with Gideon. Yes, he was smaller, but there was one thing Yuurei noticed, and he was naturally faster than Gideon. He figured he had trained so much that things were starting to take effect. Soon enough though the duo had reached a room. This room was freaking huge, and Yuurei was looking around make sure that he didn’t miss anything in this room.

The thing is there was nothing to miss in this place. It was completely empty, which confused him quite a bit. What the hell was this room, and there was someone in here before, then how did they go through all of this. He figured the only people who made their way inside of this temple were people his size. The thief couldn’t even steal anything that was in here because there was nothing here to steal. He could only wondered if the people that had entered before them had robbed this place dry. If that were the case, then his sword might not actually be here. He sighed as hope that wasn’t the case. The only thing that was compelling to him was the door on the other side, which meant they would need to get there to move onward. Still, he knew that this was too good to be true, and that there was some sort of trap waiting for them here. He just didn’t know what it was, and how he could see it before it happened.

Yuurei did noticed the markings on the wall, however, but he didn’t know what they meant. He wished he knew how to read this, and was wondering if Mashyuu would have been able to read this, if he were here. That was an idea he didn’t dwell on because his captain wasn’t here, and he wasn’t going to leave this place just go looking for him. They all had things to do, and Yuurei knew what he was doing would benefit the crew. Still, he watched Gideon walk around the room, and seen that nothing happened. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but he noticed a large rat running about, and soon went into a hole that was on the floor. Yuurei gulped as he noticed that there were a bunch of other holes around the area as well. ”The only idea I got is that this place is meant to make sure that people besides giant would be able to walk around without worries,” he paused for a bit.

He walked a bit more as he was making sure that he didn’t walk into a hole. ”I’m going to need you to pick me up from where I am. I think the traps are just made for people of my size, so that we cannot enter and steal anything in it,” he said this as he was walking towards Gideon, and then it happened. Yuurei walked into a hole, and his soul had left his body figuratively. His heart jumped out of his ass and when he fell he grabbed the edge of the hole as he sighed, and was happy that he had good reflects. Yuurei pulled himself up easily as it was something he had done constantly when he worked out. When he got out of the hole, he stopped walking as he was waiting for Gideon to pick him up because he wasn’t walking any further.

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The two of them moved through the room, trying to make sense of it. The sounds of Gideon's heavy foot steps echoed, blanketing Yuurei's smaller steps. After a moment, Gideon was going to suggest simply moving onward since there is nothing of any interest where they currently are.

When Yuurei had asked for a pick-me-up, he nearly plummeted into a hole. Gideon nearly jumped at the chance to grab at the swordsman, but luckily the human managed to pull himself out just well. "Yeah, I guess you shouldn't be walking on your own two feet" Gideon half-heartily chuckled as he lifted Yuurei and placed him on his palm.

Just when Gideon was about to move towards the exit on the otherside of the room, a loud sound emanated from the ceiling. The giant quickly looked up to notice the ceiling was suddenly dropping at a quick pace. Gideon was only able to make two strides before he had no choice but to raise his free hand and stop the ceiling in place, however, his strength wasn't enough, he struggled against it.

In desperation, the giant quickly tossed Yuurei towards the other side of the room where he fell into the new corridor. With another free hand, Gideon was able to hold the ceiling up with more strength, but it was still a struggle, as he didn't know what to do then. His feet firmly planted against the floor, giving him the posture and form needed to provide enough strength and force needed to hold up the heavy ceiling, "Y-Y-Yuu...rei!" Gideon struggled to call through gritted teeth, but with all his strength and through the pressure, he was only able to call out his ally's name. Worry and sweat covered his face; he didn't know what will happen next, his mind raced for ideas.

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Yuurei had heard what the man had said when he was picking him up from the floor. You could see the annoyance that presented in his face, and honestly he didn’t find it funny. He understood the trap that he almost fell into, and could imagine how he would look if a python had looked at him. He would have looked like a little snack, which wasn’t something he wanted to go through. He was now in the palm of his hand, and he was looking around to make sure that there was nothing coming from the walls. He was going to make sure that he could protect Gideon from any traps that he could have triggered, and missed. He was aware of his surroundings, and he hoped that the giant was also on the same boat as him. When it seemed like nothing was going to happen the gods frowned upon the two of them.

He heard something from above them, and when he looked up something was happening with the ceiling. Yuurei’s eyes widen when he was surprised about what was going on. The ceiling was closing in on them, and he wanted to help Gideon, but the giant was quick to toss him to the exit that they were heading. When he got close to the floor, he had position his body, so that he could roll on the floor, so he didn’t get hurt. When he had stopped he looked over to Gideon as he wasn’t going to leave this guy on his own. He did see him struggling, and he knew that if this kept going that Gideon would be crushed, and that would be the end of the giant. He wasn’t going to let this happen as he was going to offer him to Mashyuu and see if he would be excited about a giant joining the crew with them. He heard his name being spoken, and the thief had started to examine the area he was in.

There had to be something around here, and when he looked carefully he could see that there was a fucking switch. Yuurei was upset that there was a fucking switch inside the next location. It wasn’t inside the room Gideon was in, which he knew he wouldn’t have found, if the giant didn’t throw himself into this general area. Yuurei sucked his teeth as he rushed over to the switch and press it. When he pressed it, he and Gideon could hear a click noise, but it didn’t stop the ceiling. Instead it increase the speed the ceiling was going in. Yuurei eyes widen as his heart was racing because he probably killed his friend. He pressed the button again, and this time another click happen, and the ceiling stopped moving. Yuurei sighed, but the position Gideon was in, he wouldn’t have been able to get to the exit.

”I guess one more click?” he said to himself as he was hoping that it would work. He pressed the button one more time, and then another click happen, and then a bunch of motors could be heard as the ceiling started moving back to its original position. Yuurei sighed as he looked through the door, and towards Gideon. ”Holy shit that was scary. I thought you was about to become the first flat giant of Skypiea,” he said as he wiped his forehead a bit shaky on the situation. Still, he waited for Gideon to make to the exit, so they could get to their next location. If there was one thing he noticed from this temple was that small people weren’t welcome here.

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