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1 Cactus Island Prompt on Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:36 pm

Cactus Island

An ominous whistle filled the open seas, the noise carried across the gentle waves, as the calm night brought life to an ominous bright moon. Mercer, Soju's Vice Captain walked onto the deck, trailing behind his Captain to inform him of the news on Sandy. "It seems your words have stirred up quite the ruckus within the Kingdom of Alabasta. They have lost their King, treasure and many of their best guards have died at the hands of three in particular." Mercer informed. Ceasing his whistle, "SUPERB! Just makes things more interesting. I heard that little wench Diana is trying to snatch them all up." Soju responded. "She's always been the hoarder type when it comes to new talent." Mercer stated. "Shit. I just want the best of the fuckers if I can get em.' Even if we don't get any new nakama out of this... I'll have more worthy enemies to fight... That's what'll make this journey of ours even more interesting." Soju stated. "To the New World... Where your 'father' perished?" Mercer inquired, sweating slightly at the mention of both Soju's father and the New World's unstable climate. "Exactly. Iron sharpens Iron. Without rivals to keep me on my toes... I can't grow stronger. Humans need a constant reason for evolution Mercer. Diana simply sees humans as potential followers." Soju concluded. "Anyway. It seems the Cipher Pol and Marines are heavily involved in this incident. The Rookie Oceanus and Lina have both seemingly allied with Diana's ranks. It seems the one called Helios Jackal and Bazil Styx's, the Bandit King and Warhead are taking up refuge somewhere on Cactus Island as well but they don't seem connected with Diana's forces. The marines have taken over the mainland of Sandy. It's under complete lockdown according to our spies on land." Mercer reported. "I know Diana has connections with Marines from being a Bounty Hunter... but why... What's the point of this much support?" Soju inquired. "No clue. I tried to get in recent contact with our spies within her lodging but no dice." Mercer reported. "She's a slick bitch... They might be dead. Anyway... Once the moon rises... We'll commence our attack on Cactus Island. Think of this as the beginning of my campaign towards Pirate King!" Soju shouted. Grinning, Mercer nodded in approval, "Do you think we have enough ships this time, Soju?" Mercer inquired. "The last three islands we destroyed we only had about fifteen ships... This time... our forces have doubled... Thirty ships surrounded Cactus Island... It'll be one hell of a shoot out. Each of the Pirate Captains on the vessels are all Supernova Class. It'll be one hell of a massacre. Anyone who makes it out alive... is aokay in my books." Soju stated smiling a sinister smile. "After all..." Soju's facial expression changed, "That bitch as a piece of my soul... And I want it back!" Soju's menacing aura expanded across the deck of the ship. His bloodlust was enough to cause the hairs on Mercer's neck to stand up in pure fear.

Meanwhile, on another undisclosed location, subsided in a submarine several feet off the coast of Cactus Island, the Revolutionary Power duo of Juego Patron and Conan Castle read their mission details. "Tengo un mal presentimiento sobre esto" Patron stated, pacing up and down the submarines dock in his native tongue. "Could you try saying that in a language I can understand?" Conan inquired, shaving away at a piece of log with a pocket knife, sculpting the wood into a small statue figurine. "I have a bad feeling about this." Patron stated, repeating his sentence in a common spoken language of the times. "Relax. Our mission is simple. Take out Cipher Pol Agents Rocket and Kenny. Place the rightful King, Prince Talibah on his throne. Wait for Chief Soliin 'War' Khan to arrive. This will be the third Kingdom the Revolutionary Army has liberated." Canon explained. "If we play our cards right. Our true mission is to retrieve the Ponglyph within this land." Patron responded frowning. "The World Government has no clue we've been planning to take Alabasta for months now. We have operatives scattered across Sandy Island." Canon stated grinning.

Looming the depths of Marineford's jail cell, strapped up in chains and suspended off the ground, the Unkillable Simon stays under constant marine observation. "YOU FUCKERS! LET ME SEE MO! I SWEAR TO GOD IF ANYTHING'S WRONG WITH HER-" Simon's hourly rant was interrupted by the sound of heavy boots approaching from the top of the long hallway hoisting jail cells on each side. The Marine Vice Admiral, Beckham approached with human wrapped in a sack, strapped over his shoulders. The man's stride ended as he ordered his men to open the quarters to Simon's cage, cracking his hand backwards, the whipped forward his hand like a lasso, releasing a punch which created several arcs of air which broke the chains under the weight of the wind's momentum, causing Simon to fall onto the ground face first.

"Simon Alister. Born on the Island of the Dead. Defected piracy age 10 and has been causing trouble since then." Beckham stated. Unwrapping the rope around the sack, Beckham tossed Mo's unconscious body towards the pirate, who in realising it was her, lunged in a frantic manner to catch his lover's body. "Now known as the Unkillable Simon... Due to the Power's of his Devil Fruit. Your a dangerous man. I should have you killed right now... but the higher ups have other plans." Beckham said, playing with his moustache. "Mo! Mo! Can you hear me!? Wake up, it's daddy!" Simon shouted, as his voice awoken the exhausted Mo. Spitting poison in her lover's face, somewhere in another jail cell, one of Simon's men died from a toxin that caused ulcer's to expand in their oesophagus. "Babe! It's you!" Mo retorted, in appropriately beginning to engage in a public display of attention that was vouyerism at it's mildest wording. Clearing his throat, "Simon Alister. As of today, along with one other, you'll be one of the first three Warlord's of the Sea! Under the marines jurisdiction, your bounty will be frozen and you'll be given the authority to have free reign in all acts of your piracy as long as it's not witness by an Admiral. We'll turn our eye." Beckham reported, begrudgingly. Whistling in excitement, "Oooh Baby... That's fucking wicked. What's the catch? Why would the world government need a degenerate such as myself!?" Simon shouted, grinning broadly in a sinister manner, as Mo attempted rip off his pants. "This Era of Piracy... It's more of a gamble. We have our hands filled with the Revolutionaries as is. Pirates are now becoming an added annoyance. Our best men are already dedicated to bringing down the Yonkou in the New World. I can't let our actions in Paradise slip. That's why your first mission is simple. Assist our men in ascending the Pirate Lady Diana to the throne in Alabasta. With her Devil Fruit, we'll be able to have a stronghold. Of course, she too will be appointed the title of Warlord to smooth things over with neighbouring nations." Beckham explained. "I don't give a fuck. As long as I can ride my girls bones and live comfortable. I'm down. I might go and take a nation for myself too. Wait... You said three... It's that Mink Bitch, myself and who?" Simon inquired. "She's on our way here as we speak... The Snow Devil.... Yuki-Onna - Melissa Devaroux. You'll all be on route to Sandy after a brief meeting. Use our inventory to regain your weapons and stock up on whatever you need." Beckham stated, turning his back to exit the cell. After this point, Beckham simply whispered the main mission points for the raid on Sandy. "YOU DO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU JUST TOLD ME RIGHT!? YOU JUST GAVE ME FREEDOM TO TERRORISE THOUSANDS FOR THE GOOD OF CAPTURING A FEW UPSTARTS!? THAT'S HILARIOUS." Simon shouted. "All in the name of Justice. An Eye for an Eye. An Evil for an Evil." Beckham concluded.  

Prompt Details: Essentially, you can join either Soju's forces on sea or join Diana's forces on land. Those who help the Cipher Pol, The Marines and Diana's forces have the chance to be offered a spot as Schichibukai [limited]. Those who help Soju, will be offered a chance to escape and will be dubbed part of the Worst Generation along with Soju, as a Supernova.

This event will be divided into two threads, Heavy Staffing and Level 3 Conditions will be applied. All parties tagged can choose which Staff posted thread they want to be apart of, the conclusion of this will usher in the next plot release and new islands on the Horizon.

*Transport from Marineford to Sandy will be provided. Free Travel just needs to be redeemed.
**This thread is opened to anyone on Sandy, as this is Level 3, any deaths or maiming caused in this event is almost a standard. Enter at your own risk.
*** With all of our other events, most of the event will be Prompt Based but much more detail, if combat with any of the World NPC's occurs, it'll switch regular posting from the NPCer's involved.

Keep moving forward.
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