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1 A Return Home on Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:37 am



Part 1, A Return Home.

Mashyuu's feathered wings flapped hard in the wind, moving the man as a smooth bird like speed as wind rushed through his hair and around his body. If not for the glasses on his face, thanks to the height the man was at the wind would have stung his eyes and forced him into a landing. In an odd turn of events he had asked Harley to stay at the ship while everyone went on their own ways to handle whatever they needed to, just in case any of them needed to see a doctor so that Harley could be ready to receive any injured party, plus she could guard their new home.

Like a bird migrating, Mashyuu seemingly blindly flew towards his first destination, Quinn's old home. He was told by his daughter before Mashyuu killed her, that Quinn had left the land as his empire expanded but some trusted men had been living their in his stead. With luck, Mashyuu could beat the men down and get questions answered that would help him to not only defeat Quinn but make sure the mans empire crumbled all around him.

With the sun set high in the sky and beating down on the clouds of Skypiea, Mashyuu found himself sweating like never before and it was starting to slow him down. But off in the distance he could see a large plantation that looked different from when Mashyuu was a boy but the symbol of Quinn's family rested on stone walls that surrounded the plantation. Slowly he came to a glide down to land atop the soft white clouds that felt like moist grass under his shoes.

Mashyuu slid his black jacket off and checked his weapons then started to run the twenty meters required to hit the closest wall of the plantation. His back pressed to the wall as he slid to a crouch and glanced up. The wall was thirty feet high and smooth to the touch. If what Quinn used to do, keeping wings wounded and strapping them tight to his slaves backs, was still in effect, climbing the walls would have been impossible for most slaves. The walls however, likely went up after Mashyuu was tossed out of Sky Island by his mother. Mashyuu glanced up while in the shadow of the wall and drew his dagger from the sheath strapped to his wrist, just over his white left sleeve.

Quickly his wings beat as he jumped up, bringing him level with the back of a guard who was turning to jump off the top of the wall. Mashyuu's dagger plunged into the thugs spine, his right hand wrapped around the guards mouth and Mashyuu dropped back down, pulling the guard with him. As the two fell, Mashyuu forced the man down first, driving the dagger into the ground before the man, causing it to sink almost completely into the guard, killing the Slaver on the spot. Mashyuu rolled the man to his side and pulled his dagger out of the dead man's back then carved into his forehead with the tip of the dagger. Mashyuu is back.

2 Re: A Return Home on Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:58 pm



Mashyuu stood silently in the shade of the wall, back pressed tight as he glanced up to make sure that a second guard hadn't come. A wry smile spread on his face as he looked at the winged man with a slaves symbol burned onto his chest, barely covered by the white toga he wore. Clutched in his right hand was a large spear that never had the chance to stab through anything and the man had what Mashyuu would call a uniform crew cut to keep his hair neat. He shook his head side to side and started to skirt along the wall of plantation, making sure there wasn't a patrol of guards that walked outside the perimeter. Mashyuu moved almost completely around it when the man saw a small street that led to a path too long to look down completely. Mashyuu assumed that the path was some sort of road to that led to a village or a city. What did keep his attention however were the two guards, one standing on either side of the wall, protecting a large gated door. Mashyuu's eyes narrowed as he sank back into the shadows and walked around so that he was on the opposite side of the two guards.

Lazily Mashyuu rubbed his chin, wondering what exactly he was getting into. He had only seen three guards so far and there wasn't any sound coming from the other side of the wall. His eyes narrowed as the Pirate thought things through. Maybe they aren't raising slaves here anymore? He pondered inwardly then slid his dagger back into his sheath and drew his twin chain scythes. Mashyuu bent his knees and jumped up, wings flapping twice to carry him over the wall. He lifted his legs and flung them forward, hopping the stone wall and dropped to the ground in a three point stance. Quickly Mashyuu darted behind a small building and took a deep breath of air. The building itself was long, only a single story tall and made of some sort of cold wood. With his back pressed to the wall, Mashyuu looked to his left then his right. At his right side was a window that was open, blinds drawn off to the side. Mashyuu glanced inside the building and frowned at the sight.

Ten children were collared and chained to the floor, the chains just long enough to let the children reach every window in the building but go no further. The kids couldn't have been older than seven or eight and each of them looked like they hadn't eaten in days. "Can't do anything for them yet. Gotta make sure everyone else is taken care of so they aren't followed and captured again." Mashyuu whispered then jumped up, grasped the slanted wood of the roof and slowly, carefully pulled himself and his weapon up. As silently as he could, Mashyuu crawled atop the roof until he could see the plantation around him, and it truly was a plantation...

3 Re: A Return Home on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:24 pm



Part 2, Plantation Blues

From atop the roof of the building the children were being held in, Mashyuu could see everything. In the center of the area was a sea shell paved walkway, the path split to allow two people to comfortably walk between two small fields of a strange plant Mashyuu couldn't ever remember seeing. In total there were four large fields for the plants that had twenty or more slaves working in them. Two guards stood at the end of every field, for a total of four guards at each field. Next to the gate of the plantation was a large, two story house that ran along the left side of the wall, almost completely. The building seemed to be made of a white painted stone that had a window every fifteen feet or so, but the windows were tinted and hard to see through, likely to help protect in case of an attack.

Slowly Mashyuu sank back so that he wouldn't be spotted by the guards in the white togas and started to mumble to himself. "Sixteen guards, not sure how strong they are but I can fly and their wings are strapped to their backs. They would need a key from their master to open the straps so I have an edge there. Without knowing what training they have I'll have to be careful still. Luckily my weapon gives me a good range on them. I'm sure I'm faster, not many are as fast as I am that I've seen. Best tactic would be to use hit and run, skirt the group and try to keep them spread out so that they can't assemble and take me down. I doubt they would throw their spears at me but I have one spear I can use against them. Either way I have to act quick so their master doesn't show up and release their wings. Can't worry about the slaves here. I'd like to save them but a quick death might be a mercy at this point.... Oh crap I forgot about the guards at the door. Now I'm dealing with eighteen... Plus the one on the wall. That's odd, you would think there would be a twe-"

Mashyuu was cut off as a javelin bore into the roof right next to his head. "Sound the alarm! We got an intruder here!" A guard on the wall shouted as he made his way around and realized his partner was no longer on the wall. With the element of surprise gone, Mashyuu sprang up and turned to face his attacker. A scowl crossed his face as he looked to see all eighteen guards swarm around the building Mashyuu stood atop, each of them pointing their spears in his direction...

4 Re: A Return Home on Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:07 pm



Part 3, On the Defense

The knees of Mashyuu bent as he sprang off the roof, his wings spread wide and flapped twice to propel him at the guard on the wall. With a heavy thud, Mashyuu drove his shoulder straight into the chest and stomach of the guard who had thrown his weapon, knocking the man off the wall and to the ground outside of the plantation. Quickly he spun around the wall that was much wider than he thought it would be, just as a guard made his way up the steps to get up the wall. The guard shoved his spear out towards Mashyuu while another guard made his way for the slave masters house. Mashyuu pulled the chain of Silver Wind tight, threw his arms forward and caught the spear by twisting his chain just under the head of the spear. With a yank, Mashyuu jumped off the wall, dragging the guard who was to dumb to let go of the spear along with him. By the time the guard realized he should have let go of the spear Mashyuu had started to fly again and the guard dropped atop his friend who was already out cold.

Mashyuu came up to the wall and landed atop it only to feel a spear rip into his left thigh. Across from him, on the roof of the building Mashyuu was just atop, was a guard who was waiting for Mashyuu and hurled a spear into his leg. "Gahhh!" Mashyuu howled while yanking the spear out of his thigh and tossing it over the edge of wall. Quickly he jumped up and flew straight into the sky, so that he was eclipsing the sun, making it harder for the guards to track him. Mashyuu looked at the wound on his leg, it wasn't deep but hurt like hell and blood was already pooling and soaking into his pant leg. The Pirate let the left handed scythe of Silver Wind dangle by the chain and started to spin it rapidly. Mashyuu spun and dove down, dragging the chain behind him. Just as he came back into view of the guards, Mashyuu hurled his weapon at the guard on the roof, wrapping the chain scythe around the mans neck, then rocketed as fast as he could off towards the wall. The guard grasped the chain around his neck just as it went tight and was dragged off the roof, slammed into the wall that Mashyuu was flying over and went limp as the air was driven from his lungs. Mashyuu flew up, hanging the man until he no longer drew breath and twisted until the chain went straight and the man dropped to the ground.

5 Re: A Return Home on Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:46 pm



Mashyuu fluttered his wings as he drifted down with the body to collect the end of his weapon. At the same time five guards swarmed the man and started to attack the Pirate. Mashyuu started to weave his body left and right to evade stabbing strikes, wincing with every dodge thanks to the wound on his thigh. One in every seven stabs grazed Mashyuu's body in various points, cutting his arm, side and chest, drawing lines of crimson blood. "HAAAAH!" A loud shout blew from Mashyuu's lungs as he whipped his weapon around by the chain, smacking it against the spears, forcing all the spears down while Mashyuu stepped forward and drove the second half of his weapon across each of their chests, quickly spun and dropped to his knee, facing away from the men. Each of them took a step back and dropped their spears to clutch at their stomachs as their entrails spilled from a sharp, clean cut Mashyuu left with a precise slice of his left handed scythe.

Slowly Mashyuu stood up and glanced over his shoulder at the dead men. "Your mistake was trying to wound me enough to take me alive." He whispered while doing a mental count of the fallen foes. Three outside the wall, five here, one against the wall that he had hung and one that had gone for the slave master. Mashyuu's eyes narrowed as he twisted to walk along the path of sea shells. Mashyuu hoisted his weapons up in a defensive stance as he wandered to the center of the walk way. The slaves who had been working the plants were now lined against the walls, the slavers had them at spear point to make sure that they wouldn't try to riot, but standing at the gate was another man, Mashyuu recognized him as the Slave Master of the house...

6 Re: A Return Home on Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:57 am



Part 4, Man of the House.

An eerie silence washed over the plantation as Mashyuu and the man in front of the gate stood, watching one another for an awkwardly long period. A breeze washed over the area, blowing the plants to and fro, the scent of the plants wafting over the area. The Pirate Captain let his teeth grind together while he checked the area to make sure he wasn't walking into a trap of some sort. "You must be the slave master here. Considering you're wearing a suit, you're either that or the butler." Mashyuu called out to the man.

The man standing across from Mashyuu lifted his white gloved hand and pulled the leather tight across his fingers. A slick smile spread over his face and his green eyes narrowed with glee. "You must be Mashyuu Ishi. Your family is an actual legend here. The reason the walls went up. The reason children are now nearly starved and chained to the ground. But you are also the reason for good things. You see thanks to you, Mr. Quinn aspired to do more. Now he has the entirety of Skypiea under his control. He's the one running things from above. The true ruler of Upper Yard and Angel Island. Everyone pays tribute to him. Do you think you stand a chance? I'll enslave you and be earn Quinn's undying gratitude." The dark winged Skypiean boasted.

"Oh? That's funny. Angelica said something like that too. Right before I slit her throat." Mashyuu twisted his wrists and cut the air around his weapons with the hooked blades. "...If that's true than you are a greater threat than I expected. Taking your corpse back to Quinn will be just as fine. You may call me Quaid, and this..." Quaid smoothed out his black suit and drew a set of odd looking knuckles from his pockets. One of them had a strange looking shell that resembled a three leveled circle and had tiny holes placed in the shell. The other set of knuckles had nothing special about them but didn't seem to weigh much. "As a gentleman I'll give you a chance to prepare yourself. When you're ready let the battle begin. And try to enjoy your last fight." Quaid mocked Mashyuu.

Both men found themselves in their fighting stances, the slaves and guards watched on in shock and awe. None of the slaves had ever seen someone challenge Quaid in direct combat and none of the Guards had seen Quaid withdraw his impact dial and cloud stone knuckles for a fight. Both men charged one another at the same time, Mashyuu hurled the right handed end of Silver Wind at Quaid's chest, Quaid countered by flapping his wings hard, using the wind created by the beat to not only throw his body off course a bit, but slow down the chain scythe's path enough that it fell harmlessly to the ground. With a flick of his wrist, Mashyuu yanked the weapon back to his hand and caught it as he drew closer to Quaid. Once the two were within striking distance of one another Mashyuu lashed out with a series of quick strikes to try and cut the man before he could counter attack. His strikes were aimed for Quaid's forearms, attempting to keep the man at bay.

Quaid lifted his left hand and let Mashyuu cut his forearm with the hand scythes, waiting for an opening. Blood dropped to the floor as Quaid's suit sleeve was shred to ribbons and soaked with crimson blood. But when Mashyuu lifted both arms to try and deliver a finishing blow, Quaid pulled his right arm back and slammed his knuckle into Mashyuu's stomach. The dial on his stomach rumbled and released a force of pressure that was like getting hit with a swinging tree truck suspended from rope. The blow made Mashyuu's eyes bulge in his head, grip tighten on his weapons and his feet left the floor as he was hurled across the field and into the wall, he bounced off the wall and collapsed on the ground hard.

"Impact dial knuckles. Very effective in close quarters combat for someone like me. I'd willingly take a few strikes if I can end a battle in one blow." Quaid boasted and slammed his impact dial knuckles into the floor as hard as he could to recharge them. The dial started to make a whirring sound as it began to build up its charge. Mashyuu planted the blunt end of his weapon into the ground and pushed himself up on wobbly legs. he coughed and blood droplets misted the ground at his feet. "Not dead yet. Gonna have to try harder." Mashyuu flashed Quaid a toothy grin that was stained red with his own blood. "So it seems. You are the first I've seen survive one attack of mine. This is rather... Concerning. No matter. Mashyuu Ishi, I recognize you as a worthy opponent and will not pull my punches against you again."

7 Re: A Return Home on Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:55 pm



Quaid shot Mashyuu a grin that quickly turned into a glare of rage. Quickly he jumped up into the air and started to fly up. Mashyuu didn't waste any time in giving chase, pushing himself at top speed to match Quaid's pace. As Mashyuu came eye level with the dark winged slaver, Quaid's knuckles stopped humming and signaled that it was fully charged. Quaid lifted his arm and spun around, swinging his set of knuckles that didn't have a dial on them around to crash into Mashyuu's jaw. Mashyuu staggered to the left, dropping a foot or so from the impact. Countering, Mashyuu swiped his right handed scythe, catching Quaid in the back of the leg, cutting the mans ankle and heel.

A howl of pain echoed in the air as Quaid yelped, as if he had never been hurt before. Quaid spat down at Mashyuu but gasped in shock when Mashyuu came up and shouted. "Talon Rain!" One hand scythe ran up and down, while the other ran up then down all while Mashyuu flew up above Quaid, drawing a series of four cuts up and down Quaid's body, slicing the Slaver up deeply. As Mashyuu's legs became level with Quaid's head, Mashyuu stopped flapping his wings and dropped on Quaid's shoulders to force the man to fall.

The pair tumbled and became a mess of bodies as they fell down closer towards the ground at rapid pace. In such close quarters Mashyuu couldn't do more than bash the metal poles of the hand scythes into the face of Quaid all while Quaid pummeled Mashyuu in the ribs and face with his light but sturdy cloud metal knuckles. The knuckles shatterd the red lenses of Mashyuu's glasses, blinding the Pirate for a moment as they fell. Suddenly Mashyuu coughed up blood and blasted away from Quaid as his impact dial knuckles knocked Mashyuu out of the perimeter of the plantation and close to a thick forest.

Mashyuu crashed down hard into the ground and Quaid landed hard near the house he lived in. Mashyuu laid in the dirt for a long while, grasping at the ribs on the left side of his body, writhing in pain. His fingers fumbled around until he found the impact dial had put a small hole in his flesh, severing a bit of meat. With his injured leg and bruised face, Mashyuu slowly rolled to his feet and slipped his weapons into their harness. He glanced over his shoulder as guards started to rush around the wall towards the forest where Mashyuu was slowly limping into. I'm not ready yet... I need to get away from these guys and find the crew, or other help... Mashyuu thought as he slipped into the woods to try and escape.

Can Mashyuu escape the slavers, find help and defeat Quaid?Find out at least some of these answers in Mashyuu Vs the Cult of Gold!

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