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Act 1 Part 1

''Finally about time to escape this dreaded place.. after so many years This could finally be the change I needed to get more forward'' Her eyes shifted to the side where her desk was located, a small picture frame with a photo of her long dead parents and her in the middle in a thick coat. She picks it up and narrows her eyes down at them and already getting a few images of her past back inside of her head. She silently grunts and quickly puts the frame down into her small bag. It was rather painful to even think about, even after so long it still stings into her guts.

She firmly places her cutlass to her hip under her coat before wlaking out of her lone small cabin. The morning was still young and the sun lightly shining past the old grey clouds. After seeing them so many times it kinda feels nostalgic to her, but without much thought she simply walked away from the cabin and down to town. Her rugged hooded coat flapping a bit from the wind, feeling the breeze gave her a cold she didn't appreciate, rubbing her hands together quickly she peered up to a bulletin board at the plaza of the town. With eager eyes she summed through the applications for people with navigation skills.

A silent huff escapes her mouth and turns away from the board with much disappointment. Maybe she'd get more luck down at the docks of the town. She began walking while rubbing her hands some more, feeling the cold sting her pale skin. However she feels something new in her presence. Oddly enough it felt like it was someone watching her in hiding. She turned around and saw no one walking behind her nor walking down the lone small street. She shrugged for herself and brushed the feeling off. Once she turns around two silhuettes pops up from the corner she looked back at, showing two beings in dark blue cloaks.

After a good twenty minute walk the sun had finally fully gone past the clouds in the sky. With it's brightness at this time of the year it was difficult for Risaka to look outwards at the docks without having to squint her eyes with her hand giving some shadow over her face. ''Well then, this is rather odd... such a silent day here at the docks, where are the early birds?'' From behind she heard a few footsteps nearing her location. She firmly grips at her Cutlass handle and swiftly turns around with a sharp stare. It was one of the cloaked lurkers with their hands up in the air, giving an odd gesture of a greeting.

''Whoa whoooa there missy, I ain't gon hurt ya, see? I have no weapons!'' Risaka wouldn't trust a single word he'd spit out, she kept her hand on the sword's handle as she kept her position steady. ''Such a liar, with a cloak like that anything could be hidden underneath, drop down your weapons or walk away!'' The cloaked person snickered and flapped his cloak some to tease her. ''Aw c'mon! Truly I don't have any weapons on me! But he does~'' Risaka blinked rather confused by the cloaked man's words, but with quick thinking she realized he was referring to someone a bit closer. But it was too late, her left eye catches a glimp of the other attacker striking downwards with a club. With a direct strike they hit directly at Risaka's left temple, knocking her cold down at the dock floor.

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Act 1 Part 2

It was fuzzy, the loud noises blurred from the drowsy senses slowly got more and more clear as she woke up from the numb pain at her head. Laying on her side Risaka would see a set of bars infront of her face, looking upwards she saw the roof of the cage, there was barely any light coming from outside. And soon she could feel the thing was moving, she was being transported and it was a large shock to her. She got a small moment of panic, quickly calming down as she got on her rear and sitting there with tired eyes. Soon enough she would finally noticed the whole thing. She was inside a decent large cage, thick iron bars all around with a thick rugged blanket covering the cage, but once in a while the fabric would flap from the movement and give slight light through the cage.

She leaned forward to the bars and attempted to peek through, her opaz shaded eye peered through the bars and the blanket to only see many people walking by with crates in their hands or holding rifles. She gulped a bit, knowing very well that this wasn't by the docks nor in the usual streets in Mock Town. The ground was looking more clean, and the walls was smooth, nowhere near the quality to what a town such as Mock Town could have.

She decided to stay quiet and not try to do anything drastic, especially knowing that the crowds could be all on the same page. She hugged her knees and was grumbling rather frustrated silently, then she noticed her bag was gone. She sighed out and flicked her bangs to the side. ''Guess this is the usual life for pirates, what a new low this has become..''

After some uncertain time the cage finally stopped, and the light from outside was long gone, indicating she was now somewhere bit more enclosed. She was laying on her side with her eyes closed as the blankets got pulled out from the cage. The two men infront of the cage that dragged it here both were smirking with much excitement for what they got.
''Oh boy, what a catch I tell ya! Mr. Fitch is totally gonna love this one!'' Spoke the slightly taller cloaked man, his eyes and grin was the only viewable parts of his face from the shadow of his hood. The smaller one crossed their arms and looked up to the other, giving a stare of slight doubt. ''Are you sure she is one of em? I've heard about them but I thought it was all jsut bull and fun talk... how can you know she's the real deal?'' The taller one cackled and would wag his finger. ''Oh you know~ I always watch around Mock Town, and this gal is a freak for sure! She was the one bring down the rich snob Rolph! it was told there was dangerous liquid on his headless body an-'' He was cut early by his partner, with a boop to their head. ''Gosh be quiet you! That kind of stuff makes my spine shiver! But if it's really her then she's a real freako! Hopefully she don't go all freaky in here, better do that stuff on stage HAH!''

Risaka was still laying completely still on the side with her head leaning on her left palm. With her eyes closed she listened to them and would grunt once they left. She was thinking to herself how much trouble she'd get herself into if she showed her abilities, it could mean a guaranteed sealed fate. Opening her eyes a bit she would stare around at the dark gloomy storage with the many other cages. A few groans and bashes against the bars was heard from time to time, seemingly most of these guys have been here for some time, making her wonder how long she gotta be in here.

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It was another day in Mock Town, and the thief had decided that it was best to go through this day working for himself. He didn’t have anybody who wanted to be his client right now since there were things that he wanted to do for his own. There were rumors of a sword hidden within the Forest of Jaya Island. When he heard about this he decided that he would have a look and see if that was true. He had been using the forest as a way of training since he had joined the Phantom Raiders. Still, even though he had joined a group it seemed like he was still doing his jobs on his own. His past had conflicted with who he was now, and it was hard for him to do things as a group. He knew that it was something he would have to get used to. Still, today wasn’t the day that was going to happen.

The weather was as beautiful as ever, and he could enjoy the breeze that had passed by him. It was nice to be here, but soon he would have to say goodbye to this place. His crew was planning on leaving soon and venture to an island that had been barely touched. He couldn’t wait for it as he thought about all the things that could happen in his trip to the island above. His thoughts had kept him busy because soon enough he would be at the forest. The young pirate had entered the forest as he was going to start his search real soon. He had climbed up a tree as he had looked around the tree to see if he could find a sturdy branch to stand on. It didn’t take long for him to do that, and when he did he kicked it a few times to make sure it wouldn’t break so easily. When he tested that, he started scouting the area looking around, and after a while he figured he would just wing it with the direction he was heading.

The thief had kicked off the branch, and landed towards another branch, and continued to do that as he was making his way through the forest. While he was moving through the forest though his eyes moved along as he was trying to catch any clues that could lead him to why this rumor started. His eyes scan the area every time he landed on a branch, and a there was a few seconds where he would stay on a branch before moving to the next one. He kept doing this hoping that there would be someone, or something that would give him the lead he needed. However, it took a while, and soon Yuurei had come to a stop. His body slouching his eyes were looking at a certain area. There were marks on the ground, and it seemed like there had been a few trees that had been cut down. He had wondered if it was due to someone using the sword that he was looking for.

He was wondering if they had been practicing and he figured it was time to investigate it. The thief had jumped down from the tree that he was on and moved over to the area where these markings were located. He was surprised to see that there were things like burn marks, and other marking that were not markings a sword would make. Yuurei had moved over to the stumps that had been left standing and could see that the markings on the stump were indeed from a sword. The blade seemed fine from how it cut down this tree, and he could only wondered if this was truly the weapon he was looking for. He was looking around the area as he figured he was in the right track, and hopefully he could soon find a bigger clue to allow him to move from this spot.

While looking around, Yuurei could be seen to be excited, and even more excited than anybody could be. The young man was hoping to gain a new sword, so that he could show it to his father. It wasn’t just that, but he was curious to see what this katana was and if it was one of the many katanas he had learned about from his father. While he was looking though, the man had let his guard down, and it was due to how happy he was. Yuurei didn’t see it coming, and soon enough there was a shadow overlapping his entire body. When he turned to look around he noticed that there was someone with a hood behind him, and that there was also a club being aimed right for his head. Yuurei had tried his best to block the attack, but it was too late, and he was knocked out by the weapon. He dropped to the ground and the drop didn’t hurt him because of the grass below.

When he came to, he noticed that he was surrounded by bars, and that there were barely any light coming in from outside. He rubbed the side of his head as he could only shake his head in disappointment. ”Damn I didn’t think something like this would happen. I figured there wouldn’t be anybody out in the forest, but I was wrong. Shit now how do I get out of here?” he asked mainly himself. Yuurei did noticed that his katana was no longer with him, which kind of pissed him off. He wanted Ichi back, and he figured he would rip someone’s throat until he found the sword his father had given him. Still, for now he knew better than anybody that he was a prisoner, so he decided to get comfortable. He leaned on several of the iron bars, and was relaxing there until they had gotten to their destination.

Yuurei’s eyes closed as he figured it would be long, and he was also trying to hear things to see if he could get a decent outline of where they were heading. He did hear people talk to each other though. ”Where did you find this chump?” one of them asked. ”Well it seemed like he was looking around this particular area, and I see that there was damage around the area. I see the sword here on his side, so I figured he might be strong. He could be exactly what the boss needs, but we won’t be sure until we see him in action,” he said as they laughed. Yuurei sighed because he could only figure they were going to use him for some type of entertainment. It didn’t take long for whatever he was in to stop moving. He sighed as he could only wondered when they were going to take these sheets off the prison he was in, and soon enough it happened.

He closed his eyes because he thought there would be light beaming down on his face, but that wasn’t the case. When he opened them he seen that he was brought into a dim area. He looked around slowly and also noticed that there were other prisons like him scattered around the area. He sighed as he couldn’t believe what he had gotten himself into. He scratched the back of his head as wanted at least his sword back. ”Can I at least have my sword back? It’s not like I can break through here with it,” he said as he was looking at one of the guards. ”I don’t think so, if I give you your weapon back you could probably stab someone who walks to close to you, so your shit out of luck,” he laughed at him as he walked away from Yuurei. He couldn’t get a good look at the man, but he knew how his sword looked, so he would find him later, but first how the hell did he get out of here?

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Act 2

The large storage room echoed the many small noises from left to right, it was a large irritation to Risaka and frankly she couldn't bear it anymore. Laying on her side she'd grunt and sit up quickly with her legs crossed, her hands leaning on her knees while trying to look around the thick darkness in the room. It was cold, the cage floor was hard and rough, neighbour cages both had silent inmates. She just noticed so, there wasn't a single noise coming from them. She leaned to the other side of her cage and attempted to peek through the bars and at the other unfortunate being. It was a man sitting on his rear with one knee up for his arm to lean on. With further inspection she noticed the white blue cap of his, she was rather surprised by the fact such thing was located even near Jaya Island. She mustered up her words and whispered to the man.

''....hey, ya hear me?'' She attempted to also hit at the bars with her fingertips, giving small clink noises from the cold iron. The man slowly lifts his head up and gives a curious noise when turning his attention to the greenhaired gal. ''Wuh- what do you want?'' Risaka leaned some more and held two iron bars, staring at the marine with a slight worried expression, her yellow Topaz coloured eyes easily shines through the dark atmosphere. ''Why are a guy like you here? Marines aren't supposed to be near this island..'' he marine gives grunt and holds the tip of his cap and pushes it down to his face. ''Does it matter to you? I am just another captured toy for the pirate's amusement, now leave me be.'' He turns his back to her and would ignore her, and Risaka weren't the persistant type to begin with. She leaned away from the bars and sat down with a frown, she knew there had to be a good reason for a marine to be here at all.

A few footsteps came down from the path between the long rows of cages, two mean looking men was approaching her location and would grin at her. One took the handle of the cage and began pulling it from the spot and through the storage. ''It's her right? Our boss wanted the freak to be in action rather eagerly.'' He chuckled and looks back at ehr while dragging, the other man had a list in his hands and cackled along with the other. ''Ya heard so missy, they wanna see you go wild on stage this early!'' Risaka didn't pay attention to them and kept sitting until they reached to a long hallway that curved to the right. On the innercurve of the hallway was locked entrances in the shape of a square, infact the same shape of her cage. She noticed that detail and would then expect the worst.

Both of the men pushed the cage until reaching to one of the entrances, unlocking the lid and pushes her cage through as if it was a cat going through a catdoor. When fully inside the lid closes behind her and she was now in pitch dark place. So silent, but yet so frightening for her. This reminded too much of her childhood and grunted from being reminded of such past once again. But her attention quickly goes to what was going on above her. A door with light on the other side opens slowly, and along with the light was alot of cheering and yelling from multiple people. Thus her cage began to lift up to the opening until she was in the open on a large arena underground. She felt a bit speechless from the size of the arena. She looked around and saw the many rows of seats with pirates cheering and boo-ing down at her. Then an announcer turns their microphone on and yells with their lungs out with such passion. ''Ladies and Gentlemen... Leeeeeeeet's get THE BLOOD! SPILLIIIIIIIIIING''

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Yuurei was a bit upset that he wasn’t able to get his sword back, but the only thing he could do right now was sit down and relax. He was thinking of a way for him to make an escape from here. He had never been captured before, so this was a little bit annoying. He had removed the eye patch from his eye since he was in darkness. He wanted a better look around the area, and when he examined the area he noticed that there were other cages around him, and wondered what kind of crap they were running around here. He noticed that were many different kinds of people here, but what made him really surprised was that there were a few marines caged up around the areas. They didn’t discriminate on who they captured, but there was one thing he realized and that was everybody here looked like they were capable of fighting.

It made him wondered what was truly going on here, but he was sure he was going to soon find out. The thief decided that the place being too quiet was the worst possible thing that could happen. It was annoying, sad, and depressing. The pirate had pushed himself off the cage and decided that napping would be for the best. If there was one thing he understood was that there was nothing he could do locked up. He knew that the best time to take action would be when he got a little bit more information and was out of the cage. Of course, he was going to wreak havoc around this place until he found his sword. For now he had laid on the steel ground he was on, and closed his eyes. He was relaxed, and hoped to god this wasn’t a selling business, and he would be taken out of this island without Mashyuu knowing.

The man would indeed take this nap, however it didn’t last as long as he would hope for. Two men were walking towards Yuurei’s cage, and when they noticed that the man was sleeping, and show no worry, they looked at each other wondering what was wrong with this guy. Still, they shrugged it off, and figured it was time to wake him up and get him to his destination. They hit against the bars as they decided to be really annoying with it. He ignored it thought as he continued to sleep it through. ”Wake up, wake up. We got something for you. We know nothing about you, so you are going to have a trial run for you,” one of the men said. ”Don’t prove us wrong, and show them you can make it to the big ring,” the other one said with a smile. Yuurei opened one of his eyes as he smiled about this.

That could mean they were going to make him put on a show for the people they had as customers, or he was going to have to do some fighting. The thief figured this would be a possibility, but he didn’t think he would hit it on the spot. ”Well this is going to be interesting,” he said out loud, but mainly to himself. The two men started pulling his cage, and Yuurei did nothing, but stood in the same position they found him in. It didn’t take long for his cage to stop moving, and when he heard noises around his cage, he decided to get up from where he was laying at. He stood up and started stretching as he was able to see light around the area. There was a small crowd around the area he was in, and he could see that there was recording going on right now.

”Ladies and Gentlemen. We going to have a fight to the death. These two will show who has the strength to make it to the big arena. Leeeeeet’s get the blood spilling!” the announcer said this as he looked over to who was in front of him, and sighed because he knew that one of them would have to come out of here breathing. The figure in front of him was a huge bulky man and it seemed like he had been training all of his life. His build was wide, and the man looked huge, but Yuurei’s will didn’t falter. He actually welcomed the challenge because he had been training for a while, and figured it would be best to test out his new found strength against this man. ”You should just kill yourself before I break every bone in your body,” the man said to Yuurei. The thief looked at him and shook his head. He was upset that he spoke this way.

The thief had gotten into a certain fighting stance, a Muay Thai one at that. He didn’t really fight with his hands, but he had no other choice right now. He started moving around the area as he could hear the people cheering their lungs out. He blocked them out as he was trying to look for an opening with this man. His built was intimidating indeed, but he didn’t fear him; he had been shot at multiple times, and he had even been jumped a few times. One on one fights weren’t scary and that was good enough for him. Yuurei decided it was best to see what this man was capable of, so he made a move and rushed over to him. Yuurei had swung his right arm at the man having far longer reach that a lot of people had. The big guy noticed this and was hit right across the face, and stumbled a bit from the hit. ”You have such long arms. I didn’t notice,” he laughed wiping the blood off of his mouth.

Yuurei didn’t change his face expression because they were fighting to the death. ”can I have your name? The name is Yuurei,” he said this because he wanted to know the name of the man he was going to kill, and he wanted to let the man know who was going to kill him. This was a different kind of fight, and both men had nothing against each other. They were just trying to survive. ”You can call me Daichi. Yuurei I will remember you,” he said as he rushed over to Yuurei. He was quick for his build, but Yuurei was faster. He watched the man swing his right arm, and he had dodged the punch, but he didn’t take note of the second punch that was coming from his left arm. He was hit in the guy, and Yuurei spat out saliva as he felt the force behind the attack. Yuurei could only chuckled as he brought his right arm back and swung it as it looked like his fist was a projectile.

The hit landed on the man’s head, and tumbled forward, and then away from Yuurei. The thief rubbed his stomach, and felt that nothing was broken, and looked over to the big guy. That man shook his head and felt something moving through his face. He touched it, and noticed that it was blood. Daichi knew that this man was stronger than he looked, and was a bit nervous now. He wasn’t sure if he would make it out of here alive. Still, the crowd was cheering and surprised on how things were going. They were not expecting this that was for sure.

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Act 2

The cage had opened and the sides of it falling flat onto the dirty ground. With the many marks of blood and guts gave her the feeling this was a rather bloody place. Even the announcer encourages the blood to spill. However her expression was cold and looked up at the crowds that were all overly excited from what was going to come. Alright folks! Listen up because this one is a special kind! They are called the chidlren of the devil and are so cruel and evil not even I could even comprehend! However! As it stands the one with most bettings on the table is the skull chewer himself! Crushing Joe! He has already won one match and only need to win another one to get to the bigger stage! Will he strike the opponent in one hit like the last one? Make your final bet!''

They began to start yelling their names and putting down many valuables on the tables, but Risaka noticed msot were saying Crushing Joe, seemingly this guy was truly something. Looking over at the other side of the arena stood the large man with a hood over his face and a rope around his neck. He turned around towards Risaka and gave her an intense one eyed glare. With only pants on he had a round bulky shape, his hands large and blood splatter at his stomach and chest.

Risaka is tough and strong willed, but the sight of the man gave her a worrisome stab in her guts. She quickly looked around once more to see if there was anything useful, anything. Unfortunately there was none, only shouting and dirty ground. She sighed out and gathered her thoughts before bracing up her spirit to whatever was to come. Crushing Joe gives out a large roar the moment the Announcer said 'Go!'.

He started to sprint right away, almost like a bull seeing only red on her. Risaka took a swift step to the side and dodged the charging man jsut so barely. She grits her teeth, one second too late she'd get crushed against the wall. Fortunately Joe crashed against the wall from the reckless charge, but quickly recovers and turns around with a slightly fuzzed angry expression. ''Stand still you devil girl! Grroooaaaaah!'' He raised his arms up with clenched fists, putting them together he struck downwards, aiming to directly crush her at her head. Risaka had her eyes widened from the incoming attack, with a desperate push back she dodged him once more, but resulting her fall at her rear as his fists crushes down at the ground.

The crowd goes wild, most were excited waiting to either see Risaka do the devil work or simply get crushed down by the large inhuman man. She knew if she attempted to use her Devil Fruit powers she'd get into much bigger difficulties, but yet she will die here if she doesn't deal with Crushing Joe. As he raised his arms back up she quickly got onto her feet and dashed at him. Joe gave a confused noise when seeing her suddenly up close. She got her fist ready and gave him a swift jab right against his throat. The impact left him coughing out hard and would hold at his throat with clenched closed eyes, but it didn't exactly hurt him, she could feel how sturdy his body was. ''Tsk... He is way stronger than me, luckily he isn't so wise.''

Risaka took a quick few steps back to make some space inbetween them. When Joe finished getting over the sudden annoyance from getting his throat punched he'd get bloodshotted eyes in pure anger. The crowd had a few laughs from seeing the small punch make him stutter. ''Grrrrnnnngh! I'll make you pay for making laughing stock out of me!'' With his chest pumped out and his bulky muscular arms spread wide he'd charge once more, but this time with the intention to punch her during the charge. Risaka was a rather sly lady, knowing his arms were quite short she duck down and slid under inbetween his legs, making him only punching the air. He almost fell forward from the slip of hers. When recovering his balance back he turned slowly around, this time he for sure was at his point of limit with his anger. His teeth almost breaking from the tight gritting, the crowds yelling out comments at Risaka due to her her slippery fighting style.

''C'mon! What the heeeck?! She's just some annoying gal that doesn't know how to fight!''
''Yeah! Why is she labelled as a freak anyway? We've been scammed! Go get her Joe!''

Soon the crowds began chanting Joe's name, after such turn of events the announcer rubs his head in a struggle of not giving the crowds the proper entertainment. ''Uhm uuuh mmnh.... Ah yes! This needs a special touch! Give Crushing Joe a suitable weapon! It's time to see the blood spill ladies and gentlemen!'' The crowd goes wild and cheerish the decision. A large axe was lowered down with chains above Crushing Joe's position. Joe grinned and gladly took the axe into his hands. Risaka in the other hand was sweating from seeing the size of that axe, she felt cheated out, and frankly she felt doomed.

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The crowd was cheering for him, but then there were others booing for him. It seemed like there were a lot of people who enjoyed Daichi fight, and were not happy with what Yuurei had done to him. He sighed as he didn’t care what they thought, but he could hear that they had said something about who would win and placing bets. He figured he would make this interesting then as he just moved side to side waiting for Daichi to come after him. Daichi did exactly what Yuurei was hoping for and he watched the man charge towards him, and when he got close enough he swung his right fist at Yuurei. The thief had bend both of his elbows on his right arm and did the same thing. Their attacks colliding with each other as he was looking straight at his face. It didn’t take long for Daichi to attack with his left arm, and Yuurei had done the same thing collided their fists with each other.

Yuurei could only smile because he knew what was going to happen. The man had continued to pull his punches, and rapidly started punching towards Yuurei. The thief decided to do the same thing as he had met him blow for blow as they were moving around the arena. He figured if he was going to put on a show he might as well do it right. The crowd could see this and were cheering and roaring loudly from the excitement. The guards that were watching Yuurei were impressed that he was actually good at fighting. It was a chance they took, and it was a chance well worth it. Yuurei felt bad for this man though and he allowed one of Daichi’s punches to slip through as it had connected with his face. Yuurei’s face shifted to the left, but he could only be seen with a smile on his face. Due to the fact that he had allowed that punch to go through, then it just meant that his punch had gone through.

Yuurei’s blow had connected with Daichi’s face as it had shifted to the right, and both men had jumped back. The long-arm kept moving around as he didn’t even have to use his elbows in this fight, or his legs, but knew to take him out he would have to. He noticed that Daichi was panting for air as it seemed like his punch had more power behind it. Yuurei spat out blood from his mouth and smiled at him as decided he would be the one to charge at him this time. There was one thing he was noticing about himself, it was that he enjoyed the thrill of battle. It was not something he did often, but in this fight he was just enjoying himself. Yuurei had gotten close to Daichi and attempted to throw a hook at him with his left hand, but the man was quick to parry it with his own arm, which was aiming at Yuurei’s chest.

The man could only smile as his arm bent once more, and he smacked Daichi’s hand down going for a counter now with his right. Yuurei had tossed a quick right jab straight at Daichi’s face and it struck right at the man’s nose. He stumbled back grunting in pain and instinctively holding on to his nose. Yuurei hopped back giving the man time to do what he needed to do, but the crowd was roaring while a few of them were in awe of what was going on. The guards, however took note that the man in blue was starting to toy with Daichi, and they were upset with that. He’s going to be upset with that. he thought to himself as the man had gotten into fighting position again and looked pissed.

The guards wanted to make it a fair fight, but they knew that they couldn’t throw weapons in here. They knew nothing of this man and figured he was a regular fighter. Daichi had charged at Yuurei, and when he got close he kicked dirt in the air, which brought Yuurei to cover his eyes, so he didn’t get any of it in his eyes. It was Daichi’s plan and he had swung an uppercut straight into Yuurei stomach, which brought the thief to grunt from the pain and was surprised about this. When he looked at Daichi, however, he could see another punch coming straight towards him. He was aiming straight for his nose as well, but Yuurei moved his face, so that it had connected straight on his forehead. The thief grunted again from the blow and stumbled back from his opponent. He touched his forehead and noticed that he was bleeding from that blow. He could also feel the pain from his stomach.

Yuurei sighed as he figured it was time to show the competition what he could do. Yuurei charged at Daichi at full speed, closing the distance between the two of them in a matter of seconds. Daichi was surprised, but soon he noticed that there was a knee being launched straight at his gut. He blocked it with both of his hands, but Yuurei was in the air now as he struck his right elbow at Daichi’s head, and then another elbow coming from the same arm. The big man felt the blow as his arms moved towards his head, but Yuurei wasn’t done as he had swung his other leg around aiming to Daichi’s right ribcage. It connected, and the man was shock and in so much pain that he fell to his knees. Yuurei looked at him from above as his opponent never looked up at him and was just holding his right side and his head in pain.

Yuurei could hear the crowd though, and it was clear as day on what they wanted him to do. ”FINISH HIM, FINISH HIM, FINISH HIM! KILL, KILL, KILL, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!” those were the words he kept hearing and he sighed as he took a stance and swung his right hand straight towards Daichi’s temple and when it connected the man’s face turned, and soon fell to the ground. Yuurei raised his hand as he was victorious, and wonder what kind of shit they would have him doing next. ”There you have it ladies and gentlemen! We have ourselves a winner! Give it up for The Killer Azure!” the announcer had gave Yuurei a name, and the crowd started cheering.

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Act 2

His laugh was loud and so excited, his grip on the axe handle was tight and his thirst for blood was frightening. Risaka kept herself cool, all she had to do was to avoid until she found an opening, but by the looks of this she might just have to use her Devil Fruit power. However she took one particular stare at the oddly place rope around his neck. That along with the fabric covering his head sorta indicates that he wanted the executioner style. It didn't strike her right away, but that rope might just be the key to bring a beast own.

Her thinking got cut shortly, literally, as the axe flung downwards at her. She jumps swiftly to the side as the axe cuts halfway into the ground. Joe got a bit of trouble pulling it out right away, but laughs more when he gets his axe back into his hands. As she stood there ready for yet another attempt from him it clicked inside of her head. She gasped silently and would nod to herself. ''That should work! Okay.. I only got one chance at this, or else he might catch me at most vulnerable time, just gonna need for him to get his axe stuck again'' Risaka stepped then alot more than usual until she got her back blocked by the wall behind. Joe had his nasty grin wide as he charged one more time with his axe high up. ''GWAHAHAH HARR! YOU ARE CORNERED!'' With his swing right down she quickly went forward at him, the axe strikes at the thick wall of iron plates and bars. The axe would've hit her during her ducking, but it gets stopped easily by the many thick layers of iron, thus resulting it getting stuck once more. But she didn't stop there, she rolled under inbetween his legs like before and jumped up quickly with a spring. The crowd goes amazed by the sudden movement of her, and the crowd infront of the actual action behind the walls got scared by the axe penetrating halfway through.

''W-WHOA WHOA WHOOOAAA What is the freak doing?!? She-She-She is on his back?!'' Risaka had landed at his bulky back and thrusted her hands up to take a firm grip at the rope around his neck. Joe goes all panicky and quickly gives up on trying to get his axe out. His leans his back to attempt to grab her, but luckily for her his bulkyness got the better of him. He was simply to muscly to even lean his arms back enough to reach her. She gave a small smug grin from her succesful strategy, and then began to pull like there was no tomorrow, giving him a powerful choke with the rope as he was running around and desperately trying to get her off, but the more time that went on the less firm his movement was, he got more sloppy, his senses started to fade off until he finally got all out of breath and knocked out from the tight choking. His falls down at his knees and front with Risaka still ontop of him, sitting there while sighing out relieved.

The crowd was dumbfounded, the loud cheering and excitement had toned down by alot for a couple of seconds before every that bet on Risaka started to yell out in joy, while some began to boo due to there being not a single drop of blood spilled. Risaka hopped from the choked out man and brushed dust from her coat silently, not really caring for what the crowd had to say to her, but the announcer however went on to praise this moment. ''MAAAAAA- GNIFICENT! The rookie fighter managing to bring down the highly bet mancrusher seems to be a freak afterall! This calls for a double bet on for the next round! Let's push this rookie to the limit yeeeeaaAAAAAH!!!''

-In a secret VIP room-

Smoke was thick on the top, the small cigars that was lit in the ashtray was slowly dying off until another one was ignited in a man's mouth. In a circle table 6 individuals was sitting and enjoying the broadcast of the matches through Den Den Mushis. As they were relaxing a waiter came and served them another round of drinsk ebfore they began to put down new bettings on the table. These 6 individuals are a small group named The Gamblers. A small group that has a great influence in the Black Market, also the ones labelling the value on anything they can come across over, a group to be reckoned with. One began to chuckle as he watched the one to their left put down only two rolls of beli.

???:''Eeh? That's not like you, caught a cold or something?''
???:''Tsk tsk, we all already know this one will fall within the two first minutes, why waste so much on them? I'd rather have us bet on the big guy yeah?''
???:''Hmph, you speak as if not everyone know that fact, where is your thrill?''
???:''Now now, cut them some slack, it's not like they'd care if they indeed won hah!''
???:''I think you all are being a bit too jolly, let's cut to the chase and get to the good pairs yeah? I say we place that man in blue coat in more fights, and see how long he last!''
???:''And what about the so called ''freak'' huh? You said they are really rare and perfect selling points, but I don't see anything special about that miss.''
???:''I agree, we need to know more about her, if not then whats the point of coming here? Only a bunch of casual fighters like usual?''
???:''Mhmhmhmheh... perhaps that is the case, but believe me, I know when someone is special, I can see their true strenghts, isn't that why we aren't watching and only listening hmm?''

After that comment the rest got silent and began to get back to the betting without saying a word back to the cocky individual. They grinned in the shadow and put in a Ruby onto the table.

???:''This Ruby for her ultimate survival!''

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He was moving around the area with his hand raised in a fist. He was looking at the guards with a smirk on his face as they were going to have to do better than that. Still, he knew they were just the small fries because they wouldn’t be here if that was the case. He figured they were going to bring out the next person to fight, and honestly he was ready to continue on with the little charade. While he was moving around though, he noticed that the ground beneath him started moving, and he was now standing on the same platform he had laid on when he had arrived. ”I guess I’m going back inside,” he whispered to himself as he took a seat and watched the contraption do its magic. The thief noticed how it worked, and how it closed up on him and revealed the bars that locked him up. He just smiled as it was a slow thing, and he figured that he would be able to get out of here, if he wanted to, but then he would have to deal with everything else that was around him.

He sighed as he allowed himself to get taken as the two guards had moved towards Yuurei’s cage. One of them had gotten too close, and Yuurei had decided to give them pay back for what they had done to him in the forest. His movements were quicker, and actually faster than when he had fought against Daichi. The guard noticed these movements and when he tried to react it was too late. Yuurei had made it to the corner of the cage, and grabbed a hold of the guard, and slammed him into the metal bar that was keeping from escaping. When he did that he could hear the cracking sound, and knew right there he had broken something. Yuurei had let go soon after and moved to the middle. The crowd was shocked and surprised about this as the area had gotten silent. ”That’s payback for hitting me in the forest, and you will get more next time,” Yuurei said with a smile on his face.

The guard had gotten up and he had revealed that his nose was busted, and he was leaking out so much blood right now. The thief could only smile because he knew they wouldn’t want to come in here with him. That was the reason why he made his way to the middle of the cage. ”You going to regret that. I swear to you asshole!” he threaten Yuurei, and the pirate had simply shrugged without a care in the world. The other guard was angry as well for his friend, and they had simply taken the pirate back to where he was. ”That wasn’t very smart of you Azure. When you are called next you are going to regret it,” he said to Yuurei, but the young man could only laugh so much. He could only brush his hair back as he couldn’t wait for this next bout to happen. ”I hope so because Daichi was just a brute monkey. You guys should go out there and fight me,” he said with a smile on his face.

The two of them only looked at each other, and shrugged the idea because they weren’t going to fall down to his level. Yuurei looked around, and he would see that there were others who were returning back to this area. It seemed like everybody was going through the same crap as he was. ”So I’m assuming everybody here won their fight? I guess we are prisoners until we lose or someone feels like they can buy us out?” he asked, but there was no answer. The guards ignored him, and simply walked away. Yuurei sighed and he placed his back on the middle of the cage and closed his eyes resting for a bit.

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Act 2

With such a turn of events the crowd was baffled and wanted even more, they wanted to see her struggle even more to the point of death. The cage was raised back up from the arena floor, two guards entering the stage to get her back inside of it. She lovingly complied and simply stepped inside and sat right down with a tired expression. Both the guards slammed the cage door shut before it was being lowered back into the hole. Risaka could hear all the loud yells and whistling going more silent the further she went down until it was pure silence and pitch dark. Though the floppy lid got pushed up, revealing another two guards waiting for the cage as both of them began to pull the cage out. She sighs out and then laid on her side and resting her head on her hand. The travel back to the storage was in no interest for her, and thus she began to get a swift nap for whatever was coming up.

Halfway to the storage both the guards got stopped by a tall man that was clapping in joy, smilling wide with his thick sunglasses reflecting bit of light from the ceiling. The guards gave a confused stare before halting him, both looked up at him and weren't gonna let him go any further. ''Ey there rich man, where ya think yer goin at staff only corridors? Who are you!'' The tall man chuckled, straightening his white blue vest to show manners. He wore onyx black pants and sleeves, he wore even a small feather pelt on his back that went well with his stylish groomed dark gold hair. With these details one of the guards quickly noticed who he really was, they began to tremble a bit and would nudge at his guard buddy. ''D-dude! He is most definitely one of... them! O-oh excuse me mister, I didn't mean to-!'' The tall decorated amn simply laughed and pushed his shades up to stare down at them with a smug attitude. ''My aren't you two a pair of scaredy cats, look, I know you two know what will happen if you try to waste my precious time~ ... get out of here for a couple of minutes yeah? I'm gonna spend my time on someone... bit more important~''

Both guards shrieked silently and dashed off to another corridor, the sudden dash from both of them woke Risaka up from her small nap and would blink her eyes slowly before noticing the tall man was staring down at her from outside the cage. He gave a small flamboyant wave before knocking against the iron bars. ''Wakey precious~ I'm here to congratulate you'' Risaka sighed out once more, there was a new thing after another for her, without a stop. She sat up straight and looked up to him as if he was a giant, he was impressively tall. ''I rather not get bought like an animal, thank you very much.'' He waved his hands up rather fast in a submissive stance. ''Oh whoa there missy! I'm not walking in a pet store, just a genuine congrats to a very special one. '' He slid his hand into his pocket and pulled up a small Sapphire, showing it off a bit to Risaka before he flicks it to her hands. She caught it and wondered why such a valuable gem was simply handed to her, it was bright, in good quality and have a phenomenal shape.

''Whu- what's this for?'' Her gaze looked back up to him, he slid his shades back over his eyes as he was keeping his other hand nicely tugged inside of his pocket. ''Just a small gift~ Just don't sell it, it's way more valuable than you think. I'd totally buy you, however, I see you are in need to grow more, alot more, so I will just tell you to go forth and not let anyone stop you, I will see you again someday, hopefully in a more... delicate place.'' He turned away and finger gunned her before walking off.

Risaka was left with one or two too many questions in mind, but her focus was gazing down at her hands, seeing the gem was a nice sight, but she firmly put it into her own pocket, it had to mean something and she wanted to find out. Both guards from earlier was peeking from the other side of the corridor, when seeing the tall man leave they approached the cage with worrisome expressions. Risaka looked at them once they began to push the cage, they didn't even look at her nor attempted to speak. ''...Who was that? You two seem to know who he is.'' They gulped and just kept pulling, seemingly ignoring her. When they finally arrived to the storage her cage was firmly placed back to it's original spot. When they left she pulled the gem out and inspected it further. The texture, the sharp edges, it all felt too expensive, and why would someone give such a valuable item to a captured pirate like her? She kept asking herself in the head, maybe he there is a direction on this gem. After a decent amount of time inspecting it she gave up and looked around once more, trying to see who was still here and not. The marine next to her was still there, all unharmed, maybe he was saved up for a much bigger fight.

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When he asked everybody if they had won their fight, and even tried to make conversation with the other prisoners, nobody wanted to say anything. There had been a weird silence in the room, and it had gotten him a little annoyed. He was hoping that he would have gotten a little something out of the people in this room, but that wasn’t the case. He could only sighed harder than usual as he figured that talking to these people would be out of the question. Yuurei figured it was time for his rest, and he closed his eyes resting for a bit. A few minutes had gone by, and it seemed like it was going to stay quiet until there was another round of fighting, but the thief’s ears twitched when he heard the noise of a cage moving into the facility. There was someone who was returning from their fight as well. He opened his eyes slowly as he could only hope that they would talk to him.

Yuurei was trying to get more information from this place, and he figured making an ally would be for the best. Still, he only knew that would work if they never fought against each other because then they could escape together. He stretched on the cage floor as he was doing that for a few seconds, and when he was done with that he had sat up now as he was looking around the area. He could see that there was a woman in a cage coming from the outside, and he figured she was a strong. His assumption was led to this because he figured if she had come back in this cage, then she had fought and won against her opponent.

He was about to say something, but a man approached her, and the two of them had a whole conversation going on. He could tell that it was mainly the guy, and he tried to listen to it, but he couldn’t hear it. Still, it seemed like there was someone who was talkative there, which was a good thing. He figured that things would go well then and he could probably get some information. He got up from sitting down, and moved over to the direction where the voices were coming from. When he got to the bars he held against it, and pressed his face between the bars. He didn’t care what the guards would say to him, but he figured if anybody here didn’t speak back it just meant that the guards probably did something to them when they spoke to each other. He figured it would be a chance he would have to take, and figured why not.

”Hey you, who just finished talking to the guy who walked away. Do you know where we are? How did your fight go? And one last thing how long have you been here?” he asked these questions to her as he was looking at her. She was laying down, so it was hard for him to see her stature, and see if she was truly strong. Still, he knew that he couldn’t really judge a book by its cover because power came in all different types of sizes. He had out powered a really strong man, and he himself didn’t look like he could take him out. I wondered if she is planning on escaping, but I can’t ask her this questions with the guards here. he thought to himself. When the guards heard Yuurei trying to make small talk with her, they looked at him annoyed with hearing him.

”You got to shut up. You don’t see that you are bothering everybody here. If you don’t shut up I’m truly going to make sure you regret opening your mouth,” one of the guards said to Yuurei. The thief could only smile because he wished that the man would get close to him. Yuurei would make him regret trying to take any course of action against him.

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Act 3

Once she was ready to rest she got woken up by the sudden questions by a stranger, but she'd grunt inside her head and not try to focus on his words, she was her back to him and laying in a resting position, she gently tapped at the cage floor with the sapphire when one of the guards went onto the stranger that wanted to talk to her. She gave the current situation a second thought and would quickly raise onto a sitting position and turned her head towards them just only a bit. She gave Yuurei a sharp stare with one eye open, giving him the indication that he got her attention. The other guard noticed her staring back and would grit his teeth before hitting at the iron bars with his club. ''Go back to resting freak! No prisoners shall talk to eachother!'' She didn't flinch from the club hitting her cage, however the guard attempted to intimidate her with a second hit, but from the loud noise of struck iron it would echo through the storage and would most likely wake up one or two inmates. The marine that was right next to Risaka's cage began to chuckle at the guard's comment. The marine was sitting with his legs crossed as he was rubbing his hands together. ''And why can't we, the captured tools have at least the freedom to speak? What are you gonna do about it? Take on us?'' After that comment a cage right next to Yuurei's had someone rising up, it was a tall being that had the figure of a big teddy bear. His bear ears flicked a bit before giving out a loud yawn and stared at the guards with a drowsy stare. ''Wh-what? Someone talking to me? yaaaaaaaaawn'' And thus one after another began to speak out with their words, and soon the guards was surrounded by many sources of voices.

''Man I've been here for a week now! I'm sick of being used!''

''I won't stop talking, just try me you bunch of shitheads!''


The two guards began to sweat and steps back as the many rows of cages started to move from the activity, but Risaka was just sitting there and kept her stare at Yuurei while the commotions was hectic. One of the guards began to dial his Den Den Mushi. ''Gah what the heck?!? Whya re they all so loud and annoying now! They won't stop, we need more, quick!'' They quickly ran back to the door and shut it close, locking it with the tree big steel beams across of it to ensure the potential rebellion was contained. But in the pitch darkness basically all of the inmates began to cheer for heir small victory. ''YEAH that's right! Go to back to your mommies, pigs!'' After so long there was finally some sort of life in this room, a refreshment for most that has been in here for weeks. Risaka quickly laid back down on her side and huffed out once the cheering got more and more silent.

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Yuurei seemed to have started something; he figured that the guards wouldn’t have wanted any of the prisoners speak to each other. He figured this was the reason why a lot of the prisoners were quiet right now. They probably tried to speak to each other at the beginning and the guards had done something to them, so they just kept quiet from now on. Still, he was looking in the girl’s direction, and soon enough she would stare at him. He could see one eye, and it was a topaz colored iris, and she would be met with his left yellow iris as his right one was covered with an eyepatch. It seemed like she was ready to talk to him, but the guards started banging on the cages. He chuckled because he started something, and he was hoping that another guard would make a mistake and get close to him. He doubted that, however, since they knew what happened the last time they got too close.

There were other people who started talking to the guards as they were happy with the guard’s comment. Yuurei’s face was no longer pressed against the bars, but he was smiling and chuckling to hear what the marine had said. And then soon enough someone from behind him had spoken up, and it he turned to see a big ass teddy bear creature in another cage. He was surprised about that, and he didn’t noticed him, but that was probably because he had been sleeping this whole entire time, and never responded to him. His face turned back to the woman and she was still looking at him. He could only chuckle a bit and rubbed the back of his head because he didn’t think all of this would happen. Soon enough he heard the voice of one the guards as it seemed like he was asking for back up, and Yuurei wondered if this was a good opportunity for him to try and escape.

He did hear someone say they were here for a week now, and from what little he said, Yuurei figured he had kept winning his fights, and they kept using him like a slave. The guards were scared and left the area, and closed it out leaving the prisoners in the dark once more. The cheering had slowly died down and he watched the girl go back into her resting spot. ”Hey you who’s been here for a week. Have they given you any special treatment since you been here?” he asked curious to what he would say. That specific prisoner looked over to Yuurei and scratched his head because he didn’t get anything, but food, and a place to piss and shit. ”I have only fought to keep myself alive, and that is all. The only thing they do is give me good portion of food every time I win. I guess they want to make sure we are health and can keep fighting,” he explained to Yuurei.

Yuurei sighed as that wasn’t good enough. He figured they would allow him to do some extra stuff for his success of being able to stay alive for a week. That wasn’t the case, and his eyes turned back to the girl that was laying down. She had kept quiet this whole entire time, and didn’t seemed like the talkative type. ”You don’t seem like you don’t want to make friends here. I get it, we might have to fight each other one day, if we stay stuck here. But don’t you want to make allies, and plan an escape from these cages?” he asked her because he was planning on getting out of this place. He had a crew to get back to, and there was no way he was going to get left behind. Yuurei could only hope that these prisoners had the balls to escape when the time came because whenever he got the chance he was going to have them wreak havoc throughout this facility.

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Act 3

Risaka lsitened to every word he had to say, but with little to no response back. The bear in the back was watching intently with his silly black dotted eye, his mouth slightly open and would gaze down at Yuurei in silence. The marine next to Risaka chuckled and stood up in his cage, held at the iron bars and stared at Yuurei. ''She is clearly being silent because she ain't a talker, she's a thinker, I've seen what she have been doing, drawing and making marks down at the cage floor with something sharp, I bet she has a plan already down, thought she won't speak about it. Say, you got the look of a swordsman, ya probably missing your trusty sword huh? Well I know where they put all items from inmates, if you guys can get me out I can lead you there. But that is if there is a way out.'' He sat back down and shrugged. ''I bet they will be bringing me in soon, it's death for sure for a marine like me in this pirate infested fortress.''

Risaka was indeed drawing at the cagefloor a small imaginary map, or at least the routes she know from the travels between the arena and the storage. She leaned up and stared at the marine then at Yuurei. ''Swordsman, you were  just in battle weren't you? You must've been in a different arena... which means this place is bigger than I thought... Hey you, teddy mink'' She stared past Yuurei at the mink with her sharp eyes. The mink reacted as if he was caught in a sinful act, squirming with his expression pale of fright. ''KYAAAAAAH OOOOOOOGH! I-I'm innocent I tell you!'' Risaka blinked once and an awkward drop fell down before she sat up properly. ''I will be needing you, I have a plan...'' The mink stared in a couple of speechless seconds before touching his own facecheeks in admiration. ''Y-you need m-my help...? Oh I am so honoured!''

Outside the storage room, hallway

The two guards had gathered a couple of other guards along with a bulky tall man in an iron mask behind the small group. One of them was trying to eavesdrop anything coming from the other side, but due to the large storage door being so thick barely any noise came out. But the guard nodded and would give the rest the clear signal. ''I don't hear the havoc cheering of the inmates, it has calmed down, but once we open the door we gotta make sure none sneak past us!'' The rest gave a syncrhonized Huah to brace themselves. After the three steel beams got lifted away from the door it was opened. A couple went inside and noticed no cage nor corpse was laying around, they sighed in relief. Risaka stared up at the entrance and viewed jsut how many there are. ''Tsk, we are gonna need many more people to take on such large group of guards...'' She quickly got silent again once a guard walked past to check on the cages. He held a pistol and one simple sword sheathed on his hip. It gave Risaka an idea and would stare at Yuurei for a brief moment. Once the guard was far enough away she leaned on the ironbars towards Yuurei's direction. ''Making allies is not enough for a breakthrough, I need you to distract the next guard that passes by, ten seconds!''

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Yuurei only gain silence from this woman, which he found sad. He sighed as he had given up with talking to her, and that was okay. The man that was next to her, however did speak up to him though. He told her what she was doing, and he took note on the fact this guy had been eying her down this whole time, and watching her every movement. The next thing made him look over to the guy as he was curious to who he was. He figured this man had a lot of fighting experience, if he was able to tell that he was a swordsmen. The thief rubbed the back of his head, and what he heard come out of the marine’s mouth was actually he was happy to hear. ”Don’t worry the moment I’m able to get free from here you will be free, Your occupation means nothing to me,” he said as he was a bit nervous about him being a marine, but he kind of wanted his sword back.

He had decided to take a seat right now, and he did quickly as he closed his eyes right now. He didn’t know what to do right now, but he knew they were going to be fighting a lot more. There was one thing he didn’t like, and it was the fact this his life would be on the line every time he was forced to fight. While thinking about this, the girl had finally spoken up to him, but was asking him if he had just come back from a fight. He had chuckled because he was about to tell her yes, but his mind went elsewhere. He was about to explain what had happen when he fought. Still, before he could say anything she had spoken to the mink and it seemed like she was going to need him. Yuurei opened his eyes a bit a sad and shock that she wasn’t going to need him for her plan. His heart dropped and he was shocked that she hadn’t think about using him as well. He shook his head as this wasn’t the time for his shenanigans.

”Yes I just came back from a battle. And you are right this place is bigger than I thought it would be. From what I can tell they have multiple areas where they have people fight to death in. I fought some strong bulky man, and put on the show for the people though. They wanted entertainment, so I gave it to them,” he said as he remembered how hard he connected his punch on Daichi’s face. When he finished speaking he could hear the noise of the door again. His eyes looked over to the area, and watched the door open up slowly. He could only smile when he seen the amount of guards that were entering the area. He even noticed that the guy whose nose he had broken showed up. Yuurei could only chuckle because they were indeed bringing everybody here just because of them cheering and making too much noise.

Yuurei looked at the guard walked by the cages, and when he got far enough it seemed like the girl spoke once again. This time he stood silent and kept silent when she told him what she wanted him to do. He could only chuckle a bit because he knew that risking his life was not something foreign to him. The thief nodded agreeing with her because he assumed she had a plan now. He looked at the other guard who was moving through the cages, and Yuurei got up from where he sat. He coughed a bit as he was getting ready to annoy the crap out of the guards. ”I see you guys had to bring reinforcements. It goes to show you that you are scared of a bunch of people in cages. Still, it sad you had to cheap shot us to get us in these cages. You could just imagine what we could have done if you faced us one on one,” he said, so all the guards could hear. The guard that was walking by the cages pointed at the gun towards Yuurei.

”You talk too much, and we aren’t going to allow you to get under our skin. Still, if you keep running your mouth we will all shoot you,” he said as he made a signal, which brought all of them to point their gun at him. Yuurei raised his hand up in the air and put a smile on his face. ”Damn you so feisty. You quick to pull a gun towards an unarmed man. I doubt the higher-up would want me dead with the show I display in my last fight, so that wouldn’t be a wise choice,” he laughed at the guard. He placed his hand on his face as he looked at the guard who had spoken to hm. ”Still, I got to say you are smart to pull the gun out at me from that distance. I mean look at what I did to you friend right there,” he pointed at the guard who had gotten close to him earlier.

They looked at him, and even some of the prisoners did the same thing. The man’s nose was swollen and bandaged as well. ”If you want you let me out of this cage, and I will fight all of you. If you kill me you can make it seem like I somehow escaped from the cage, and you had no choice but to kill me. Now if you kill me in the cage they will know what you did,” he said with a smile on his face. He wondered if that was good enough for distraction as he was running his mouth, and they were paying attention to him. The guards looked confused as they didn’t know what to do right now, and wondered if they should let Yuurei out, and then jump him as a group.

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Act 3

Risaka waited a bit, basically until all the guards nearby were facing Yuurei, they quickly formed into a group of angered dummies as they began to exchange comments and insults. Risaka looked back at her where the wall was, she gently put her hands on it and pushed so that the cage moved silently from the small wheels it had. With gentle care she'd move her cage close enough for her to reach a hand to one of the swords. She barely gets a hold og the handle's tip and held her breath to make the least amount of movement. Slowly sliding the sword out, once it was fully out she smoothly slid it into her cage behind her with a relieved sigh. She then got a hold of one of the two cages and pulled herself back to the original position. However the current situation began to look grim as the guards got too ahead of themselves, last thing she wanted was an actual fight. The guards all were aiming at Yuurei, but one stepped forward and swung his key. ''Ahaha, nice try scum, but I ain't that stupid, you are obviously trying to get one of us into a hostage grip and take the key! C'mon everyone, get back to work, seems like this storage is secure as always.'' He flicked the key into his pocket and walked away while whistling, and soon the rest began to go away, most geting back to their working spots.

Risaka sighed relieved and the marine looked optimistically at her. He tapped his cap and would point back at the guard that had the key. ''That was a smooth snatch, but we still need that key, y'see, that's the master-key, I know whenever I see one, if we gain that then we get easy access to the item room.''In the back ground the mink Panda had a shocked amazed expression over the clutch moment, rather teh overeactive big mink. ''A-amazing... I can't even hold my breath without squirming..'' Risaka looked around the people, plenty were intriguied by the fact she had a weapon now in her possesion. ''Cmon! Cut the cage open and let's get out of here!'' She tsk'd at the suggestion and shuck her head. As nice it sounds it felt too risky for her to play on, she looked forward again at Yuurei while inspecting the sword. ''''If we act hastingly we might screw it up big time and only make it backfire, we need to strike when they are at the most vulnerable moment. You, Swordsman, how many cages can you cut open in a short amount of time? If we do this right we can at least take half of the fortress without high risks.''

At the Boss Office room

''250...256-278....301'' The sounds of numbers flowing in the room, the Boss of the fortress in his thick suit and tie, his fuzzy wide mustcha poked to the lenght of his shoulders, both ends wiggling a bit each time he rolled down one dozen bills of beli after another. But it was suddenly interrupted when the double door to the room was slammed open. He got startled and jumped up from the chair and had his hands ready for a fight, but the visitor was one of The Gamblers and had his thick black shades on as usual. His feather coat flapping a bit when he sat down at a chair infront of the Boss' desk. The tall man chuckled and tipped his shades down. ''Hello hello Abraham! Still counting those stacks huh? You sure seem comfortable on that spot.'' Abraham quickly sat down again, but didn't continue counting, instead he held his hands together and fiddled his thumbs together. ''Right right... Wait, why are you here?! Y-you're supposed to be with the rest and make the stacks rise!'' The tall man held his hand up to make Abraham quiet. Silently chuckling as he leaned on one elbow on one of the armresters. ''We will be leaving right now actually, it was fun while it lasted, but this place just doesn't suit my taste~ Afterall you have already earned so much, I think you are done leeching from us big guys yeah? Now then, if you'll excuse me.'' Abraham shot up from his chair and gritted his teeth. ''W-what in the living hell are you thinking?! You promised to stay until the finals! I won't tolerate you and the rest disrespect me like that-!'' Once again the tall man put his hand up, it was rather effective to shut Abraham up. He rose up from his own chair and gently tipped his shades up from his eyes, giving Abraham a deathly glare. ''Be quiet low life scum pirate or else I will personally make you eat your own guts.'' His tone and overall expression went cold, with such unblinking eyes it made Abraham to freeze and go completely silent. The tall man then slipped his shades back down and began to smile wide with his bright white teeth fully exposed. ''I'm glad you understand, and never contact me ever again, heh, not that you will be able to.'' And so he turned around and walked out of the room without another word. Abraham panted a bit and fell back onto his big chair and wiped his forehead in pure anxiety.

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Yuurei was waiting for one of them to do something, but it seemed like one of them had gain their composure, and kind of figured what he was up to. He could only chuckle a bit as they finished speaking, which alerted the other guards, and they placed their weapons away. The thief sucked his teeth as he was wishing for this plan to go into action as well, but he knew that wasn’t the main priority. He watched them walk away from the cages, and he just placed his hands down to his side. He brushed his hair back, and sat down on the floor as he looked around the cages. He could see that everyone was looking at him as if he were a crazy man, but he actually enjoy the thrill of doing something like this. When looking at the guards, he noticed that one of them was missing a sword, and another one was spinning a bunch of keys around his finger.

That guard was someone they needed to get their hands on, and he wondered who in here grabbed the guard’s sword. He looked at the guard and figured it had to be here. Was that the reason she needed me to distract the guards? he thought to himself as he relaxed his body and wondered how long he was going to be here. While he did this he was looking over to Risaka who was looking at the sword in her had. The way he could tell from his range, the sword was nicely made, but it was definitely not one of the swords he was looking for. Still, it was good enough to use depending on who was wielding it, and soon enough he was asked a question. He smiled at the girl because that sounded like a challenge. He looked at the amount of cages that were here, and he didn’t think it would take long for him to cut open all the cages in this area.

”With the sword that you have there, I’m pretty sure I can cut through all the cages in this area. So I can basically run around and release everybody that is locked up in here. With the length of my arms I can reach everyone easier than most,” he paused as he showed her how long his arms were as stretched out away from him. Everyone who was looking at him could see that he had two elbow joints and the panda mink was surprised when he seen this. Yuurei placed his hands back down and kept his eyes on Risaka and the sword. ”If you are offering me the sword, then I am willing to do exactly that. I want to make whoever started this operation pay for even bringing me here in the first place. I was looking for something before they knocked me out,” he said as he wanted payback.

Yuurei had gotten up from where he was sitting and stretched his body as he never kept his eyes off the sword. When he was done with he gave Risaka a smirk. ”At least you know that I won’t be leaving here without you guys. That man knows where my sword is at, and well I’m not sure I can escape on my own. That amount of guards would take a while to clear out, and they would probably get reinforcements by the time I even get close to doing that,” he said as he was waiting for her toss the weapon to him, so he could get ready to take action.

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Act 4

As the talking went on the large mink panda sat down again and sighed relieved from not actually having to get involved with such dreaded actions. Risaka held the sword by it's blade and held it out towards Yuurei, carefully not touching the iron bars. ''When the final match or last show starts, pressumingly being the biggest one, you will start hack and slash all the cages open. Gather all up and barge right through, when most guards are occupied with the big show. Oh also..'' She peered her eyes past Yuurei at the Mink. ''AAAAAH!.... M-me?'' He did not expect her to expose him out, not that she actually did anything other than getting his attention, she got used to his personality. ''You seem  like the perfect wall, I will need you to follow me until we reach the item room.. all we have to do now is just to wait till the final match begins for today-'' Her speech cut short when she noticed a guard passing through the exit and down the small steps into the storage. She firmly sat back down and began to ignore most stuff as usual self, same did the marine and the mink, though the mink was just curled up in a ball that shuck rapidly from unecessary fear.

The guard didn't seem to go his usual route, but instead approached to the lane where they are caged up. The guard then looks around and would seek out Risaka. He held up a list and pointed his pen towards her direction. ''Uhm, that's the gal, Miss Freak, aight good good, you will be sent to the final, right about now, better buckle up!'' Those words shocked her even more than it should've, but not by the fact she was picked, but how early it was for the Final match, this did not go with her plan and she lowkey began to panic deep inside, however her surface kept it's posture and looked cold as ever. ''Oh cool, and who's the other?'' The guard cleared his throat and flipped the page and scanned around the cages until he spotted Yuurei. He stared at the man in blue coat, it was for sure that Yuurei was the other exciting part of the final. But then the guard leaned to the side when the shivering mink was seen. He pointed at the mink and nodded to himself. ''Ah there he is, the Merciless Teddy, he's your opponent Miss Freak, I will send two guards soon to get both of you.'' He marked on the list before walking away back up to the exit. Risaka then stared baffled towards the mink, he had risen up after hearing a mention of him, but he weren't aware of the situation.

''W-whe? W-whya re you looking at me like that miss?'' Risaka frowned and would cross her arms, he didn't even seem like a fighter to begin with. ''You are an emotional wreck, how long have you even been here and how many fights have you been in?'' She raised her tone a bit, she demanded answers from the poor panda. He jsut shrieked and would hide himself with his paws. ''T-t-tw-twenty days miss! And uhm, I believe around... 31 matches.'' The marine gaped his mouth as he was shocked by the answer, Risaka blinked and was dumbfounded. But ultimately she stared back towards Yuurei. ''We don't have much time, once the match starts you begin cutting, and take down any guard that comes in when you do so, me and this mink shall stall the match long enough for you to make the break, it's now or never.''

Boss Office Room, 20 minutes earlier

Abraham was shredding paper from left and right in pure heat, groaning as he pushed a few stacks of paper to the side to let out his steam. Afetr the episode with the menacing member of The Gamblers he was left distressed and unsure on what to do next. One of the guards comes in quickly and tries to calm down Abraham. ''B-boss! What's wrong! W-we need you for our next step on the agenda!'' Abraham gripped the guard's front and held him up close face to face with a pissed right off expression. ''There's NO agenda WITHOUT our sponsors you dimwit! We are in a tight corner and if we don't get a selling point we won't make the income we are in need for!'' He let goes of the guard, the guard felt down at his rear as he was semi scared by his boss' attitude. Abraham breathing heavier, he went back on his chair and held his head, his expression told way more words than his big mouth could ever spout out. But suddenly he lightened up in his expression, he straightened his back and would smirk, rubbing his hands together. ''Ah yes... why didn't I think of that? Huahuaha.. better to put it all on the table no? Put in the two msot special prisoners we got, asap! Put them on the middle arena! I want the so called freak and that one bear thingy with that winstreak of his!''

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Yuurei was waiting for the sword to be given to him, and soon enough she had slowly moved her hand towards Yuurei. He could see the blade going through the opening of the cage as she didn’t touch the bars, which was a good idea. They didn’t want to make any clashing noise against steel, and grab the guard’s attention. That would be bad, and they would be aware that they had something they shouldn’t. He grabbed the hilt of the blade, and waited until he let go of the blade, so he could pull it into his cage. He didn’t want to cut her hand because well she was holding that part of the blade. With the blade in his hand, he felt much better that he was able to wield a blade again. He didn’t mind using his hands, but it was better to use something he was more comfortable with. She explained everything to him, and when she felt like it was the best time to do this.

He could only nod because he was okay with that plan. He was just hoping that he could make an escape and have the people around him help him with that. The thief examined the blade even more and noticed that it was actually superior to the sword his father had created. He had moved it around to see it and figured it would be a good weapon to use as of right now. Still, the next thing he did was hide the sword the best he could as he took a seat in the middle of his cage again. They were smart to take his weapon from him, but this girl was smart enough to realize that he could be their way of escape. While he was sitting down he looked over to a guard that was making his way towards Risaka. He figured that it was her time to fight again, which he hoped that she would be safe. If something bad would happen to her, then he figured he would be able to do this on his own with the rest of the prisoners here.

Then it happened Yuurei’s eyes widen when he noticed that the guard was looking in his general direction. He sucked his teeth as he knew that look anywhere. He wasn’t excited that their plan was about to go south, and he gripped the handle of the blade from behind him as he was about to start the plan now. Then he moved his head passed him, and looked at the mink that was behind him. The pirate looked to see the mink, and it seemed like they were going to battle it out. He sighed because he was glad it wasn’t him. He wanted to use this sword to escape, and he didn’t want to have to drop it because he was going to have to fight. When the guard left the two fighters had a conversation, and it seemed like the mink who acted so scared had been in thirty-one matches. Yuurei didn’t even care about how long he had been here right now, but the fact he acted the way he was acting, and was still here was amazing.

Yuurei could only imagine how strong the panda mink actually was, but then he felt like he probably tricked his opponents into underestimating him. When he heard the girl speak to him again, he could only smile at her. ”Don’t you worry. You gave me the one weapon that could get us all out of here. It was a good thing you did. You take as long as you want in that fight you two. We will barge out of here, and put on a show of our own,” the thief said as he couldn’t wait to ruin this place. When he had finished speaking a few guards had arrived. One had headed towards Risaka’s cage, and the other one had gone to the mink behind him. Yuurei had moved the blade under him, making sure the steel didn’t reflect any kind of light. Yuurei looked at the two of them as they were being pulled away from the area. ”Good luck you two,” he said to both of them with a smile on his face.

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Act 4

Both cages being pushed and pulled out gave Risaka a rush of anxiety. She didn't have mentally prepared herself to commence the plan at such a short cut. She stared back at the other cage, viewing that the mink was having a green coloured expression as his eyes were just spinning in a fast motion. This mink was such a mess of emotion that he doesn't even know the appropiate attitude, he looked like someone who was just in a powerful rollercoaster. She sighs out, hopefully he goes along with the plan and not try to actually kill her, though she felt that he weren't exactly the kind that would kill... or harm for that matter. And before she knew it they ahd arrived to the square lids that led up to the arenas. She noticed that they had gone way further into the curved big hallway. She crosses her arms and huffs the moment her cage got pushed into the opening. The mink squirmed hard and would panic, he bashed around the cage and did his best to not get into the opening on the wall. However his paws and limbs were way too thick to actually poke out inbetween the iron bars, so his gracious attempt only made loud noises and gave the guards a difficult time to firmly place the cage inwards. ''S-stop squirming like a fish you overgrown bear!'' GYAAAH!'' With a final push the guard got the cage in and closed the lid behind.

Risaka stood up as she felt the cage began to move up again to a dreaded arena. The bright lights hitting her face and the massive crowds around the wide circle arena were even more excited than her previous fight. She also noticed that this arena was way bigger and had many metal objects poking up from the ground, and of course almost all of them had a thick dark red stain covered. The cage opens up and she walks out, on the opposite side the mink's cage was also raised and he wouldn't walk out of the cage, instead he was curling into a ball while shivering. After a few seconds of waiting the announcer got impatient. ''Mmmmmnnnh... ! Someone please get that Teddy Bear out of the damn cage already! The crowds are waiting!'' The crowd agrees with a loud roar, a guard gets into the arena behind the mink's cage. He picked up a spiky staff and poked at the mink's rear. ''KYOWOWHOWOWHAAAAAAA!'' With a burst of screech he dashed right out while rubbing his rear with teary eyes. Majority of the crowd got amused and began to laugh at the mink, Risaka however would frown at them and would try to get the mink's attention while the crowd was taking up all the noise. ''Psssst, hey. Panda boy, remember what we planned, we gotta stall this out..'' The mink got up on his legs and sniffled, rubbing his rear some more. ''U-unnngh mnnngh.... hulk sniffle'' He nodded and would wipe the two tears hanging from his eyes and would stand there, completely clueless to what to do. But he didn't need to think for himself, the announcer rang the bell and shouted out with all the passion he could gather.

''LeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEET'S! GET! THE! BLOOD! SPILLING YEAAAAH!'' The sudden rush of wild excitement from the crowd made the mink jump up a bit and began to swing aimlessly around him in the air, but from the crowds perspective it looked like he was trying to strike Risaka with his powerful bear punches. Risaka got suprised by the sudden punching, she moved back to avoid the punches that was flying everywhere, However she knew that the show must look real, from the fact that at least 20 guards around the arena behind the fences were observing closely. She dashed forward and ducked to dodge a dozen of punches from the mink. Clenching her fist she gave the mink a strike directly at his stomach, but not her fullest strenght. The mink squirmed from the punch and would panic as if he was a blind man without guidance. He smashed his hands down towards her and she got to the side swiftly. ''He is in some sort of trans, he doesn't even realize what he's doing..'' She smacked her fist into her palm to strike a readied pose. She dashed once more and got around the large mink. He swung the back of his arm around to hit her side quickly, but she simply blocked it with her two forearms and kicks him right at his ankle. He yelps and falls down on his knee, she then follows up with a punch right at his right temple, making his head wiggle around like a Bobhead.

''M-muh muh heeeeed... MYAAAAH!'' He got a sudden angry expression and raised up quickly with a roar. Risaka was caught off guard by the sudden change once more and got hit directly at her face, making her fall back, landing against the rough ground with the mink in a some sort of Anger Mode. She quickly raised up and rolled to the side when the mink tried to stomp down at her, he roared out even more and was at full blaze. The crowd immeditaly cheers for the mink, Risaka jumped up back onto her feet and grunted, she felt slight anger and would then not hold back anymore. Her feet and hands began to get the slimy purple colour. Questions were popping up from the crowd when viewing what she was doing. ''You arenot making this easy Panda, gonna hit some sense back into you..'' The mink raised his paws up and puffed his chest out as he roared like a true bear before launching at Risaka.

Back at the Storage Room

The marine took off his cap and ruffled his hair up as he was getting ready for Yuurei's hack and slash session. He scanned quickly around, and currently the room didn't have any patrols and gave Yuurei the signal with a thumbs up. ''It's clear, but are you sure you are able to cut such thick iron without making a loud bang?'' He asked but was taken focus from when hearing the loud crowd even from there, it was a clear indication that it as all lively and hyped up.

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