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1GV: Lies, Betrayal, Truth, and The Doctor Empty GV: Lies, Betrayal, Truth, and The Doctor on Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:06 am



Lies, Betrayal, Truth, and The Doctor
Vengeance of the Dead

A month had passed since Sy’s massive fight with his brother. He and Gabe had been staying a small slave camp outside Alubarna. The camp was sanctioned by the city officials as a way to deal with all the slaves who been getting freed due to all the fighting going on in the city. Marines would save them from the underground groups and let them go, plus Sy had been adding to that number. This was the reason they let him stay within their camp. Enough of them owed him for saving their lives. So, no one turned him in even though he now had a bounty on his head, and the fact that the gang golden lions had also placed a bounty on him.

Sy had been healed up and repaired by a doctor in the city who owed them both a favor for saving his daughter. His wounds were life threatening at the time, but nothing major if properly tended to. After a month he now had full range of motion in his arm, and the wounds had healed for the most part. Scabs still existed over some of the cuts, but most of them were healed.

Sy spent the last month seething in anger and planning exactly how he would dismantle Ryan and his underground empire. It wasn’t enough to just kill him, no Sy wanted to take everything he had from him. Then kill him. Of course, he would get his answers before he killed the man. Since Ryan decided that Sy’s brother should be dead before could get answers. This more than anything is what fueled Sy and his need for revenge over the last month. Whether or not his brother was alive didn’t matter as Sy went there to kill, but whoever that woman was that showed up took those answers from him. That woman and Ryan would pay.

The day passed as Sy rested in the tent, scheming, and plotting his every move for his plan. Gabe entered and could see from how angry the young man before him appeared that Sy was once again planning the downfall of this man Ryan. Gabe himself was angry, but he viewed Sy as a kid with potential and didn’t want to see it wasted. He had spent the last month trying to convince Sy to not go on this crazy escapade, and instead to invest in his life and get out of the city before it was to late. Realizing that his words fell on deaf ears, Gabe decided if he couldn’t get Sy to give up his dreams, then he would just have to join him. After all, he had something to gain out of all this as well. Ryan was Skyler’s boss at one point, so he would have the answers that Gabe sought.

“Planning the downfall of Ryan again, huh?” Gabe asked even though he knew the answer to this question as it was obvious.
“Yes, and if your…………….” Gabe cut him off before he could even finish his sentence.
“Don’t worry. I’ve given up trying to convince you to value your life, and instead decided that I will join you.” Crossing his arms and giving off his stubborn expression. Gabe made it clear to Sy that he wasn’t budging this time, and Sy would just have to deal it.
“Fine.” Sy snarked back at Gabe as he stood up and left the tent. “It’s time to make the first move then.”


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2GV: Lies, Betrayal, Truth, and The Doctor Empty Re: GV: Lies, Betrayal, Truth, and The Doctor on Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:35 am



Vengeance of the Dead Chapter 1

Sy grabbed his belongings from just outside the tent before he turned around and poke his head into the than one more time. Shouting at Gabe to hurry up, he waited impatiently for the old bugger to hurry and get ready. Gabe exited the tent to find Sy half across the little area that was designated to the slaves to live in. Worried for Sy, and the fact that he would Leave Gabe behind. Gabe ran to catch up with Sy. The older gent had his gun over his shoulder, and his pistol on his hip. The two walked together to exit the tent city and into Alubarna. Not a spoken word slipped from eithers mouth.

“Okay..Fine… I’ll give. What is the first move?” The irritation in his voice apparent, but even with that extra flare added to his question. He wasn’t given any form of answer. Nothing verbal. Not even a shake of the head or movement of the hand. Sy just kept walking towards his destination.

Entering through the east gate, Sy immediately turned and headed south. His plan was to take back his old lab, home, and base. Then after he had control over the main area of operation of Ryan’s in the south he would force the rest of Ryan’s thug out. If he remembered correctly there is also a small drug den in the south as well. Silent walk was fine for Sy as he knew his plans, but Gabe was getting angrier and angrier as they continued to walk in silence. Until, he finally grabbed Sy by the shoulder turned him and slammed him into a wall.

“What exactly is your plan?” Gabe yelled as steamed appeared to be coming off his forehead. He was so angry that his body heat was becoming visible in the cold night air.
“Shh.” Sy quietly whispered as he raised his finger up to Gabe’s lips and made cross formation with his finger and Gabe’s lips. This only further angered Gabe, and this time he punched the wall as hard as he could. Then Gabe heard the approaching footsteps, as a marine walked over to where they were. Sy had seen the guard out of the corner of his eye earlier, and didn’t want to alert him, but Gabe clearly wasn’t paying attention because he was to busy being angry.

“Fool.” Sy mumbled under his breath as he slowly walked around the building and met the marine face to face. “Your…” Before he could finish his sentence Sy had punched him the gut hard enough to knock him out cold. He then dragged the limp body around the corner and placed him sitting against the wall. Before he drew the marine’s own sword from it scabbard. “You drew him to us. So, you take care of him. He cannot report that we are here to anyone.” Sy hand the unsheathed blade over to Gabe and turned and continued walking.

Understanding what the consequences of the marine reporting their presence in the city would be. Gabe took the blade and quickly ended the poor young marine’s life. A single tear shed from Gabe’s eyes as he turned around and starting walking toward Sy’s location. A marine he no longer is, but they were closer to him most his life than even his family. So, to kill one without much reason was hard on him.

“The plan is to take back my home here in the south. It should be easy we just need to take out Foxfang.” Looking back at Gabe. Sy stopped for a moment before he pointed to the now barely visible dead marine. “Sorry.” Sy felt bad that the ex-marine had to kill one of his own, but it was his fault in the end. Sy had been learning as of late the affect your actions can have everything around. Even when you think it wouldn’t affect certain people and/or things.

Gabe nodded in agreement with Sy’s plan and acknowledged his apology. The ex-marine also understood that it was entirely his fault the young marine had to die. The only one to blame here was himself. Gabe was not above killing, but so far, he has only had to kill criminals, and if his son has truly joined the revolutionaries he should get used to killing marines anyways.

Before they knew it, they arrived at the south gambling den run by Ryan. Otherwise known to be Sy’s current home and where his lab was located. The den was never heavily guarded. Too many thugs scare away potential cliental especially wealthy cliental. As such Sy didn’t really have much of a plan. It would just a wing it and go take over of this small gambling den. Sy did decide to wait until the last clients left. No clients were allowed to stay after midnight, then the money is counted, and finally everything is put away.  This gave them a good two-hour window after midnight to take out whoever was in the den. Since Gabe had been staying with Sy there, he too was very well acquainted with the inside of the den.

“At fifteen after midnight we go in. You take out the guard on the outside second story. I’ll take out the two guards by the door.” Sy spoke quietly and quickly looking over to Gabe for his approval. A single nod notified Sy that the plan was on.

Midnight came and went in what felt like a matter of minutes. Nodding at Gabe, Sy started walking towards the guards at the entrance to the den. These men knew Sy well, his appearance startled them, but then just placed their weapons on the ground. Whistling they signaled the man on the second story. They had some code to their whistle as the man on the second story also put down his weapon and put his hands in the air. Gabe looked over at Sy, and back at the man on the second story. Instead of shooting him, he stood up and walked over to Sy as they approached the guards.

“Sybastion sir, we have no intention of fighting you. You are not only terrifying to us but working under you has been far better than working under Foxfang ever was or has been. We are your men.” The guard bowed he head slightly as he spoke and lifted it as he finished. Sy was confused by this. He though Ryan inspired more loyalty than this, but apparently his empire was in more shambles than Sy had realized.

The guards let Sy in and as he entered the three guards in the main room also lowered their weapons, as did the guards in the second room. “What’s going on?” Gabe whispered into Sy’s ear. Sy shrugged his shoulders just as confused as Gabe was in this moment. I mean Sy was never overly nice to these men, but he did make sure they got paid what they were worth instead of taking most of the money. Sy also respected them enough to not make them do all his dirty work. Maybe that was enough to win them over, but all in all it just didn’t quite add up to him or Gabe.

As they walked up stairs Sy realized there was no guards on the second floor. Turning to Gabe he asked him to wait downstairs until this business was dealt with, but also to be on guard in case this whole thing has been a sham and all these men will turn on him once he enters the office. Nodding in agreement Gabe walked back the down the stairs, taking a seat on the last step. The ex-marine’s hand never left the holster that held his pistol.

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3GV: Lies, Betrayal, Truth, and The Doctor Empty Re: GV: Lies, Betrayal, Truth, and The Doctor on Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:27 am



Vengeance of the Dead Chapter 2
The Fox Must Die

Sy entered the office to find Foxfang sitting behind the desk in his chair. Appearing as a king Foxfang turned around and laughed at the sight of Sy. The pitying tone in Foxfangs laughter didn’t go unnoticed as Sy glared back him. This put Foxfang into an even heavy fit of laughter as he slapped his hand down on the desk, finally stopping.

“You should have run, boy. This is my turf. The only reason Ryan let you ‘have it’ was to find Skyler.” The smug after tone was apparent. Along with the fact that Foxfang wasn’t even looking at Sy anymore. He was just twirling around his cane like some show tune lunatic. “I’m sure you’re here to claim this place back, and blah blah blah. It’s mine, BOY! NOW GET OUTTA HERE! RUN BOY! RUN!” Foxfangs smug tone turned to anger as he stood up and pointed the bottom end of his cane at Sy.

“Run. Ha. Killing you Foxfang is wha……….” Suddenly the bottom half of Foxfangs cane shot out towards Sy’s head. Just barely catching a glimpse of it. There was an arrowhead shaped piece of metal at the tip that shot out towards Sy. It came out so quickly he could barely dodge it. Something wet was dripping down his cheek. Reaching up Sy touched it to realize he was bleeding. That piece of metal was sharp, and it appeared to still be connected to what looked like a leather rope. Sy anticipated the metal being reeled back into the cane and shot out again, but that wasn’t the case.

With a mad cackle Foxfang swiftly moved his hand around in a circle ending a strike toward Sy. That was when Sy realized the end of the cane flailed through the air and finally came down slashing Sy across the left arm with a loud snap as Foxfang whipped it back. The cane was a whip with a sharp metal tip. Sy never anticipated that Foxfang would have a weapon much less the ability to use it.

“You see BOY, this is my territory.” With that statement Foxfang quickly spun his hand in a circle again. This time he ended with a quick downward motion of his wrist sending the metal end of the whip toward Sy. Quickly Sy jumped to side as he heard the snap of the air. The tip had hit the location it was sent to and missed Sy.

Sy grimaced from the pain of his now tore open left arm. Then he watched Foxfang as he mentally counted the distance between him and the fat man. As he mentally finalized the distance, Sy noticed the fat mans hand move in a circle again. This time he ends his motion with a quick decisive movement to the right. The entire whip spun in a circle before the end came flying toward Sy. Instinctively, Sy jumped to the right to get out of the range of the whip, but that wasn’t the proper movement. As the whip was moving horizontally across the room. Sy’s leg was caught by the end of the whip. It quickly spun around as the sharp metal tip pierced into his flash.

“AHHHHH!” Sy yelled as he quickly tried to reach down and grab the whip, but before he could Foxfang move his whole lower arm upward toward his hand. This caused the whip to unwrap itself cutting Sy’s leg the entire time. Three red circles appeared on Sy’s leg afterward. They weren’t deep, but they stung.

“Confused.” The smug after tone in his voice was back again. Foxfang had wrapped the whip in his right hand as he slapped his left with the end of the handle while he spoke. “Most are. I spent years mastering the whip. It a rather unique weapon and not commonly seen.” With that sentence Foxfang stopped smacking his hand with the handle and dropped the wrapped-up whip.

With a quick upward and downward motion of his wrist. Foxfang shot the end of the whip directly at Sy. This time it was a straight fire shot, Sy jumped to the left this time. Foxfang had other plans though. Just as the whip was about to hit the location he sent it flying to, Foxfang flicked his wrist quickly to the right then to the left. In that moment a wave traveled through the whip, and instead of cracking at Sy’s last location, the head flailed to the left and cracked on Sy’s right feet slicing it wide open in the process.

Sy quickly did a mental analysis of what was happening in the moment. Every time the whip cracked there was a brief pause of a couple of seconds, and the distance between Sy and Foxfang was only eight feet at most. After the next crack Sy would launch himself at Foxfang and bring this fight to melee range.  Sy watched for the next movement of Foxfang’s wrist, and it came. The same circular motion with a flick at the end to the right. Stepping back as much as he could before colliding with the wall behind him, Sy felt the tip of the whip just barely cut his chest, but no crack.

Focusing as much has he could Sy felt as he did during that moment against the woman with daggers. Everything seemed to slow but for a second, and that was when he noticed Foxfang flick his up and down. This would cause the tip to fly straight into Sy’s chest. Everything still slowed Sy turn his body to the side and watched as the tip of the whip flew into the wall behind him. Now was his moment, quickly Sy bolted forward toward Foxfang. Sy place his hands on the desk and leapt over it bringing his left around aimed to hit Foxfang in the face in the process.

Foxfang instinctively brought his arms up to protect his face, and Sy’s foot collided with them. There was a brief moment of pause as Sy put all his strength into his leg and pushed harder. Foxfang’s stance gave as he was sent flying through a nearby wall. As Foxfang collected himself, Sy appeared confused. This ability this thing that was slowing down time, so it felt, was this real. He had thought it was just some delusion from being near death but maybe it wasn’t.  Turning toward Foxfang he readied himself to go again, but before he could Foxfang move his arm in a circle above his hand and brought it swiftly down in the direction of Sy.

Sy learned from his past two times dealing with this and jumped backward instead of to the side. The whip cracked but was so loud and destructive that Sy was stunned and didn’t move. The entire desk was blown to pieces and a hole was now in the floor due to the monstrous crack of the whip. It was clear that Foxfang used his wrist to decrease his power, and to be less destructive.

Foxfang stood and blood dripped from his nose. His face had turned red, and the expression went from a smug boss to angry, and his eyes screamed with murderous intent. “I’LL KILL YOU WORM.” Foxfang screamed as he stepped forward and began to make a circular motion with his arm again.

“Sawt Art: Death by 100 Booms.” Foxfang moved his lower arm down and launched the whip head toward Sy. Once again, he jumped back dodging the deadly sonic boom it produced, but this time Foxfang didn’t end with just one crack. His lower arm was swinging wildly as boom started to happen all over the room slowly destroying it. Sy was outside the range of the whip, but Foxfang was slowly walking toward him. Sy was now cornered in the back half of the room and trying to go for the door could end up killing him. Standing here was certain death. Sy’s heart began to race at his impending doom.

The whip was moving around to fast to track, and while the whip was harmless Sy couldn’t even track the head of the whip. The booms it was producing were so frequent and loud it also was impossible to use to track the whip. Fear grabbed at Sy’s heart as Foxfang grew closer and closer. What was he going to do? Then Sy remembered the time slowing, he first used it when he as near death, and focused as much as he could on what was going on.

Closing his eye’s Sy focused first on the sound, and slowly calmed himself down. After he attuned to the sound, he focused on the black handle of the whip. That was the only part he focused on, and he did so with all his might. Then it happened again, suddenly everything became clear, nothing was out of focus. Everything in this room was visible to Sy. Tracking the end of the whip with ease. He would end this in one attack.

Watching closely Sy spotted his chance, as Foxfang’s lower arm pulled in the whip went with him. At that moment Sy snapped one of his Dice Bombs  and threw it at Foxfangs arm and torso.(-1) The aim was for it to explode disarming him and causing damage. In the next moment Foxfangs lower arm came forward just missing the bomb, as it exploded between his arm and chest. Shattering the handle of his whip and sending him backward into the wall. One final boom and the room was silenced. Sy walked over to the location Foxfang was thrown into. To see if the man had died or not.

Foxfang stood as Sy approached his location. His entire left arm was covered in burns and his left chest. He scoffed at Sy but put his hands in the air and got down on his knees. “I surrender. Kill me now.” The fat man was terrified. He was always at the top, at least here he was, but now he lost and to the one person he didn’t think he would lose to.

“Run back to your master, dog. Tell him I’m coming for him next.” There was no anger in Sy’s voice. Just defiance and promise. Without another word Foxfang stood and ran out of the den. “You sure that was a good idea, Kid.” Gabe entered the room to see the destruction of the fight that had just happened, but Sy didn’t answer his question. He just turned to him and nodded.

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