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1 GV: To Reap What You Sow! on Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:54 am



To Reap What You Sow
Cause and Effect

It’s been a few days since Sy had ignited and burned down a large portion of eastern Alubarna, and released the Diochi acid, which ended up spreading across the whole city. The acid had dispersed now and was gone, but it took it tolls on many of the citizens. Many of them hospitalized with symptoms of difficulty breathing, and most facilities had no means to treat the cause. Just watch and keep them stable until they heal. Burt had ended up in one such facility, but he wasn’t improving at all. His years of working the forge had already damaged his lung’s, and now this last little bit was enough to put him on his death bed.

The medical facility had contacted Viera to talk to her. Afraid of going to the facility alone she asked Sy to go along with her. The facility wasn’t located to far away from Viera and Burt’s house. They arrived to see a horrid sight of Burt comatose with a tube shoved into his lungs and draining all kinds of various fluids from within. Viera collapsed to the floor upon seeing her father. The old man while stubborn was all she had. Tears streamed from her eyes, as she sat there a bubbling mess. The doctor came up to the two and started to speak.

“Ma’am your father…….” Sy cut the doctor off with a motion of his hand as he bent down and helped Viera to her feet. She dusted herself off and wiped the tears away from her eyes and looked to the doctor. The doctor realized that talking to them here was a bad idea. He escorted them to a private room with some seats. Following them into the room the doctor shut the door behind them. He then waited for the two to take a seat before he began to speak again.

“Your father, we have no way to cure him. Right now, we are just keeping him alive but barely. We suggest you say your goodbyes now. We are certain he won’t make it through the night.” The doctor wasn’t as cold as Sy expected it to be, but the use of certainty irritated Sy. How could they know for sure he wouldn’t last the night? Sy, was certain Burt would die without intervention but before the night was over, no he wouldn’t accept that.

Viera on the hand began crying once again. The endless stream of tears flowed from her eye as she went from crying to wailing. An hour of wailing passed before the came back and explained that Burt might survive if he could get a lung transplant, but there were not any surgeons available. Plus finding a lung this quickly would be nearly impossible. Viera stopped crying for a moment, and then asked if she could take her dad home for the night. To let him pass there, with his family, and in his own bed. The doctor was puzzled but left for a moment to go ask if they accommodate something such as that.

“Your going to save him Sy. I know you have researched what’s been going on with him, and you’ve been studying from those medical books. You are the only one who can perform the task and find the lung.” She paused when spoke the last bit. She realized at that moment she was asking Sy to murder someone for her father, but she wanted to save her father. “Any price I will pay. You just do what you need to.” Viera had regained her composure before standing and walking to the small room the doctors and nurses were conversing in.

“We will be taking my father. Thank you for your time and help.” Viera spoke clearly, and directly as she shut the door behind her and walked into her father’s room.

Sy followed her into the room, and with just a glance from the massive woman he knew, he needed to start taking the equipment off Burt. Slowly he pulled the tube out of his throat and covered up the hole. Then he removed the I.V. along with the mask on his face. Once everything was removed Viera walked over and picked up her father with ease. With her dad in her arms she walked out of the room, and back to her house. Taking a detour and stopping by the location of Sy’s lab. There she dropped off her father and told Sy he needed to do whatever it took to save her father.

Gabe was at the lab and realized the moment they walked in with Viera’s dying father what was about to happen. He didn’t realize the extent of what was going to happen, but knew it wasn’t going to be anything good.

“I have some connections from my time in the Marines. I can get you some basic medical supplies just give me a list of what you need.” Handing Sy a piece of paper and a pen Gabe leaned back against the wall after his offer.

Sy didn’t say anything to the man but just started writing:

The List:
1 Ventilator and all equipment that comes with it
As much I.V pain medicine as you can get
1 Portable lung suction equipment
1 Portable vital signs monitor
Paralytic Drug IV
Sedation Drug IV

“Very well, here you go.” Handing the list back to Gabe. Sy walked over and began to clean some supplies and checked on Burt’s throat.

A few hours passed when Gabe showed back up with the medical supplies that Sy had listed. Well most of them. Apparently even when a favor is owed staff at clinics don’t hand out paralytics and sedation drugs. It was no matter Sy would steal some when he went out to find the lung he needed. Sy had to think of a perfect victim. Someone healthy, someone that isn’t a blacksmith, and finally someone younger. Before that though he hooked Burt up to the various devices that Gabe had brought back.

One such device was similar to the on in the clinic. A tube that went into Burt’s throat and down into his lungs. From there it would suck out all the fluid congregating there. Making it so Burt could somewhat breath on his own, but to be safe Sy had Gabe bring in a tank of oxygen and they hooked Burt up to that. Once hooked up Sy checked Burt’s vitals, and while not perfect they were enough for Sy to feel comfortable to go out on the hunt. Sy told Gabe to contact him through the Den Den Mushi if there were any significant changes with Burt.

Night had just dawned on the city of Alubarna. The darkness of the desert only aided Alubarna in appearing as the star of the desert. The lights of the city were one of the few sources of light at night in all of Alabasta. Though as of late the star Alubarna has been going out. Due to most of the city being in shambles. As the constant fighting from pirates and marines continued.  Sy would use the darkness to his advantage, but he still didn’t have an idea of who would kidnap for a lung.

Without a target in mind Sy went for the one target he knew he need to do. He walked over to the clinic that Burt was located in earlier today. Since he had been in there he knew the place well and knew exactly where to go in order to get the drugs he needed. The front door was obviously going to be locked. So, would the back door, but at least he wouldn’t have to worry so much about being caught. Heading around back Sy pulled out his lock picking tools. Reaching down he grabbed the handle of the door, only to realize that it was unlocked. Concerned and yet interested Sy entered the clinic.

There was only a couple of reason the back door would be unlocked, and Sy’s mind instantly went to someone else having broken in. Walking forward down the hallway Sy had yet to see anyone or hear anything. By the time he reached the main nurses station of the clinic he had still not run into anyone or heard anything. Maybe he was wrong, and someone just forget to lock the back door. Sy now being at his target destination collected the drugs he need, when he heard the sound of someone hitting the floor. Then laughter erupted from the same direction followed by another bang.

Sy decided to ignore the sound and just leave. He got what he came for and didn’t need anything else. As he approached the exit something fell onto him from a nearby closet. It was the doctor from earlier, and he wasn’t dead. In fact, he was far from dead. He was drunk out of his mind as he tried to stand up and stumble a few feet forward before falling on his face. Pissed that this man was just having a good time and being a fool Sy angrily got up and quickly made his way out of the building. Half way home Sy realized that despite this being a horrible idea the doctor was a perfect target.

Going back to the clinic, the doctor had made his way outside the back door, but not far before he passed out. Sy woke the man up. Then helped him to his feet as he walked the man to lab. Once there he had the Doctor take a seat as he began to prep Burt for the procedure. Sy remembered what he had read in the medical book about how this works. First order of business was to get all the tubes setup and ready.

First tube was already in place in Burt’s mouth leading down into his lungs. It provided him with both and suctioning, then a second tube needed to place that ran through Burt’s nose and into his stomach. This too would be hooked up to suction just in case Burt’s stomach got upset it could clear out any extra unnecessary stuff. Now that all tubes are in place, it was time to get the replacement lungs. Sy grabbed a syringe and filled it full of a drug that would paralyze the doctor but that’s it. Sy couldn’t spare any of the other drugs on the doctor, so he would feel everything but be unable to move.

Gabe at this point decided he was going to leave and that he would be back at a later time. With that Sy walked over and escorted the doctor to the table in his lab. He had the man lay down, and then injected him with the paralytic. It wasn’t long before the doctor couldn’t move, but eyes showed his fear. Checking the doctor’s pulse revealed it was quite elevated, and if it continued this way the doctor would die from his fear alone.

Grabbing his scalpel Sy ran it along the doctor’s breastbone, and along the side pulling the tissue up. From there he cracked some of the ribs and opened up the chest cavity to reveal two beautiful lungs. Sy didn’t want to make the man suffer to much more and with a simple stroke of his scalpel he sliced the man’s aorta causing him to bleed out. While he was bleeding Sy removed both of the mans lungs and placed them in containers that were then placed in another container full of ice.

With the first part done Sy moved on to the more complicated and difficult part. Replacing the living patient’s lungs with his new set and keeping the patient alive during the process. “Okay.” Sy put on a large rubber like outfit and some gloves as he readied his scalpel. He let out a heavy sigh as he mentally told himself he could do this. Since he was new to this, it would be best for him to use the side approach. He applied some pain meds and paralytic to Burt’s I.V line before he started his incision. He would start on the right side first, and then if it went well he would move over to the left.

The incision went well and so did cracking Burts ribs. Sy reached in and removed Burt’s lung carefully and quickly and using a small plastic tube he suctioned any blood that was leaking from the cut. He then put the new lung in and attached it to the main bronchus followed by the pulmonary artery and vein. Then he left the small plastic tube in place as he stitched Burt up as best he could.

Everything thus well had gone well, and now time for the next transplant. Moving over to the left side Sy made the same incision he before and cracked the ribs revealing the lung. Reaching in he removed it and with the same process of suction through a different tube kept the area clean. Then he placed the next lung in and attached it to the same parts of the body as the last one. Leaving the plastic tube in place to remove fluids that build up like he did on the side. He stitched Burt up as best he could, but as far as Sy could tell everything had gone stellar, and there was no reason for concern.


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2 Re: GV: To Reap What You Sow! on Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:49 am



To Reap What You Sow
Cause and Effect Chapter 2

The rest of the night passed, and Burt’s condition was good. He was doing well, and nothing had caused Sy any need for concern. So far, the surgical procedure was a success. Sy decided it would be best to bring Viera in now and have her be with Burt. There is always a chance that something could go wrong. If that were to happen Sy would at least like to have Viera here with him. First and foremost is cleaning up the lab. Sy had to discard the body of the doctor and clean up all the blood. Make the location somewhat present able for Viera.

The body was easy enough to get rid of, after all, Sy worked in and around crime most his adult life. You learn some tricks of trade from just being around if you pay enough attention. After that it was simple enough to clean the blood from the various surfaces where the tasks had taken place. During this time Sy had moved a bunch of stuff around including journals he kept of various points of research about the disease. After the lab had acquired some level of cleanliness he left to get Viera.

Upon Viera’s arrival she barraged Sy with questions. Sy didn’t have an answer for a majority of them, as this was new territory for himself. He sat Viera at his desk and went and checked on her father again. From everything he read, Burt would require frequent monitoring, and it would be best if someone could watch him at all times. Burt was still doing great, everything checked out and appeared perfect. His tubes were in place, his vitals good, and Sy could hear air flowing through both lungs. Coming over he asked Viera to watch her father and explained to her what to look for, so he could get some rest. He had been up for over a day and was exhausted from all the work he had done. He needed rest.

While Sy slept Viera grew bored and began to read through different books and logs that he had on the desk. One of them was a journal that pertained to the white dust found in other people lungs, and how Sy had recreated it. This journal entry also covered the event of the terrorist attack that recently happened in eastern Alubarna. The biggest report from that attack was the idea of white dust flowing throughout the city. After reading this it wouldn’t take a genius to conclude that Sy was the one responsible for it, and this dust is what was now causing her father’s death. For a few hours Viera just sat there stunned by the information she had read. She did not think Sy was capable of such an act, but then again what did she know of him anymore. He did leave for a year.

Sy woke to find Viera quiet and sitting in the corner by her father. She didn’t say a word as she watched Sy work, and check in on her father, but that was when Sy realized Burt was no longer alive. His body had rejected the lungs, and he stopped breathing. His death was peaceful but rang out hitting Viera and Sy to the core. Standing there Sy began to speak, but before he could Viera stopped him, and pointed to the journal she had read.

“It was you…… YOU DID THIS! HOW MANY OTHERS SUFFERED? HOW MANY?” Her hand flew out and struck Sy on the face. Burt was dead, and it was no one else’s fault but Sy’s. He deserved that. Sy stood there speechless as Viera left the building without another word.

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3 Re: GV: To Reap What You Sow! on Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:57 am



To Reap What You Sow
The Marines!

Hours passed as Sy sat next to Burt’s body fraught with dread. His deeds had not only cause the death of many, the destruction of a portion of the city, but also caused the death of a dear and close friend. On top of that his friendship with Viera would be little to nothing at this point. In all he has so far lost everything that he has cared for at any level in Alabasta. The urge to forge out and make his own path was even stronger now than it was before, but he still wanted to finish the final task he needed before he left. Unable to clear his head, and not wanting to allow the fear, sadness, and overwhelming since of disappointment to take control he decided it was time to take a walk. Go out and breathe some fresh air.

Walking through the Den Sy noticed strange movements coming from outsides the windows as he passed. He could hear the shuffling of many feet. Then instantly they all came to an abrupt stop. Voices could be heard murmuring to each other, and the guards inside the den became confused as to what was happening. Upon opening the door Sy saw a regiment of Marines standing in formation before him. Two rows of eight Marines stood before him as he opened the door. Sy began walking towards the Marine’s when they readied their weapons.

“Sybastion Pearl, you are under arrest for suspicion of terrorism on Alubarna.” A Marine standing at the front of the two rows announced as he approached Sy.

Sy was not going to jail, nor did they have any proof of his connection to the suspected terrorist activities. For now, though it was best to play along, so he did as the Marine leader instructed. He placed his hands out in front of him in a fist. Waiting for the Marine to approach him and put shackles on him. The Marine pulled out the shackles walked toward him, when Sy quickly moved his thumb and drop a small square dice. Sy jumped back as soon as it hit the ground, but the Marine leader confused did nothing. The small square ignited in a small flash of an explosion the blew off the leaders left leg.

The man fell to the ground and was instantly swarmed by Marine’s. This was Sy’s chance to get away, turning Sy booked it to the south, but didn’t get very far before he was met with a bullet grazing his left leg. “STOP MOVING. HANDS UP.” Sy instantly stopped and turned around to see that their Marines all around the area, not just the ones in formation, but they were on top of buildings hiding in alleys. There easily had to be around forty Marines here. Which is fair if they truly believed Sy was the culprit of the terrorist attack that happened.

A second marine slowly approached Sy and began to search him. Removing the rest of his dice bombs and both his tonfa’s. Before, he attempted to grab Sy by the wrist and shackle him. As the young Marine reached up to grab Sy’s wrist, Sy stepped back into him and in turn grabbed the Marines wrist. With one swift motion he pulled the Marine forward while pushing his upper body backward and down. This caused the Marine to flip over Sy and end up in front of him unable to move. Sy then unsheathed the Marine’s sword with his one free hand and placed to the neck of the Marine. He had effectively taken a hostage but lost the cloth he wore to cover his third-eye.

Every Marine’s eyes changed as they saw that he was not an ordinary person but a three-eye. Shock wasn’t the expression that Sy was hoping they would be showing. It was instead fear, panic, and hate. Immediately all guns went from being aimed at Sy to being aimed at him and the hostage. The recent events and reveal of a poneglyph in the Sandy Isles had everyone on edge. Especially the Marines whom had killed three-eyes in droves in the past simply because they could read them without any former knowledge. Sy realized this was a horrible thing. He was certain at this moment to the Marine’s the life of the man he was holding hostage paled in comparison to either bringing in or killing Sy.

“AIM.” Yelled a Marine from the back. The others were still helping the man who had lost his foot, when suddenly Viera ran up to the new leading Marine. She begged and pleaded with him not to shoot at Sy, and that she didn’t mean for it to go this far. She only wanted him arrested and investigated. She wanted the Marines to prove to her that he was innocent of the charges, and that everything she had read in that journal log was a life. To Sy though it was an act of betrayal. Not only did he lose her as a friend, but now she had betrayed him and lead him to his death.

The sadness, fear, and disappointed swelled with the addition of betrayal. It became to much and Sy released the Marine he was holding hostage and put his hands in the air ready to embrace the death that was about to come. He couldn’t even save one friend with his skills, and he had already lost his brother. His mentor was brutally killed a year ago, and sometime during that year his parents also died. What was the point in going on? Why should he try?

Already accepting his fate, Sy watched as Viera fought with the leading Marine about this decision. Though it was to little effect she tried and tried. Pleaded, begged, offered him everything she had. Nothing worked. The lead Marine’s hand shot, and with a quick motion the words “Fire.” Could be heard ringing throughout the area as ten different guns all fired.

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4 Re: GV: To Reap What You Sow! on Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:14 am



GV: To Reap What You Sow
The Revolutionary

The explosive sound of ten guns firing rang throughout the area, as Sy embraced his incoming doom, but before any bullets hit him a figure appeared before. Clad in what looked like black armor the bullets seemed to bounce off her, before she slammed something on the ground and enveloped the entire area in smoke. The figure turned out to be a woman as she turned around to be facing him. She forcefully grabbed him and bolted into a nearby alley.

“Follow me, there isn’t much time.” The woman’s voice was shaky but stern. As she let go of him and continued down the alley. Not wanting to get left behind he followed her quickly and without a word. In the distance Marines could be heard clamoring about looking for him. They apparently hadn’t caught vision of this woman as they only still appeared to be looking for one person. Sy however was extremely confused as to what was going on, and who this woman was that just saved him.

After what felt like an hour of running around the city and taking various routes in order to throw off the Marines the woman finally came to stop in front of a small building with a curtain as the door. It was off to the side of the market on a major street where plenty of people were around and could easily spot them. She was hiding in plain sight. In front of everyone and she thought this was okay. Sy wasn’t sure he felt exposed here in the middle of the western market, but the woman didn’t give much time to think before she shoved him into the small building.

The building inside was rather empty, and the main room branched into two other rooms. One was clearly a kitchen and the other Sy assumed was a bedroom. Stumbling in he walked over and sat on the small cushion on the ground. There were fourteen small cushions in the main room all scattered randomly throughout the room, but nothing else was here not even a table. The woman followed Sy as he stumbled in and took a sit. Instead of taking a seat she walked into the kitchen and began to prep a meal.

The entire house was quiet as the woman prepared the meal she was working on, and Sy focused on his thoughts. The fact that he accepted defeat was deeply bothering him, but just as he began to sink into depression the woman walked in and set an apple down in front of him. Motioning for him to eat it as she placed a cloth on his third eye and tied it behind his head. “You’re going to need that.” The woman then walked back into the kitchen and continued her cooking. Another hour of silence went by as she continued to cook, and he just sat there staring at the apple.

Suddenly the curtain flew back and let in a massive burst of light. This startled Sy causing him to jump back and ready for a fight. His natural instinct told him it was the Marines, but then a large group of twelve children ran into the house laughing and giggling. Confused he stepped back and sat against the wall as he watched the kids running around playing and having a good time. The woman who saved him didn’t seem old enough to have these children, so where did all these kids come from.

“Umi. Umi. Umi. Umi. UMI!!!!!!” The kids began to chant Umi while jumping up and down, before finally yelling the word. As they finished yelling the woman walked in from the kitchen with a huge tray full of food. She sat it down in the center of the room, and the children swarmed the tray. Before, any of them ate anything they all stopped, and looked around the room to see if anyone was missing. Then they took a piece of meat and a fruit and set them on the ground away from the rest food. After, the food was set aside the kids dug in and devoured the food. The woman just sat there smiling watching what was happening before her as she occasionally chuckled at the kids being kids.  After the food was gone the children each went and found a cushion and laid down for a nap. As they began to fall asleep the woman motioned for Sy to come to the back room.

The woman stuck out a hand for a handshake as she introduced herself to Sy for the first time. “My name is Xiomara, but you can call me Xio. I won’t lie to you. I saved your life because of this.” Reaching forward she pulled the cloth off of Sy’s head to reveal the third-eye under it. She gently touched his eye before continuing her little speech. “I’m part of the revolutionary army, and we had heard reports of many things here in Alubarna. So, some of our forces were sent here. I was sent to search for the three-eyes that we believed to have been here.” She smiled as she reached down and touched Sy hands. “We would really like it if you joined us.”

Confused by the proposition and by the fact that the Marines tried to kill him simply because he was a three-eyes. This Xio now wanted him to join her in this revolutionary army, but he knew nothing about them. He hadn’t even really heard of them until a little while ago. As he opened his mouth to answer her. She put her hand up to silence him. Before looking into the room, the kids had begun to stir. She got up leaving Sy sitting there speechless on her bed as he watched her walked into the room.

“Alright kiddos are we ready to go see our brother and sister.” The children now awake stood up and a shook their head in agreement. The two oldest each grabbed a piece of food off the floor that had been set aside before all of them walked out of the building. Sy confused by what was happening followed them at a distance. The walk wasn’t very far, it was to a made-up graveyard that was only there due to the on going fighting that was happening in the city. Sy noticed two smaller gravestones, as the older kids each walked up to a gravestone and set down the piece of food they were carrying. The rest of the children surrounded the gravestone’s. Everyone bowed their heads as the children began to cry. After a few minutes the kids all lifted their heads and went on their way without Xio. Smiling she waved to them as they all ran off into the market square.

“They are local orphans. They come by everyday for food. There was fourteen of them, but a week ago two them were killed in the cross fighting. This is what we fight for…….” Her voice became shaky as she strained to continue speaking. “A world free… of oppression…, death, and …..lies. We fight to become something more than we are currently. To protect those we care for…….” Raising her hand, she wiped tears from her eyes. The solemn moment causing a pause, a stillness as though she couldn’t bring herself to move much less speak.

Clearing her throat Xio began her next sentence multiple times before she was finally able to form the entirety of it. “To free those who are oppressed, and to find the truth and unveil it to the world. We would love to have you join us.” A moment of silence fell on them both as the gravity of what Sy just witnessed dawned on him. These children having had their friends torn from them so early in life was just a pin prick of the problems this world faced.

Xio walked by Sy and grabbed his hand bringing him back to the little house that she owned. “I’ll cook you something, but rest here for the night. You’ll be safe from the Marines at least for the night.”  A small humble smile escaped her as she entered the kitchen to cook. The sorrow filled the air, and Sy couldn’t bring himself to respond. He just sat there absorbing all that had happened to him today. His mind could hardly take all that he had seen. Short while passed and Xio returned with the food. Both ate in silence before she retired to her room for the evening. Sy lay there awake in the middle of the main room. His thoughts raced as he continued to try and process the events that happened.

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5 Re: GV: To Reap What You Sow! on Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:17 am



GV: To Reap What You Sow
Refusal & The Plan

Sy laid on the floor awake as the night rolled on. His thoughts ruling his mind as he came to decision about different questions that had been bothering him. He had lost everything and in the moment of his demise was saved by a strange woman. Whom now claimed he was a heavily desired being as he has unique qualities for being a three-eye. Well heavily desired or murdered being for that matter. She invited him to join this revolution, but he couldn’t do that. He may have lost everything on this island that he had, but he still had a goal. A job to finish.

Dawn came and Sy still hadn’t had a chance to sleep. Mentally he was worn out, but physically he felt fine. A decision had been made. He could not join this lady and the revolution at least not yet, but he also felt compelled to stay and at least tell her this. Leaving without saying a word to the woman whom saved his life was just wrong. He owed her if anything at least an answer to her question.

“Couldn’t sleep?” A soft voice spoke startling Sy. Jumping slightly on the ground he heard a laughter coming from the room Xio was located in. The woman had now entered the main room of the building and walked by Sy into the kitchen. Wearing only her undergarments as she passed. This shocked him even more and he averted his eye’s but noticed a large scar on her abdomen when looking away.

“Xio, I cannot………” Sy paused as he realized how rude he was acting, but he just couldn’t join. “I cannot join the revolution………… Not………. Not until I finish the business I have in the city.” Silence settled in the house when Sy was done talking. Xio didn’t respond she just kept making breakfast.

After forty-five minutes she walked in with two plates of food and set them both down on the floor. Motioning for him to come over and sit across from her and eat. She sat down and grabbed her dish and began to eat. Still not s single word had slipped from her mouth, nor did she look upset or worried. Sy just stood there watching her confused and unsure of what to do.

“Sit and eat. It won’t kill you.” Xio pointed at the dish and continued to stuff her face with food. Sy not wanting to be any ruder than he has already been walked over and sat down. Grabbing his bowl, he began to eat. This dish was amazing.

“I figured as much.”
Xio had finally broken the silence. “Can’t expect you to just drop everything you are doing right now because I saved your life.” The subtle irritation in her voice was apparent to Sy, but she was trying hard to cover it up. At this time Sy began to worry how she would continue from here. He didn’t know her or what she was capable of. All he knew was she somehow stopped ten guns with nothing and didn’t get hurt. Fear had begun to set in.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to kill you, but I have an offer. A deal rather.” She continued to speak but had finally covered up the irritation in her voice. She presented Sy with a plan. A plan to kidnap a gentleman who looked very similar to Sy kill him and make him look like he was a three-eye. He would then leave the body in her house and the Marines would eventually find it. This would not be enough on its own to get rid of Sy’s current bounty, but enough to fool the Marines long enough for Sy to finish his business without fear of them intruding on his every move.

Stunned by this response he sat there across from here and thought. It didn’t take long before he reached out his hand and agreed to her plan. She began by telling Sy about the young man who lived across from her house in the market square. This young man had long red hair and emerald eye’s like Sy. All he needed to do was find another person with emerald colored eye’s and bring them here along with the young man. Then together they would preform the task of creating the doppelganger and burning down her house.After this task was completed Sy would then go about his business in the city, but once it was down he was to reconsider her offer to join the revolution.


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GV: To Reap What You Sow

The plan was made and set. Xio was not going to help Sy with any of the kidnap, but she would help him with the creating of a doppelganger and would allow him to use her house as a staging area. His tasks were set, and he needed to know where to begin to look. The Marine force was still out in full force looking for him. He needed to do this matter delicately.

Nightfall would once again be his ally and he needed rest. So, he headed to the back room with Xio’s permission to sleep through the day. He would then begin his work that night. Expecting the children to arrive around the same time as they did yesterday Sy figured they would make a great alarm for him, but they never came. The children had been caught by Xio and escorted somewhere else. She explained to the kids that from this point forward they were to come to this new location to meet her.

Night dawned on the city of Alubarna and Sy still hadn’t awoken yet. The mental exhaustion had taken its toll on him and his body was finally gaining the opportunity to catch up. Arising after the sun had finished its cycle was now out across the city was good news and bad news. He needn’t sleep that long, but at least it meant that he could get down to business. As far as making some kidnapping happening goes. His first target would be to get the young man from across the street. Since he knows of this young man and doesn’t have to go out and actively look for him.

Sy knew where his target lived and that was the exact direction he headed. It was just across the market way. He walked across the market and approached the door of the house the young man lived in. He knocked three times on the door and waited for someone to answer. He was shocked when a young pregnant lady answered the door. Behind her he could see the young man playing with a child no more than two years of age. Could Sy really kidnap this man whom might be the father of both these kids. The question bogged on him as he questioned his morality. He hadn’t ever been put in a situation where he had to make this kind of choice, but he had come this far there was no turning back. He needed to finish the task at hand.

He asked the young woman if he could speak to her husband about a business venture he would like to pursue with him. The young woman looked shocked and yet happy, as she turned to her husband and asked him over. The young man who looked almost identical to Sy walked over puzzled. Sy began to talk and asked the young man if he would walk with him down the street. So, he would be able to visually explain to the young man what his plan was for this venture. The young man was curious and agreed telling his soon to be wife that he would return shortly.

Sy and the young man walked a short distance before they stopped and started to talk. Sy began to weave his fake story about a business venture and while the young man was distracted and looking away from him. He grabbed his tonfa out and quickly placed to the young mans neck before activating it and giving him a nice shock causing the young man to faint. He caught the young man as his body plummeted toward the ground.

He carried the young man’s body back to Xio’s house praying that no one would notice him carrying the young man. Upon entering the house, he was greeted by Xio clapping her hands. He walked further with the young man slung over his shoulder before flopping him down gently on the ground. “Very good.” Xio said as she looked down at the young man before her.

“I have a gift for you.” Xio walked into her bedroom and brought back with her two tied up people. As she placed them in the center of the main room she kicked the young man hard enough to wake him. Once awake he turned around and smiled at Sy.

“Congratulations. You get a free pass this time.” With his sentence he walked by Sy brushing his shoulder. In that simple motion Sy realized just how strong this man he brought in here was in comparison to him, and the difference between them was the difference between a pond and the ocean.

“He is a rather strong member of the rebellion. Very skilled at disguise’s.” Xio removed the hood of the two men in the center of the room while she talked. She then walked over to Sy as she finished her speaking. “The true test here was to see if you had what it took to make hard choices. You passed. So, you get a freebie.” Pointing down to the two men in the room she then looked back at Sy. “These two will be your doppelganger. Let’s get started shall we.”

Xio pushed on the wall and it began to move revealing a small storage space. Inside was a rolled up black tarp and two aprons made of a rubbery material. A material that would allow the blood and other bits to just slide off and not stick or stain. However, the real shocker was the tarp, as Xio took it out she unrolled it to reveal a huge selection of tools. All oriented around doing a surgical procedure, she was very prepared for something like this, but it wasn’t for Sy it was her occupation. Xio was a master class doctor who joined the revolution to save the world, and she brought her skills to aid them from behind.

Xio motioned Sy over as she began. Her first step was to kill each of the men laying on her floor. Explaining to Sy that she would use a chemical injected into a vein to stop the heart. This chemical would be destroyed by the fire and be impossible for anyone to find in the body left behind. She prepped two syringes and hand one to over to him. She and he readied their syringes and counted to three injecting the victims at the same time.

“Alright we have to move faster now so keep up.” With her statement Xio put on her apron and gloves handing a set over to Sy. From here she leaned over the first body grabbed a scalpel and began to make an incision into his forehead. As she was doing this Sy watched from the opposite side of where she was crouched down. He could see everything she was doing from here, but suddenly she stopped and in a very irritated tone informed Sy that he was not be watching her. He should be doing the same thing to the other man. Whoever’s looks the best will be whose body gets to stay. Shocked by that state he got down on his knees grabbed a scalpel and began to cut into the forehead.

“First, remove the flesh and make it look like an eye socket. Keep the flesh though but remove the skin from it.” Sy followed her exact instructions as she continued to belt them out at him. More came after the first set finished. The next step was to remove the skull from that location. Xio had no special tool for this, it was simply a sharp knife and a good smack over and over. Until you made a complete circle and could pop out the skull bone. Following suit, they now had two bodies with a piece of their forehead cut out and skull removed.

The final step was to place the flesh back into the head of the victim. This would help sell the deal that it was an eye socket as after all no one would be able to tell much truly after the victim was burned. Now was the moment to see whose body looked most the part. They both stood back and decided that Xio looked for superior to Sy’s, but that is what you’d expect from a master class doctor. Xio then moved onto the final step removing the eye from Sy’s failed creation and placing it in her own. This Sy got to watch and was taught how to do by Xio.

After all that was done Xio began to pour oil over everything, asking Sy to wrap his body in the tarp and get ready to leave with it. Moments later she walked in and Sy was ready. Reaching down she picked up the body with ease and walked out the door followed by Sy. As he exited the door the young man from earlier who appeared completely different was standing there with a torch. The young man winked at Sy and tossed the torch in. Then with a quick pat on Sy’s shoulder the young man turned around and walked around the corner. Following behind them Sy turn to the corner to find them both gone, vanished. There was not a single sight of them anywhere.

The fire at this point was beginning to rage on, and Sy couldn’t be here when the Marines responded, or it would be all for nothing. He decided then that it would be best to go home since he now had nothing to fear for a bit. What awaited him when he got home was not something he could have prepared himself for. He had a rough couple of days having lost his best friend, killing her father, almost dying, getting saved, and finally faking his own death. Now all he wanted to do was go home and rest and prepare to finish his own personal tasks in Alubarna like he promised Xio he would.

Sy entered the area in which he house was located and instantly noticed it seemed off. There was randomly holes in walls, and burnt carts sitting all around. The area appeared as though it had seen war, but the Marines had no reason to fight after Sy had left so what happened. Approaching his house or den it only got worse. Luckily his house was standing, and the guards were still outside, but other buildings in the area were toppled, burnt, or crumbling.

Assessing the damages to the area Sy examined the area intently. He wanted to know exactly how much damage was done to the local buildings when he noticed a ring that was familiar to him. The ring was still attached to the hand that wore it, and that hands arm and body were covered in rubble. He stood there staring at the ring. Fear had gripped his heart preventing him from walking forward. Not fear he would get hurt, but fear that he didn’t want to know who that was under the rubble.

He could feel his heart skip a beat as he slow walked towards the rubble. Each step seemed to require every bit of mental and physical fortitude he had. Finally, he arrived at the location, and he felt more exhausted from this small walk than the last two days combine, but at this point he was driven he had to know was that her. Reaching down he moved the rubble off the body connected to the ring and instantly fell to his knees.

A cry echoed through the area as Sy sat there motionless and lifeless over the body of his friend. Tears poured down his face as he just sat there as lifeless as the corpse. An hour passed before Sy came back to reality. What had happened he didn’t know, but what he did know was that the woman who betrayed him and was his friend lay here as a corpse before him. He thought that since she betrayed him he wouldn’t be this upset, but the fact that she was a dear friend overruled the fact she betrayed him. His heart swelled as he began to cry harder.

Sy sat over Viera’s body for three hours before he had the strength to stand. Picking her up he walked her over to her house and placed her gently down on the ground behind the house. Walking inside he grabbed a shovel and dug two graves. First, he placed Viera in one, and then returned to his lab and brought Burt and placed him in the other. He covered them up before returning to his lab. Where he found Gabe sitting at his desk with a solemn expression on his face as he explained to Sy what happened to Viera. It turned out that a war between the Golden Lions and Marines broke out. Viera was caught in the crossfire and died.

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