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1 [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:23 am

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2 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:15 pm

Flight of the Gryphon

Devroux had left Zou upon deciding on a goal. It was simple. He wanted to bring the world to its knees, and have it beg him for mercy. But while this goal was set in stone, the actual plan on making that happen was very far from being in its final stages of planning. If the mink was honest with himself, it hadn't even begun planning. Devroux knew that whatever came his way, he could handle it, but the world is a big place and going about taking control of it is going to require big planning. For whatever reason, he decided that his first stop away form Zou would be the kingdom of Alabasta, where he could learn about a long history of a ruling family, and just in general more about the people that he sought power over.

He had spent some time wandering the kingdom, visiting both the major cities and some of the ones in between, and currently Devroux found himself back in Alubarna. The capital city of Alabasta was a wonderful and prosperous place. There were plenty of fat pigs to cut down, deep pockets to pinch, and beautiful women to toy with - all of which sparked Devroux's interest and made it easy to return to. The worst part about Sandy Island so far, however, was the heat. The leathery wings that donned his back were incredible heat traps, so cloaking the wings over his body was a miserabling idea. The normal positioning of the folded up wings on his back wasn't that awkward for Devroux, but as a sort of comfort thing he always preferred to drape them over his shoulder.

The giant wings stuck out like a sore thumb, being carried the way they were, and put a lot of the people that Devroux walked past on edge. Normally they'd just see some edgelord in a coat, but now they were very aware of what he actually was and just how scary his true appearance was. It made it easy to walk, but was agitating for the mink, to say the least.

On his slow walk through town, of which was brutal on his weakened legs as he was more used to flying than walking at this point, he overheard the raspy voice of an elderly man attempting to sell his wares to the nobles of Alubarna. It was on his intended path already, so before Devroux could pass the old man completely, he decided to stop, watch, and listen to see if anything peaked his interest.

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3 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:33 am

Tall Tale Tom was once a respected explorer known throughout paradise for his supposed feats. He claimed to have ridden a stream of water so large and powerful that it sent him into the sky, where he found a race of people living above them. With cloud water, cloud fish, and shells that could do miraculous things. But the biggest thing he claimed was seeing a wingedman lording over a city of gold, the likes of which could span as far as the eye could see. Now to you and me this seems like Skypeia,but to the people he told his stories they couldn't believe him. Tom was an average man, so reaching these places was a feat in themselves. He always told stories of finding amazing treasures though, sometimes he'd yammer on about Drum having a treasure in a small cavern half way up the face of the island. Other times he eluded to a whole underwater city just for fishmen and mermaids.

With no proof of any of it, many stopped believing him. As he grew older the stories began to change and were twisted into something not even resembling their original forms. The occasional traveler might humor him, but in his current state, it was mostly assumed he was a senile old fool. Homeless and selling wares to get a fix of his latest addiction. Today and the last few years he has been yelling at the same street corner, calling out to anyone will listen to him. " Say youngster! Do you wanna buy a treasure map! Miss interested in a map that leads to an amazing treasure? Sir sir come come stay a while and listen"! Although each avoidance did wear on him, he also kept the same confident facade. This was one treasure he knew was there, he had the scars to prove it. However he couldn't bring it back himself. The treasure literally rejected him.

" Is there no one who would take up this offer?! Is there no dreamer left in this world?---- uhh hah--- is there anyone interested in ultimate power"! Unfortunately for him, someone did answer his call. A plain old thug wearing a slick pair of shades almost seemed as if he was lording over the old man had approached him and grinned maliciously. He snatched the rolled up map in his hands and held it above the old man. "Hey theif give it back it's gonna rip"! The thug's eyebrow raised and he tossed it back at the old man before he could touch him. " What a piece of shit. it looks like a child drew that old coot". The man with the cool shades pulled out a lighter, and let its flame dance under the map. All the while everyone around him ignored his pleas. For he was just a hobo no one cared for.

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4 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:06 am

Flight of the Gryphon

As Devroux walked up to the scene he wanted to view, he realized that the old man's shouting wasn't just an attempt to sell a map, but was fueled by distress. He was being taunted and teased by a thug bit enough to be him plus a half. Devroux could feel his eyes roll to the back of his head on their own. He never understood why people had to act in such petty ways. They were both dirty humans, and they'd be much better off working towards a common goal than choosing to act like newborns for seemingly no reason at all.

The thug pulled out a lighter and taunted the old man with it, threatening to light the map on fire. Seeing this, Devroux decided to act. Unfurling his wings, he pushed the crowd that was forming around him gently to the side just enough to allow him to spread his wings fully. Pulling them down, he sent a small gust of wind towards the thug, just enough to blow out the lit lighter and get his attention. With the thug turning his attention towards the mink, Devroux gestured towards the crowd that had witnessed what had just happened and all now had frowns lining their faces. The disgust was very obviously aimed at the mink, but it was easy enough to redirect that look with a few simple words.

"You see?" he asked. "They're all seeing you for what you are." The strong tone turned the attention of the crowd back onto the thug, the looks of disgust still reminiscent on their faces. They couldn't forget what they had seen, but they were interested in the thug's reaction just as much, if not more so. "They all know you're a muscle-brained fool. Will you show them more of your childish antics?"

Devroux gave the thug a sly smirk, and quickly winked at the old man before extending his arm and holding his hand out.

"I'd like to buy that, actually."

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5 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:35 pm

Tall Tale Tom would catch the intimidating mink in the peripheral of his vision, but he had more pressing matters at hand. He'd motion to reach for the paper, just dangling within arm's reach if he stood on his tippy toes. However the thug shook his head and gave him a toothy grin, " Ermalu, what could be there in such a desolate place"? He'd start to laugh. " gehehehahagehehehaha". He lean in and cause Tall tale Tom to back off and say, "Dance monkey, dance". Tom would grimace but begin to start motioning his arms randomly. The lighter's flame would move closer to the map as he said, " No no, like a monkey. Like an ape, fool". Tom's gaze would turn to the crowd who hadn't done anything and reluctantly start to motion like a monkey when the bat mink interrupted them.

The Thug would grimace and cover his face from the sand as Tom without regard for his own well being snatched it and ran toward the crowd. Before the thug could roar he felt himself feeling rather small and insignificant. Most of the people in the crowd felt the same way, as they all peered at the bat mink. Only Tahm with a tertiary willpower was able to stand his ground against the mink's overbearing presence. He'd grin as the crowd became stunned and watched the thug falter and essentially walk away with his tail between his legs.

Tall Tale Tom grinned at him and noticed his air of arrogance as his sleek black arm was extended toward him. He grinned and said, " Sure, that'll be 100 beli. 200 if'n ya need me to read the map and guide ya to its treasure". What would greet the Devrocks was actually a decent map with some of the topography of the island. The greatest detail came in the form of specific zoomed in details of a city in ruins, named Eramalu. Tom would pause a moment before saying, " What'll---wait where are my manners? The Name's Tall Tale Tam. And you"? He said with a tip of his hat and a renewed grin.

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6 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:14 am

Flight of the Gryphon

"Lemme take a peek at the map first," Devroux answered. Reaching into his back pocket, the mink pulled out a small coin purse stocked with enough change to pay for random encounters such as this. Taking out just enough money to buy the map, he laid the cash into Tell Tale Tom's hand and took the map into his own.

Untying the string that held the map rolled tied, he pulled the piece of parchment apart to get a good look at the map. It wasn't a map of the land, but was instead a large, in depth map of what appeared to be ruins. There was a small corner detail showing that the location of the ruins was in Erumalu, but that was the only part of it that Devroux could truly understand. He was going to need the guideance of the old man afterall.

"On second thought," he began, opening his coin purse once again. "I'll take that offer. You could be helpful." He gave Tell Tale Tom the rest of the requested money, tied his coin purse closed, and re-positioned it into his back pocket. He then turned his gaze towards the sky, shielding his eyes from the sun with his right hand and estimating the time of day.

"Personally, I'd rather work at night," Devroux said, using his other hand to gesture towards his body, referring to his bat traits. "We can prepare for the trip now, and then leave at dusk. Pack light, though, and I'll be able to fly you most of the way there."

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7 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:44 am

Tall Tale Tom blinked for a moment, before handing over the map to the stranger. Him giving his own name was more of a rule his parents indoctrinated into him as a child, but he understood if this minkman was different. He grinned when the stranger would take him up on his offer,but shook his head at both the offer and preference. " If'n im remembering correctly you bats don't have good eyesight and are nocturnal. If'n ya were on yer own that would be fine,but for an old coot such as myself? Need the sun light lots of bad things come out only at night".

He started to motion toward the edge of town and beckoned to him. " Plus we can't travel light, water and provisions are heavy. We'll be traveling by camel. I know a guy, good prices and they're strong as oxes". He would gesture to his saggy bicep with a wink. The man didn't want to leave room for objection because this journey wouldn't be an easy one. Toward the edge of town they'd find a camel owner by the name Cammile t'wah.

A woman came out to greet the old man and said, " Eyy there young man, going off on another adventure"? Tom's cheeks would turn red and he'd nod, " Yep going to my home town with the stranger here. We're gonna need a few days worth of water if'n ya don't mind mam". She shook her head and practically glided about with a shit eating grin. " Anything for tommy boy, you can begin to fill those sacks with water you two. I'll get the camels sattled up and read". She winked at them and moved along on her merry way calling out to a camel named Bruno and one named Clide.

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8 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:49 am

Flight of the Gryphon

Devroux crinkled his nose when Tom mentioned that bats have bad eyesight. "Act-," he started before cutting himself off. It was far too much effort to try and explain to everyone that bats didn't actually have bad eyesight and that them being blind was a myth. He could see Tell Tale Tom clear as day, and that wasn't just because it was actually day.

The mink followed his hired guide to the camel seller that he had mentioned, named Cammile T'wah. He gave her a sly smile, taking note of her good looks for future prospects. However, rather than spending the extra time  trying to court her, he listened to her directions and started to fill up their cantines with water. Tell Tale Tom seemed like a nice enough guy, but his accent wasn't something that could be handled for a long time. It was better to see where the treasure map took them and finish the quest than stretch it out longer than he'd already signed up for.

Tom and Devroux finished their task and followed Cammille outside the shop to where she kept the camels tied. There were camels of all sizes and facial expressions, all of which looked healthy enough for a leisurely stroll to a deserted part of the island.

"You can take my two best camels, Tommy Boy. And for your handsome friend, I'll even throw you a little bit of a discount," Camille said, casting a wink in Devroux's direction. "It'll just be 1,000 beli."

"Pay the lass, batguy!" Tell Tale Tom threw his arm up, pointing to the sky like he had just exclaimed something important.

Devroux, however, kept his poker face still while his mental jaw hit the floor. They'd be gone maybe two days and it wasn't a camel purchase, it was just a rental. 1,000 beli was an awful lot, and she even had the audacity to call it a discount!

"How much was the discount, if I may?"


With that, Devroux couldn't hide his emotions anymore. The disgust at the price showing on his face earned him a quick scowl, but before the woman could change her mind and up the price even further than the already ridiculous one she had pitched the mink pulled out his coin purse once again. He quickly pulled the money out and dropped it into Cammile's outstretched hand, grabbing the reigns of their camels and tugging them out of the stall.

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9 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:03 am

Flight of the Gryphon

The mink wished that he weren't caving to the old man, but in retrospect it wasn't that bad of a plan to leave during the day. His travel partner was old, so he probably went to bed early and would get tired easily. Taking the extra time to prepare would make things easier on himself too, and Devroux knew this, so he didn't offer too much adversity in the early start and extra supplies. The more time he spent with Tall Tale Tom, the more and more it dawned on him that his act of kindness towards the old fool was a curse upon himself.

The two travelers climbed onto their respective rides and as they began their journey towards the ruins of Erumalu, Tall Tale Tom would continueously find stories to tell that didn't have any relevancy, nor were even remotely interesting to anyone that didn't live through the events. However, every now and then the old geezer would say something that'd make Devroux's ears perk up and listen. There wasn't any way for the mink to prove or disprove what the senile fool was saying, but some of it was oddly specific, making it believable, such as his adventures on Skypeia or his personal run ins with admirals and yonkou alike. Even if they were made up stories, it was stuff that Devroux was interested in.

But even in spite of all the crazy stories, what astonished the mink the most was that the old man's water supply was hardly touched, save for a few sips to wet his lips and help him talk for longer. Devroux, on the other hand, was almost halfway through his portion and they were barely halfway through their travels. It was hot, but the old man didn't seem to mind.

"How are you, uh, not thirsty?" the mink spoke up and asked.

This, immediately, caused the old man to take a swig of his water. It was obvious to the thirsty mink, but an unconscious reaction by the old man.

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10 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:20 pm

The unlikely duo would travel side by side throughout the scorching desert. The sun beat down upon them unmercifully, making the air in front of them look wavy. The heat from the sand felt like being near a mini heater, which continuously shot up toward them unmercifully. Every now and then one could see the sand shift, sometimes sink down rapidly. " See there strangah? That be a whispering snake", he would say while pointing out around 30 meters toward their left hand side. " Strange creatures, they hunt mostly at night but thrive in the heat. Don't let em near ya or they'll bite yer wee wee off, my mah always sed"! Tom would drink from his canteen and do his best just to keep himself from going too hard on it.

devrocks wrote:"How are you, uh, not thirsty?"

He would turn to him with sweat beading down his brow and say, " nah nah stranger, just trying to conserve water is all". He did have a moment of weakness and took an actual drink from the canteen until it filled his mouth. A sense of guilt over came him though, in the form of a grimace. Though he quickly shook his head and wiped the water from his beard by flatting his hand and moving downward. " Ma always said drink what ya need, not what cha want"! He placed the water at his side and looked ahead, not sure of what to say. The ride would be long,but they had to be ever vigilant. He would take out a compass that spun continuously, like most had on the grand line.

However Tom would turn it subtlety, changing the speed of the needle. " Mhmm ya mmmhmm mmm ahh blahh cmon cmom now", he'd say under his breath. Finally giving he'd lean up to Clide's head and whisper in its ear. The camel would just sort of moving lazily about without doing much. Tom would be visibly upset and bonk the animal on its head, making it suddenly spin around without warning. " attaboy show dae wae"! After the third spin Devroux's camel would also spin, both camels in total sync with eachother. Till suddenly they stopped and began moving in a completely different direction. " Woo tommy boy can use a refresher"!

Although Tom wouldn't outrightly say it unless asked when things calmed down, he was actually getting excited because they were making good time. By sunset the duo would reach the first check point in the journey. An old oasis that was only really discoverable with the help of an animal's instincts. These camels Camille gave them, were much akin to carrier pidgeons who could fly hundreds of miles and reach their destination without fail. These camels on the other hand, they were used to search out water on Sandy isle during times of expansion. The current pair were the descendants of the camels who discovered the land being used to establish Nanoha.

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11 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:57 am

Flight of the Gryphon

The traveling was going rather smoothly until Tell Tale Tom managed to get his hands into the workings of it. After taking a swif of his water, the senile geezer bopped his ride on the head, forcing it to spin in circles on the spot. Devroux watched in utter disbelief as he had never seen an animal do that kind of trick before, save the dogminks on their way to bed. However, what he didn't realize is that after the third spin, his own camel would be swept into Tom's shenanigans and Devroux would be spinning too.

The spin was much more forceful than he had anticipated. The mink was forced to tense his muscles and strengthen his grip to remain seated on the camel, but the force didn't last very long before he was almost thrown off the back as the camels took off in another direction than the one they had originally been on. In addition to this totally new direction, the camels sped up their pace as if they were on a mission this time and not totally at the mercy of a crazy old man and another animal.

Devroux felt a bit of unease as they traveled with newfound gusto. But he couldn't tell if that was from the snakes scooting beneath the sand, the other crazy things Tom might do, or the rapid spinning. What he did know, however, was that if the camels were this excited about something, then he should be excited about it too.

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12 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:39 pm

Flight of the Gryphon

Even though the camels were moving faster than they were before, the trip was still abysmally slow for Devroux. Tell Tale Tom continued to tell his tales, yammering on for the duration of their path. It forced the mink to contemplate solutions outside of finishing the quest, all of which ended with the conclusion of a dead old man. But alas, Devroux controlled his urge to cut the man down, reconciling with the idea that maybe the map was true afterall. As he had thought before, some of Tom's stories were way too specific to be mere anecdotes, so maybe this would be one of those stories in the end.

However, Tom was only half of Devroux's problems on the journey. The other half consisted of the camels that stank to high Heaven, the dwindling personal water supply, and most of all, the sweltering heat that continued to pelt the dark furred mink throughout the day. Luckily, the latter issue was eventually going to be a non-issue, as the day was already passed noon. The sun was visibly leaning towards its downward slope, a fact that the mink took comfort in admiring. It was during this act of admiring the sun that Devroux took note of a bird flying high in the sky.

First, the mink felt a stiffness in his wings as his envy of the bird for being able to fly took route in his mind. But what followed was the realization that the bird, albeit not an odd sight all by its lonesome, wasn't alone in its venture. The bird, relative to the two travelers, was traveling parallel to them, which meant that they were heading in the same direction. It was a silly concept, but Devroux couldn't shake the idea that he was right and so kept watch on the other potential wildlife in their vicinity.

As expected, the plan was futile. An hour passed with the bird having long since outflown their small herd, and with the exception of some shifting sand the likes that they'd seen throughout the duration of their trip so far, there was little wildlife to speak of. That is, of course, until the camels made their way over a tall sand dune and gave the adventurers a sight that they, or at least Devroux, hadn't expected.

The sight awaiting the too was of an oasis hidden in the desert. Surrounded on all sides by tall sand dunes, it wasn't something that would be visible to passersby that weren't airborne. The only ones that could reach such a thing were birds, or animals that had a natural homing instinct towards water sources. It hit Devroux that that's exactly what the spinning camels meant; it was their way of sniffing out water.

The mink smiled to himself, realzing that Tell Tale Tom and the camels were both more clever than they had initially appeared to be. Digging his heel into the camel's side, he urged it forward. The man was thirsty, and the oasis awaited.

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13 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:55 am

Tall tale tom had noticed slight changes in the minkman he had traveled with. He was less talkative and slightly on edge, when compared to his calm demeanor back in town. The cues were subtle, but minkman or not a prevailing tightened grip on the reins on one's camel, or the small changes in facial expressions...were all familiar to the veteran explorer. He couldn't be sure,but he chalked it the elements and perhaps slight impatience, something he wasn't a stranger to. People, mostly city slickers in his opinion, tended to get this way whether you were scaling a snowy mountain or traveling deep underground. They were always the first to be put on edge.

Tom kept his stories up despite his dry throat and foggy mind, because he felt the small changes in his client's expressions were perhaps the only thing keeping him from succumbing to Desert hysteria. It would be roughly 5 pm when they reached the oasis. " Hold on thar stranger, watch out for the crocodiles"! Tom kicked his own camel's sides to try and speed up, for the oasis was nearly in sight.

In the distance one could see palm trees embedded into rock formations could be seen. All of which form a small sandy bank(around 40m across) in which animals and people could get water. This is contrasted with the rock formations which form a small valley that would be in the shape of a V. There are signs of human activity in the past, such as the remains of a small mesa village on the other side of the rock formation. The rest of the oasis has small patches of greenery, such as wild flowers and small birds making their nests around there.

In the distance, one will find a bannawani resting on the bank. Its eyes would be pitch black with hints of red,likely from its overstimulated viens. It focused on the two travelers as it picked itself up. It'd growl with a low tone, despite its lanky appearance.Saliva dripped from its jaws as it turned to the batmink.

This would also cause others within the brush of the oasis to growl as well. If one looked closely, there'd be birds with the same dark eyes perched upon the face of the rock formations. And small rodents waiting from the brush, all giving off a low controlled growl. Tom would stop in horror, but then continue on if his mink travel companion kept going forth. " Hold on stranger, lemme serve as a distraction! You take my canteens as well and fill em up! We gotta do this quick and reach eramalu before night fall"! Tom would fix his posture while he tossed the water pouches to the mink. He and Clide had a history together, the camel responded his to slight changes and rushed forth. Garnering the attention of the croc and some of the birds. All of which began to chase Tom into the desert.


Bannanawani: Strength T, everything non prio
Birds: Speed T, everything else non prio
Rodents: Speed T, everything else non prio

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14 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:40 am

Flight of the Gryphon

As the two travelers came upon the oasis, the fur on the back of Devroux's neck began to stand on end. Instinctually, he could sense that the area was dangerous before he could make any visual mark of the surrounding wildlife. Visual contact only served to further bolster the mink's confidence in his bestial instincts; a fact that even in their current circumstance, he could take pride in. However, visual contact was also necessary to further elaborate on what Devroux was sensing, giving shapes and colors to what had formerly only been registered as feelings and other meta-physical phenomena.

The mental preparation before seeing what was actually causing the instinctual feedback wasn't enough to prepare Devroux for what he saw. It was less of a sense of shock or awe so much as it was confusing. The animals in the area were all snarling at them, including birds and rodents hissing from the bush, which are primarily flight animals. From where he and Tell Tale Tam sat, the eyes of these rabid animals were black and bloodshot as well, further increasing the strangeness of an already perplexing situation.

Tom seemed to notice, but the crazy old man was a crazy old man even in the face of such strange, potentially dangerous, circumstance. Tom tossed his canteen to Devroux, telling him to fetch water while he served as a distraction. The order instantly struck a nerve with the mink, but he held his tongue. He was faster than the old man and it was much less of a life threatening feat for him to retrieve water than serve as a distraction, but the fact that he was being told what to do, especially by Tom, was hard to stomach.

"Are you sure we should drink this water with the animals around it acting like this?" Devroux asked, but to no avail. Before the question was fully out of his mouth, Tom had already wheeled his camel around and taken the majority of animals off into the desert and away from the oasis. Devroux sighed, strapped the canteen over his shoulder with his own, and stood up on his camel. Being careful not to injure the animal that had worked so hard to carry him so far, the mink leaped gently from its back into the air. In one clean motion, having done it a million and one times before, the mink took hold of his wings and shoved them downwards, preventing him from falling to the ground after leaving the camel. With a few more thrusts of equal strength, the mink had taken off into the sky leaving the camel behind.

In his peripheral, he momentarily thought he saw the camel looking appalled, but quickly convinced himself that that wasn't possible and continued his flight.

After having traveled so far and so long on the animal, Devroux's thighs and buttocks were sore and it felt good to get off of them and stretch out his wings. Flight was so much more of a natural feeling to him than walking in running, but the sheer aesthetic of the sky wasn't even comparable. In a world of lesser lifeforms and Tell Tale Tom, the only thing that Devroux saw as pure and held dear was the act of flying. It was the only way to see the horizon on equal footing, and view the world, his world, from a lofty throne.

The cold, in-flight air bit at the mink's lungs as he took a deep breath - another bonus to flight. The moment was bliss in a trip otherwise filled with Tell Tale Tom's incessant storytelling. Admittedly, even though his partner was potentially in mortal peril, he took a few extra moments to enjoy the sky before pointing himself at the ground near the creek's shoreline. He dove hard, pulling up less than thirty feet off the ground and spreading his wings to buffer his fall. The mink landed hard, bending his knees to lessen the impact. This type of landing wasn't necessary unless he wanted a quick descent, but it was also an aesthetic choice that got the crowds of minks riled up when he landed back on Zou, and being adored by crowds of people was always enjoyable. However, the landing wouldn't be as possible if his bone structure weren't as light and forgiving as it was, so he thanked his lucky birth for that as well.

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15 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:51 am

Flight of the Gryphon

Upon landing and before taking water, Devroux turned to the creek so that the expanse of the oasis was before him. Closing his eyes, he raised his hands and clapped once as loudly as he could muster. The noise resounded off the walls all the way to the outer edges of the V-shaped area, echoing back to the ears of the bat mink. While he wasn't able to use his echolocation to get a visual of the water, the rest of the area was clearly mapped out, giving him a picture of the bushes and the few animals that were left hiding within.

Devroux knelt down quickly, unscrewing the caps of the canteens and forcing them under the surface of the water. The bubbles rapidly surfaced as the canteens slowly filled with fresh water. All the while, Devroux kept creating a continuous, low clicking sound between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. The image wasn't as clear as the echolocation using the clap, but it let him keep a close watch on the aggressive wildlife as long as he kept turning his head every so often to keep track of any movement.

The bubbles that had been rumbling on the surface of the water slowed down, and Devroux rotated his hands to make sure that they'd fill as much as they could. When the bubbles stopped surfacing altogether, he took them out, screwed the caps back on, and slung them over his shoulder. However, the added interest Devroux taken in the canteens had interrupted his echolocation scanning for a brief moment, allowing the hostile animals to move in on his location. The mink clapped as soon as he realized, but at that point the effort was wasted if not for a fraction of a second more that he was given to react.

Whipping around as soon as the sonar had reached his ears, he was able to extend his wing and fling away three of the most aggressive rats, sending them hurdling into the water a few feet from his location. At this point, Devroux drew the two kiridashi he had stuffed in individual pouches at his waist, arming himself against the last few rodents that hadn't been flung away.

There was a brief pause in the fight when Devroux was able to get a better look at the eyes of the creatures that were after him. They weren't just darkened and bloodshot, but were totally changed from their normal state. They were black, yes, but seemed more like they were smoldering than like they were simply bloodshot. It was such a drastic visual change that Devroux knew instantly that it didn't have anything to do with the water supply and it wasn't an infection, but he also couldn't rationalize another theory for what was causing such a drastic change in the wildlife. Even the rats were on the offensive, when they're primarily a flight species.

The bad feeling was back, forcing Devroux's neck fur to stand on end once again. He didn't want to stay and find out first hand what was causing the changes, so he flung his wings open, startling the rats momentarily. The moment was enough though and the mink was able to lift himself off the ground, taking flight into the sky once more. His camel was waiting for him in the exact spot he had left it, and rather than landing how he had at the creek, he landed gently atop the camel's back by rapidly fluttering his wings in small strokes to slow the descent.

When he was firmly planted, he turned himself around and took a seat, shouting to Tell Tale Tom who was still out being chased by the rabid animals. "Hey, I got the water! Ditch your following!"

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16 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:47 pm

With a flick of his wrist, white powder raced toward the ferocious crocodile. It stopped charging and thrashed about creating a small sand storm as it raged silently on its own. Tom then reached in his jacket for a weathered down whistle which caused the birds chasing and trying to peck at him to fly away. The frequency was too low for humans to hear,but to these rabid animals it was enough to send to into a frenzy and attack eachother. The elderly man said, " Alright stranger let's get a going ya hear"? As he said this, he snatched a water canteen and lead them to ermalu.

On the outskirts of this once bustling town, once standing as the last bastion of civilization before meeting the rest of the Sandy isle's ever expanding desert. It was a place where people would joke about it one day taking over alubarna's spot as the capital of the country. They were producing scholars who were revered throughout the world. They were producing adventurers and marine officers. The future of the growing city which started off as little more than an offshoot of alubarna 300 years ago, was poised to take over the country within the century.

Some say it was the higher ups driving people out with piracy and taxes. Others say it was bad luck that caused the downfall of the once proud city. No matter who you asked though, people thought it was such a shame that in less than a decade it had become the ghost town that it was. The elements had eroded the one pristine marble buildings that made up the city. Sand has trickled in with no one to keep it in check, slowly devouring the outskirts of the city. There's no sign of the ghettos or the farming districts.

The inner city still has vestiges of the once proud merchant district. There still stands the city hall, library, merchant square. All of which had escaped the ravages of the elements so far due to a higher elevation. However what stands out is the museum, which even without maintenance seemingly remains virtually untouched. While our heroes travel through this place, there would be a low incessant hum. Accompanied by the scurrying of rodent and the occasional slither of reptilian body weaving in and out of the ruins of the once proud city.

Strangely enough though, there remains no signs of human life. Save for a few camels running from the city as our heroes reach its outer limits.

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Flight of the Gryphon

The movements of Tell Tale Tom were quick and direct, telling a tale different from the age the rest of his body showed. But any awe that Devroux could have had in the moment was instantly killed when Tom, without any care for his travelling partner, blew a high-frequency whistle to disrupt the birds in the area. As a mink with bat origins, this whistle was painful to listen to. Unlike the claps and clicks that Devroux made carefully and intentionally, the whistle was just a long, indiscriminate noise that sank directly into his ears and reverberated loudly within his head.

"Watch the fucking whistle, man," Devroux snapped, clearly agitated and for good reason. The mink placed his hands over his ears, blocking all noise for a brief moment and shaking his head to get his mind off of it.

There was no reason for him to believe that the map Tell Tale Tom was holding was real or would lead to any sort of valuable, but Devroux decided that he was in too deep in the trip to take the life of the old man. If he weren't the only reason Devroux could reach the conclusion of the map, the whistle would have been enough reason to kill him outright, even ignoring all the incessant rambling that Tom had put him through before. Just for the sake of reaching the end of the map, Devroux put his agitation aside and the duo continued their trip through the desert.

Tom, in his signature Tell Tale Tom fashion, didn't seem to receive the animosity in Devroux's words or re-branded silence. The old man continued to tell various stories and make conversation, doing whatever he could to enjoy the company of another person while he could and make the trip less boring by even the smallest margin. It was admirable, had it not been thrown around in the amount that it was without relevance.

Excluding the constant storytelling, the journey to Erumalu continued on without a hitch. There were animals along the way that showed the same amount of aggression that the duo had seen at the oasis, but these other animals were either too far to commit to an attack or were being held off by some other unknown force. Whatever the case may be, anything was welcome to make the trip go by faster and easier than it was. Before long, they came upon their destination, or at least, the second milestone on the trip to their destination - the entrance to Erumalu.

"A true representation of people," Devroux hissed under his breath. Erumalu was the single, most accurate manifested representation of the mink's confidence in the majority of the world. The lower lifeforms could come across wealth and power, but it'd all eventually go to their head and let overconfidence lead to their downfall, or they'd let sheer stupidity guide them to it. Either way, the rise and fall of cities and nations was due to the ineptibility of the ruling class - a class that Devroux knew was beneath him. There were only two things that lower class creatures had earned respect from the mink for...

The first being that, as a community, they were capable of massive, time-enduring feats. The large-scale wars of times passed had on several occasions quite literally scarred the earth that people in modern times tread. In Erumalu, the current showcase of these time-enduring feats was the central district of the former city. The City Hall and the merchant district, gathering places for the community, were left standing while the rest of the city had crumbled. As a community, they were strong.

The second respectable ability of low class creatures was their ability to remember. Ancient myths about the battles between gods and heroes recall a portion of the past of the world. Some stories are older than the date they were written down, which is a feat in and of itself representing their ability to remember. In Erumalu, this ability is a proven fact. The library still stands and in an even better condition than that, was the museum, where true artifacts of history were kept as opposed to the stories.

Although Devroux had a certain amount of respect for these feats of humanity, it was something that he withheld and never told anyone. They were the types of things that made people worth leading over just slaughtering like cattle. They were weapons to be honed and directed, and that was the mink's directive in life.

"Is this our destination," the mink asked out loud.

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18 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:54 am

Flight of the Gryphon

After their long journey, the two travelers had come to the entrance their final destination - the Erumalu museum. What they stood in front of was a massive, open doorway, the top of which reached just as high as the other buildings around it. It opened up into a long passage that lead underground keeping the artifacts the Sandy Island peoples had kept within hidden from the desert storms and other conditions that may have lead to them being lost to time. The large passage that lay before them stood daunting to the travelers, even among the journey they had taken to get there.

"It sure is, sonny," Tom said, in a hushed and bewildered tone. His tone spoke volumes about the way the man felt in seeing the library. It sounded to Devroux as if Tom had been there before, yet couldn't help but be in awe of the sheer size of the entrance and state of quality it had maintained.

"Then let's go," Devroux suggested. Being his idea, the mink took the first step down the dark passage. Coming to a place such as this, it easily reversed the doubts about the map's authenticity that Devroux had had since leaving Alubarna.

Tell Tale Tom quickly stepped after his mink partner, pulling an unlit torch from his satchel before they could descend too far into the darkness. Devroux saw this, and before the old man could light the torch, the mink shielded his eyes. He had started his descent into the museum without thinking about how dark the passage was. While he was used to walking around in the dark through the use of echolocation, and old man wasn't as capable.

The two descended through the tunnel easily, especially now that Tom had a torch to make steps with. The actual walk down was only a couple of stories, just enough to shield the building from the elements, but not far enough to ward off any public visitors it may have received back when Erumalu was an active hub. The passageway lead into a massive room, large enough to house the town that the travelers had walked through to get there. It provided seating and a ticket counter for the once active museum, with several doorways leading to other parts of the museum sat on each wall.

At this point, Devroux realized how much it had earned the tone that Tom had given it. The doorway wasn't that impressive, but what it lead down into was definitely worth the travel, even if just for the experience.

"Okay, Tom," Devroux spoke, getting the old man's attention. "Now you're really up."

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19 Re: [GV] Steel Yoru Heart on Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:26 pm

Tall Tale Tom
[Taking over for Ding, also making some adjustments to Tom's character with Dev's approval.]

"I know, son, no need to get hasty..." Tall Tale Tom retorted, still soaking in the atmosphere of the Museum and all the history it contained, almost intoxicating him. "Make sure 'ya follow closely; getting lost in here could mean you never get found."

Tom walked up to a stone passageway, torch outstretched to illuminate the adjoining wall. A script was carved into the wall, rather well preserved, but in a language long lost to society. Yet Tom simply nodded and gave a knowing grunt, as if it were the simplest task in the world. He motioned for his Bat companion to approach the corridor.

"It's that way, somewhere." Tom elaborated, a hint of dishonesty in his voice. It was clear he was far more knowledgeable than he would let on, but it was easy to deny otherwise. After all, through the viscous darkness in the corridor oozed a sense of dread and anger, staining everything it encountered. It didn't take a genius to know that what lay beyond was powerful and potent.

As the pair continued onward, wading through the dense animosity, they approached a sealed door, grooves carved into it and stained with blood. Glancing downward, the scene became clear. A skeletal corpse lay collapsed at the foot of the entrance, the tips of their fingers ground down to mere stubs. The pair obviously weren't the only ones who had come seeking treasure or glory.

"Poor bastard, couldn't handle it... This stuff will weigh heavy on 'ya for sure." Tom said, briefly bowing his head in silence in respect. It was astonishing that he was as calm as he was. The hatred in the air was maddening for sure, and to those with lesser fortitude, it was catastrophic. Tom shuffled up to the door, giving it a few rhythmic taps in oddly specific locations. Just like that, the entrance parted, letting the pair continue within. However, just beyond the door was a darkness that seemed even more intense, swallowing the light from the torches. A wave of dread seemed to spill out from the opening, as if being released from a dam.

Casually, Tom turned to the mink. "Looks like this is on you, I sure as hell can't see. Wandering a death maze blind isn't exactly my idea of an adventure."


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