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Class D:
Invention Name: Dice Bomb (Gunpowder) (Approved Ding&Dev)
Invention Class: D
Invention Description: A small hand held bomb about the size of a 19mm 6 sided die. Each die is red with black dots on each side. Ranging from the numbers 1-5 in dots. On the 6 slot is a picture of a mini explosion. This picture has a small tab and when flipped it will ignite a guide wire leading to the gunpowder inside.
Crafting Points: 10cp
Invention Capabilities: Each die is capable of making a mini explosion equal to about half a foot in radius. They are meant to be used in closer quarters(5-15m) as the time between ignition and explosion is short and cannot be stop. The bombs are equal to Tertiary strength.

Invention Name: Diochi Acid (Approved by Batman4560 & Dingdongditcher)
Invention Class: D
Invention Description: The crushed and dried powder of the white Diochi plant native to Alabasta. Similar looking to flour, its slightly more grainy looking but not much. In pill form it comes in a clear plastic container that easily dissolve on contact with the stomach. Sulfuric Acid has been added that doesn't affect the look of the powder at all. However you can smell a faint hint of the sulfur in the Diochi Acid.
Crafting Points: 10cp
Invention Capabilities: The Diochi powder has the ability to bond with and neutralize most acids, but when moderate heat is present the bond properties drop, thus the sulfuric acid begins its work. Its damage is non-priority, and can only happen if in the presence of some form of moderate heat. Fire, forge, oven, freshly cooked food if ingested.

Invention Name: Shockfa (Approved By Batman4560 & ai47)
Invention Class: D, Upgrade
Invention Description: Upgrade. Sy's already owned Tonfa's are getting an upgrade. They are two steel tonfa's sixteen inches in total length. The head piece above the handle connector is five inches in length. The handle matches the same length of the head piece, and will now be covered in a layer of rubber. The rubber extends from the handle down the back half of the tonfa by five inches. This leaves six inches of steel left in the back. The head now has four wires that wrap around it and connect to a trigger on the handle. Upon clicking it a current is forced through the head of the tonfa.
Crafting Points: 10cp
Invention Capabilities: Outside of the new electrical discharge the tonfas are in fact the same. The head is now weaker than previously but otherwise the electrical charge adds the ability to do additional Non-priority electrical damage. This will also stun whatever limb it touches if the opponent durability is Non-priority.

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