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1Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) Empty Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) on Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:17 pm



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The islands throughout the grandline were all different and weird. They all different kinds of different seasons to them, so if one went to an island for the first time they would have to bring a lot of clothing for all types of seasons. They wouldn’t know what kind of season they would get, so that was annoying. Still, Jaya was good to be one of the islands that could be seen to have spring all year around. It was good to do certain jobs here. There was the type of season this island was always in, but it was a hotspot for pirates that made their home here. There were some of them who had quit and given up their pirate life due to the dangers that led further into the Grandline. Still, Yuurei’s idea of being here was a bit different; he wasn’t a pirate, well he never been in a crew besides the one he grew up with. That was the past, so now he was alone in all of this.

His idea was to find jobs through different islands, and he found some good ones here in Jaya Island. It seemed like there were people here who wanted to steal from others, but living here they didn’t want to start troubles with other retired pirates. It made sense to put the crime on someone else, so they couldn’t be traced. Yuurei was known for keeping his client’s name quiet, so he they usually hired him due to his resume. Yuurei’s client had asked him to look into a man name Avery who always carried a golden pocket watch with him. This pocket watch was said to be one of a kind, and nobody else would be able to replicate, or find anywhere else. Yuurei’s client decided that he wanted this for his collection, and informing Yuurei all of this, the thief decided to do the job. The amount of Beli that was shown to him was enough to bring a smile to his face.

Still, he would have to finish the job before he could gain the money he wanted. Yuurei’s skills brought him to the trade areas as he walked around and spoke to merchants and asked if they knew of Avery, and many of them were open to talk not knowing what they were doing. The best information he had gotten was that Avery had enjoyed his time in the tavern close by. Yuurei could only be excited for this and tipped that information as it was what he felt more reliable than anything else. The young thief moved around the town walking down stairs to get to the lower area of where he needed to go to. The amount of people who were here was great, and he figured he could use them to make a great escape. He was planning his way of escape before he even got the item he was going to steal.

It didn’t take long for the young lad to make his way towards the right tavern. ”Sapphire Tavern. Loving the name,” he said to himself. If anybody could tell, blue was his favorite color. Yuurei pushed the double doors as he entered the tavern. He noticed that the doors could be pushed from either side, which was good to know. He stopped to look around the inside. The eyes that were peering straight at him were vast. They could tell he wasn’t from around here, and he just ignored the glares as he was looking to examine the area.

The ceiling was about twenty feet high, the room was dimmed, so that it didn’t bother the people here. The music was loud, but not loud enough for people to hear other people close to them, the tables were mostly new as if they had been brought it recently. The smell of alcohol resonated throughout the area, and it was something to expect. There were fans on the ceiling to make sure nobody overheated, which was good. There weren’t any windows throughout the areas, but he could see about four doors. Two which probably led to the bathroom, one that led to the kitchen and the other one probably led to a closet or something.

Looking around he could see three bartenders serving people, and there was a seat that had his name on it. Yuurei moved through the area as the eyes continued to follow him. ”Only have the door I came from to escape. Other than that I don’t think I could make much of an escape here unless I did something stupid,” he thought to himself as he made his way to the bar and took his seat. He looked around, but this time he did it with caution he was trying to look for Avery, the plan was to scout him out and see what he could do from there. ”What can I get you sir?” a woman asked. Yuurei turned to her ready to snap at her for calling him sir. He stopped for two reasons, one she was beautiful and two he didn’t want to make a scene.

”Can I get a Jack straight no Ice,” he said this as she put a glass and a napkin on the counter and poured him his drink. Yuurei grabbed the glass and swirled his drink around as he looked to see if he could spot Avery.

2Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) Empty Re: Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) on Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:44 pm


Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) 30Jm0lM

Enter Yuurei, the Phantom Raider's Thief!

The Sapphire Tavern was perfect at this point. Turned out windows were Mashyuu's downfall when it came to making plans. Twice he had sat in a tavern with windows and both times his plans had, had to be put on hold due to others needing his help. In a way it was good, Mashyuu had gained more than a few allies out of it but a crew mate and a contact for when he returned to Jaya after his trip to Skypiea but he needed to finish charting his course. With his pirate gear in the ship, Mashyuu and Harley sat yet again at a table, once again going over plans while sharing some drinks. For once while on Jaya since his arrival, Mashyuu wasn't completely wrapped in bandages that were exposed. That was to say, that Mashyuu had come close to death only a few days ago but after staying in bed for a while and some good care from Harley (who had stayed out of the last fight, letting Mashyuu settle something personally) he had made a full recovery.

Thunk, thud, thud, thud... the dual swinging doors echoed softly as they moved back into place after a man in blue walked in. The pirates glanced up at the man and watched him walk to the bar but didn't say anything beyond that. Instead Harley, dressed in a pair of white stockings, blue heeled shoes, a matching blue dress and a white under shirt that covered her arms, rolled out a map of the area and started to trace her finger along the island. "Dai said he could navigate the ship up this, so we have what we need here. Still I don't think three of us are enough to take Skypiea if what your old 'friend' said was true. Quinn has an army up there and is planning something big. He wants to sell most humans... that's me, to other Skypiean slave owners and is getting ready to send and army after Jaya first. We need more troops." She explained her concern while looking to Mashyuu for confirmation.

Mashyuu glanced up from the notepad he was writing on and put his pen down while slipping the note pad into his back black pants pocket. "We aren't going to be ready enough here as it is. Too many are afraid to go out to sea again. The Grand line ruined their hopes and dreams. We might have to just better ourselves over all once we get there. Attacking Quinn won't be something we just do. That would be like running head first into a brick wall as fast as we could. Instead we need people with skill. A scout or thief. Someone who is good enough to get in, look around and get out to let us know what we are dealing with before we do anything else. As a doctor you should know that knowledge is power. This isn't any different. It won't be like when we fought Uncle Gogo, it's gonna be so much worse. This guy has been doing this since I was a baby, he was barely a man then, now he's going to be in his prime. His army is likely at the height of it's power and all we can do is hope to god we are good enough." Mashyuu explained. That was when he noticed the man in blue looking around almost oddly. Like he was looking for someone but didn't know who. "What's that guy's deal?" Mashyuu asked, taking the twin scythes attached together with a four foot long chain off his shoulders and placed them on the table. He nodded at the man in blue and smoothed out his black suit jacket. Harley glanced back and shrugged her shoulders. "Someone like you who hasn't lost their will to be a pirate yet. Lets watch him and see what's up. Maybe he will prove skilled and be a good addition to the crew since you don't take no for an answer..."

3Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) Empty Re: Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) on Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:17 pm



Yuurei continued to swirl the drink in his glass right now as he was playing with his liquor, but with good reason. His eyes didn’t take long to find their target. It was nice to see that even though this place was packed he was able to find his target without much effort. There was a reason to that and it was because there were four guards that he could clearly see guarding the man. Their presentation of who they were looked very demeanor. He could tell that they didn’t want anybody to come near that area as there were two men sitting down and drinking together. He sighed as he figured this would be annoying after all. He did noticed the one thing that could bring a big smile on his face. The pocket watch that he was hired to steal was in the man’s hand. He was swinging it around like it didn’t mean anything to him, which kind of annoyed him. Still, the fact that he treated the thing without a care in the world should make this a bit easy for him.

He heard something hit the table, which brought his eyes to two people. He wasn’t sure who they were, but they could have been other guards hired by this man. Yuurei knew he couldn’t take the chance, so he counted them two. He stopped moving his glass around, and chugged the alcohol down without much a problem. He turned around to the counter and the woman was back. ”Did you find who you were looking for?” she asked him as she poured more of the Jack into his glass. He could only chuckle when he heard her words. He brushed the back of his head because he figured at least of few people had noticed that he was up to. ”Yeah, I actually did. The girl on that table is my sister and I’m trying to see what she is up to. Apparently she has been hanging out with that guy a lot recently, so I plan on following them. Still, thank you for the refill,” he was quick to lie to her as he didn’t trust anybody here.

Yuurei figured that if he let the wrong thing slipped then it just meant that could jeopardize his whole entire mission. ”I guess I can wait for him to use the bathroom. I’m sure that when he uses the bathroom though, one of the guards will be entering with him. That might be bad because it just means that the guard won’t allow anybody to enter. I have to plan this perfectly, so I end up in the bathroom before he does, and then take what I want from him,” he thought to himself. The plan there was good to start, but he was thinking about what he would do after he had done that. The man for sure had lost his strength as a pirate. The way he acted looked like he gain so much gold that he lost his ability to be a pirate. ”Should I have him as a hostage, or should I make a run for it? Decisions, decisions, but I guess I should use the crowd outside to make my mistake, so running would be best,” he thought to himself.

The plan he was trying to circulate through his head was sounding just right. He figured that he also had to calculate the best escape route for this robbery. There was no way anybody could stop him and appear from another exit. There was only one exit from what he could see, and honestly he figured the other one would be somewhere in the kitchen. They usually had a door to throw out the trash, but that wouldn’t work with what he had planned. Yuurei continued to play with his drink again as there was something fascinating about doing this. He kept an eye on his target and he noticed that the man was getting up and he was showing signs of him having to use the bathroom. His movement of him jingling himself as if he had a shiver going down his spine. Yuurei had chugged his glass empty and placed it on the table. He placed his glass down and with that he also placed some money on the counter. ”Be right back I got to use the bathroom,” he lied again as he got up from where he was sitting.

”Make sure nobody takes my seat,” he winked at the bartender, and started moving towards the bathroom before Avery could make his way out of his little VIP section. He entered the bathroom first and he looked at everything that was around. He had to analyze quickly, and noticed that the sinks were closest to the doors. That would be perfect for what he needed to do; he decided that he didn’t need to run away after he robbed him and he could simply walk away. He turned on the sink as he washing his face, and his hand right now. He had to act the part, and it didn’t take long for his plan to go into action. Yuurei heard the door opening and he turned off the sink and moved towards the door. He remembered which side the pocket watch was located, and he bumped into Avery purposely. ”Sorry I didn’t think the door would open all of the sudden. Was heading to get tissue for my hands. They are soak,” he said this showing his left hand.

His right hand had been placed into his own pocket as he placed the pocket watch in his right pocket. He had snatched it off Avery when they had bumped heads, and so far he didn’t seem to notice. ”You fucking asshole make sure you watch where you going. If you don’t know who I am you will, if you get in my way again,” he slapped Yuurei in the face, but the thief didn’t do anything. ”Sorry,” he simply said as he grabbed tissue and walked out of the bathroom. He rubbed his face as he could feel the power behind that hit. Thank god he didn’t take his first approach. He looked at the guard with a smile on his face and then started moving towards the bartender. ”Thank you for the drinks I’m going to find a hiding spot and make sure I can follow my sister from a safe point,” he said to the woman before winking at her as he walked off to the exit normally.

Yuurei had noticed that nobody was glaring at him, well those two from before continued to look at him he believed. When he exit the tavern, he continued to walk as he was home free. The bartender, however was worried for the sister, and decided to warn her about her brother. She had made away to the table that Mashyuu and Harely were sitting at. ”Hey your brother, the one that walked out the tavern, has been spying on you. I think he is doing it for your own good, but he seems like he’s going to do something to your boyfriend. So I wanted to make sure I warned you as a woman we look out for each other,” she said this as she took off.

4Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) Empty Re: Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) on Wed Apr 04, 2018 4:10 pm


Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) 30Jm0lM

Mashyuu's blue eyes narrowed in on the man at the bar, his teeth started to grind and he felt something was off. The man wanted to stand up and follow the young man in blue but decided against it for now, instead Mashyuu waited and considered what was happening. He watched the man's eyes carefully, waiting to see if they lingered on anything in particular while Harley continued to go about her planning, even though Mashyuu already planned a good portion of the crews next move out.

It didn't take long for Mashyuu to figure out where the man in blue was looking and he frowned in response. "Stay out of it. We don't need to bring any more attention to us at the moment." Harley quipped while she continued to jot down notes and noticed that Mashyuu was starting to sit up and grasp his weapon. "The guy the new kid is after is a mobster. He might not know it, worse he might know and get a few people here hurt in the cross fire!" Mashyuu snapped. Harley shrugged and started to giggle. "Then they will have to visit the best doctor in Mock Town... Me. And we can charge them before we leave. See it all works out in the end." Harley was quick to add, drawing a look of ire from her Captain.

Mashyuu rolled his eyes and pushed his glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose as he settled in and looked down at the map Harley had laid out. "Ya know... you did good here cutie. Even if you don't know how to charter a course you did take a lot into consideration that I haven't. Like food supplies and the odds and ends that I never considered we might even need. Thanks for that." Mashyuu offhandedly stated while he watched Yuurei get up and make his way to the bathroom, followed shortly after the mobster Boss Avery, a man who was said to be able to harness fire in his bare hands. How he did this Mashyuu wasn't sure or if the mobster even could but that was Mashyuu's next target on Mock Town, marking the defeat of the three biggest groups of criminals on the Island, and in theory would make those on the island look at Mashyuu and his friends in a favorable light.

Mashyuu waited, listening for anything that sounded like a legit commotion from the bathroom, watched for anyone entering in behind them but that never happened. Instead the man in blue walked out, visited the bar and left. The sight made Mashyuu lift his brow sharply and sigh. "No blood or sign of struggle. Maybe the kid backed down and thought better of his actions." Mashyuu almost felt betrayed by that fact but he remained silent. That was until the waitress walked up and told Harley that her boy friend was being watched by her brother. "Uhhhh.... right... Right! Yes, of course. Thank's for the heads up." Harley flashed the waitress a friendly smile and started to gather up their belongings, throwing them in a small hand bag. "That's either code or a request to see us. Either way..." "Yeah lets get the hell outta here." Mashyuu agreed and started to help Harley.

A few minutes later the duo walked out of the bar, skipping on the bill and leaving Avery and his group in the bar. The plan was to follow his goons and silently take out the one that strayed back the furthest so that Harley or Mashyuu could steal their clothes and walk into his home in order to ambush the man when he least expected it but that plan would have to change in the guy in blue made them out. "Ya know what... I don't like that this guy might be coming for us. I'm gonna fly out ahead and see if I can cut him off. He doesn't dress in the normal clothes of a guy in Mock Town, I'll see him soon. Meet ya back at the clinic."

Without any more words between them, Mashyuu spread his wings wide, like a war angel as his legs pushed off the ground and his wings beat hard, launching the man high up into the afternoon sky Mashyuu stopped when he could see a good distance away from the tavern in every direction. His eyes narrowed as he scoped the area out and tilted his head. "That blue stands out way too much..." Mashyuu whispered and pulled his chain scythes off his neck and dived straight for the man, coming down atop a flight of steps in a three point stance. His wings spread wide for a moment as he stood and folded in on themselves as he stood with his weapons in hand. "So, you sending me a message because you are trying to kill Boss Avery, or you trying to fight me? Either way, that was a bad way to get a message out." Mashyuu asked from atop the steps, giving the man in blue a chance to explain himself.

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Yuurei was home free he didn’t knew that Avery wouldn’t know that his pocket watch was taken till it was too late. He continued moving as there was nothing that could go wrong right? Yeah he was wrong with that, and soon enough he would notice it. The thief could hear the watch jingle in his pocket, and soon enough his footsteps would only come to a stop. His movements were quick as he had gotten on guard to what had happened. An angel had dropped down in front of him, which made him get into a stance as his right left hand had quickly moved to the sheathed of his blade. He stared into the man’s eyes as he noticed who this person was. It seemed like he had been had, and that Avery and the others would probably come soon. He wanted to run pass him, but that would be stupid as he noticed the speed that he dropped down in. He must have been as fast as he was, or faster? He wasn’t sure, but it seemed like he did something to provoke him.

His eyes quickly glanced at the scythe that he was holding and could only wonder how dangerous that weapon was. ”The way I look at it, I’ll be outnumbered soon enough. He was with a girl and if he is with Avery, then there will be more guys coming,” he thought to himself as he was thinking about what to do. His ears twitched to the sound of the man’s voice as he had spoken up to him. He spoke about a message being send to him, which confused him because he didn’t remember telling anybody to give him a message. There was one person he spoke to throughout the whole time he was in the tavern. Then there was his client, but he doubted that the man had anything to do with the situation he was in right now. Yuurei remembered that he did use the girl and him as a lit to make sure he had something to talk about with the bartender.

He kept himself on guard just because he wasn’t sure what this guy would do. ”I didn’t ask anybody to give you a message. I just used you and your girlfriend in my lie. I guess that woman didn’t like what I made up. She had to run to you guys and tell you about what I said,” he chuckled, which soon became a laugh. These girls really stood by each other, and it seemed like she was looking out for the girl that was with this guy. Still, there was one thing he took note to what this man had said, and it was about Avery. It seemed like he was after Avery like he was, but their objective was a bit different. Still, once his laugh had died down he could only sigh because this man was clearly not with the retired pirate.

”Thank god you aren’t with Avery. I thought I was about to be outnumbered. You look tough, so I’m assuming if you were with Avery I would have had the worse time of my life,” he chuckled as his stance had relaxed and his left hand was no longer on his sheathed. Yuurei wondered who this guy was though as he wanted to kill the big boss hand with the strong right slap.

”I guess you noticed that my target was Avery, but I wasn’t trying to kill him, I just, well I just took something from him for my client,” he smile at Mashyuu, but he never showed him the price just shook his pants to have something jingle in his pants. ”How rude of me. Well I am rude, but the name is Yuurei, and if you get too close you might lose something of value,” he chuckled as he was just referring to him being a thief, but figured the man would take it the wrong way. ”Still, what is this about you killing Avery?” he was curious to hear this man’s plan, and he was curious to know who he was.

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Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) 30Jm0lM

The winged man looked down at Yuurei with a scowl on his face, considering what he wanted to do with the man, unsure if the dark haired fighter who was going for his sword was about to attack, Mashyuu's grip on his weapon loosened in his right hand to prepare to swing it by the chain. That was until the man began to explain that he didn't send a message and everything had been one big mistake. That being said, unlike Yuurei, Mashyuu wasn't nearly as trusting of people and the man flipped the scythe in his left hand over so that the blade could be dragged up in a swinging motion if needed. "Cute as she is, she's not my girlfriend, she's my doctor and my crewmate." Mashyuu mumbled while he started to walk down the steps slowly.

"Aha, aha, aha! Mashyuu laughed as he descended the steps and shrugged his shoulders while his wings wrapped around his body like a feathered cape. "If I were with Avery we wouldn't be having this talk right now. I would have just dive bombed right on top of you and ripped you to shreds with these, or wrapped the chain around your throat and flown up to hang you." Mashyuu assured the man, showing that he had grown a bit dark in his time in Mock Town and no longer took people lightly. "But if you robbed Avery you're in trouble. Once he figures out that he's been robbed he'll come for you, and anyone else who helps you. Like the guy who hired you. Luckily you happened to catch my attention too and that will slow him down for a bit." Mashyuu sighed as he came to the last step and stopped again.

"A pleasure to meet you Yuurei, but if you try to rob me I'll take a hand. My name is Captain Mashyuu Ishi. Head of the Phantom Raiders and I'm currently putting together a crew. The woman I was with is Dr. Harley Ashes. Not long ago I recruited a navigator who is also a swordsman, now I'm rounding out the crew to go on a daring voyage to Skypiea. Before I go though I decided to take down the three biggest criminal forces in Mock Town... Never know when someone owing you a favor will come in handy, and a town of former pirates could make the best allies." Slowly Mashyuu placed the weapon in his right palm into a loop on his hip and extended his arm past his wings to offer it in a shake.

"I don't want to kill Avery per say, but if he happened to get taken out in the fight, well I wouldn't complain. But if you want we can talk about his more at Harley's clinic..." Mashyuu nodded to the path Yuurei had taken. "I'd rather not have a fight out in the middle of the street just after lunch. It won't go well." Mashyuu turned his back to Yuurei and started back up the steps, and hung a right near a building. After walking for a few minutes in silence the man brought Yuurei to a two story building that was almost a perfect square made of brick at the bottom half and wood at the top. The wooden door that had been recently put back in place read Dr. Harley Ashes- Doctor and Surgeon. Without knocking Mashyuu simply pushed the door open to reveal Harley's office.

The bottom floor was a massive doctors office with a pair of beds that were sectioned off in one corner, a set of steps that led up to the second floor in the center of the room. To the right of the door was a round table where Harley was currently sitting, going over some X-rays. In the back of the room was an operation corner with a table and shelves of tools. The walls were lined with different gear that would be needed for various things and a few packed boxes along with a myriad of empty ones. "Oh look, you made a new friend. I take it this one is joining the crew too?" Harley asked without even looking up to greet the pair. Mashyuu shook his head while chuckling and entered the office. "Shut the door behind you Yuurei, tell me about the guy that hired you to do this job, he might not know what he's getting into."

7Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) Empty Re: Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) on Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:13 pm



He heard the man say something while he was making his way down the stairs. He couldn’t make out the words that were coming out of his mouth, but he did watch him walk down the stairs. He could only wonder what he could say, but he did make out one word and it was she. He figured that he was talking about his girl companion that was with him, which he noticed that she wasn’t. That could only mean she wasn’t fast enough to follow him, or she didn’t have wings like he did. ”What did you say about the girl. I couldn’t hear you,” he chuckled as he was teasing him. He figured if the girl wasn’t his, then that means she was game for anybody right? That made him put a smile on his face, but he figured it wouldn’t work because well she seemed to be around this guy all the time.

Then he spoke again and he heard the man described what he would have done if he was actually one of Avery’s men. That was true, that he would have just dove down on him and took care of him with him not being aware of what could have happened. Still, he had gone a little dark with what he was saying, which brought him to give out a nervous chuckle. ”Well he has a few screw loose,” he thought to himself as he could have pictured him up in the air being strangle by a chain. He couldn’t have gone out of that situation, but he probably wouldn’t be able to talk ever again, or for a while. Then he would have had to worry about the fall as well. He snapped out of that thought when he heard Mashyuu speak again, and this time it was about what he had done. It seemed like his action had consequence, but that much he knew.

It could only bring him to smile when he listen to what he had to say. That wasn’t his problem, and he didn’t have anybody who helped him. Well maybe the bartender would be in danger because well she was seen speaking to him. That kind of sucked, but he doubted that his client would be in danger because well he never gave out his client’s name. That was just bad for business and he knew that better than anybody. He stood quiet this time making sure to hear what he had to say. The man was speaking a lot, so he figured he had more to say. Yuurei chuckled when he heard him talk about losing his hand. He wouldn’t allow that to happen, and if he did then he would have taken something very precious from him like a wing. ”A wing for a hand not a bad idea,” he chuckled with his dark thoughts.

It seemed like he was a captain of sort, but he had finally got the angel’s name, which it was Mashyuu. The name of his crew caught his interest, but he continued to listen to him as the man had said he was trying to put a crew together. That was interesting, and he wonder if he could catch a ride with this man. He would lead him to another island, and he continued to conduct his criminal act in these new islands. That wouldn’t be bad, and he figured he brought that up for a reason, so he figured he could use that to his advantage. He had gotten quite the information from Mashyuu, and it smile to learn that the girl that was with him was named Harley, but what caught his interest was that she was a doctor. He had gotten one of the most essential thing in his arsenal for a crew. Next there was a navigator who also used swords like he did. That was interesting, and he figured he could meet this guy and see what kind of sword he used.

His ear twitched when he heard about Skypiea and it was an island that he didn’t think he would be heading to. That actually brought out a little smirk on his face. He was sure that Skypiea would have a lot of stuff for the taking, but it wasn’t just that. He had heard rumors about a katana that had been store on that island. Of course people thought it was just a rumor, but Yuurei knew better than that. When he finished speaking he noticed his hand had extended for a handshake. ”That is interesting to hear. A Pirate crew ready to head to Skypiea; A doctor, and a navigator. Hell all you need now is a cook and you will be just fine. Sounds interesting to me,” he reached for the man’s hand and shook it without hesitation. Once he was done with that he placed his hand back to his side. ”So her name is Harley interesting,” he brought her up with a smirk on his face

Mashyuu spoke again, and it seemed like he wasn’t aiming to kill his former target, but wouldn’t have cared if death fell upon him. It didn’t seem like talking here was safe anymore, and Mashyuu wanted to talk somewhere else. Yuurei nodded as he was in agreement to this. He needed to disappear from plain sight quickly and eventually make his way to his client and give him the item he wanted for his collection. Yuurei followed after Mashyuu as it seemed like the man had been on this island for a while from what he could tell. He knew his way around, so it made him smile to see that he wasn’t the only person taking their time on an island filled with retired pirates. Their walk had brought them to a building, and he was surprised to see that the door had said the woman’s name that he had heard about form Mashyuu. He had followed the man without hesitation hoping that Avery wouldn’t be able to find him now that he had entered this building.

When he entered the place he looked around to see if there was any escape routes that he could take if things had gotten out of hand. Yuurei’s mind was weird and thinking about safety was the smartest thing he could do. He always made sure that he could secure an escape route. He heard Harley speak and he could only laugh as he decided to say something. ”I wasn’t offered to join, but I’ll join just for you Harley,” he chuckled when he said this as he looked over to Mashyuu as he closed the door behind him. He wanted to know about his client, which was something he wasn’t really going to do. He figured he would give him basic information. ”Well as you can see I’m a thief, or well I steal certain things for myself, and then I do jobs that considers me stealing for my client. As for my client I can’t say much about them. They know what they are getting themselves into. My client is also a former pirate, but they didn’t want to cause trouble between Avery and themselves,” he paused for a second.

”I have a drop off place for the item, which is where my money should be waiting at. I’m really good at my craft even though I got slap for bumping into Avery. Still, I wasn’t planning on staying on this island for much longer, so Avery would have had to chase after me, and I tell you that would have been quite a thrill,” he said as he thought about what he said earlier. ”Skypiea wouldn’t be a bad place to head to though, if I do say so myself,” he brought it up because he was interested hitching a ride up there.
In the Tavern

Avery had finally noticed that his golden pocket watch had been missing. His eyes had widen when he took note of it, and the man he was next to was slapped by him. He was furious as he checked the man’s pocket, but he didn’t find anything. ”Where is my watch! I had it this whole time, and nobody got clo-,” he cut himself as he remembered the kid he slapped when he bumped into him. The scene was clear as day as he was not happy. He looked around to see if Yuurei was still around, but there was no sign of him. He looked at the guards as they were all staring at him. ”See if anybody knows anything about the kid with the eyepatch. Anybody that he spoke to ask them!” he ordered and shouted with such anger. The guards moved as they went over to the bartender who was fixing someone a drink. She stopped as she seen who approached her. She was a bit scared and nervous and wonder what was going on.

”Can I…Can I help you guys?” she nervously asked. ”Yes tell us about that man who was talking to you from before. The one with the eyepatch and blue outfit,” they said with a stern voice. She was trembling now because that kid was bad news, and she didn’t see it coming. She blurted out everything she knew about Yuurei and mentioned Mashyuu and Harley, but only by description and not by names. The guards made their way to Avery, and explained the situation to him. Avery eyes could be seen with anger in them. ”What are we doing here. We got a group of thieves to catch and cut their hands, so they learn their lesson!” he shouted as they had stormed off the tavern.

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Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) 30Jm0lM

"Sorry, I'm married to my job, but you can feel free to look. Just don't touch stranger. It takes more than a quick hand and a fancy sword to impress me." Harley shot back to Yuurei while finishing signing her last paper. She quickly made sure all the papers were stapled together and placed in a large manila folder. She stood up and walked past Yuurei and traced a hand over his shoulders. "...You should really join up, we get a lot done here." She sauntered off to go upstairs to take care of something, leaving the pair alone.

Mashyuu stared at the pair with a twitch in his forehead at how Harley decided to once again use her looks to her advantage, at least she was trying to make sure that this guy joined the crew. Slowly Mashyuu's hand came to his head and ran through his black locks. "...No, I didn't directly offer you a slot on the crew but I thought maybe you would want to go with us. I think someone good at stealth would come in handy. I'm going to take care of a slaver up there, and I hear there is a city of gold so you might be able to snag something for you up there." Mashyuu added. "But first, you should drop off whatever you stole. But if you don't mind, I'm gonna go ahead and use you as bait to draw out Avery's goons. Once everyone is down for the count I'll go deal with Avery. If you want to come with me to do that you are more than welcome to. If not, well I guess I'll have to have all the fun alone."

Without saying anything else, Mashyuu stood up and cracked his neck. "After everything I've been through this past week and a half, this is going to be the easiest thing I've done on the island, plus Harley won't have to get into a fight and having someone watch my back will put her at ease." Mashyuu patted the dual scythes that were connected by a single four foot long thick chain and walked to the door happily. "Alright man, lead the way, I'll be watching from the skies and when these thugs find you... and they will just do what you do, I'll dive in and help in the fight." Mashyuu nodded his head and pulled the door open then stepped out and flew high into the sky, waiting for Yuurei to lead the way.

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Yuurei was quickly shot down by the doctor, which was something he had been expecting, so it didn’t sting at all. He just smiled at her, and figured to take her words into consideration. ”I see I will do that, and hopefully one day you will change your mind,” he answered back at her as he watched her walk towards him after finishing up her work. He watched her hand rub pass his shoulder, and he could only give out a small chuckle when he heard the words that came out of her mouth. He was planning on hitching a ride, but it seemed like she was interested in him joining. He figured that was the reason they were looking at him at the Tavern. He thought they were looking out for Avery, but that wasn’t the case. He did remember that they Mashyuu had told him he was gathering a crew for what he called the Phantom Raiders.

”I like the offer, but it is something I will have to think about, but not so much,” he said watching her walk up the stairs. Yuurei coughed a bit when he heard Mashyuu speak as he had slightly forgotten that he was here. His body moved to turn to this man’s direction. He didn’t offer, but he did had the part where he would want to join them correct. It seemed like Mashyuu had history up in that island, and it was a slave owner to say the least. Yuurei just didn’t like when people were used by those who thought they were better than them. It sounded like fun to handle, but what really got him going was that there was a city of gold there. His eyes sparkled when he heard that, and he figured that he could probably find the sword that they were rumored to be there. This was a great opportunity and he didn’t have to ask, or sneak onto his ship. The man was offering a spot on his ship, but it seemed like he was going to come with a price.

He sighed as he heard the word ‘bait’ loud and clear coming from Mashyuu. That wasn’t going to be hard for him as he was fast, and when things got tough he sure as hell would be able to handle his own. He brushed his hair back as he was listening to Mashyuu, or his temporary captain, revealing his eye patch. When he was done explaining things, Yuurei could only smile at him with excitement. ”I’m only using myself as bait for the city of gold and because I don’t want such a pretty woman to have to do more work than she needs to. I’m sure she has had to patch you up a few times,” he chuckled saying this because of how he spoke to him earlier. He didn’t seem like the person to back off from a fight, which was a good thing, but it would also cause him to go through some near death experience.

”I’m sure by now Avery has found out that he lost his pocket watch and is going around the island looking for me. He wouldn’t find me even if he tries, but I guess it is time to show myself and have a little game with the guards,” he said as he walked towards the door after Mashyuu. He heard the man’s plan and what he would be doing. ”I got to say fighting isn’t something I do much, but that is probably because I hardly get caught when I’m doing my job. This will be an interesting thing to do,” he said as he opened the door to the clinic and looked around the area. There was no sign of his guards here, which meant they had no gotten this far, but he figured that he would head towards the tavern side, and hopefully collide with the guards, if they were out and about.

The guards had indeed gone in the right direction where Yuurei had head off to, but they were never truly going to find the man. That was because Avery took too long to notice that he had been robbed in the first place. While they were looking around the town and asking people questions, they got nothing from them, which frustrated them because they knew that Avery would flip out. Yuurei on the other hand continued walking through the town freely as he was heading towards them without actually knowing this. His eyes were aware, however as he was looking around to see where and when these guys would show up. His movements were precise, and soon came to a stop. He smiled happily as he had spotted the guards that were going around and looking through every inch of the area for him. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, but to hell with it.

He grabbed a hold of the gold pocket watch and took out of his pocket. He waved it around like an idiot, and decided to say something. ”I think this is what you guys are looking for. You honestly not going to find it looking around like that. Now I suggest if you want your boss’s watch back you come get yourself, but I don’t think you will be able to do it,” he said as he was being a douche, but he had gotten their attention. They had stopped searching and were all looking at Yuurei. They looked angry indeed, and started rushing over towards him. Yuurei figured that this wasn’t the place to fight, so he decided to make a run for it. Yuurei spun his ass around, turning his back to them and slouched down a bit as he took off. His speed was fast, but he kept a pace where he didn’t lose them, but would be able to keep his distance away from them. ”I did want to see Harley fight though,” he thought to himself as he was running away from them.

He looked back for a second to notice that there were four guards that were after him. There wasn’t much, but then if that was the case, was Avery by himself? Well he knew that man was strong on his own, so maybe he didn’t really need guards, but had them, so nobody would bother him. Yuurei continued his run though and soon enough he noticed that there was an alleyway big enough for Mashyuu to do his little drop from the sky appearance. Yuurei had turned, and continued his run until he had met a dead end. He sighed as he turned around with his back against the wall, well a few feet from the wall and he watched as the guards showed up one by one with a big smile on their face. ”You going to regret the day you stole from Master Avery. Those hands of yours wouldn’t be able to hold that sword on your waist anymore,” one of the guards said cracking his knuckles.

He took out an axe from behind him and started playing with it. Yuurei had taken a stance as he placed his left hand on his sheathed and looked at the four that were approaching him with caution. ”Oh no not my hands. Please not my hands,” he giggled saying this to them. ”You know what they say when an animal is corner that is when they are most fierce,” he said this not knowing if that was really how the saying went, but he figured they would understand what he meant. The guard that had the axe figured he would see what the guy was made of and rushed over to him. Yuurei could only smile because the guard was underestimating him. When the man got close enough Yuurei lunged at him and the three guards stopped moving when they noticed that the guy had been putting his katana back in its’ sheathe.
”Ittoryu: Shishi Sonson,” he said this and the guard that was now behind him shouted and blood splattered on the wall as the man dropped to the ground. ”Now I know you guys can do better than that. I hope you don’t act like your friend,” he said gathering their attention as they were unaware of Mashyuu.

Skill Used:
Name: Ittoryu: Shishi Sonson
Description: The user places one hand onto the sheathe of his blade and then quickly move towards their target if they are standing still, or will just wait for them to be close to use this. When close enough the user will attempt to slice through their target, rapidly unsheathing their blade slashing at their target, and quickly sheathing their blade back into its sheathe.
Range: Contact
Attribute: Speed & Agility
Theme: N/A

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Hired Thief Meets an Angel (Voyage) 30Jm0lM

Lazily, Mashyuu flew in small circles, following Yuurei as the thief strolled through town at what Mashyuu would call a casual pace as if there wasn't a care in the world. The blue eyed pirate grumbled under his breath at this, but figured since he wasn't a thief or playing bait, that Mashyuu wouldn't say anything about the situation and simply go along with whatever Yuurei had in mind. Lets see... there's me, and Harley, Dai and this Yuurei guy. That's four in total right now. I bet I can get a few more on the cause once I'm up there. I wish I had a marksman because range is always important when everyone is fighting up close. Ya know I think that will be fine for a crew now. Maybe after this I should send out the fliers to everyone to let them know that its time to go. Mashyuu thought to himself, simply waiting for something exciting to happen.

That was when the Captain saw it. Or rather, heard it. Yuurei was shouting at some finely dressed men, wearing grey slacks with white button up shirts. From Mashyuu's height advantage he could see that one had a small axe strapped to his back, another had a short sword hidden on the small of his back, while another had a whip and the last didn't seem to be carrying any weapons. "Oh, this must be my Q. Cool, I'll just swoop in from behind and we can... HEY!" Mashyuu mumbled then shouted as Yuurei took off, leading the men down various streets. Mashyuu flew behind the group, slowly lowering down mid flight while trying to follow as best as he could.

The angel like man drew his weapons and started to descend while Yuurei took down the man with the axe and the others started to draw their weapons. Mashyuu touched down behind the three and folded his wings in on his back while glaring at the men. "Hey, you guys work for that Avery guy right? Do any of you know who I am? I'm the guy that took down Boss Gogo and his nephew, maybe you've heard of me? Well your boss is next so sadly I have to beat you guys up too. Now if you promise to leave my friend here alone and simply tell me about Avery I'll let you guys leave with your friend there. If not.... well each and every one of you are going to get a new scar." Mashyuu whipped his weapons around in his hands causing the chain to rattle.

The man with the whip and the man with the sword turned and looked at Mashyuu while the other man drew a pair of spiked brass knuckles that had a knife connected to the bottom of the knuckles and squared up against Yuurei. "You guys aren't even worth the time of a special attack.." Mashyuu muttered and sighed as the fight started. The whip cracked in the air once before it lashed out at Mashyuu. The winged man skipped back a step, using his wings to boost his speed as he rocketed backwards and started to spin the right handed part of his weapon. With one hard toss, he hurled the weapon at the man with the sword who was charging to get in close. The man with the sword dodged the weapon only to realize that Mashyuu was actually aiming at the whip user who took the weapon to the chest, the blunt end driving air from the man's lungs. As it connected, Mashyuu yanked the weapon back and caught the swordsman in the back with the bladed part, knocking the goon down to catch the upswing of Mashyuu's left handed weapon with the blunt end as well so he could knock the man out instead of killing him.

The man who took the blunt end to the chest stumbled back and lifted his whip again to try and strike Mashyuu. As the whip came cracking downwards, Mashyuu spun around and caught his weapon in the right hand while swinging his arm up, cutting the whip's end with the swing. Mashyuu jumped backwards and twisted in the air, spinning his weapons to drive his fists into the chest of the thug, to knock the man over and out cold.

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Yuurei could only look at the three that were left as he was waiting for something to happen. It didn’t take long for Mashyuu to appear, but it wasn’t in the way he thought he would show up. He could only chuckled when he heard him speak to the guards that were still conscious. ”And hear I thought he was going to take them out without them having a chance,” he mumbled to himself as he noticed that two of them had heard the words that came out of his mouth and decided that two versus one was fair enough. Yuurei on the other hand had to deal with one who seemed to have had his weapons in his hands. He could only smile when he seen this because it was a fine weapon indeed. ”That is a fine choice indeed. I guess I shall take it from you,” he said not really caring for the item much. His focus had turned to the man he was going to face. He figured the way Mashyuu spoke that he wouldn’t need his help.

The man with the brass knuckles had took note that his friend had gotten one shot by the guy in front of him. It only meant that he was strong and that his friend here underestimated him in every possible way. Yuure sighed as he was waiting for the man in front of him to attack, and sure enough he did. He was able to close the gap between the two of them, and this time he was moving around, so that he was an easy target. It was the smart thing to do, and he just watched him as he noticed that he went for a punch straight at Yuurei’s neck. That as dangerous, and even the swordsman knew better than to play around with such a weapon. He unsheathed his blade as he and tip of the guard’s knife had clashed with the side of Yuurei’s blade. Yuurei could only smile at the man when he did this because he knew it was only going to piss the man off. ”Just because I’m a thief doesn’t mean I don’t know how to defend myself. I wouldn’t be stealing from people, if I couldn’t defend myself if things didn’t go as planned,” he said to the guard.

He didn’t have time to talk to the thief as he slid his fist down, and swung with his other brass knuckle. Yuurei seen this and parried the man’s fist with the pummel of his blade. The guard could feel the man toying with him, and it was aggravating him a little bit. Yuurei on the other hand figured the big fish was indeed Avery and the guards were just for show. It could be that, but he also figured that strength was greater in numbers, so things could have been differently if they had just all teamed up against him. The guards wasn’t done however as he rushed towards Yuurei making sure that the thief didn’t do a crazy attack, and started swinging rapidly at him. Yuurei did what he could do best, and it was dodge the attack as he was weaving the blows feeling the strength behind each attack as they had gone by his face. ”I don’t know why you work for Avery, when you can be your own person,” he said as he noticed that Mashyuu had taken out one of the guards in a way that would keep him alive.

”I guess you aren’t needed then,” he said to the guard, as he was confused by his words, and he never got to ask what Yuurei meant. The guard had thrown his last punch as Yuurei duck to avoid the punch and then lunged up with his sword swiping upward and cutting the guard straight through his chest. ”You got off easy not like your friend with the axe,” he said as his feet had landed on the ground and the guard had dropped to the ground from the attack and unconscious due to the agonizing pain. Yuurei had slashed his sword to the side to get the blood off his blade, and soon enough he sheathed his blade where it belonged. Yuurei looked over to Mashyuu and walked over to him without a care in the world. ”I see you left one unwounded. Smart choice, I’m sure he will be scare and give us everything we need to know,” he said slouched over the guard that was unconscious. He took the sword from the man and was wondering if it was a sword he would use from here on.

Yuurei’s hand opened and soon enough he gave the man a few slaps to the face as he was trying to wake him up. What happened next, Yuurei could only hope it would be fun and filled with action?

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With the fight over, Mashyuu chuckled under his breath and watched as Yuurei joined him. "See... Harley would be beating us if she saw how you cut these guys. Let me tell ya... sometimes no bloodshed is a good thing." Mashyuu complained, knowing that Harley would ream the pair out later. He looked on as Yuurei slapped the down and out cold man, Mashyuu walked up to the thief's side and clasped his shoulder. "Do you want me to talk to this guy while you drop off that watch? We can regroup at the clinic and go from there." Mashyuu suggested while he scooped up what was left of the whip and looked back at the man who was starting to come too. He waited for Yuurei to leave then wrapped the leather cord around the mans neck and yanked hard.

The man choked and grasped for the cord but before he could start to unwrap the whip, Mashyuu let his wings beat hard, carrying the two men into the air high. The man struggled and kicked his legs out weakly as he started to choke hard. "So here's the deal. I'm gonna let you live if you work with me. If you don't then I'm gonna drop you from so high up you will look like a ketchup packet that got stepped on. All you have to do is simply answer some questions with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Got it?" The thug lifted his thumb weakly and Mashyuu smiled wide and let the man down just enough that he could touch the ground with the tips of his shoes to not choke completely.

"That bar, your boss go there often?.... He have a place he likes to order his men from?... Is it the bar?" He waited for the man to answer each question then let the thug fall to his knees. "Now remember, if I see you doing something like this again, I'll cut your toes off. Have a good day." Mashyuu quipped and flew off towards the clinic to regroup and plan the next course of action.

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Yuurei heard what he had said when he got close to him, and was surprised to hear those words. It seemed like the doctor didn’t condone to bloodshed unless it was necessary. He didn’t know this and he kind of figured that it just meant that if he stood with this crew, and Mashyuu told him about the event then he would hear an earful of her telling him not to do that. ”Well then I will know for next time. I think they are still breathing at least, or not,” he said this as he wasn’t sure how Mashyuu rolled in terms of killing and what not. He did hear about a lot pirates that took out their opponents without actually killing them, but just beating them up in an old fashion beat down. He would have to adjust if this was how this crew did things. He didn’t mind and honestly he didn’t care as he chose to not shed blood to get his job done, but sometimes there was a need for it.

While he was slapping the unconscious guard, he didn’t seem to budge when it came to waking up, and soon enough he felt someone touching his shoulder. He looked over to his right and he could tell that it was Mashyuu. He kept the guard’s collar held with his left hand, but stopped slapping him with his right hand. He moved his head to look at Mashyuu the best way he could, and he figured he wanted to tell him something. It seemed like he wanted him to complete his job and then meet up with him at the clinic. Yuurei thought that was a good idea, but he figured it was to get him to stop slapping the guard as well. He let go of the man’s collar and the man’s head hit the ground making a thud noise. ”I guess I should be doing that. I did tell my client this would be done by today, so I will indeed meet you back at the clinic,” he said this as he got up from his slouching position.

He looked at the bloodshed that he had brought upon the two guards, and shrugged as he figured people would be upset with this when they found their bodies. The thief ran off and when he got out of the alleyway he looked to both sides to see if there were any guards around the area. It seemed like these were the only four that were searching, so he decided to move on and dash straight ahead from his position. He rushed through every area, but stopped at the corners to make sure he wasn’t spotted, or did something careless that made him bump into Avery. There was a park not too far from here, and sadly it was the drop off location. He didn’t like that he was using a children’s place of fun as a place for his job, but that was how life went. He rushed through Mock Town, and he made sure that he didn’t look suspicious while doing it. He had looked through the streets he was entering and made sure that there was nobody around before he ran, and if there were people around he jogged as if he was doing a daily exercise.

It took a while, but the thief had finally made his way towards the drop off location. There was a statue that had a secret compartment to it. He was to place the item in there, and take the money out of there, and then be on his way. Yuurei knew that he was being watched by his client, so he didn’t want to double cross him. Of course, there was also the fact that his client could just tell people negative things about him, if he did such an act. Yuurei had opened it up and seen the bag, and placed the bag on his side tying it up. Then after that he had placed the golden pocket watch inside of it, and he made sure that nobody was looking at him, or even around when he did this. ”I’m finished with this job, but to continue on with the other job with Mashyuu. I guess things will get interesting from here on,” he thought to himself as he noticed the secret compartment closed shut without a moment’s hesitation.

”That was creepy I wasn’t going to take the pocket watch back anyways. I got what I wanted and it was the money,” he said this as if anybody was there to listen to him.

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A gentle flap of wings alerted Harley to Mashyuu arriving back at the clinic but the sound of silence when he walked in told the woman that their new friend wasn't with them. Mashyuu pushed the door shut behind him and wandered over to the table in the corner of the room only to plop down in a wooden chair and fold his hands in front of his face to think. He removed his red tinted glasses and let them clatter on the table while he looked down at the table. "Avery operates out of the bar we were in earlier, he's likely already made us. I'll deal with Avery with Yuurei at my side. I want you to stay here." Mashyuu ordered as Harley came down the flight of steps. She placed her hands on her hips and glared at the winged man with a furrow on her brow. "You don't even know that guy, yet your gonna trust him to have your back?" Harley continued down the steps and started to walk towards the Pirate Captain. "It's a test. He seems like he wants to go to Skypiea with us but I need to make sure he's gonna have our backs if things get tough. I know he'll have yours since he's smitten with you, but I need to know he's gonna have everyone else's backs too." Mashyuu reasoned. "He should be here soon so we can figure things out..."

At the Sapphire Tavern

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Mob Boss Avery

Black polished dress shoes clacked on the ground of the Sapphire Tavern as Black Fist, Avery's right hand man stepped into the bar and glanced around, making sure that only Avery and his men were in the bar at the moment. In the back of the bar Avery sat, loading a tommy gun that looked like it was well polished daily. Avery grinned up at Black Fist and waved the man over. Black Fist strutted over to Avery's table and sat down, forcing two men to slide over and give Black Fist space. "Your men are down, one is dead.. well now their all dead. One even ratted out that you're running things out of here. He's dead now... But Mashyuu, the man who took down the Gogo family is coming for you. Before you ask, no I wasn't followed and no I wasn't spotted by the bird man or the man who robbed you. That watch isn't worth the trouble but I would suggest you set up. I want to be the man who takes down Mashyuu but by being the leader of this group, you will gain all the control in Mock Town." Black Fist stated dryly while flexing his hands to check the weights in the knuckles and back the plates on the back hand of his gloves.

Avery smiled happily and sighed weakly. With a snap of his fingers he gestured over towards the doors that swung back and fourth. The two guards took the doors off the hinges and reached up to pull down a metal door that slid up and down in order to pad lock it shut. "Boys, we have some trouble coming, set up to kill them. If anyone brings me Mashyuu or his friends head, I'll award you ten million beli." Boss Avery ordered his small force of ten men. "Black Fist, I'll leave commanding the troops to you from here...."

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OOC: Probably a bad post, but not on my laptop and it is weird to post without certain things.

Yuurei had looked around waiting for his client to show up, but nobody had appeared to say thank you, or welcomed him to his client's home. He figured this wouldn't happen, and he just shrugged it off because he had to do something else. The crew that wanted him to join wouldn't allow him to come if they figured he was a liability. They wouldn't enjoy the fact that he would run from the first sign of danger. He sighed, and turned in the general direction where the clinic was located and he just cracked his neck. "They are waiting for for me at the clinic, and I'm assuming that from there we are going to bump heads to Avery. How could I access the situation and do things with minimal damage? Well I guess I will figure it out on our travel," he said to himself. Yuurei had crouched as he was going to make a run for it. He didn't want to be spotted and follow, so running fast enough that nobody could keep up would be for the best.

The thief speed had caused those who were watching blink on how fast he was moving. They were surprised that he didnt move that quickly to take the money and keep the pocket watch. They figured he was a loyal person when it came to doing his job, and were on their way to retrieve the item. Yuurei ran through the area as he was moving by people and made sure that he avoided any type of collision with the civilians that were walking around Mock Town. His speed never slowed down as he made turns after turns and going through areas that he had been through before. He could see the things that looked really familiar now, and soon enough he had slowed down. Yuurei noticed that he had finally arrived at Harley's clinic now. "I kind of made it here too fast, but it doesn't seemed like there is anybody bad here," he thought to himself.

Yuurei could tell that Avery didn't know where to find them, but he figured by now he would know about Mashyuu. What Yuurei had taken notes from before when fighting the guards was that Mashyuu had taken someone else out that was really know through this island. He figured that Avery would do whatever he could do to make sure that he didnt get ambushed by Mashyuu and Yuurei. The thief had walk over to the bulding and soon enough he pushed the door open and closed it, so that they would know if anybody else entered if the door open again. When he looked inside he noticed that Harley was by the captain, and the two seemed to be having a conversation before he had entered. He had a huge smile on his face as he couldn't help it when looking at the duo. "Did you miss me guys? I have gave the pocket watch to my client, so now it is time to go settle things with Avery right?" he asked looking at Harely.

He spread his arms out and figured they thought he wasn't going to show up. "I got an offer to go to Skypiea with you guys. I plan to show my worth by helping you guys. I won't be tagging along for free now. I may be a thief, but I am honest, well honest to most people," he chuckled about the last part because it was true, but at the same time it wasn't. There were circumstances to when he had to lie and when he had to tell the truth, but these two didn't get his full trust, and he was sure it was the same with him. "Still, like I said I'm ready when you are, but is there any other information I need on Avery?" he asked him this question before they did anything.

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