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(ACT 1) A night to remember right?  

Gajeel was wandering around Mock town it was late at night and Gajeel was bored. He was wandering around aimlessly the bright signs covered the side of the street. All of them were bars and clubs with a few stores still open much to his surprise. Gajeel looked up his vision half covered looked at the stars in the sky with the moons light glowing lightly. Gajeel let out a breath of fresh air before pulling out a pack of smokes from his coat pocket the pack half full as he put one in his mouth and lit it. The cherry at the end started to glow brighter as he inhaled before he continued down the street looking for a place to have some fun. People on the street started at him as the six foot five man walked down the street with a cutlass to his side and a pistol sitting in his sash.

He was playing music in his head moving his head back and forth enjoying the smell of smoke in the air and the nice night. "Its a grate night he thought to himself". He continues to walk down the street bobbing his head back to the music in his head as he blows out smoke from his mouth. Gajeel wanders around reading signs thinking which one might be the most fun there was a club called the crows nest "that sounds like a fun place" he thought to himself. There were a few people looking at Gajeel like he was crazy, they wouldn't be wrong as he was mad. Only doing what he wished to do not caring the slightest about others opinion of him. A blond haired man walked up to Gajeel as he was about to steep inside the Crows nest, the Crows nest sign was beautiful it has a purple neon edge with a dark blue crow with a bottle with the xs on it.

The blond haired man was of a semi athletic build and standing only about 5'11. The fool was probably thinking he could take on Gajeel, the man was on Gajee's blind side so he didn't see the stranger coming at him so he took the punch making his ears ringing. Gajeel turned around and stared down at the guy with a grin on his face and laughing. "I was right to night will be a fun night already a fight and its only starting." The blond haired man started to back down and tried to run away as he started to plead "sorry i didn't mean to hit you i slipped i swear." Gajeel grabbed the man by the back of his shirt and pulled him to the ground as he tried to run away. He ignored the strangers pleas for mercy. A smile across his face as he only thought about causing so much pain on the man "I don't care. You fucked with the wrong man." Gajeel laughed as he threw the man down and kicked his face in with his riding boots. The sound of skull meeting the bottom of his boots echoed in the night.

As people looked on at them some covering their eyes and trying to ignore the scene but the sound kept calling them back. Gajeel was satisfied after ten stomps to the mans face which was now bloody with a broken nose as he tried to gasp not choking on his blood in his mouth. Gajeel turned around and headed back to the crows nest before turning around to the beaten and bloodied man and kicked him in the gut letting out a laugh. People started to mutter with each other about how brutal the mans actions were and that he should have stopped after three kicks to the face as his point was made. Gajeel laughed and flipped everyone off and headed into the crows nest for real this time.

Once he entered the dark establishment only the light of the signs hanging on the wall lighting up the bar. The bartender sighed "Are you the one who was making all that commotion outside?" he asked as he continued to clean a glass before pouring a drink for another patron sitting at the counter and sliding it down to them. Gajeel sat down in front of the bartender looking him in the eye   "So what if I was the one who finished the commotion?" The bartender smiled he was a tall lean man just a bit shorter than Gajeel but looked like he was fifty pounds smaller than him his black hair was short and slicked back as he wore a standard bar tending outfit a white long sleeve shirt with a black vest with a pocket watch in the front pocket, with black dress pants with a black belt and a silver chain from the belt to the back pocket. "So you didn't start it then?" the bartender asked curiously as he poured Gajeel a glass of rum with three ice cubes.

Gajeel grind as he took a big gulp of his drink finishing it off in a single gulp and handed the glass back to the bartender. "Just give me the bottle to save us the need to continue to fill up the glass." Gajeel laughed at the bartender. The bartender sighed and just placed the bottle of rum next to Gajeel before he uncorked it with his teeth. As Gajeel began to drink the rum from the bottle some people came up to him. They were dressed as normal people out for the night the males were wearing basic nice shirts and shorts and the females were dressed in nice revealing dresses of dark colors. The two males noticed the beating Gajeel dealt the man outside who for all he knows is still out there in a pool of his own blood. The men started the conversation "that punk you beat up real good was running his mouth about how a gang was protecting him like they were friends." The other man stepped in cutting the other man off "So no one wanted to do anything about it. Since the gang he "says" are protecting him are pretty feared by everyone."

The girls nodded their heads in agreement from what the men finished speaking as the two men offered to treat Gajeel to a fun night. Gajeel never one to turn down a good time took his bottle of rum and left some beli on the counter for it and went with the group. The night started to fly by as the group went on drinking and having a fun time. Gajeel avoid answering a lot of their questions except about where he was from and his childhood friends and the gang they had. Which made his actions early more sensible to the group of strangers one of the girls coughed. Everyone's face was starting to get red from the alcohol even Gajeel but he was able to maintain his senses to seem not as intoxicated as he really was. The girl then pulled out a small bag of some type of tar "So you guys want to have even more fun?"

Everyone looked at each other and nodded they headed out of the bar as they were leaving Gajeel was behind the group and waved good bye to the bartender. Which he responded with "be careful" he said cautiously. Gajeel smiled saying reassuring "I'll be fine I'll see you around some other time so expect me more often". The bartender smiled as Gajeel walked out the door to meet up with the people down the ally way. "So what is this?" Gajeel asked confused wondering what he would need to look out for if he enjoyed it. The girl with the bag smile "Its opium. You can take it many different ways but were going to smoke it tonight." Gajeel got next to everyone as they started to pass the pipe around till it reached Gajeel who took a big hit from it.

He could feel his lungs fill up with the drug as he slowly exhaled a large cloud of smoke before passing it to the next person. The handing stopped for a bit Gajeel went silent as everyone was talking among themselves. Gajeel was in his own world on the other side of the ally he thought he saw a woman who looked familer. So he took off after her causing confusion among  the friends "where was he going?" they mumbled among each other. Gajeel continued to run after the female figure his body started to feel heavier and his mind started to race as he thought it cant be her shes dead.

He fought keeping his emotions in check as he was finally getting closer to the figure and saw it was clearly her but how. "Mel wait!!" he yelled as she went down another ally way but when Gajeel fallowed after her he saw it was a dead end. He fell on the ground and rolled over staring up to the sky the stars were out littering the sky. It was a beautiful sight to Gajeel but his mind kept going on to Mel. "What was that what does it mean was it her ghost or is she really alive?" Gajeels eyes were starting to grow heavier till they fell shut as he let out a soft "Mel." before passing out.

(Act 2) Time to get busy.

The light of a new day shined bright over Mock town no area was safe from its rays. A sleeping man awoke in an ally way his head was pounding and spinning around crazy. The night before was a blur for the most part only thing popping up in his head was Mel a woman from his past thought to be dead but now hes unsure. Gajeel stood up too quickly as he bent over and threw up on the ground next to the trash can before slowly heading out in the street.

It was flooding with people Gajeel had to squint as the sun was to bright his shape was rough to say the lease he checked himself he still had his cutlass and pistol he was happy he wasn't robbed in the middle of the night. Gajeel wander around looking for a place to get some food in his stomach in hopes to cure his current ailment. Gajeel wandered around thinking only of finding a place to eat before going place hunting. He wandered around till he found a small cafe it looked beat up and like not many people come there.

Gajeel walked in the nice dimly lit place was a welcoming sight as he laid his head on a table he took his seat at. The daughter of the cafe owner stepped out getting ready to start cleaning "Hopefully we get some costumers today things haven't been going well lately" she thought to herself. As she headed out side she was shocked to see someone actually in there place but they weren't open yet so how did he get in she thought to herself. In her excitement "DAD WE HAVE A CUSTOMER!!!!". Gajeel let out a grown from all the excitement making his head hurt even more than it already was. "I thought this place would be nice and quite for curing my hangover?" The girl ran over in a hurry "I'm soooo sorry. Its just I wasn't expecting anyone this early." Gajeel eyed the girl up and down grinning as she was a very plainly dressed girl with only a little makeup she was different from the girls from last night. He let out a chuckle "Why wouldn't you the door was unlocked?"

The girls face went red with embarrassment "how could i have forgot to re-lock the door when i got here." she thought to herself as Gajeel just smirked at her. The girls face got even more red as she started at the black haired man and just before she was about to say something a loud voice came from the back "Stop flirting Cara and take the persons order." Cara got even redder "NO DAD I WASN'T FLIRTING STOP SAYING THINGS LIKE THAT!!!!" Gajeel's head was pounding but he had a grin on his face clapping "Cara what a beautiful name for someone like you." Cara got even more red in the face "why do they need to tease me so much. I just want to go and cry." Cara thought to herself. Gajeel poked her nose "You want to take my order now so your dad can leave you alone".

 Cara nodded in agreement as she went fishing for a notepad and the menu but didn't have either. She was a mess and unprepared for this day so she ran back to the back to get the menu and her notepad and pen. She returned to a Gajeel resting his head on the table fighting the spins groaning "I need food and something to drink. Don't waste my time making me read a menu just give me one of everything and a pitcher of juice and water." Cara blinked "you sure you want one of everything." Gajeel looked up at Cara "Im not going to repeat myself again one of everything and a pitcher of water and juice. I feel like dying right now so my temper will start to become to much to hold back. So go tell your dad that since i'm going with hes the cook here." Cara started to feel a different air around Gajeel the one time easy air is now tense like he might strike like a mad beast. So Cara nodded "Sorry right away ill get your food and pitchers of drink." As Cara ran back to the kitchen to tell her dad Gajeels order he rested his head on the table wondering what he saw last night and what did it mean. Was his past haunting him or was it all going to catch up to him. Soon the sound of cooking and the smell of food filled the cafe it made Gajeel gag a little.

But thankfully Cara came with two pitchers one of water and one of juice and two glasses she placed them in the middle of the table to the side of Gajeel. He rose up in his seat and poured a glass of water and chugged it down it was refreshing his mouth felt like it gained a new life. Cara was about to run back to the kitchen but she felt a tight grip around her wrist she looked and saw it was Gajeel. He looked at her and told her to sit down as he had somethings he wanted to ask her. She went and sat down on the other side of the table facing Gajeel "What is it she asked?" her voice was on edge as she didn't know what to think. Gajeel smiled as he poured another glass of water and sipped on it "You don't need to be afraid of me I don't want to hurt you. I'm looking for a place i can stay for awhile and was wondering if you knew any place i could stay?" The talk is interrupted by the dad yelling "THE FOODS READY!!!!" Cara excused herself from the table to bring a cart full of plates of food and started to set them out for Gajeel.

Gajeels mouth started to water at the food and started to dig in even as Cara was laying them out. She was taken back about how he was eating his food with no manners at all. But Gajeel motioned for her to sit as he stopped eating and poured a glass of juice and drank it. Gajeel swallowed the food in his mouth so Cara could understand him "So do you know where i can stay?" Cara looked at Gajeel unsure what to think about him but she shuck her head "No I'm sorry I only know one place but the rest of the places are full as far as I'm aware." Gajeel nodded as he went back to eating and finishing off the rest of the food and drank the rest of the juice "I'll be seeing you around Cara." Cara blinked and grabbed Gajeels arm and wrote down the info of the place on a napkin so he didn't get lost.

Gajeel smiled "Thanks a lot Cara that will be help a lot hahaha." Gajeel left the cafe after dropping beli on the table. Gajeel headed around Mock Town headed to the address that was on the napkin he wandered around till he got to the area on the napkin. The building was three stories tall and looked like it could hold a decent amount of people in it "I see why this would be the only building that can hold anyone on it" Gajeel thought to himself. He headed through the big glass doors that were the entrance. Once he entered the building it was pretty run down there was a table right away in the entryway. There is a man sitting in a chair behind the desk facing away from the door Gajeel walked up to the desk "I'm looking for a place to stay for awhile you have any rooms available" Gajeel said in a stern voice. The chair spung around "Alright we have some rooms available." The person in the chair looked up at Gajeel smiled down at the man in the chair with a busted up face. "So you did live after all then." Gajeel laughed.

The man looked up and smirked as he looked down in his log book "Sorry looks like we are all filled up." The man spoke in stuck up tone he was lying but he wasn't going to give a room to the man who almost killed him. Gajeel tilted his head "Really it looks like you had a sign out there saying rooms are available." Gajeels tone was filled with anger at the blatant lie. The man stood up saying in a condescending tone "Sorry bitch we are all full we need to change that sign." Gajeel gave the man a smile and walked away as the man started to laugh "Not so tough now are you when someone else has power?" Gajeel heard him but his smile only grew more thinking of the many ways he was going to kill this man like he should have last night. He headed down to the shop a few blocks away and got a barrel of gas and some rope he paid the shop keeper not saying a word but just wore his smile. The shop keeper wasn't sure what to think but he didn't want to test his luck. Gajeel headed back to the building dragging the barrel and holding the rope people looked away as he walked down the street. Once he reached the building he kicked the glass doors shattering them making the man jump from his chair.

Gajeel set the down the barrel before rushing the man punching him in the face knocking him back dazing him before tying him into the chair before he started to pour gas all over the floor as the man dazedly watched. "Please no. Don't do this i can give you a room just let me live." Gajeel went and picked up a candle from the desk and lit it and placed it down on to the gas puddle. "What you cant give me a room you're all full remember." Gajeel teased before whispering in his ear "You're the real bitch and like last night you fucked with the wrong man." Gajeel left the building and watched for awhile as it started to catch fire and the pleads of the man could be heard as he started to burn alive and all the other people panicking to get out and jumping for hope of safety and survival. But sadly they all must die for that one mans fuck ups. Gajeel walked away from the burning building of cries and pleads headed back to the crows nest to have a drink and hopefully find a new place to stay for awhile.

(Act 3) Wait your a Guy!!?

The sun started to set of Mock town its around this time that all the unsavory people come out. Gajeel just continued walking music playing in his head to the sounds of pleads and cries with a smile on his face as he walked past many alley ways. Only for someones cries to snap him back to reality "No please stop don't do that i don't want to. Leave me alone." Gajeel stopped and took a few steps back and a group of people were in a huddle. Gajeel started to step closer but no one seemed to notice him "Then why are you out here all by yourself? Its not safe you know." Gajeel looked past them and saw a cute white heard girl in tears begging "Stop I don't need company."

The group of men laughed as they started to paw at her only stopping when the edge of a cutlass went through the man in the center of them all  they all turned around and looked at Gajeel who had his smile on as he was playing the sound of his cutlass going through the man just a few seconds ago "Such a nice sound isn't it?" The men grew angry and started throwing weak jabs at Gajeel but he ignored them and looked passed them "Lil lady come over here i wont hurt you." The white hair girl ran over behind Gajeel she was trembling "Dont worry I won't hurt you. You're to cute for that." Gajeel said with a warm smile before turning back to the men who were about to rush him. Gajeel pulled his pistol and shot one in the head as his friend was about to turn and run. Gajeel looked down and pet the girls head "lets go he won't hurt you anymore."

The girl for some reason felt safe around Gajeel she thought if he wanted to he would have already done what he wanted to. The two of them started to walk down the street. "Thank you" the girl said weakly as they continued down the street  Gajeel looked up and pulled out a pack of smokes and a lighter as he started to take a drag of his cig. "No need to thank me. I only did it cause I dont like to see someone as cute as you getting harassed by people like that." Gajeel said coldly. The girl blushed before shyly speaking "Ummm....I'm actually a guy." Gajeel started to laugh "Well you're a very cute looking guy than." The guy blinked " don't care that I'm a guy then." Gajeel picked the white hair guy up and carried him before kissing him "Nope not at all." he said warmly as the guys face grew bright red and started to struggle against Gajeels arms. "Wh.....Why did you kiss me?" The white hair man said flustered. Gajeel smiled "Cause I wanted to of course. Why did you not want me to?" Gajeel said with a smirk.

The guy in his arms hid his face from Gajeel by hiding it in Gajeels chest a muffled "NO." could be heard from Gajeels chest. Soon the two of them made it to the Crows nest when they entered it was dead inside. Gajeel put the guy down and the two of them sat by the bartender "Yo told you I'd be back." Gajeel said jokingly. The bartender laughed and grabbed a bottle of rum and set it down by Gajeel.

"That you did and this time it looks like you brought company." The bartender said in a teasing matter. "Who is she one of you fun lady of the nights?" the bartender asked. Gajeel laughed as he uncorked the rum and took a drink from it "Nope he's a person I just met and saved from some thugs aka bitches." Gajeel and the bartender laughed as the white hair guy looked confused. The bartender leaned down and asked "what will you have tonight? Also be careful he can be a handful you know. Also what should I call you?" The white hair guy giggled at what the bartender said about Gajeel "You can call me Jun and yeah he looks like he is." Thoughts of a few moments ago mad him uneasy "But I think hes a nice guy." The bartender started to laugh hard "Thats priceless." Gajeel stopped mid drink "Hey what does that mean?" Gajeel asked jokingly. The bartender turned and faced Gajeel "You know what i mean so don't try and act innocent on me mister." The two of them busted out laughing together Jun looked at both of them "Are you two friends?" He asked curiously. The two looked at each other and back at Jun when the bartender poured a small glass of light alcohol for Jun and spoke "We met yesterday when he caused a ruckus outside with someone who jumped him." Jun took a sip from his drink it was sweet so he chugged it and then asked for another which the bartender poured another glass. As Gajeel remembered why he came back to the bar "Hey man you know any place that I can stay for awhile?"

The bartender looked up and pondered and spoke unsure "I heard of one place that had place available." Gajeel pulled out the napkin with the address on it "Was it this place?" He said in a cold tone. The bartender nodded "Yeah that's the place. why?" he asked curiously. Gajeel smiled and took a drink from his bottle again it was almost half full when Jun asked the bartender for another glass his face was starting to glow red. The bartender poured Jun another glass "You should slow down those drink creep up on you if you're not use to them." he said in a caring way before going back to Gajeel. "Well that guy I beat up owned the place so  well he wasn't going to give me a place there." The bartender looked upset at Gajeels situation. "Sorry man that was the only place free. I can't believe that he would be that petty and not give you a place." Gajeel laughed  "Yeah I thought the same thing but oh well I taught him a lesson." The bartender shook his head "Do I even want to ask?"

Gajeel laughed "It probably would be best not to." Jun looked up at both of them and giggled "Are you looking for a place to live?" Gajeel looked down at Jun "Do you know a place i can live?" Jun giggled some more "Nope. hehehe" Gajeel looked down in defeat and up at to the bartender "Well buddy looks like i'll have to do more looking tomorrow but first I should take him back to his place." Gajeel said jokingly as he put down some beli for the drinks "Later buddy." As Gajeel started to head out the bar the bartender spoke "My name is Makoto." Gajeel turned around as a drunk Jun jumped on his back "Makoto my name is Gajeel." The two friends nodded good bye as a drunk Jun pointed outwards "Lets go Gajeel take me home." he said as he hiccuped. Gajeel sighed and took their leave "So where do you live Jun?" Gajeel asked a little annoyed. Jun only pointed in directions leading Gajeel to where he lived. "Okay you can stop this is where I live." Gajeel looked up and saw it was a gentleman's club "Are you sure this is where you live Jun?" Jun sleepily nodded "Yes silly Gajeel of course i know where we live." Gajeel let out a small chuckle and knocked on the door with his foot waking up Jun as well as the madam who answered the door. It was a female wearing a silk robe "What do you want at this hour? we are closed." the lady said pissed off.

Gajeel turned around and showed a drunk Jun on his back "I think he belongs here?" The ladys mouth dropped as Gajeel showed Jun "Thank god we were worried sick when he didn't come back from the chores we sent him after. Come in you two." Gajeel with Jun on his back walked in and fallowed the woman over to where Juns room is. "What happened?" the woman asked. Gajeel scratched his head and said "Well I was walking to the crows nest and I heard some cries for help. So I went to see what was going on and I saw him getting harassed by this group of people so I killed two of them and the rest ran off." The woman smiled "Jun is always getting harassed by people like that so thank you. You know we could use someone like you around here when things start to get out of control." Gajeel laughed which the lady got angry "whats so funny?" she asked. Gajeel smiled "I'm actually looking for a place to live while i stay on this island. So you can say its fate you want someone to look after you all and I'm looking for a place to live so looks like we found a grate deal." Gajeel said with a smile and extended his hand out to seal the deal. "Its a deal than." the lady smiled as the two shook on it.

Gajeel smiled "I'm sure Jun will enjoy the good new when he wakes up after his head stops pounding."  He said teasingly. The lady smirked "I'm sure he will." Gajeel stood up "I'm going to bed now night." The lady stood up "Would you like me to show where you will be sleeping?" Gajeel looked and pointed up "Can I get on the roof?" he asked curiously. The madam looked confused "Why do you want up there?" Gajeel smiled "I like to look at the beautiful night sky." The madam laughed "Jun was saved by an odd one that's for sure." she said as she lead Gajeel up to the roof. Gajeel fallowed her to the door to the roof before jumping on the roof he laughed "He was saved by the best. So see you in the morning." the madam laughed as she walked away saying "Good night odd one."  Gajeel stared up at the stars enjoying their beauty and looking for star formations before the world went black and he entered his deep sleep.

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