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1 Pirate Prospects on Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:44 pm

Finally, it was done. Gil had a condensed serum that he had derived from Jackal's blood. It had taken most of the night, but here it was. A mostly clear liquid which he held in a sphere in his right hand. Gil released some of the binding he had on Bazil's wounds and pressed the liquid against it, massaging it into the affected area. His left hand moved to the man's chest, compressing it to mimic a heart beat. Slowly, Gil artificially circulated the cure around his body. And with this motion, the blue discolouration that signified the venom's grip on Bazil's body slowly wained. It had been hard work, but somehow, he had managed to pull this win out of the hat.

Resting for a moment and letting his mind wander, his black eyes wandered to the window, seeing the first red streaks of dawn begin to bring the sky from it's dark slumber. A soft thump hit the cobbles outside. That would be the morning paper. He went to collect it, a quick flick in and out would bring the rolled paper inside. Unfurling it, Gil would absorb the contents. The marines that had swarmed the island now had full grasp of the media. Every second headline was now some pro World Government propaganda about how the marines had come in some kind of divine crusade against the heathens which threatened them. Every tragedy was an excuse to reinforce the idea that the people needed the marines.

A new batch of wanted posters. Sifting through them he saw familiar faces. The 'Warhead' that lay on his bed now was worth even more millions of beli to the World Government. A description of his bloody transgressions listed below. From all of this to the stories told to him by the folks in Nanohana, it was hard to imagine this man to be anything but the demon that he had been depicted to be. Manic laughter and indiscriminate slaughter. He certainly seemed like he was missing a nut or two. It concerned him that Jackal had gone to such trouble to associate with this character. Gil would return to the bed, leaving a large glass of water and a sack of dried fruit, nuts and a bar of chocolate on the coffee table next to him. He would then move to the sink, turning the tap on and covering himself in as much water as he could hold while gripping it close to his body with pisces paladin. In part this was a bath to wash off the sweat of his labour, and also as a back up. If this really was a madman that he had saved, then it would be naive to confront him without being armed. He would pull up a stool and watch the sunrise as it filtered over the sleeping man, each ragged breath pulling him further away from death's door.


A few hours later, Bazil would be in a good enough state to where he would be in a natural sleep. He would be fatigued, but nothing that a good sleep and good nutrition wouldn't fix. "Oi. Time to wake up kiddo. Eat and drink all of it. Your body needs it after the night you've had." Gil would throw a cushion at the man's head from his position on the stool a few metres away. Gil would be examining Bazil closely to see how he responded. "I want to ask you a few questions about your future. Marines are crawling this island. What exactly do you intend to do going forward?"

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2 Re: Pirate Prospects on Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:39 pm

Bazil’s eyes slowly opened, his mind groggy and disoriented, turning his head about slowly as his vision took a second to catch up, creating a dragging image effect. Blinking rapidly, the pirate rubbed his eyes and sat up squinting at the blurry figure that spoke out to him, his eyes adjusting to the light allowing the pirate to get a good glimpse, “Ahhh fuck..” Bazil mumbled as he buried his face into his hands, “Not again..” He grumbled, checking the left side of his abdomen for an incision, “Sheww, I don’t think I could spare the other one.” The pirate sighed in relief, his eyes now fixated on the food that sat on the table next to him, quickly tearing open the candy bar and wedging it in between his razor sharp teeth, as soon as he turned back to the creature that sat across the room, a pillow slapped him square in the face.

Dumbfounded, Bazil stared blankly for a moment, processing what had just happened before hearing the monster speak to him once more. Before responding, the Red Devil casually knocked the pillow off the floor and held out his hand, a flamethrower nozzle jutting from his palm, and set the feathered pillow on fire. Looking back up to the pillow tosser, “There, now you have one less fucking pillow, happy fuck face?” Bazil asked rhetorically, “As for what I want to do…” he paused, “Pretty much whatever the fuck I wanna do.” He said laughing maliciously, “Now, I gotta ask, why the fuck do you look like that? Was there like an accident or something..?” The words could be barely be made as he inhaled the rest of the food that had been laid out down his throat like a vacuum.

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3 Re: Pirate Prospects on Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:24 pm

Despite preparing for anything, the pure abrasiveness of Bazil's attitude unbalanced him. Not that he required or wanted any code of manner from anyone, but it was the seemingly senseless decision to equip every word with a razor's edge. He went from asleep to groggy to laughing to ravenous in the space of a minute. He had spirit, that much was clear. But Gilbard's problem was that he reckoned that this man's attitude may become something of a problem in the not so distant future. However he now doubted his own ability to talk sense.

Getting up from the chair, Gil walked over to the now flaming cushion and stepped on it, putting it out with a puff of steam. "I've heard a lot. Not just from the papers, but from the people. It seems like you've been getting up to a lot of mischief. The sort of mischief that has caused a lot of people a lot of pain." Gil briefly brought his hands together and clasped them, bowing his head as he acknowledged the souls that would find their way beyond the silver sprays. Despite what one may assume, Gil didn't object to the way Bazil took life. Even though as a doctor it was his job to reverse injury, he didn't personally condemn the perpetrators. Gil wondered why from time to time. Maybe it was the view of life that had been instilled in him during his time in the conclave. The chaotic age that they lived in would always find a way to indiscriminately reap life. And in turn, life would reemerge, repairing and regrowing. That meant that souls like Bazil could be considered part of a metaphysical ecosystem akin to the idea of 'balance'.

No, the issue that Gil had was something much smaller and much more local. It was that he was causing trouble that he and Jackal would have to deal with. "The marines are swarming the island. You won't even be able to take one step outside this building without having that famous face of yours shot at. Your actions in part have lead to this. The World Government has responded with force. If you keep going, the situation will keep escalating." Gil sighed. "Jackal seems to like you for some reason. Don't cause trouble for him, will you?"

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4 Re: Pirate Prospects on Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:38 am

The creature stamped out the small fire and proceeded to fire more questions at the young pirate, clearly curious about his motives and actions. At first, Bazil ignored these inquiries, prioritizing the consumption of food over silly banter with a very odd looking creature. Finishing up, he chugged the entire glass of water in seconds, not pausing to take a breath until he had finished. “From my experience, all humans cause pain.” Bazil responded, his voice was uncharacteristically quiet and soft, lacking the edge his personality tends to bring about, for a single moment, he almost seemed humanized. He looked up and noticed the creature bowing his head, his hands held firmly together, “The fuck are you doing?” He asked, essentially shattering the image of an emotional venerable Bazil.

“As for the fuckin marines, if they get in my way ill just fuckin kill em, aint worried abit bout them.” Bazil barked, clearly having returned to his usually abrasive and arrogant self. “They can try all they like to shoot this pretty face, my gun’s always gonna be bigger.” He added, grabbing his junk with his left hand grinning that wide toothy smile of his. Bazil rose to his feet, his legs slightly shaking, grabbing the glass he walked over to the sink and filled it to the brim, guzzling down the entire thing once more. “Ahhhh” He said refreshed, “by the way.'' pausing, “Who the fuck is Jackal?” The pirates face dumbfounded once again, not recognizing the name of his savior.

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5 Re: Pirate Prospects on Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:27 am

Gilbard wasn't sure if the man was arrogant or just plain naive. He talked as if he could simply get up and walk out of the shelter, take a pleasant stroll down main street, maybe smoke some marines and be home for an early tea. "He's the mink that brought you in here. He gave you much of his blood, well, more or less. And I am Gilbard." Gil walked over to the window. People would be up and about soon. But the marine lookouts and checkpoints would have kept going all through the night. Maybe Bazil's best chance of escape would be to blend in to the morning crowd. The quiet morning hid the tension that permeated the city.

"You're a fool to think that you can solve the challenge of the World Government with brute force alone. I could care less of your disregard for your own life, but I ask for some consideration of the future. Your recklessness will mean trouble for all of us. I intend to avoid that trouble, one way or the other."

The pirate had clasped his genitals during the conversation. As far as Gil knew, humans considered the male genitals to be a symbol of ego, representing the male's capability to pass his genes off through reproduction. This gesture puzzled Gil as he was neither female nor human. Did the man not know this? Maybe he had mistaken Gil's dashing good looks for something else or maybe his log pose pointed to a different direction. The most probable thing that Gil could think of was that the man had a hidden wound on his crotch area that Gil had missed. It seemed strange, as he had been rather thorough during his examination of that area while Bazil had been unconscious. "Would you like me to take a look at your penis?"

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6 Re: Pirate Prospects on Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:33 pm

The words the creature spoke sunk in, for once, Bazil paid attention during another’s speech. The swamp thing identified itself as Gilbard and Jackal as the mink whom Bazil had met before he stormed the palace, “So that fuckin ears did this…..huh..” The Red Devil mumbled, looking down at his hands, clenching a few fists before returning his gaze back towards the fishman. He slowly closed the gap between the two men, now standing just a few inches away from Gilbard, who himself had just moved to the window. “I aint a fool,” The pirate smirked, “Ima fuckin king and you best remember that.” For a second his immense bloodlust could be felt in the air of the room, his kingly willpower hung heavy. Then, as quickly as it came, the killing intent was replaced with a malicious laughter, “Im just joshin ya, ole’ Gilly! Now, I’m gonna need you to tell me where lil ears went.” Bazil cackled, unbuttoning his shredded khaki pants and dropping them to the floor. Revealing his habit of not wearing underwear, his slightly above average penis in full glory, turning he walked over to a bag on the floor and pulled out a pair of grey training pants, sliding them on and up, covering his genitals. Reaching into the bag once more, Bazil pulled out a red sash, tying it in a knot around his waist. “Plenty of people with a lot more experience seeing human cocks have seen my dick, I think its fuckin good.” Bazil chuckled, referencing his many sexual escapades, though for him it’s all about the power and conquering aspect.

The two now separated by roughly four meters, Bazil quickly raised his right hand, holding his pointer finger and thumb up like a ‘pistol’. His index finger took the form of a gun barrel and fired a shot at the fishman, just as he had thrown the pillow at Bazil to test him, the Red Devil was now administering a test of his own, only his actions reflected his ruthless nature.

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