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Episode 1 part 1: Bar Brawl Blitz!

Sitting at a table against the largest window of the Murky Pudding Tavern, Mashyuu and Harley bent over a map, using empty mugs of ale to keep the stolen paper spread out smoothly. "Alright... so, where are we headed?" Harley asked, still not sure what Captain Mashyuu had in mind. Slowly, Mashyuu looked over the map until he found Jaya Island. Roughly figuring out where Mock Town was located he placed his finger on it. "Currently we are here. And while I'd like to go over to any other major island, as we are we won't stand a chance in the long run. We needed to get better. Plus we don't even have a real crew or ship yet. Sure there is Dai but who knows if he's gonna stick around. He might let us use his ship since he's a navigator but I'd rather make sure we have a real ship just in case something happens. Plus even if he does stay on board, having a second ship just in case can't hurt. But I want to get to Skypiea.. I have some affairs to wrap up there." Mashyuu dragged his index finger to a small drawing of Skypiea. "I have to deal with Quinn before I can be a real Pirate. Nothing can keep my heart or mind in one place. I have to be free and as long as he's around, I won't be able to sleep at night." Harley considered this and nodded her head. She would do what she could to keep Mashyuu alive and well on his journey. "Well Captain... Like I said, I'm with you so long as you don't go on a murder spree that isn't deserved. But from what you've told me, this guy is a piece of work. Skypiea will be better off without him and his goons." Mashyuu nodded and sat in his chair, tugging the collar of his shirt to check the bandages under the clothes.

Lazily he twitched his back muscles, his wings were still bandaged to his back, almost healed but not completely, he could only glide with them and was currently unable to fly. He picked up his mug and took a sip of whiskey. "When I was a kid he had lots of kids my age that were in his family, being trained to either take over for him or to become a Slave Hunter for the family. Sadly I don't know how many are in his ranks now but the two of us won't be enough to beat them alone. We need more in our ranks. No matter what, once we arrive in Skypiea we have to bolster not only our prowess but our numbers and supplies." Harley sat across from him and placed her head in her hands. "Wow... you've been really thinking about this haven't you?" Impressed with Mashyuu's forethought and consideration she didn't notice the commotion going on outside the tavern. "Any word from that Kling guy you were telling me about? Maybe he could help out in Skypiea?" Mashyuu shrugged his shoulders and placed his hands behind his head, causing the chain scythes he had dubbed Silver Wind to rattle with the motion.

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Walking around Mock town it was mid day the sun was bright out as the sun was in the middle of the sky casting its rays down on all. Gajeel was enjoying the warm rays as he wandered around aimlessly as everyone at the club was either sleeping or getting ready for the night. He was in his own world thinking of the sounds of swords clashing and gunshots whizzing through the air of a battle field. He stopped and dug in his coat pocket looking for his pack of smokes. After he found them he pulled a cigarette out of it and lit it up taking two big drags to get it going. He continued on his way to who knows what he had no goal besides become looking for a crew and then starting out on his path of freedom of the world government. Gajeel continued walking till some voices caught his attention "You one eye, we need to ask you a few questions." Gajeel turned around and took another drag of his cig and blew out a cloud of smoke "Oh whats that?" he asked as six men started to walk towards him. The men started to circle Gajeel which made him smile as his heart started to beat faster as he felt a fight about to start. "No need to surround me guys. I can answer your question just fine without being closed off everywhere." Gajeel laughed as one man he assumed was the leader of the group stepped up on him "We heard a man that fits your description set fire to a building that was paying us protection money." Gajeel took another drag and blew it in the mans face "So what if I say I was?" The leader rushed Gajeel making him fall back as Gajeel swung and missed. The group started to join in as well beating on Gajeel as the leader gets up "Then we will be taking away everything you care about and more to make up for the amount of money we lost thanks to you." The man singled for his goons to lift Gajeel up as he punched him in the gut a few times trying to brake Gajeel's will. But it was only feeding his rage and all these men will pay when Gajeel gets free. As the men were dragging him one goon spoke "What are we going to do about the ship at the dock?" The leader sighed " With that ship we can have far more power than normal gangs as we can harass other gangs supply lines." Gajeel smiled over hearing their plans thinking to himself "After I kill all of you I'll be taking that ship along with all the rest of your stuff" Gajeel blinked as he felt nothing but air than the sound of glass shattering as people scream. Gajeel blinked up looking at two strangers getting up from the table now in two as he grinned at the men on the other side of the window as he picked up half of the now broken table and threw it out the window "You are all fucking dead you hear me!!" Gajeel drew his gun and cutlass as five men rushed into the bar to fight Gajeel they pulled out some knives and a lead pipe.

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Mashyuu and Harley continued to go over plans when a shadow crept over the back of Mashyuu. His head lifted up just in time to see Harley jumping out of her seat and to the side as glass shattered behind the dark haired young man. "Oh damn it!" Mashyuu shouted while ducking his head down and covering it with his hands as glass rained down upon him and a body landed on the table. Mashyuu sighed as he realized what was happening and started to stand while looking at the man who was pulling himself and half the table he smashed up. "Just one day... One day in bed or being lazy was all I wanted." Mashyuu complained while turning his head to look at the table half that sailed out the window along with the five men that were charging. Mashyuu bowed his head and pulled Silver Wind from his neck and into his hands, slipping into a rather aggressive stance, left arm extended and pointed at the ground while his right arm was pulled back and started to swing the hand scythe by the chain with a few inches of slack between the handle and the piece of chain he held. "Harley, when this is over examine our good friend here and make sure he's not too banged up. Charge him what you want." "Of course, I'll try to be easy on him since he did break the table and window, I'm sure he'll have to pay for that." Harley muttered while she lazily started to bounce on her heels and lifted her hands into a well measured stance, her skirt bounced a bit, exposing the middle of her stocking covered thigh with each bounce. "Six in total, I know you're going at them, any that slip past me and patches here will take." Harley suggested, really not wanting to fight but she knew a gang of ruffians when she saw them.

Mashyuu smirked happily then extended his arm, hurling one half of his weapon at the leader, the only man not charging the group and wrapped the weapon around the man's gun. With a hard tug Mashyuu yanked the gun out of the mans hand and caused it to clatter to the floor while Mashyuu jumped out the broken window and charged. Moving as fast as he could, Mashyuu weaved between foes, strikes of clubs and knives sweeping past his body and head as Mashyuu pushed his red tinted glasses up on the bridge of his nose and side stepped attacks until he was alone with the leader of the group and the last man charging.

Harley looked at the man drawing a gun and cutlass and she reached out to slap at the gun hand. "No guns, I don't want to have to patch anyone up that might get hit with a stray bullet!" she snapped then jumped in to attack the first man that came through the broken window. Harley ducked a straight punch and countered with a heavy upper cut, using her open palm to drive straight into the man's jaw. As his head snapped up, Harley's fingers shoved into the man's mouth and grasped down hard, yanking the man down as Harley twisted and used his head to literally hurl the man over her shoulder. The way he flipped caused his feet to snap into the next mans stomach, doubling him over. The other two men charged straight for Gajeel!

Back outside, Mashyuu wrapped part of his chain around his right wrist and pulled the weapon tight, using the chain to catch a club mid downward strike. The winged pirate twisted around while ducking and used his left hand to trip the man with his hand scythe. Mashyuu's right hand yanked the chain hard, pulling his second scythe back to his grip and flipped the weapon in his hand, driving the blunt end straight into the mans forehead. The thug grunted as his head snapped back and crashed into the concrete street. The leader of the group took that time and opening to charge Mashyuu and kick the man in the face. Mashyuu's head snapped back as he recoiled and growled, pulling the glasses off his face while standing, Mashyuu chuckled and placed the glasses in his suit jackets breast pocket. "Aha aha aha.. Oh man... I almost didn't put these into anyone's limbs and make them have to find a doctor. But now since you kicked me when I was down... Well you have to bleed for that." Mashyuu started to spin both ends of his weapon around in wide circles while the two thugs regrouped and readied for a real fight.

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Gajeel looked on as the two people stood up as the thugs he had a little talk with started to rush in through the window. He smiled as he saw the man pull something from his neck the weapon looked beautiful he was enjoying the beauty of it wondering if he should jump the man and take it from him for himself. "NOO. I can't I have more important things todo like taking that fucking ship and making the leader pay for what he said to me." Gajeel let out a laugh as the stranger told the female who's name is Harley apparently to check on him, Gajeels body was sore for sure but it was nothing compared to the rage in his belly. All he could see was red in this moment but was caught off guard as the male started to rush past everyone dodging all their attacks, as Harley was getting ready for a fight "Don't you fucking dare get involved in my fight you little shit that man is mine!!" Gajeel yelled as he rushed towards the group of thugs passing Harley as she bounced on her toes getting ready for the fight to start. The first thug lunged with his knife trying to stab at Gajeel which he parried with his cutlass putting his pistol in the mans face making his face change from confidence to fear in a second knowing what was about to happen. The sound of a gun shot filled the bar and all patrons for what ever reason was still there got up and started running for the back to get out. "What you have to do after this fight is none of my concern. So don't you tell me what to do or how I can fight. Cause I don't fucking care."

All Gajeel was thinking about as the men rushed in "one down five more to go that little shit better not kill the leader. I need more info about the ship so I can know the best way to use it or destroy it so many choices." The words of what the leader said was making his rage even more. It brought back memories Gajeel wished he could forget but they haunt him and make escaping them impossible. In his slipped mind set he was hit in the head with a club a feeling of warm liquid flowing from his head and ringing in his ears brought him back as he let out a battle cry. Gajeel started punching the man who hit him with the club with the handle of his cutlass knocking him back before unleashing a furry of slashes down on the mans face. He stood tall if Harley didn't step in yet but stayed back where she was he said "Don't join this is personal you two should have mind your business and stayed out of it." Gajeels tone wasn't angry it wasn't rage it was calm perhaps the blow to the head knocked some thing loose in his head. The last two men in the bar started to circle around Gajeel knives drawn ready to strike like a snake.

Gajeel sighed "It sucks giving you all a handy cap so you better be thankful." Gajeel turn around making sure to do his best in making sure he has at least two in his sights at all time. He flipped his pistol over so he was holding it like a club. Gajeel grin faded as he hated how much time he felt like he was wasting "Fuck it ill bring the fight to them." Gajeel rushed the man in front of him as he the other one was ready to pounce like the snake he was. But it back fired as Gajeel stopped and jumped to the side a bit to avoid their strikes and now he were all in his line of sight. So the onslaught began again with the sound of his pistol handle getting slammed into a thugs skull only for his friend to try and turn on Gajeel to avenge his friend who he think is now dead. They rush at Gajeel full of rage making it easier to defeat them with a simple side step and a cutlass through the chest in one motion gets rid of one thug.

Gajeel jumped out the window and looked at the male and the gangs leader fighting it out. Gajeels breath was starting to get heavy from all the things hes been going through the whole time getting thrown through a window and crashing on a table braking it before throwing half of it out the window. Thats not even including the blows he took during the fight inside. But all on Gajeels mind was the small amount of fear of the mans words as he thought of Mel, Jun, and Mikoto "I won't let those two go the way you did Mel. I was to weak back than, fuck I still might be but I'll die before I let anyone else take anything from me again" Gajeel thought to himself. Gajeel ran to the strangers side as the last two thugs got ready for a fight. Gajeel eyed the leader "That sack of shit is mine. You can have the other one." Gajeel spoke with anger thinking of all the things that man had planed for revenge against Gajeel.

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Ughh another brute in Jaya, why can't they ever be gentlemen? Harley wondered as the eye patched man charged and decided to screw making Harley's life easier by not killing men and he started to go on a killing spree. Annoyed with the man from the outset, Harley stopped being ready to fight and turned to make sure that the patrons got out of the bar safely in case the fight had brought more thugs to the back of the building...

In the mean time Mashyuu simply weaved between the strikes of the two thugs he was battling, letting the men tire themselves out in the process until Gajeel joined the fray. At this point, Mashyuu had fought so many thugs on Jaya that it was second nature to him. "Believe me, that guy's no leader, he's a grunt commander at best. Just some guy who is a little stronger than the rest here but he has a boss.... But have it your way." Mashyuu took a step back and moved around Gajeel's back, letting him have the leader of the small group of thugs. Mashyuu looked the other man over and stopped to put his weapon in the hooks on his left hip then flicked his right wrist, causing the hidden dagger in his wrist sheath to flip into his palm. Lazily he flipped the dagger in his hand and motioned for the thug who was glaring at Mashyuu to come at him. The winged man ducked a slash, then side stepped a chop while he dropped his dagger and lifted his foot to step on the handle of the weapon, driving the blade into the thugs foot.

The man screamed in pain and stumbled back while Mashyuu stepped in and drove his forearm into the man's chest, forcing the thug back another step. "Tell your boss..." Mashyuu lashed out with an open palm to the man's jaw. "Mock Town..." Mashyuu dropped down and pulled his dagger out of the man's foot only to dig it into the mans knee and yank, ripping flesh from bone and forcing the man down so he would have to crawl back. "Is under Mashyuu Ishi's protection." Mashyuu stood up and flung the blood off his dagger and slipped it back into the sheath on his wrist then turned to face the eye patch wearing pirate.

"How ya feeling? Want my doctor to take a look at ya? She's good with her hands." Mashyuu offered once the fight was over, looking the man up and down to try and get a read on the berserker with the cutlass and gun, wondering if another fight was about to break out and truth be told Mashyuu was still hurt and worried that exerting himself too much would cause the winged man to drop like a ton of bricks.

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Gajeel grind as he watched the man fight "He knew how to fight. Though its not my way of fighting." Gajeel thought to himself watching the black hair man fight the two thugs weaving back and forth. Gajeel stood next to the black hair man grinning big as the man stepped to the other side to fight the other thug. If Gajeel had any manners he would have thanked him but he was raised in a barn and a rough life where such things were lost to him. Gajeel with cutlass in hand started walking over to the man as the sound of the other fight went off in the back ground before Gajeel dashed at the thug standing in front of him. His mind was racing of all the things he wanted todo to him "A quick death or a slow death. Make him suffer for no reason or torture him for more information about the boat." Gajeel thought as he closed in the gap between the two as he brought his cutlass handle across the mans jaw before. Blood and teeth went flying out of his mouth the thug tried to struggle fighting back by pulling his knife and stabbing at Gajeel's side. But Gajeel kicked him away after the punch with a kick to the chest sending him back a bit "So you want to go that way? Okay then come at me bitch take my life like you said you were going to. I already killed three of your men. You really want to try?" The man let out a bloody yell spitting blood as he ran at Gajeel and thrust aiming for Gajeels chest. But Gajeel side stepped dropping his cutlass and slicing the mans leg muscle dropping him to the ground yelling in pain as he bled. Gajeel kicked him over on his back and stuck his cutlass's tip in the thugs shoulder deep enough to cause pain as he moved it. The man was yelling in pain Gajeel looked down at the man with a straight face "Answer me, what is so special about this ship of yours?" The thug grinned with his teeth bloody yelling "Fuck you!!!" Gajeel gave his cutlass a quick twist making the grin fade from the mans face as yells of pain left his mouth "That wasn't vary nice now so answer my question now. Whats so special about that ship?" The man looked at Gajeel again no grin this time but just as determined as before "Fuck You!!" Gajeel sighed and twisted his cutlass again making the man yell in pain "Do you know who I am?Fine if you wont tell me about the ship wheres your boss?" The thug laughed spitting some blood up at Gajeel "You are a dead man. My boss will come with all his men and take everything from you and make you watch before he kills you." The thug laughed. Gajeels rage came back and pulled his cutlass from the mans shoulder and gave it a quick slash across his throat "Fine if you don't want to talk I wont make you suffer anymore." Gajeel in honest admired the mans loyalty to his boss and only hopped the boss was worth that to this man. He had no need to remember the names of trash so he wouldn't remember his but he loyalty. Gajeel bent down and started fishing through the neck cut pulling out the mans tongue from it. He started to drag the man closer to the bar as the man asked if Gajeel wanted his doctor to work on him and how she was go with her hands. Gajeel laughed "No.... I know many women with good hands so i'll be good." Gajeel headed back into the bar and got a piece of paper and a pen and wrote I ANGERED GAJEEL KUROOKAMI. The bartender looked at Gajeel "You're going to pay for this" Gajeel looked up annoyed "No I'm not going to pay for it since those sacks of shit did it. So go and take it up with their boss not me!!" Gajeel slammed his fist on the counter and headed back out he walked back and picked up his cutlass putting it away along with his gun. Before picking up the mans knife and with a piece of paper in hand along with a knife he stuck it in the mans chest.

Gajeel looked at the man "I pissed of a few people around here. Sucks you two got dragged into it." Gajeel turned around and started heading to his place of stay worried that they would go there to get revenge on him that way. His mind raced of Jun and the Madam with all the other girls. His head was pounding still from the blow earlier in the fight now his face was covered in blood as he took of in a sprint not wanting to wast anytime.

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After the battle, Mashyuu took a few heavy breaths while a snarky grin spread over his face, the general thrill of battle always put him in a good place but the man with the eye patch didn't seem like he wanted to calm down, the sheer anger that flowed off him, made Mashyuu take a few steps back and reconsider weather or not the man should even be looking in the man's direction. Harley climbed out the window and joined up with Mashyuu and the pair watched on as the man dragged the dead body back into the tavern then out to plant a sign in the man's chest. Harley leaned in and whispered to Mashyuu while the act of harming a dead body went on. "I get the feeling he doesn't have many friends.." Mashyuu snickered for a moment but kept his thoughts to himself not even bothering to respond to Harley's comment.

It took a moment for Mashyuu to consider what was happening but in that moment he decided that letting the apparent mad man go anywhere alone in Mashyuu's town was a bad idea and instead of letting the man go, Mashyuu followed. "Come on, he's obviously in the middle of some sort of issue. I think we should follow and make sure he doesn't get jumped, maybe for his attacker's sake." Mashyuu decided. "He is bleeding, maybe he will let me patch him up. But after that I'm headed back to the clinic to pack some things up and get ready to head out. I don't want to be associated with someone who will put a blade through someone's chest for the hell of it. Last time you killed a guy it was because they were trying to kill you." Harley countered, even though as a doctor she couldn't willingly stand by while a man bled out.

Without either of them saying anything else on the subject the pair followed Gajeel to wherever it was he was going. "Yeah we did get dragged into this, maybe you would be kind enough to tell us what the hell that was all about and who those guys were?" Mashyuu called out behind Gajeel as the trio started to run towards a location that only Gajeel knew.

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The warm feeling of blood flowing down the side of Gajeel's face was easy to ignore compaired to the burning feeling in his legs and all the small amount of pain over his body from getting jumped. He continued running towards the brothel his mind was racing all over the place debating if he just wants to turn around and set fire to the ship or should he continue to check up and make sure the brothel was okay. He decided to continue forward his head was pounding "Jun you better be okay or this whole place will be set a fire." He thought to himself as his breath started to go heavier the sounded of two people fallowing him finally caught him as he turned around after the stranger spoke asking whats going on. Gajeel was still seeing red but started breathing trying to calm himself down but it wasn't working it was only making him more angry and in raged. He fought to keep himself calm "I pissed some people off and they jumped me. They said they were going to take what I had as repayment for the damages I have done. Thats all you really need to know." The memories of having his friends family in the north blue taken from him and then Mel. It was almost to much making his rage harder to contain so he turned around quickly and went back running to his home. His body aching but he was getting so close as he watched the street signs as he passed them "Almost there." Gajeel thought to himself.

After what felt like ages Gajeel finally reached his "home" it was a two story building with a neon sign that was off at the moment since it was day time still saying the gentleman's paradise. Gajeel sighed grateful that all looked normal for the most part. Gajeel looked back as he saw the two people were not that far behind him. He didn't wait as he wanted to know for sure what was on the other side of the door. Gajeel opened the door leading into the entrance hall with a big curved couch covered in purple blankets that went with the color of the couch which was a dark blue. It would be hard to tell since it was so dark. He looked up the stairway some of the ladies came out of their rooms and yelled "Gajeel is home!!!" But Gajeel didn't pay any real attention to him but he was happy that they were all safe there was a sharp pain wrapped around his torso. He didn't mind it since he knew who it was only one person ever welcomed him home like this he looked down and patted the white haired boy's head as he smile "I'm happy to see you're alright Jun." Jun looked up with a smile that quickly turned to panic "Gajeel your head its bleeding!!! Someone help Gajeel he's bleeding!!" Jun cried worried thinking Gajeel was going to die. But all Gajeel did was lift up the boy and rest his forehead against his holding Jun knowing he was safe made him finally calm. He didn't want to tell anyone about what happened earlier about getting jumped but he had to tell someone.

The Madam of the brothel came walking down the steps wondering what all the commotion was about. She was wearing a classy dress fitting someone of her position she clapped her hands telling the girls not to stand around and to get her stuff ready. The ladies all ran around to grab water cloths and the Madam's special kit. She was no stranger to violence so she figured save a lot of money and patch up her own guards. She was no doctor but she knew how to sew up a pretty good cut. "Sit down Gajeel." she commanded. With Jun in hand Gajeel sat down on the couch and laid his head back as she put a wet cloth over his head to clear up some of the bleeding. He held Jun tight as Jun hugged him. After the Madam finished cleaning up the area she pulled out her needle and thread and started to stitch up his head.

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"You pissed some people off? Who did you make so mad? They didn't seem all that impressive but if those were just some Joe Schmoe grunts we could be in a real sticky situation..." Mashyuu chimed in, continuing to follow Gajeel until the trio arrived at a large brothel house. "...Seriously? Can it get any more obvious what we are dealing with?" Harely asked while looking at the dimmed neon sign hanging over the buildings door. Mashyuu nudged Harley in the side and gave her a warning glare, as if telling her to mind her manners. Mashyuu tried to not judge people from first impressions, he understood that everyone came from somewhere and what was important to them might not matter to him but it still deserved some respect. The winged man folded his feathered wing against his back and entered after Gajeel, with Harley slowly following behind.

The pair watched as people seemed to recognize the eyepatch wearing man and even seemed to care about him. "...I guess family is what you make of it. Now I feel like a jerk." Harley muttered while the madam patched the man up. "She knows what she's doing, I'm gonna head home and finish packing. Come see me when things wrap up and we can figure out how we are getting there." Harley patted Mashyuu on the shoulder and left the guys to do whatever it was Mashyuu was planning, in her mind, the less she knew the better.

Mashyuu walked up to the now calm Gajeel and waited until the Madam was done working then smiled at the woman kindly and extended his hand to Gajeel's for a handshake. "Name's Mashyuu, Captain of the Phantom Raiders and it looks like you are in a bit of a bind. Now before you go off and start burning things down I thought maybe we could talk and see if I can't help you out of this bind, because since I jumped in, I get the feeling that I'm involved now weather I like it or not. So who did you piss off and why?"

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Gajeel was in such a hurry to get back to his home he didn't really give time to answer the second question. Once he was done getting patched up by the Madam of the brothel as he was holding Jun close to him. He noticed that the two people from the little fight earlier at that sham of a bar now in wreck from the fighting. Gajeel set Jun off his lap now that his wound was closed up and his face was cleaned up. "Jun go to my room and get my box." Jun blinked looking up at Gajeel and smiled and nodded "okay Gajeel I'll go get it for you." The man came up and extended his hand as towards Gajeel giving his name. The Madam clapped her hands "Now ladies Gajeel is better so you better get back to work."

All the ladies ran going back to their duties as the two men were facing each other when a sudden slap to the back of Gajeel's head was heard around the ground floor. "Gajeel we know you are a loner by nature but don't be an ass all the time." Gajeel blinked and turned his head glaring at the Madam and flipped her off. Before turning back facing Mash and shook his hand "Gajeel Kurookami, I'm the man who will see this world of lies and hypocrisy burn." Gajeel looked over towards the stairs where Jun ran up.

Jun was running all over Gajeel's room looking for Gajeel's box. Jun personally didn't like the box as to him it smelt like a skunk. But Gajeel always seemed more at ease when he used what ever was in it so he was happy to help him feel more at ease. Jun found the box he looked at it before clenching to his chest thinking to himself saddly "why wont you let me help you put at ease. I just want to be able to help you like you help all of us whenever we get thrown in danger here." Tears started to run down Juns face as he started to feel useless to Gajeel. Jun sat down on Gajeels bed thinking of all his big sisters sharing the same bed with him it made his heart brake a little bit "Am I not good enough for you Gajeel?"

Down in the main hall where Gajeel, Mash and the Madam of the place were talking Gajeel looked at Mash "Its a long story so I'll just cut to the point. I burnt down a building a while ago. Before I started living here because the owner didn't know his place in my eyes and loved running his mouth. So the place was protected by some gang and they want to get their payment back in what ever way they can get it." The Madam laughed "Yeah that seems like you always acting before thinking things through. So we should keep an eye out if anything looks out of the ordinary than?" Gajeel turned and nodded "Mostly just make sure the girls and Jun are safe and wait till I get around so I can take care of them."

Gajeel turned back to Mash "They said they have a ship at the docks. So I'm thinking there is more there than just a ship, so I'm going to go and take care of the ship and whatever else they have at the docks." Gajeel pondered for a while the best way to go about it now that hes actually calmed even with the two of them they will probably be really out numbered so they will have to think of a good way to split up the numbers to make it bit more even. Thats when the Madam chimed in "The ladies were talking about some men were talking about at the docks that there were some high demand items. They seemed like they were big shots like most men that enjoy the girls do." The Madam laughed

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Mashyuu struggled to not giggle as the madam slapped Gajeel across the back of the head and scolded him for being rude. Some humans have no breeding, gives the lot of them a bad name. Still I sense something good in this dog. Mashyuu thought to himself as Gajeel took Mashyuu's hand and shook it while introducing himself. "It's good to finally have a name for the face Gajeel." Mashyuu replied almost silently so he wouldn't disturb anyone in the building. "That's a lofty goal, I can think of a few Devil's Fruit's that would help you obtain that goal and if I happen to find one I'll keep you in mind. Just remember not everyone is terrible."

As Gajeel started to talk about what led him to a fight outside a bar that dragged Mashyuu into the scuffle, Mashyuu pulled up a seat and sat across from the eye patch wearing man. "Hmmm... I see, troubling indeed. It seems that your taste for burning things down, coupled with your rather terrible temper has led to a bad spot for you. Can't say I pity your situation but you clearly have people that care about you and a gang running through a town of retired pirates, burning, breaking and beating anyone who stands in their way isn't something I'm willing to sit by and allow to happen. Plus I happen to have need of a ship. So tell you what. I'll help you even the odds against this group and in return, you give me the ship. Don't burn it down." Mashyuu extended his fist for a bump, a sign of an agreement and looked Gageel in the eyes as if the patch wasn't even there.

That was when the Madam chimed in on the conversation. Mashyuu's brow lifted sharply at the idea that sparked in his head. "If the Madam would be willing to take a hit on income for the night, it might offer a greater reward later. Could you send some ladies to the docks, towards this ship to draw as many men away as possible so that the numbers are a little more even for your blood thirsty friend and me?" Mashyuu inquired. "Before we do that though, do either of you know what this ship looks like? I can fly over the docks and get a location and an idea of what exactly we are dealing with. Any information would be better than none."

After a small talk, Mashyuu committed what little information the two had to memory and started to head for the docks when he realized his wings had been bandaged up and still couldn't fly. "....Damn it! I forgot about the bandages! Stupid mob bosses!" Mashyuu shouted as he kicked a near by trash can over and stomped off towards the docks, mumbling about Harley warning him to not fly so the wounds wouldn't reopen while he made his way towards the docks to get a look at what he was dealing with. Little did he know, a blast from his past was about to rear her pretty head.

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The woman's grey hair blew in the wind on the deck of the Sky Cleaver, as the scene before her truly set her mood awry. Flapping her wings whimsically, the woman stood on the deck of the Sky Ship, standing at around 6'8 in height, with an amazon build that placed her at the most pinnacle in physical prowess. However, it was truly her grey eyes that left a cold impression on those who served her, as she ruled and commanded the utmost of respect, despite the shorten chainmail kilt that revealed her long model like legs. "Now. Explain this to me again. You lost to whom?" the angelic woman inquired, with a subtle grin. "Ma'am! I swear! They came outta nowhere... We was chasing down eye-patch and then this fucker with a scythe came out of nowhere! Misstress Angelica... Please have mercy on us!" the grunt shouted, as blood spewed from his mouth onto floor, trailing at the bottom of the woman's shoes. In an instant, Angelica drew her Sabre, and beheaded the man, leaping back in the same motion to avoid any further blood tarnishing her clothes. "These are new shoes daddy gave me... Blue Dweller. Don't you dare dirty them with your filthy blood." Angelica stated. The other men that managed to escape froze in fear, as they knew that the cold angel's glare meant that a similar fate awaited them. "Does this scythe user have a name or alias?" Angelica inquired. "M-Mashyuu Ishi! He said that Mock Town was under his protection now!" the other grunt shouted. "Mashyuu... Interesting." Angelica pondered to herself.

"The lot of you-" Angelica shouted, pausing once she'd garnered all of the slaves of the ship's attention. "I promised you all Heaven if you followed me but it seems someone in Mock Town wants to ruin your salvation. Search the town. Find me this Mashyuu Ishi... and anyone else whose connected to him. I don't care if you have to torture his location... We'll show him the Ryder Family name isn't one to be tarnished." Angelica commanded. Shouting from the top of their lungs, a small army of one hundred men hopped off the ship, wearing the Ryder Slave Tattoo's visibly across several parts of their body. Within the hour, information about this man would've surely to arise. Emerging from the cabin where Angelica resides, a muscular man standing about 6'2 trailed behind the woman, dressing himself first with his pants, fastening it and next with long black dress shirt, which truly doubled as a jacket when worn open. "You know... You could've sent me to look for the fucker. No one knows Mock Town as good as I do." the light blue haired stranger stated. "Ah... I can't have my play thing getting injured, Sou. Besides after last night... I figured you were tired." Angelica peered over her shoulder smiling arrogantly. "HA!" Sou exclaimed in merriment. "I've tussled with tons of broads in my day... but I guess Heaven does have the finest broads. I could go as much as you need me too... Maybe we could overthrow that Daddy of yours you kept murmuring about in your sleep-" Sou's words were interrupted by the feel of Angelica's steel against his throat. "Watch your tongue... Human. Your company is entertaining but don't overstep your bounds." Angelica said, bloodlust dripping from demeanour, inches away from slicing the man's neck open.

"Jeez. I'm just cucking around. Relax. I'm not like these other twerps. I chose to be your slave. After seeing power like yours... I couldn't help but want to serve you." Sou said, coating his neck in Bushoshoku Haki, a thick metallic black which countered Angelica's blade. Withdrawing her blade, the woman placed the Sabre back into it's sheath, concealing all twenty-one inches of the blade. "We'll see what they bring back... My little playthings. The drugs papa prepared should be kicking into their blood streams as we speak." Angelica said, a wide menacing smile filling her face. "Though it keeps them completely obedient to me. The side of effects can make them quite violent." Angelica concluded. A slight cut bled gingerly from Sou's neck, "Oh... She manage to cut through my haki with such a gentle swing... I guess I made the right decision following this broad. Once I make it up to Skypiea... The City of Gold will be mine." Sou thought to himself, grinning slightly.

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Mash was offering to help Gajeel out but he asked Gajeel to not burn down the ship as Mash could use it for his own needs as he extended a fist in a friendly matter. This made Gajeel sigh as he pounded his fist against Mash's Very well I honestly don't give a fuck what happens to the ship as long as that fucking group doesn't get to keep it. So in away the ship will be all yours." Gajeel said playfully even though deep in his heart he knew what was going to come next might be a blast but he could also end up dying. It was an odd feeling for him as he was never one to really care for his own life. So what was changing in him now, was it he wasn't ready to die or that he refuses to die till he ties up all his loose ends he has?

As Gajeel and everyone sat and talked about the situation at hand Mash came up with a good idea about using the ladies to help thin out the numbers of the gang. But that was quickly going to get shot down as the Madam stomped her foot on the ground so loud that all in the brothel could hear it "I WILL NOT RISK MY GIRLS!!!" the Madam shouted at Mash with furry in her voice. She took in a deep breath to calm down as Gajeel just rested his chin on his hands thinking about what is the best way to go about this all. "No matter how much of a reward you might offer me or how small of a hit ill take i dont care. I must look after these ladies, some can go and get better jobs but others this is all they know and will just be abused and used." the Madam spoke as she looked at her brothel it was more of a safe haven for those who have no place to go and want to be protected. Its why she wanted someone strong enough to help her protect it all. Gajeel sighed and was about to stand up till a little Jun came running down the stairs with a box close to his chest. "Whats going on down here?" he asked worried he had a feeling that Gajeel was about to do something dangerous again. It wasn't something he was unaware of after all Gajeel as long as Jun has known him was doing stupid stuff. It was maybe part of him that he truly loved he always did what he wanted and fought anyone who would try to take things from him.

Jun handed the box to Gajeel who was now towering over him as he took the box and took out three rolled up joints that he made a few days ago. Gajeel watched as Mash headed out the door and fallowed after him to what awaited him. Before he left he patted Jun's head and looked at the Madam "Look after everyone while I'm gone I'll try to be back soon." Gajeel felt a tug on his coat sleeve. He looked down and saw Jun with watery eyes "Come back safe okay Gajeel." Jun was using all his strength to hold back crying. Gajeel smiled and got lower to Juns level and kissed him tickling his smooth face with his beard. "Don't worry Jun I can't die right." Gajeel smiled as he poked Jun's nose. Jun wiped away his tears and nodded happy "Thats right Gajeel you can't die till I say you can deal." Gajeel nodded in agreement before heading out the door waving good bye to the two people staying behind.

Gajeel was a little bit behind Mash as he lit up his first joint and started to smoke it as he held his hand on the handle of his cutlass and placed his pistol in a inner coat holster. Gajeel watched as Mash kicked a trash can and shouted about a damn boss. He walked up behind him and patted Mash's head "calm down we are about to get into a big fight soon and I don't want to have the person watching my back all flustered." Gajeel passed the joint to Mash "Here this should help you calm down and ease any pain you might have" Gajeel let out a small chuckle "Its a sad day when I'm the one telling you to calm down now." Gajeel still felt uneasy about this fight he wondered what could be causing this feeling "guess one way to find out." he said to himself

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Act Two: Is this your idea of scouting?

Feeling a hand on his head, Mashyuu jumped up and spun around to look at Gajeel with a half frown on his face. His eyes glanced up at the hand and a brow raised sharply just before the dark haired man gently moved the hand off his head. "Trust and believe that in a fight, or a high stress situation that I'm the most level headed man you will ever meet. That being said, I'm a little annoyed that I can't fly. It's the first time since I fell from heaven. Anyway..." Mashyuu stuck his hand out as if to say thanks but no thanks to the joint that was being offered by Gajeel. "...It's a shame the madam refused my idea. Now we have to figure something else out. I really don't think that an all out attack against an entire gang is the way to go." Mashyuu reasoned and started to walk down the street. His eyes narrowed as the pair came to a flight of steps and a group of men branded with a familiar symbol on their chests stood at the bottom of the steps. Six in total, each glaring up at Mashyuu. Each slave mark was the same, and reminded Mashyuu of his past.

The sight sent a chill down his spine and caused Mashyuu to freeze in place for a long moment. They found him, Quinn was coming for Mashyuu and this was the warning shot. The dark haired man looked at the slaves and a pang of guilt flowed through him. He could try not to kill them, but Gajeel would kill them. He could try to free them but their families could be in danger if they managed to escape. The Pirate Captain felt his jaw shudder as he slowly reached for his weapons. "Those guys are slaves... the marks are my old slave masters mark... Put them out of their misery." Mashyuu growled as he took up his fighting stance. Each man at the bottom of the steps started to howl with rage and their bodies bulked up to twice their normal size, making Mashyuu gasp from shock. "Jesus..." Mashyuu whispered and took a step back as the six goons charged up the steps faster than Mashyuu expected a large man to move.

As four men rushed up the steps, two jumped straight up into the sky, between buildings that lined the stair case. Mashyuu started to spin his weapon around in his palms then hurled one end of Silver Wind straight up, letting the four foot chain reach nearly its full height as the weapon slammed into the stomach of one grunt who jumped up the steps, sending him backwards and down the steps. As his weapon started to drop at one end, coming back down towards the ground, Mashyuu jumped backwards, letting his weapon crack the top of the first rushing goons head. Quickly Mashyuu tugged the weapon back to his right hand and grunted with a bit of pain that still moved through his body. The fighter flipped his weapon around in his palms and caught the two hand scythes in his palm just as the man who was struck in the head roared and smashed his right fist into his chest and drove a large foot at Mashyuu's chest.

There wasn't a lot of room to work as Mashyuu side stepped to slip on the inside of the man's kick, just barely evading the goons strike. As quickly as he could, Mashyuu pulled his left arm up, hooking his weapon on the mans leg and was about to trip the goon up when a fist from the man behind the goon Mashyuu was fighting reached past and drove straight into Mashyuu's head, knocking the winged man off his feet and into a near by trash can. Mashyuu groaned as he pulled himself up out of the crushed trashcan and faced down the now three men who had slowly stalked deeper into the cramped walkway to block Mashyuu off from Gajeel while Gajeel dealt with the other three slaves.

"Guys... we really don't need to fight do we?" Mashyuu asked but was answered with a strike from each goon. Mashyuu quickly jumped backwards to try and evade the strikes, and did just that but barely. It seemed he was a little faster than they were and could see their strikes coming when he was paying attention. Behind him, Mashyuu could see that he was running out of space before the fight would break out into a bigger street that had people in it. Don't let it spill out. Mashyuu thought, more concerned about Harley's reaction to a brawl in the streets where people would get hurt than what would happen if he himself got hurt.

Mashyuu pulled his arms back and then launched them forward, throwing both his scythes at the same man. Just before the chains would have gone tight, Mashyuu grabbed the links by the center and yanked his body to the right, causing the blades to slam into the neck and chest of one goon, and drag across to catch the others in the neck, cutting their throats just enough to leave a small trail of crimson as two men dropped down. Once they were on the ground clutching their necks, Mashyuu charged forward and slammed as hard as he could into the last goon he had to face down. Using all the strength in his body, Mashyuu pushed the man to the end of the flight of steps but the goon grabbed Mashyuu by the sides and lifted him up. As Mashyuu started to flail he flung the dagger out of his wrist sheath and stabbed it down into the crown of the goons head, killing the man. The goon gasped and released Mashyuu only to fall forward dead, with Mashyuu falling atop the dead slave with a thud. Slowly he lifted his hand and gave Gajeel a thumbs up. "Tell me you know a safer way around to the docks? I have no idea how many more we are gonna run into.."

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